I was just thinking on what a cool show this is - and I got to thinking about my most enjoyable viewing experiences.

I'd have to say that Sebastian's (the plump delusional would be actor in a flat cap will always be a fave of mine (for obvious reasons). Another classic is Dillon's Indian Restaurant in Manhattan - just for that 'general manager' who tried to sue Ramsey for intimidation. Martin Hyde's lawyer gathered evidence from a spoof website with a (badly) photo-shopped picture of Ramsey as a bare knuckle fist fighter. The idea was to claim that Ramsey had forced Hyde to crawl up and down the sidewalk outside the restaurant 'like a dog' by using his skills as a world champion bare knuckle fist fighter and former captain in the SAS (LOL!). I'll keep it to 3 shows, but there are many such classics, the 3rd then is Capri with those awesome cry-baby twins, just awesome stuff.