Henry Winkler to testify in John Ritt...

Henry Winkler to testify in John Ritter case

There are 61 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Feb 11, 2008, titled Henry Winkler to testify in John Ritter case. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Lawyers said today that actor and director Henry Winkler, known for his role of Fonzie in the television series "Happy Days," will tell jurors this afternoon about his last day on the set with the late comic ...

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Berwyn, IL

#1 Feb 11, 2008
Although all premature loss of life is a tragedy, mistakes do happen in hospitals on a daily basis. I am not condoning the hospital's error, but nothing will bring John back to his family. I think his wife, Amy, is being greedy.
The Fonzie


#2 Feb 11, 2008
Sit on it

Salt Lake City, UT

#3 Feb 11, 2008
It does happen daily, and a family relying on the support of a sole bread winner have every right to the actions mentioned here, whether famous or not...tis not greed, but reality...

and yes...sit on it....Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Skokie, IL

#4 Feb 11, 2008
If he didn't get the care he should have, and the stage was not prepared, it was not just accidental death.

Rich people deserve to be treated like humans as well.

Trevor, WI

#5 Feb 11, 2008
67 million ? I,am surprised she got 14 million, he was not that good of A actor.
Saluki Rod

Elmhurst, IL

#7 Feb 11, 2008
Not that good an actor? You did see "Bad Santa" and "Slingblade", right?

Bristol, TN

#8 Feb 11, 2008
We are not discussing if John Ritter was a good actor. We are talking about malpractice. I havent' been privy to all the information. But I am sure his wife is not money hungry. I think she probably has enough $$$ to take care of her and the kids. But it is the priciple of the thing. If a emergency room physician, or cardiologist makes errors, it kills, and deserves to be addressed. The hospital settled, which to me means they admitted their responsibility. So the docs are holding out hoping a trial will get them off the hook for their errors. And their malpactice insurance won't go sky high. Somehow I don't think she picked that number out of the air, it was calculated by his potential earnings, and probably an attorney upping the anti to cover his fees.

I am a widow of a 40 year old Navy pilot, died of a heart attack. I could not sue Uncle Sam, and I didn't want to. Even though several people suggested I should and had names of attorneys. I felt in my case I didn't want the money or have his name drug through mudd by the goverment he spent 18 years working for.

Tex Ritter, John's dad was a great country icon. And John lived in his Dad's shadow. I would hate to think my husband was left to die, oops forgot we had a guy we needed to check his heart.

Peace kids, lets not fight.
Susan Orland Park IL


#9 Feb 11, 2008
I think his wife is being greedy. IF the settlement was like $500,000, then maybe she would be entitled to more. But geeze......$14 million? Even after she pays the lawyers and whatnot, she still has about $6-$7 million and if she invests it well, she's set for life. Heck, 98% of the people in this world will never even see a million over their life time.
Dewey Cox

Chicago, IL

#10 Feb 11, 2008
Greedy sow.

Darien, IL

#11 Feb 11, 2008
I am really sick of people acting like physicians and nurses have to be right 100% of the time. People are so quick to jump on the malpractice bandwagon. Sometimes things are misdiagnosed..they may present atypically or there may not be time to rule out a more common diagnosis before it is too late. Hospitals settle because they know fighting it out in court often proves inconclusive and more expensive and jurys are sympathetic to grieving familys. Just because you have an M.D. or R.N. behind your name does not mean you can save everyone every time. Because someone dies does not always mean a mistake was made or someone screwed up. With a torn aorta there would be a VERY short period of time to diagnose and correct and just because in this case it didn't work doesn't mean someone is to blame. Case's like these are what drive hospitals to have to charge an arm and a leg for services. There is a differance between negligence and fate and unfortunetly that has gotten lost here.

Aurora, IL

#12 Feb 11, 2008
Ridiculous, greedy people.

Chicago, IL

#13 Feb 11, 2008
I think the settlement was more than fair. Take the money and move on with your life. 67 million won't bring the guy back. It just puts a strain on an already failing system.
Whiskey Bottle

Madison, WI

#14 Feb 11, 2008
No autopsy, tho? That's weird. Kind of a burying-your-mistakes thing.

Unfortunately, Joe Schmo likely couldn't get a PI attorney to touch this sort of case under the circumstances. Where is anyone earning less than a mill going to get the sort of scratch it takes to be able to pay a doctor to testify against another doctor? And make no mistake, that's the biggest hurdle for a number of reasons -- none of which have to do with laypeople having no concept of the mysteries of the medical arts.

The real tragedy of med mal is precisely how difficult it is for most injured and afflicted individuals to receive any compensation. This case has nothing to do about principles, it's about different standards of justice afforded the already rich. Kind of like rooting for OJ because at least that was one time the cops got screwed at their own game as if it in any way made up for kids behind bars who shouldn't be.
Larry in Lincolnwood

Chicago, IL

#15 Feb 11, 2008
A great tv actor but the widow is greedy. John did not go to a doctor and they gave him the wrong medicine or left a scalpel inside him, or cut out the wrong kidney. He was gravely ill when he was brought to emergency.
How much does the widow need to live a normal life? How much do athletes need because they hit a ball or run faster. Give me and society a break already!

Saint Paul, MN

#16 Feb 11, 2008
This case is one of the examples of why health insurance costs are sky high. If she prevails, which she shouldn't because the ER Doctors treated him the best they could given that he was in cardiac arrest, their malpractice insurance will go up. Guess who pays? She said she wants to make a stand and educate the public about this issue. So taking down two doctors who were working that day and tried valiantly to help her husband, who was dying when he arrived, is how she will educate the public? Americans need to understand the impact that lawsuits have on everybody. It isn't just the doctors who pay, it is also you and me. Yes the hospital settled, that often is the case, and again, guess who pays? My son is in medical school right now and unless you are close to someone in medicine you can't begin to comprehend the sacrifices they make in order to heal the sick. It truly is a calling because there are many more lucrative professions someone of this caliber can enter into. Lawsuits brought simply to punish are frivolous. Consumers who pay health insurance premiums, which is most of us, need to think about this cycle and ask themselves what is truly reasonable in a case like this where she has already been heavily compensated for a loss no amount of money can compensate her for.
When is enough enough?
too old

Chicago, IL

#17 Feb 11, 2008
She's greedy. Money won't bring him back/ "Principle" is lost since medicine is an imperfect science.

Mistakes happen. It was obviously his time whether she liked it or not.$67 mil won't bring her back, it will only prove she's a golddigger even after his death.

Alsip, IL

#18 Feb 12, 2008
1) Not surprised that the "Show me the Money" card is being played

2) He had a history of medical problems that he ignored. If he'd have followed up with his doctors WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO those contributing issues would have been handled and...

3) THia aorta problem most likely WOULD HAVE BEEN FOUND/NOTICE and addressed BEFORE IT BECAME LIFE THREATENING !!!

Elmhurst, IL

#19 Feb 12, 2008
People that think this settlement is fair better realize that the money will come from them. Medical cost are so high because these settlement cost are then passed on to the general public in higher fees. How much money does a family need to live out their lives in comfort?

Since: Feb 08

Chicago, IL

#20 Feb 12, 2008
I agree with most comments here...Ritter's death was unfortunate but the $14 million she has already received is probably way more than she deserves.

This case illustrates the need for a cap on malpractice, since it shouldn't matter what the "potential" earnings are. Warren Buffett shouldn't get more than the average guy, just because he earns more. Similarly, if I accidentally hit a Ferrari, why should I be financially ruined (if my insurance becomes exhausted) just because I didn't hit a Ford Taurus instead?
Get Real

Cary, IL

#21 Feb 12, 2008
Believe it or not, but doctors are human. And each one is an individual. Which means that their opinion is unique.
Hind sight is great, especially when you want to blame someone for something overlooked in the frantic hours when someone comes into the emergency room.

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