DiMartino leaves Choppers

DiMartino leaves Choppers

There are 273 comments on the RecordOnline.com story from Aug 30, 2007, titled DiMartino leaves Choppers. In it, RecordOnline.com reports that:

“It was never exclusively a motorcycle show anyway”

The Orange County Choppers have bid adieu to a fabricator - and one of the most popular characters on their reality show - Vinnie DiMartino. via RecordOnline.com

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Cedarburg, WI

#22 Oct 19, 2007
It was sad to see Vinnie leave because he was the employee that everyone wants and very difficult to find. Vinnie from what I saw on the "Hollywood" show was that you are a heck of a good worker and I give you so much credit to know when you have had enough. You are truly a man who has his priorities in order, Family first and when your work gets in the way in a huge part it is time to go. Great job Vinnie and I look forward to seeing where you end up.


#23 Oct 19, 2007
dey really dnt and never have appreciated vinnie. every build wen paulie was never around which was most ov dem vinnie done all the work while snr and jnr get all the fame and the money.
just watch american choppers ratings go down now.

Dallas, TX

#24 Oct 19, 2007
look i go to work everyday and watch my boss do nothing..vinnie works for sr and jr,they don't work for him..he gets pissed when he has to do something and jr won't help..can't remember the last time my employer sent me to australia..he is a hired hand,pure and simple..

Manhattan, KS

#25 Oct 19, 2007
Senior now charges for his autographs. The loss of Vinnie and that "everyones replaceable" comment did it!

Senior...viewers are hard to replace...I'm pulling you out of the TiVo! Your a total a**h***!
Jerry M

Appleton, WI

#26 Oct 19, 2007
Vinny will be missed. But he won't be missed on OCC by me, why, because he was the last reason why I still watched the show. He has been there since the beginning. For those of you that say he was just an employee, true, but he was the employee that built the bikes while Sr and Jr, just argued and threw things. He was the employee that was there early in the mornings and stayed late at night, when Jr. could't get his lazy ass out of bed, and Sr. yelled as he slammed doors because Jr was sleeping. So was he just an employee, yes the employee that made OCC.
If his recognition was the reason for his departure, then I think he deserves everything he wants. Without him they wouldn't be where they are now. Good Luck Vinny, hope to see you again soon somewhere.
newbie from ulster county

Brooklyn, NY

#27 Oct 19, 2007
Just saw your last show appearance on OCC. I can't add anymore comments that hasn't already been said. Therefore, I just want to wish you the very best of luck and I know you will be successful in whatever you decide to do. Take care of yourself, your family and especially that gorgeous little girl of yours. Bless you!!
jojo from nyc

Brooklyn, NY

#28 Oct 19, 2007
Sr.'s remark that "everyone is replaceable" brings to mind the comment that Leona Helmsley made years ago..."only the little people pay taxes".

Buffalo, NY

#29 Oct 19, 2007
I think Paul Sr. comments were unwarranted. Don't know if a boycott of OCC products or show would send them a message. I would personally would not support OCC. What do you all think ?
I wish Vinnie and Cody all the luck
LostInterestOfTe utels

Secaucus, NJ

#30 Oct 19, 2007
I lost interest in OCC and the Teutels months ago. This year the "show" has been nothing but the Teutels taking vacations while Vinnie and Rick do ALL the building. But the Teutels do happen to show up when the bikes are being unveiled while Vinnie and Rick (the actual builders) are hidden in the background or just not invited to attend. The last few times I watched was only to see Rick do his magic with his fabrication and Vinnie do his magic with the rest. Paul Jr is an ass and I'm tired of seeing him and Paul Sr who is an even bigger ass. Mikey is the only tolerable one, but even he with his laziness and stupidity is getting boring.

OCC is dead...

Newtown, CT

#31 Oct 19, 2007
Wow, I am spechless. I have been a viewer of this show from the beginning in 2003 and to see both Sr. and Jr. reap all of the rewards and not include Vinne with a share of the business is down right disgusting. When you have the kind of loyalty that Vinne gave to the business and the show, they should show him their appreciation for what they had acheived in ony a short time. OCC was not even the first choice for the show, They got luckly that the bike shop chosen could not not fufill the commitment and that should make Sr. even more grateful to it's foundation and fame. This past episode was my last as it is the typical rags to riches stab you inb the the back American way!!. I wish Vinne all the success the world, He has always been a true gentlemen.

Beaverton, OR

#32 Oct 19, 2007
Teutels suck; period. Vinnie made the bikes and the show. Yea, Paulie did some decent designing in the early days, but he sure as hell doesn't have the talent to do it on his own. The Teutels were dickheads in Birch Run, Michigan at the local bike show. Remember that dork artist who did the "Liberty Head" rear fender? What an asshole! He apparently thought he was the one in charge that day and told our local tv station reporter that absolutely nobody was going to interview any of the cast. All the vendors at the show were pissed too...everyone in attendance was in line to see the O.C.C.guys and basically forgot about all the great local builders and vendors from the area. Okay, that's my rant. All the best to ya' Vinnie. Cody...grow up boy. You ain't got the whiskers to cop any tudes yet.

Englewood, NJ

#33 Oct 19, 2007
well cody left orange county choppers because he is now attending wyotech college to move in his career he was not fired and neither was vinnie
The big show


#34 Oct 20, 2007
I to like the rest of you will no longer watch OCC,they did to vinnie what they did to the first guy who was buildng bikes with them,they screwed him.To watch Paul jr on TV saying he was grounded and going to chruch and saying he wouldn;t forget where he came from makes me sick.The last show where Vinnie quit ,I would have done the same after some spoiled punk Paulie broke my tool and part on bike and has the balls to say fix it and walk away.Money isn't everything to everybody and I'm glad to see Vinnie has some morals.I wonder what was said to Mikie after he sid on the show he wished it was him leaving.I see this like everybody else as the unraveling of the show.I bet the producers are begging Paul sr to make nicie nice and get them back.If Rick leaves the show is over and the buisness.Before they even announced on the show Vinnie was leaving I asked myself where was Vinnie and Rick at the unveiling of the bike,they built the whole thing.Occ better hope they don't lose the show because there won't be any big companies that will pay big bucks for there bikes without the shows publicity.Oh Occ fan club has the balls to want to charge you 40 something bucks to register,don't they have enough money,what greedy F::ks


#35 Oct 20, 2007
Occ sucks they actually charge you to join there fan club! I hope these assholes lose eveything. The only smart one is the son who's running the steel company and if you remember him and Paul sr weren't talking either.Well money is like cancer and Paul sr and jr have it and it,and I belive it's inoperable.Yes Vinnie was jsut and employee but sow the guy some respect,he was there with you from the beginning.How many bikes would have gotten finished if it was left up to Paul jr.NONE!! He's a lazy spoiled piece of shit.I hope mikie and Rick leave then what will the producers do? Watch the old man asnd Paul jr.How the F the old man had his own steel buisness is hard to believe ,he can't weld or fab anything,everything he touches it has to be fixed like JR.Fame has gotten to him,everybodies replaceable,look he dumped his girl friend for a better model.I think they should look and see how many people who are close to them are there for the money.Vinnie was Paul's buddy from when they were young.There are so many bike builders out there who build so much nicer bikes occ should be greatful they got the shot and remember where they cam from,because it won't bee long before there back there.
Perry _J

Winnipeg, Canada

#36 Oct 20, 2007
The Teutel's are over-rated and are not that talented on their own (compared to TRUE bike builders)!
Senior builds with catalogue parts rather than custom fab.- Junior comes up with some decent theme bikes - but still uses a lot of bought parts as well.
True custom fabrication is usually done by Vinnie or Rick - WHO IS AWESOME on sheet-metal.
Sr. and especially Jr. are too full of themselves now and are no longer average people.
If they are that arrogant and don't believe that Vinnie was a major part of the business and the shows success they deserve to go TITS-UP !
I watched for the bike building - not their vacations.
I personally watched to see what Vinnie or Rick was working on - I'm a mechanic and bodyman myself and appreciate craftsmanship.
I got a kick out of some of the horse play, but liked watching them do the actual work !
I'll probably lose my interest in the show now that Vinnie's gone.
An added note - If Jason Pohl is for REAL on the show - He's a F___kin IDIOT !
Perry J.
Winnipeg, Canada
Perry _J

Winnipeg, Canada

#37 Oct 20, 2007
To the person that mentioned the steel company - Sr. is shown as a major shareholder in the BANKRUPTCY proceedings!
Danny owes a lot of money to people - they hid and kept assets, equipment etc. and re-named it to keep it going.
Pual Jr.'s name is in there as well !
Their screwing other people as well and its in the courts the last I heard - I found it on the net by accident.
Nice PEOPLE eh !!!!!!!

Perry J.
Winnipeg, Canada
Perry _J

Winnipeg, Canada

#38 Oct 20, 2007
Punch in "Orange County Ironworks bankruptcy"
into your browser and you'll read all about the fellows and the pending fraud charges relating to the bankruptcy.

Perry J.
Winnipeg, Canada
Old Corps Marine

Meriden, CT

#39 Oct 20, 2007
Who the hell is going to babysit Mikey now ? Those two together made the show fun to watch. how long can you stomach seeing Paul Jr. walk around with his head up his azz or Paul Sr. acting like a flippin headcase ? Everyone knows the REAL OCC were behind the scenes in Vin and Rick. I think this will be the last season. Let's see how long Sr.'s new plaything sticks around after that. Good luck, Vin.
Old Corps Marine

Meriden, CT

#40 Oct 20, 2007
Perry _J wrote:
An added note - If Jason Pohl is for REAL on the show - He's a F___kin IDIOT !
How right you are ! Is that kid on mescalin, or what ??? God, what a no talent spaz. I wonder if he's a relative. They keep his stupid azz and let Vinnie walk about the door. Yeah, THAT'S good business sense...
Really Disappointed

East Bernstadt, KY

#41 Oct 20, 2007
I can't add any thing to waht has already been said. OCC got away from building tribute bikes and got into the corprate builds in my opinion the tribute bikes are what made them popular. Anyone can contract with a big company and build a bike, but to do a tribute build is something special, none of the others do it and now OCC isn't, it's all about the money and it has all gone to Sr.'s and Jr.'s head. Mikey even said to Vinnie he would like to leave too. But Mikey is making more money then he ever has for doing nothing and he likes it, plus the old man would probably write him out of his will if he quit. I'm not going to say I'll never watch another OCC episode but I'm not going to go out of my way like I have in the past to watch it. It's a real shame, there are very few programs on TV that are really worth watching and now there is even one less, AMERICAN CHOPPER, name needs to be changed to AMERICAN CORPORATE CHOPPER.

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