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#1 Jul 16, 2008
Here is the full Naruto episode guide. When it stops, head on to the next comment to continue.

Anime Guide: Season 1 (Episodes 1-26)
The Music

Opening One: "R*O*C*K*S" by Hound Dog
Episodes: 1-25

Opening Two: "Haruka Kanata" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Episodes: 26-53 (Only Episode 26 for this Season)

Closing One: "Wind" by Akeboshi
Episodes: 1-25

The Story Arcs

Episode 1-5: Series Introduction

Episode 1: "Sanjou! Uzumaki Naruto ~ Calling on! Uzumaki Naruto"

Airdate: 10/03/2002

Introduces the series, the Kyuubi demon has been sealed within the young child Naruto and he struggles to find recognition from those who hate and fear him in the world by pulling pranks.

Episode 2: "Konohamaru da kore!~ I am Konohamaru!"

Airdate: 10/10/2002

Introduces Konohamaru. Konohamaru, the grandson of the village leader wants to get out of his grandfathers shadow and become his own skilled ninja. He and Naruto come to form a close bond.

Episode 3: "Shukuteki!? Sasuke to Sakura ~ Old Enemy!? Sasuke and Sakura"

Airdate: 10/17/2002

Introduces Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto gets placed on a team with fellow academy classmates Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto struggles to prove he is better than Sasuke so he can gain Sakura's affection.

Episode 4: "Shiren! Sabaibaru enshuu - Test! Survival Exercise"

Airdate: 10/24/2002

The team struggles to prove themself against their new Jounin sensei Kakashi. All three try to prove themself, but Naruto fails miserably.

Episode 5: "Shikkaku? Kakashi no keturon - Disqualification? Kakashi's Decision"

Airdate: 10/31/2002

Kakashi tells the team they're not fit to be ninjas, but are they not seeing "underneath the underneath"?
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#2 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 6-19: Wave Country Mission
Episode 6: "Juuyoi ninmu! Nami no Kuni e chou-shuppatsu ~ Important Mission! Super-departure to the Wave Country"

Airdate: 11/07/2002

Team 7 is finally given a new mission to protect bridge builder Tazuna. Is there more to Tazuna's plight than he is letting on?

Episode 7: "Kiri no ansatsusha!~ Assassin of the Mist!"

Airdate: 11/14/2002

Introduces Zabuza. On the way to the Wave Country, the team is attacked by Hidden Mist missing-nin Zabuza! Kakashi takes charge of the situation, how will he fare?

Episode 8: "Itami ni chikau ketsui ~ The Decision Sworn on Pain"

Airdate: 11/21/2002

Kakashi uses his Sharingan eye against Zabuza, but his opponent gets the upper hand. Can Naruto and Sasuke save him?

Episode 9: "Sharingan no Kakashi ~ Sharingan Kakashi"

Airdate: 11/28/2002

After being freed by Naruto and Sasuke's teamwork, Kakashi shows why he is known as Konoha's "Copy Ninja."

Episode 10: "Chakura no mori ~ Forest of Chakra"

Airdate: 12/05/2002

Introduces Haku. The Team makes their way to Tazuna's house and Kakashi has his team learn a new lesson, walking up trees by focusing chakra to your feet.

Episode 11: "Eiyuu no ita kuni ~ The Country That Had a Hero"

Airdate: 12/12/2002

Tazuna reflects on Inari's step-father who faced the evil Gatô in the past. His death had a profound impact on the creation of Inari's negative view of heroes.

Episode 12: "Kyoujou kessen! Zabuza futatabi!!~ Decisive Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Again!!"

Airdate: 12/19/2002

While training in the woods, Naruto meets an attractive young person. Zabuza later returns proving his "death" was indeed faked. Can Team 7 take him out for good?

Episode 13: "Haku no hijutsu Makyou Hyoushou ~ Haku's Secret Technique Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors"

Airdate: 12/26/2002

Sasuke tries his hand at facing Zabuza's compatriot Haku. Does Sasuke have any hope against Haku's deadly secret technique? Also Naruto comes to Inari's aid and shows that being a hero is worthwhile.

Episode 14: "Igaisei No.1 Naruto sansen!~ No.1 in Surprising Characteristics Naruto Join the Battle!"

Airdate: 01/09/2003

At the beginning of this episode there is a 5-6 minute recap of the previous episodes in the series. Naruto rushes to Sasuke's aid but ends up causing more harm than good.
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#3 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 15: "Shikai zero no tatakai, Sharingan kuzushi ~ The Fight in Zero Visibility, The Sharingan Crumbles"

Airdate: 01/16/2003

Does Kakashi have any chance in Zabuza's element of the thick mist?

Episode 16: "Kaihou sareta fuuin ~ The Released Seal"

Airdate: 01/23/2003

Sasuke begins to gain an edge on Haku and gains his Sharingan, it proves futile though and he falls in battle saving Naruto. Seeing his comrade fallen, the seal containing Kyuubi within Naruto begins to break. The huge rush of chakra changes Naruto in new ways never experienced before.

Episode 17: "Shiroi kako • Himeta omoi ~ The White Past • The Hidden Thoughts"

Airdate: 01/30/2003

Naruto spares Haku's life after recognizing him from their earlier meeting. Haku recalls his harsh life and how Zabuza gave him a reason to live.

Episode 18: "Shinobi to iu na no dougu ~ The Tool Called Shinobi"

Airdate: 02/06/2003

Haku asks Naruto to kill him, but does he have one more use left to Zabuza? Also, Kakashi takes control and shows Zabuza the difference in their abilities.

Episode 19: "Zabuza yuki ni chiru...~ Zabuza Disperses into the Snow..."

Airdate: 02/13/2003

Naruto tries to find some manner of compassion in Zabuza for his fallen "tool" Haku. Naruto gets through and Zabuza uses his last bit of life to kill his former boss Gatô. Things look grim when Gatô's men are about to attack, but what's this? Inari with villagers to the rescue! The Wave Country is saved and Team 7 returns to Konoha changed for the better.
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#4 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 20-25: Chuunin Exam Test One

Episode 20: "Shinshou totsunyuu! Chuunin shiken dattebayo ~ Rushing Into a New Chapter! It's the Chuunin Exam"

Airdate: 02/20/2003

Introduces Gaara, Temari and Kankurou. Kakashi nominates his team to take the Chuunin Exam. Team 7 meets three other Genin from Hidden Sand, and these siblings leave unimpressed by the Leaf ninja.

Episode 21: "Nanore! Arawareta kyouteki tara!!~ Identify Yourselves! The Formidable Enemies who have Appeared!!"

Airdate: 02/27/2003

Introduce Lee, Neji and TenTen. Iruka doubts that his former students are ready to take on the Chuunin Exam, so he tests each to make sure they are ready. Team 7 then makes their way to the testing center and meets three other Leaf Genin who are a year older than them.

Episode 22: "Kiai 120%, Nau de rokku na chousenjou!~ Fighting Spirit 120%, Now the Rocking Challenge!"

Airdate: 03/06/2003

Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to prove he can push himself beyond the skills of a "genius" like Sasuke. However, Lee's sensei Gai appears and ends the match. Team 7 then heads to the written exam testing room.

Episode 23: "Kechirase raibaru! Shinjin 9 zen'in shuugou ~ Defeat the Rivals! The Rookie 9 all Gathered"

Airdate: 03/13/2003

Introduces Chouji, Shikamaru, Ino, Kiba, Hinata, Shino and Kabuto Team 7 meets their fellow Genin in the testing room. A fellow Genin with more experience named Kabuto tells the Genin to not make any enemies. Kabuto gives out ninja info he has collected and Genin from Hidden Sound attack him after being insulted by his report on them.

Episode 24: "Ikinari shikkaku? Chou-nankan no daiichi shiken ~ Suddenly Disqualified? The Super-Obstacle First Test"

Airdate: 03/20/2003

The Genin sit and begin their test. A difficult combination of book and experience knowledge is required. Many realize the goal of the test is to cheat and not get caught, everyone realizes this except for Naruto...

Episode 25: "Deta-toko shoubu! Funbari dokoro no 10 monme ~ Leaving Victory or Defeat to a Gamble! Standing Firm in Place on the 10th Question"

Airdate: 03/27/2003

The tenth question is difficult, with the statement that if you fail, you can never take the exam again. Many ninja give up to allow them to take the exam again, Naruto refuses to give-up, stating his way of the ninja prevents him from ever backing down. Those that remain then learn the tenth question was a trick, those that remain and face their fears as a team automatically pass.
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#5 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 26-37: Chuunin Exam Test Two

Episode 26: "Zettai hikken! Shi no mori chokusen rupo! Konoha no gakkyuu shinbun da kore!~ Absolutely Worth Seeing! Report Immediately Before the Forest of Death! It's the Konoha Class Newspaper!"

Airdate: 04/02/2003

First filler episode. This episode was a one-hour special along with Episode 27 for the move to prime-time Wednesdays. This episode recapped the series and the world. Also this episode may be left out of some language dubs, resulting in every subsequent episode numbering being one less that what is stated here.
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#6 Jul 16, 2008
Anime Guide: Season 2 (Episodes 27-52)
The Music

Opening Two: "Haruka Kanata" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Episodes: 26-53

Closing Two: "Harumonia" by Rythem
Episodes: 27-51

Closing Three: Viva*rock (Japanese side) by Orange Range
Episodes: 52-64 (Only Episode 52 for this Season)

The Story Arcs

Episode 26-37: Chuunin Exam Test Two (Cont.)

Episode 27: "Daini shiken sutaato! Mawari wa minna teki darake!~ Second Test Start! Everyone's an Enemy!"

Airdate: 04/02/2003

Anko gives the go ahead and the teams enter the forest of death. What horrors await all the Genin inside?

Episode 28: "Kuu ka kuwareru ka! Esa ni natte Naruto ~ To Eat or be Eaten! Naruto Becomes Food"

Airdate: 04/09/2003

The team is split, Sasuke and Sakura face a mysterious adversary and Naruto has problems with a very large snake. Are these two events related?

Episode 29: "Naruto hangeki! Nigeneen dattebayo!~ Naruto's Counterattack! Do You Think I'm Running Away!"

Airdate: 04/16/2003

Naruto returns to see Sasuke scared and acting futile against their opponent. Naruto only grows angry by what he sees and strikes out against their attacker. He is no match for the ninja though, and gets his Kyuubi powers sealed in the process. Anko learns that Orochimaru, her evil sensei is posing as a student in the exam, so she enters the forest to kill him.

Episode 30: "Yomigaere Sharingan! Hissatsu • Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu!~ Revive Sharingan! Certain kill • Fire Release Dragon Fire Technique!" "

Airdate: 04/23/2003

Sasuke decides to take on their mysterious attacker Orochimaru. He seemingly manages to do well against his opponent, but Orochimaru is merely testing the boy and leaves Sasuke with a parting gift.

Episode 31: "Geki mayu puratonikku! Boku ha shine made anata omamoru!!~ Intense Eyebrows Platonic! Until I Die I'll Protect You!!"

Airdate: 04/30/2003

Sakura is faced with two unconscious teammates and other groups eager to get their scrolls. Lee has left his group to do some scouting, while out he finds an abused squirrel which leads him to Sakura's location. Seeing her in need of help, he moves to prove himself to her.

Episode 32: "Sakura saku! Ketsui no ushirosugata ~ Sakura Blooms! The Back of Determination"

Airdate: 05/07/2003

Her team and Lee is down and Sakura is faced with the taunts of the Sound genin. Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji spy on the action and Ino remembers back to when she first met Sakura. Sakura herself decides to stick up for her friends by cutting herself free and fighting. This is not enough though so Ino decides to step in and help her former friend.

Episode 33: "Muteki no foomeeshon! InoShikaChou!!~ Invincible Formation! InoShikaChou!"

Airdate: 05/14/2003

Ino and her team use their abilities in tandem to fight the Sound Genin. Things do not look good until Neji arrives looking for Lee. He doesn't need to step in though because Sasuke has reawakened with a frightening power...

Episode 34: "Akamaru bikkuri! Gaara, kyooi no jitsuryoku ~ Akamaru Surprised! Gaara, Capability of Wonder"

Airdate: 05/21/2003

Gaara's team makes it through the exam in record time without a scratch. We then seen how they did it earlier. Kiba's team watched from a distance as Gaara's group got their scroll so easily through Gaara's deadly ability to control sand.
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#7 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 35: "Nozoki mi genkin! Makimono no himitsu ~ Peeking Strictly Prohibited! The Secret of the Scroll"

Airdate: 05/28/2003

Naruto and his team begin to recover but see their hopes fading as their time is almost up. Naruto hatches a plan to cheat but fellow Leaf Genin Kabuto stops him. Kabuto and Team 7 then make their way to the finish to get closer to other groups who might also not have a scroll.

Episode 36: "Bunshin taiketsu! Ore ga shuyaku dattebayo!~ Clone Confrontation! I'm the Lead Character!"

Airdate: 06/04/2003

Naruto and his team face Rain Genin who are determined to get a scroll and pass the test. Naruto hatches a plan though to strike back against their opponents and finally get their needed scroll as well.

Episode 37: "Daini shiken toppa! Seizoroi ruukii nain!~ Second Test Broken Through! Line-up Rookie Nine!"

Airdate: 06/11/2003

Naruto and his team have successfully passed the second test of the Chuunin Exam. Opening their scrolls, Iruka appears and lets them know the meaning behind the test. The teams that passed then gather and learn that their amount numbers too high so they will have a preliminary match then and there before they can make it to the Third test.
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#8 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 38-51: Chuunin Exam Test Three Preliminaries

Episode 38: "Goukakusha nibunnoichi!? Ikinari shiai dattebayo!!~ Successful Candidates Cut in Half!? Sudden Contest!"

Airdate: 06/18/2003

Sasuke is the first to fight and Kakashi warns him to not to use much chakra for fear of activating the cursed seal. Sasuke gets matched against an opponent who can suck out his chakra, so does he have any hope without the seal?

Episode 39: "Gejimayu jerashii!'Shishi Rendan' tanjou!~ Bushy Eyebrows' Jealousy!'Lion Combo' is Born!"

Airdate: 07/02/2003

Sasuke avoids using his seal and instead calls forth moves copied from Rock Lee! Sasuke manages to add in his own techniques and finish his opponent. He is then taken away by Kakashi for treatment.

Episode 40: "Isshokusokuhatsu!! Kakashi tai Orochimaru ~ A Critical Situation!! Kakashi VS Orochimaru"

Airdate: 07/09/2003

Kakashi places a seal on Sasuke to help the curse seal from activating again. Orochimaru reveals himself to Kakashi and taunts that he can get what he wants out of Sasuke. Elsewhere Shino faces Zaku. Zaku has just been exploited by Orochimaru and falls away defeated when his air vents get clogged by Shino's bugs.

Episode 41: "Raibaru gekitotsu! Otome-gokoro honki moodo ~ Rivals clash! The Girls' Hearts in Serious Mode"

Airdate: 07/16/2003

Kankurou faces another Sound spy Misumi. Misumi's rubbery ability is no match for a sly Kankurou, who uses Karasu to fool his opponent and then quickly finish him. The next match is announced, a surprise for both Sakura and Ino who must now face each other.

Episode 42: "Besuto batoru wa shaannaroo!!~ It's the Best Battle Hell Yeah!!"

Airdate: 07/23/2003

Ino and Sakura's match continues. Ino manages to send her spirit inside Sakura's body, but Inner Sakura fights her off. The girls then each move in for a strike but get a double knock-out, disqualifying each other.

Episode 43: "Shikamaru tajitaji!? Kunoichitachi no atsuki tatakai ~ Shikamaru Overwhelmed!? The Kunoichis' Heated Battle"

Airdate: 07/30/2003

The next match arrives with Temari versus TenTen. Temari and TenTen trade attacks but Temari renders TenTen's projectiles useless. Temari then finishes Tenten and casts her aside. Shikamaru then faces Kin. Kin uses her bells to create illusions to confuse Shikamaru. However, he uses his smarts to capture Kin with his shadow and defeat her.

Episode 44: "Akamaru sansen!! Makeinu wa docchi da?~ Akamaru Joins the Fight! Which One is the Underdog?"

Airdate: 08/06/2003

Naruto is matched against Kiba and to Naruto's annoyance, Akamaru. Kiba seems to have the upperhand but Naruto shows that he isn't a pushover by fooling Kiba with henge tricks.
Guest-The information man

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#9 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 45: "Hinata sekimen! Kankyaku chianguri, Naruto no okunote ~ Hinata Blushes! The Spectators Dumbfounded, Naruto's Trump Card"

Airdate: 08/13/2003

Naruto continues his match against Kiba and reveals a new move, the Naruto Rendan! With everyone looking on in shocked amazement, Naruto manages to defeat Kiba and move on to the third test of the Chuunin Exam.

Episode 46: "Byakugan kaigen!! Uchiki na Hinata no daitan ketsui!~ Byakugan's Enlightenment!! Bashful Hinata's Bold Decision!"

Airdate: 08/20/2003

Hinata is matched against her cousin Neji, and we get a glimpse into her life. Neji begins to gloat about how well he can read her fears and emotions, but Naruto yells words of encouragement which emboldens Hinata like never before.

Episode 47: "Akogare no hito no me no mae de!!~ Before the Eye of the Person You Admire!!"

Airdate: 08/27/2003

Hinata begins to fight Neji blow for blow. Kakashi explains the Byakugan and how it helps the Hyuuga in battle. Neji takes the upperhand but Naruto yells Hinata on, which pushes her beyond her limits. Seeing Hinata refuse to give up, he charges for a lethal kill but gets stopped. Her injuries prove too much and she passes out leaving Neji the winner.

Episode 48: "Gaara funsai!! Wakasa da! Pawaa da! Bakuhatsu da!~ Gaara Demolished!! It's Youth! It's Power! It's Explosion!"

Airdate: 09/03/2003

Lee gets matched against Gaara from Hidden Sand. Lee's speed is unable to get past Gaara's sand... until he takes off his weights. With a burst of speed Lee hurts Gaara like never before.

Episode 49: "Nekketsu ochikobore! Tsuini Sakuretsu, kindan no ougi!~ Hot-blooded Drop Out! Finally Explosion, the Forbidden Secret!"

Airdate: 09/10/2003

Gaara is able to avoid being taken out by Lee and goes on the offensive. We then see Lee's past and how he struggled to prove himself as a ninja. With his drive to do his best, Lee reveals his hidden forbidden move, gaining impossible speed and power.

Episode 50: "Aa Rock Lee! Kore ga otoko no ikizama yo!!~ Ah Rock Lee! This is How a Man Lives!!"

Airdate: 09/17/2003

Lee delivers powerful blows against Gaara but his gourd saves him from taking the full brunt of the attack. Gaara's sick drives cause him to use his sand against Lee's injured body and crush it further. An unconscious Lee stands to fight some more but the match is over, he has lost. The final match arrives, Chouji versus Dosu.

Episode 51: "Yami ni ugomeku kage Sasuke ni semaru kiki!~ The Shadow Which Crawls in the Darkness, Crisis Approaches Sasuke!"

Airdate: 09/24/2003

Chouji tries his best but he is quickly put away by Dosu. Elsewhere Orochimaru and Kabuto talk of taking Sasuke. The winning Genin learn who they will be matched against in the Chuunin Exams Third Test tournament, with a month break before it starts.
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#10 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 52-58: Chuunin Exam Test Three Training

Episode 52: "Ebisu futatabi! Harenchi wa watashi ga yurushi ma sen zo!~ Ebisu Again! I Won't Permit Such Disgrace!"

Airdate: 10/01/2003

Naruto spurns his direction to train under Ebisu and bolts to avoid the closet pervert. Ebisu follows and defeats Naruto finally at the hot springs bath. Ebisu finally convinces Naruto he means for the best and tries to teach Naruto how to focus his chakra better. Their lesson is interrupted though by a strange old pervert!
Guest-The information man

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#11 Jul 16, 2008
Anime Guide: Season 3 (Episodes 53-78)

The Music

Opening Two: "Haruka Kanata" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Episodes: 26-53 (Only Episode 53 for this Season)

Opening Three: "Kanashimi o Yasashisa ni" by little by little
Episodes: 54-77

Opening Four: "GO!!!" by Flow
Episodes: 78-103 (Only Episode 78 for this Season)

Closing Three: Viva*rock (Japanese side) by Orange Range
Episodes: 52-64 (Only Episodes 53-64 for this Season)

Closing Four: ALIVE by Raiko
Episodes: 65-77

Closing Five: Ima Made Nandomo by Za Masumisairu(The Massmissile)
Episodes: 78-89 (Only Episode 78 for this Season)

The Story Arcs

Episode 52-58: Chuunin Exam Test Three Training (Cont.)

Episode 53: "Aiyashibaraku! Ero-sennin toujou!~ Coming soon! The Pervert Hermit Enters!"

Airdate: 10/08/2003

The mysterious toad hermit reveals himself as Jiraiya, and spurns Naruto's direction to train him since he knocked out his current teacher Ebisu. Jiraiya bolts and tries to avoid Naruto's demands, but Naruto finally convinces him to help. Jiraiya removes the seal Orochimaru placed on Naruto, and teaches him water walking.

Episode 54: "Ero-sennin jikiden Kuchiyose no Jutsu dattebayo!!~ The Pervert Hermit's Direct Skill Transmission, The Summoning Technique!!"

Airdate: 10/15/2003

Sound Genin Dosu is killed by Gaara after thinking he can remove him early. Chuunin Examiner Gekkou Hayate is killed after overhearing a plan by Sound and Sand to destroy Konoha. Jiraiya decides to teach Naruto how to summon toads. Naruto proves a washout early, being able to only summon tadpoles.

Episode 55: "Setsunai omoi Negaiwokometa ichirin ~ Painful Feelings, The Single Flower With a Wish on It"

Airdate: 10/22/2003

Konoha ninja meet to discuss the Orochimaru situation. Ino and Sakura go to the hospital to leave a flower and get well wishes for Rock Lee.

Episode 56: "Sei ka shi ka!? Menkyokaiden wa inochigake!~ Life or Death!? Risking One's Life to Get Initiated into the Secrets of the Art!"

Airdate: 10/29/2003

Iruka teaches his class about the Hokage and Sandaime himself joins in to help teach what it means to protect your friends. Jiraiya treats Naruto for once and lets him experience many joyful things... until he pushes him off a cliff! Naruto must look inside himself and call upon the Kyuubi if he is to have any chance to summon a toad and survive.

Episode 57: "Tonda! Haneda! Mogutta! Gama oyabun toujou!!~ He flew! He Jumped! He Dived! The Toad Boss Enters!!"

Airdate: 11/05/2003

Naruto has done it, he has summoned a gigantic toad to save his life. The toad doesn't take very kindly to Naruto, and stubbornly jumps around to try and get Naruto off his back. The toad boss Gambunta eventually accepts Naruto as his subordinate after Naruto managed to hold on for so long.

Episode 58: "Shinobi yoru ma no te! Nerawareta byoushitsu ~ The Hand of the Demon Sneaks In! The Targeted Hospital Room"

Airdate: 11/12/2003

Naruto recuperates in the hospital and meets Shikamaru who was visiting an injured Choji. They manage to stop Gaara from killing an unconscious Lee. Gaara recounts how a demon was put inside him. Gaara moves to strike but Gai appears and sends Gaara on his way.
Guest-The information man

Oswego, IL

#12 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 59-67: Chuunin Exam Test Three
Episode 59: "Moo Retsu Moo Tsui Moo Dasshu Hansen kaishi dattebayo ~ Moo Furious, Moo Chase, Moo Dash; The Final Selection Begins"
Airdate: 11/19/2003
Naruto meets Hinata and she gives him words of encouragement. He realizes he is late for the Third Test and rushes to the stadium. He gets chased by bulls along the way and Konohamaru tries to help him find a shortcut to the stadium. He is barely able to avoid the bulls and make it in time for the commencement of the matches.
Episode 60: "Byakugan tai Kage Bunshin! Ore wa zettee katsu!!~ Byakugan VS Shadow Clone! I Will Definitely Win!!"
Airdate: 11/26/2003
Naruto gets matched against Hyuuga Neji and gets his chance to take revenge against Neji for how he treats people. Naruto tries to use Kage Bunshin and get the upper hand on Neji, but his opponent manages to defeat the clones using his Byakugan eye!
Episode 61: "Shikaku zero! Mou hitotsu no zettai bougyo ~ Zero Blind Spots! Another Absolute Defense"
Airdate: 12/03/2003
Naruto's clones are no match against Neji's ultimate defense, the Kaiten. Neji managed to learn this main house move with no proper training. This wasn't the only move, Neji strikes Naruto with Hakke Rokujuuyonshou cutting off his chakra. With Naruto injured but still fighting, Neji reveals his clans sordid past and how they betrayed his father.
Episode 62: "Ochikobore no Sokojikara!~ Drop Out's Latent Power!"
Airdate: 12/10/2003
Naruto draws upon the power of the Kyuubi and gets a rush of chakra. He and Neji fight like never before, when the dust settles, Naruto is down and Neji stands. Instantly Naruto pops from the ground, uppercutting Neji and knocking him out for the win! A clone remained on the ground, while the real Naruto dug underground to surprise Neji.
Episode 63: "Shikkaku!? Kiken! Maedaoshi! Haran fukumi no daihonsen!~ Disqualification!? Danger! Moving Ahead of Schedule! The Troubling Tone of the Great Final Selection"
Airdate: 12/17/2003
Neji is taken away to be treated and his uncle comes begging for forgiveness! Neji then learns the truth of the clans past and his father. Naruto gets approval from Konoha for the first time through cheers. Sasuke is next but since he is absent his match gets delayed. Kankurou panics because Sasuke's absence ruins their plans so he forfeits his match with Shino. Up next is Shikamaru!
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#13 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 64: "Kumo ha ii naa... yaruki zero no otoko ~ The Clouds Are Nice... The Guy With Zero Motivation"
Airdate: 12/24/2003
Shikamaru and Temari must now face each other. It's a battle of smarts as Shikamaru retreats to the shadows to figure out his battle plan and avoid Temari's attacks. Shikamaru manages to capture Temari by using the hole Naruto dug earlier to extend his shadow. But what's this? Shikamaru is in a position to win but gives up because he is almost out of chakra.
Episode 65: "Gekitotsu! Konoha mai Suna ugomeku shunkan ~ Clash! The Moment The Leaf Whirls and The Sand Squirms"
Airdate: 01/07/2004
With time running out, Sasuke and Kakashi finally return from their training. Naruto and Shikamaru witness Gaara killing two Grass ninja with no emotion and remember back to the time they stopped him from killing Lee. Naruto then decides to go tell Kakashi to call off Sasuke's match with Gaara.
Episode 66: "Arashi wo yobu otoko!! Sasuke no geji mayu ryuu taijutsu!~ The Man Who Calls The Storm!! Sasuke's Bushy-Eyebrows Style Body Skills!"
Airdate: 01/14/2004
This episode aired with episode 67 in a one hour "Sasuke goes wild" special. Sasuke begins his assault against Gaara and doesn't have much success until he begins to mimic the moves of Lee he copied in the past! Gaara retreats into his sand cocoon and begins his changing process...
Episode 67: "Date ni okureta wake janai! Kyuukyoku ougi • Chidori tanjou!!~ I Wasn't Late for Nothing! Ultimate Secret • Chidori is Born!!"
Airdate: 01/14/2004
This episode aired with episode 66 in a one hour "Sasuke goes wild" special. Sasuke uses Chidori against Gaara and manages to draw blood against his opponent. Outside the village, Sand and Sound ninja move into position. When the word is given, Kazekage's guards set off an explosive smoke grenade and the invading ninja move in.
Guest-The information man

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#14 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 68-80: Konoha Invasion

Episode 68: "'Konoha Kuzushi' Shidou!~'Leaf Crumbling' Starts!"

Airdate: 01/28/2004

Sand and Sound begin their invasion of Leaf. Kazekage abducts Sandaime Hokage and then reveals himself to be Orochimaru in disguise. Baki directs Temari and Kankurou to take their younger brother outside the village to prepare him for his part in the invasion.

Episode 69: "Matte mashita! A ranku ninmu dattebayo!!~ I Was Waiting! It's an A-rank Mission!!"

Airdate: 02/04/2004

Kakashi has Sakura wake an unconscious Naruto and then chases after Sasuke who has fled after Gaara. Orochimaru and Sandaime Hokage begin to battle, with Orochimaru revealing a horrible new forbidden technique.

Episode 70: "Nigegoshi NO. 1 Mendokusei ga yarukkya nee!!~ Number 1 in Preparing to Flee, It's Troublesome But I'm Willing To Do It!!"

Airdate: 02/11/2004

Orochimaru summons the First and Second Hokage to fight at his side. Outside Konoha, Pakkun lets the group know ninja are following them. Shikamaru stays behind to delay them. He lays a trap, but his chakra isn't enough to hold them and the Sound move to strike. Asuma appears from nowhere and quickly dispatches them much to Shikamaru's relief.

Episode 71: "Kokonmusou!'Hokage' toiu reberu no tatakai ~ Unparalleled in History! Called A 'Hokage' Level Battle"

Airdate: 02/18/2004

Nidaime and Shodai begin their battle against Sandaime. The battle rages at levels beyond average. High level jutsu are used by all those involved to try to gain an advantage. Sandaime finally summons Enma, the elder monkey king to help him in battle.

Episode 72: "Hokage no ayamachi Kamen no shita no sugao ~ The Hokage's Error, The True Face Under the Mask"

Airdate: 02/25/2004

Temari stays behind to fight Sasuke, but he quickly dispatches her. Sandaime remembers back to his past, and how he had a chance to kill Orochimaru and failed to take action. He states this time it will be different, thinking over his duty to protect the village with his very life, he calls forth the Death God with a forbidden technique, to stop Orochimaru once and for all!

Episode 73: "Kinjutsu ougi!'Shiki Fuujin'~ Secret Forbidden Technique!'Corpse Spirit Sealing Method'"

Airdate: 03/03/2004

Sandaime summons the Death God and uses it to remove the souls of the two previous Hokages. Then he quickly moves to grab Orochimaru and rip out his soul as well!

Episode 74: "Kyougaku! Gaara no Shoutai ~ Astonishment! Gaara's True Shape"

Airdate: 03/10/2004

Shino catches up to Sasuke and finally gets his chance to fight Kankurou. Shino defeats Kankurou, but not before he manages to poison the Leaf ninja. Sasuke reaches Gaara and the young Hidden Sand ninja draws sand to his body to form a grotesque Tanuki-like form. Unfortunately the events are causing Gaara to go more and more insane.

Episode 75: "Genkai okoete... Sasuke no ketsudan!!~ Exceeding the Limit... Sasuke's Decision!!"

Airdate: 03/17/2004

Sasuke thinks back to his training with Kakashi, and his sensei's warnings of the harm which can come if he does Chidori too many times. Sasuke decides the events require him to go farther, so he does another Chidori, but it activates his cursed seal! With Gaara looming to attack, Naruto arrives to save the day!
Guest-The information man

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#15 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 76: "Tsukiyo no ansatsusha ~ Assassin of the Moonlit Night"

Airdate: 03/24/2004

We flashback to Gaara's childhood and learn how his uncle cared for him. Gaara was a lonely child who most children were afraid of. In the present, Gaara pins Sakura to a tree and the sand holding her begins to constrict.

Episode 77: "Hikari to Yami Gaara toiu na ~ Light and Darkness, The Name Called Gaara"

Airdate: 03/31/2004

Gaara tells Naruto how assassins were sent to kill him, and how his very uncle also tried to kill him. His uncle said he blamed Gaara for his sister's death. The event scarred Gaara and caused him to mark "Love" onto his forehead. In the present, Naruto moves to protect Sakura.

Episode 78: "Bakuhatsu! Kore zo Naruto ninpouchooou!!~ Explosion! These are the Naruto Ninja Chroniclesss!!"

Airdate: 04/07/2004

Naruto creates a massive amount of clones and begins his attack. Pummeling Gaara into submission, his opponent changes into his full gigantic Tanuki form. When Naruto begins to get surrounded for a Desert Coffin attack, he summons Gamabunta to help him fight!
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#16 Jul 16, 2008
Anime Guide: Season 4 (Episodes 79-104)

The Music

Opening Four: "GO!!!" by Flow
Episodes: 78-103
Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.
- Ep. 90: Anko, Shizune and Tsunade added to bath scroll.

Opening Five: "Seishun Kyousoukyoku" (Youth Rhapsody) by Sanbomasutaa (SamboMaster)
Episodes: 104-128
Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Closing Five: "Ima Made Nandomo" (Many Times Until Now) by Za Masumisairu (The Massmissile)
Episodes: 78-89

Closing Six: "Ryuusei" (Shooting Star) by TiA
Episodes: 90-103

Closing Seven: "Maunten•a•googoo•tsuu " (Mountain•a•gogo•two) by Kyaputen Sutoraidamu (Captain Stridum)
Episodes: 104-115

The Story Arcs

Episode 68-80: Konoha Invasion (Cont.)

Episode 79: "Rimitto bucchigiri!-Hikari to Yami-~ Way Beyond the Limit!-Light and Darkness-"

Airdate: 04/14/2004

Gamabunta and Naruto Henge into Kyuubi to help Gamabunta grab ahold of Shukaku. When he finally grabs ahold, Naruto moves to awaken Gaara and end his Shukaku form. Pushing to protect his friends, Naruto uses the power of the Kyuubi to burst through Gaara's sand attacks and awaken him. A nearly unconcious Naruto and Gaara then fall back to the ground below.

Episode 80: "Sandaime yo, tokoshieni......!!~ The Third, Everlasting......!!"

Airdate: 04/21/2004

Gaara begins to grow afraid of Naruto's power. Naruto tells Gaara that they are alike, they faced similar scorn while growing up and that his close friends helped him push through his loneliness. Temari and Kankurou arrive to pick up Gaara and retreat. Elsewhere Sandaime's struggle with Orochimaru comes to an end, unable to pull out his full soul, he seals his arms instead and dies. Orochimaru then flees with his bodyguards. With Sand and Sound defeated, in the days after Konoha gathers to pay respects to their fallen comrades.
Guest-The information man

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#17 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 81-85: Akatsuki Introduction

Episode 81: "Asagiri no kikyou ~ Homecoming of the Morning Mist"

Airdate: 04/28/2004

Two mysterious figures have entered Konoha and are dining. Asuma and Kurenai happen across Kakashi at this location and with unspoken orders pursue the two men. Asuma and Kurenai stop them, and they reveal themselves to be Uchiha Itachi and Hidden Mist missing-nin Hoshigaki Kisame. They begin to battle and when things begin to turn against the Leaf ninja, Kakashi arrives to lend assistance. Elsewhere Jiraiya offers to track down fellow Sannin Tsunade and offer her the job of Hokage.

Episode 82: "Sharingan tai Sharingan ~ Sharingan VS Sharingan"

Airdate: 05/05/2004

Kakashi moves to stop Itachi but Itachi is too much even for Kakashi. We learn that the two men have come for the Kyuubi in Naruto. Itachi moves to end the confrontation and uses a special Sharingan jutsu, the Tsukuyomi, to trap Kakashi within his own mind. Though it spanned seconds, Kakashi went through days of torture. He passes out but Gai arrives to save them just in time. Itachi and Kisame then flee. Elsewhere Jiraiya and Naruto get ready to being their journey to find Tsunade.

Episode 83: "Oo, nooo! Jiraiya no jonan, Naruto no sainan ~ Oh, nooo! Jiraiya's Women Trouble, Naruto's Misfortune"

Airdate: 05/12/2004

In a village outside of Konoha, Jiraiya and Naruto stop to rest and gather information. When Sasuke overhears that his brother has returned and is after Naruto, he chases after them. Jiraiya gets distracted by a woman and Naruto goes to the hotel room alone. A knock at the door later on brings ill tidings for Naruto, because there stands Kisame and Itachi.

Episode 84: "Unare Chidori Hoero Sasuke!~ Roar Chidori Howl Sasuke!"

Airdate: 05/19/2004

Kisame and Itachi move to capture Naruto, but Sasuke arrives to attack his brother in a crazed frenzy. Itachi easily swats him away and mocks his growth. We then get a flashback to the night of the Uchiha clan massacre and how Itachi taunted Sasuke to grow. Itachi then uses Tsukuyomi to make Sasuke relive the massacre over and over again. When Kisame moves to injure Naruto, Jiraiya suddenly arrives to save him.

Episode 85: "Oroka naru ototo yo Urame, nikume!~ Foolish Younger Brother, Detest, Hate!"

Airdate: 05/26/2004

Jiraiya moves to capture the two men by transforming the surrounding walls into the summoned esophagus of a toad, Itachi and Kisame bolt and Itachi uses another special Sharingan technique to burn themselves free. Gai arrives to take the injured Sasuke back for medical treatment. Kisame and Itachi reflect that they can get Naruto again later. Naruto and Jiraiya then head off again in search of Tsunade.
Guest-The information man

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#18 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 86-96: Search for Tsunade
Episode 86: "Shugyou kaishi Ore ha zettee tsuyoku naru!~ Training Begins, I'm Definately Going to Become Strong!"
Airdate: 06/02/2004
Jiraiya and Naruto continue on their journey and stop at a town holding a festival. Jiraiya leaves Naruto on his own and when Naruto gets into trouble, Jiraiya finally reveals the Rasengan technique. Jiraiya then takes Naruto outside of town and gets him started on learning the technique.
Episode 87: "Konjou!!! Warero mizu fuusen ~ Guts!!! Popped Water Balloon!"
Airdate: 06/09/2004
Naruto continues his goal to pop the water balloon. Jiraiya tells Naruto it took the Fourth Hokage 3 years to master the technique. As the days pass on Naruto grows weary, but upon seeing a cat at play, he learns how to finish the first stage of training...
Episode 88: "Konoha maaku to hitaiate ~ The Leaf Mark and The Forehead Protector"
Airdate: 06/16/2004
After passing the first stage, Jiraiya gives Naruto a rubber ball and asks that he now pop it as well. Naruto thinks back to his days at the Ninja Academy and how Iruka taught Naruto and his classmates how to focus their chakra.
Episode 89: "Hamon ~ Ripple"
Airdate: 06/23/2004
Orochimaru tracks down Tsunade to make a proposal for her to heal his arms. Elsewhere Jiraiya continues his search and Naruto begins the third and final stage of Rasengan training.
Episode 90: "Ikari bakuhatsu! Yurusaneeattebayo ~ Anger Explosion! I Won't Allow That"
Airdate: 07/07/2004
Jiraiya and Naruto finally track down Tsunade and Jiraiya makes her the offer of Hokage. Naruto was unaware that was the real proposal and challenges Tsunade's merits. The two go outside to fight and Tsunade is surprised by Naruto's ability to use a partial Rasengan.
Episode 91: "Shodai Hokage no isan Shi wo yobu kubikazari ~ The First Hokage's Inheritance, The Necklace Which Brings Death"
Airdate: 07/14/2004
Tsunade quickly dispatches Naruto, she makes him a bargain though that if he can master the Rasengan in a week, which will give him her necklace in return. Tsunade then begins to consider the offers from her former teammates.
Episode 92: "YES ka NO ka! Tsunade no kaitou ~ "YES or NO! Tsunade's Answer"
Airdate: 07/21/2004
Tsunade thinks over Orochimaru's offer, to heal his arms in return for granting life back to her two loved ones. Tsunade thinks over her brother and boyfriend and how much she misses them, and watches as Naruto continues to learn the Rasengan. She then sits to drink with Jiraiya and slips him a drug and then goes to meet Orochimaru.
Episode 93: "Koushou Ketsuretsu!~ Negotiation Breakdown"
Airdate: 07/28/2004
Tsunade stands ready by Orochimaru but Kabuto interrupts their deal. Tsunade planned to kill Orochimaru and now she is determined to finish Orochimaru once and for all! Jiraiya, Naruto and Shizune arrive to find Tsunade and Orochimaru gone. Elsewhere Kabuto tries to fight against Tsunade, when he appears to be getting the upperhand, Naruto's team finally arrives.
Episode 94: "Kurae! Ikari no Rasengan ~ Eat This! The Rasengan's Anger"
Airdate: 08/04/2004
Naruto moves to fight Kabuto but he is outmatched by his opponent. Jiraiya and Orochimaru begin to do battle, but both are hampered by their impairments. Naruto finally grabs uphold of Kabuto and prepares to unload a near complete Rasengan with the help of a Kage Bunshin.
Guest-The information man

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#19 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 95: "Godaime Hokage Inochi o kaketa tatakai!~ The Fifth Hokage, The Battle She Bets Her Life On"
Airdate: 08/11/2004
This episode aired with episode 96 in a one hour "Legendary Sannin Run Riot" special. To Tsunade's surprise the Rasengan connects sending Kabuto flying backwards. Though he tried to use his medical techniques to counter it, it still deal damage to him. When he sees Tsunade moving to summon, he jumps to Orochimaru's side to help him summon as well. Jiraiya moves to summon and three huge animals are suddenly brought into the battle.
Episode 96: "San sukumi no tatakai ~ Three-way Battle"
Airdate: 08/11/2004
This episode aired with episode 95 in a one hour "Legendary Sannin Run Riot" special. The three summons begin to do battle with Gamabunta and Katsuyu eventually getting the upperhand. Tsunade then begins to unleash all her pent up rage on Orochimaru, pummeling him into submission. He and Kabuto decide to flee. The team returns to the city to relax and Tsunade and Naruto begin to argue. She challenges him to fight but when they go outside, she instead wishes him luck on his journey to become Hokage.
Guest-The information man

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#20 Jul 16, 2008
Episode 97-106: Tsunade Returns and the Tea Country

Episode 97: "Naruto no yuke muri chin douchuu ~ Naruto's Strange Steamy Journey"

Airdate: 08/18/2004

On their way back to Konoha, the group stops at a hot springs to rest. While there, two men track down Tsunade after a long period and seek to take the Hokage necklace to settle her debts. Naruto feels bad for the men and attempts to help them. Shizune impersonates Tsunade and attempts to send them away, but Tsunade arrives to reveal she already settled the debt.

Episode 98: "Ninja wo yamero! Tsunade no tsuukoku ~ Stop Being a Ninja! Tsunade's Announcement"

Airdate: 08/25/2004

Konohamaru learns that a new Hokage has been picked and takes the news very badly. Tsunade arrives in Konoha and visits the various injured ninja to help them. Unfortunately she has grim words for Lee, surgery is possible but there is a large risk to his life!

Episode 99: "Hi no ishi wo tsugu mono ~ The Person Who Inherits the Will of Fire"

Airdate: 09/01/2004

Konohamaru takes offense at Tsunade replacing his grandfather. He begins to lay traps for her to prove she is not a worthy successor. Tsunade easily avoids harm and manages to gain the respect of Konohamaru at the same.

Episode 100: "Nekketsu shitei no kizuna -Otoko ga ninpou wo tsuranuku toki-~ Hot-Blooded Teacher and Student Bond -The Times a Man Must Follow His Way of the Ninja-"

Airdate: 09/08/2004

Lee thinks back over his past and his desire to become a ninja. He remembers his sensei's rivalry with Kakashi and how he inspired him to do his best. Lee then goes before Tsunade and tells her he is prepared to rely on her abilities to heal him!

Episode 101: "Mitai, Shiritai, Tashikametai Kakashi-sensei no sukao ~ Want to See, Want to Know, Want to Confirm Kakashi-sensei's True Face"

Airdate: 09/15/2004

The first half of this episode comes from a gag short Kishimoto made for the fan book. Team 7 begins to debate what Kakashi's face looks like under the mask. They offer him food but the interruption of Ino causes them to miss Kakashi eating. Team 7 then goes to a hot springs and three brothers seek revenge against Kakashi for stopping their hitting on a woman in the past.

Episode 102: "Iza shin ninmu Giri to ninjou to Chakoku o sukue!~ Now a New Mission; Save Dignity, Kindness and the Tea Country!"

Airdate: 09/22/2004

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are assigned to go to the Tea Country by themselves to help protect a runner in a shrine race. They travel to the country and meet Idate, a fast young man sponsored by the area boss. The group goes to the starting ceremony but are shocked when Idate runs away from the track when the race begins!

Episode 103: "Naruto gekichin!? Inbou uzumaku oounabara ~ Naruto Sinking!? Conspiracy in the Swirling Mighty Deep"

Airdate: 09/29/2004

The Team pursues Idate and learns he has an alternate sailing path to get further head. While at sea, the group is attacked by the Rain genin Team 7 fought in the second Chuunin Exam test. The group manages to defeat their opponents, but the ship burns down and they have to swim ashore.

Episode 104: "Hashire Idate! Arashi woyobu haran no Nagitou!!~ Run Idate! Troubles from the Stormy Nagi Island!!"

Airdate: 10/13/2004

Idate is taunted by his former sensei Aoi. Idate remembers back to when Aoi tricked him into stealing the legendary Raijin sword. Idate betrayed Konoha and then fled after his older brother Morino Ibiki tried to help him.

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