I was really saddened to see Henry Winkler involved in this case. Anyone who looks at the evidence can see that the doctors were not at fault.

The AP reported that in opening statements the Defense lawyers said they would show that Ritter had been turned down for life insurance three years prior to the incident for "incredibly abnormal" levels --- his triglyceride levels were 7 TIMES the normal person's. He had been advised to get a cardiologist. He did not.

From pictures you see of him and Winkler shortly before his death, it is apparent that Ritter was decidedly overweight -- another high risk factor for someone with heart disease.

Central to the case is the fact that the Cardiologist did not order an x-ray. According to Defense attorney, John McCurdy, when the Cardiologist Dr. Lee was called into the ER, there had been a "code AMI" meaning Ritter was having an acute myocardial infarction - an acute heart attack.

"In that situation you don't wait around for an x-ray," McCurdy said.

I feel for Amy Yasbeck. She lost a great love. But Ritter's suffered from a torn aorta -- a very, very, very rare heart condition that mimics a heart attack. She should not be suing a dedicated healer who spends his life trying to save people because he went with the most likely cause of distress (heart attack) rather than the least likely (aortic dissection), in an emergency situation.

Ritter should have been under the care of a Cardiologist way before it became an emergency. He was advised to do so. He chose to ignore that advice.

Henry Winkler knows that by showing up on the side of the plaintiffs, even if just to talk about his friend's talent, could result in using his celebrity unfairly.

The defendants could never afford to pay $67 million to Yasbeck. Their insurance wouldn't cover it, either. It is sad, but true. Doctors do not make as much money as sitcom actors.

These two fine doctors are hard-working people with families. They deserve for the facts to come out without bias or favoritism.