Are ghosts real?

Are ghosts real?

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“If your cat's speaking Latin, you might have a problem”

UNH audience hears stars of hit TV show "Ghost Hunters" Aaron Leclerc/Staff photographer Paranormal researcher Grant Wilson, from the Sci-Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters" show, stands beside a figure that was ... via The Citizen

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I believe

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#155 Mar 25, 2013

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#157 Jun 27, 2013
The fact that The Bible says it is a sin to communicate with the dead would seem to suggest that it is indeed possible(?). There certainly are far too many unexplained sightings and strange paranormal occurances witnessed by a great many individuals to just dismiss the possibility. Many books and videos are sold, and "ghost tours" are extremely popular in a lot of places reputed to be "haunted", so in that respect it might be said that ghosts are good for some local economies(?). I've never seen one, or a UFO either for that matter, but that is not to say they don't exist.

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#158 Aug 22, 2013
No, but soul is real

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#159 Aug 29, 2013
They are a mirage in the Force.
An illusion.

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#160 Dec 2, 2013
there are basically two types of ghosts, which are normally known as spirits and poltergeists.
spirits are the souls of dead people,
poltergeists are evil entities.
what people think as ghost are actually all poltergeists.
poltergeists have levels from one to ten, smaller the number, more powerful they are, and they pretend to be human spirits very often.
most of the spirits that psychics think as spirits are actually all poltergeist.
some can show images, videos. some can talk like human.
there are millions of poltergeist in this universe and many types of them, we just cannot count.

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#161 Dec 18, 2013 ………………The poop getting deep on this thread?

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#162 Dec 28, 2013
Yeah they are real .......... hope you understand. check this

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#163 Jan 1, 2014
Are ghost real? This was on the news~

The Bridgewater Triangle- O_o
I should write a book, lol. I think the TV show 'Charmed' should shoot an episode there.^_^

Now for some EAR candy that relates~ ;)

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#164 Jan 1, 2014
This is the 'Entertainment Forum' and THIS IS NEW MUSIC, FROM A NEW ALBUM THAT HAS JUST COME OUT IN 2013, so I thought I'd share.
Cheers! Gotta go.

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#165 Jan 6, 2014
Ghost Hunters is the best ghost show on tv. I actually do believe it is legit. But Most Haunted, as Volke said, is pathetically fake. It's just a bunch of British people in a dark room going "Ahhh!" "Oooh!" all night. If you didn't see the picture, you could swear it's porn.

Anyway, I also believe in ghosts/spirits. As with things like Bigfoot, aliens, and the Lock Ness Monster, there is simply too much evidence for there not to be some grain of truth to it.

I won't get into the debate about what ghosts are, as we clearly don't know for sure. They could be anything from energy to actual souls of humans trapped on earth. However, there is plenty enough video, audio, and photographic evidence to prove that ghosts exists. They can't all be hoaxes, there are too many claims for that. Not everybody is a liar.

My personal take on it is this:

There are several different types of paranormal entities. Psychic imprints that are reflections of past trauma or signifigance (i.e. "residual hauntings") which I believe make up the bulk of paranormal phenomenon. Then you have actual spirits that can interact with people & objects, and manifest themselves. Intelligent hauntings. Then you get into the way out there stuff like poltergeists (more than likely mischievous or evil spirits), demons, angels, etc. which require no explanation.

I've personally had a few paranormal experiences in my lifetime, nothing monumental by any stretch of the imagination, but enough to believe that there could be ghosts & spirits.

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#168 Mar 25, 2014
No because there is no such thing as a ghost!
M Robert

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#169 Mar 25, 2014
I think they are real

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#170 Mar 30, 2014
Remains of energy, vibrations, something like that. Even every thought sends out a wave pulse that can be detected. Possible sounds and light go on almost forever just diminishing so why not brain activity that's no longer in the brain but still detectable.
Alpha waves in the brain are supposed to put it into a 'psychically' receptive mode and so these 'ghosts' could be giving out on that 'frequency' too. It's not so far fetched when you consider there are so many light frequencies and a lot of sound frequencies that do exist but aren't normally detected by humans. Who is to say they are not received in some way and detected on some level.

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#171 Apr 7, 2014
You are the ghost inside your body.

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#172 Apr 7, 2014

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#173 Apr 8, 2014
honestly, no there not. there will be people who fool you into believing that there are real but there trying to scare you because ghosts ar'nt real and even if they we're, how would anyone know? you can't see them!

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#174 Apr 11, 2014
of course is true i was in cracow on the one trip. man was talking about ghots in cracow`s houses :) was nice .. of course after that we must to reset ourselfs and go to vodka on - it was nice night and saw my relatives ghots in the dream :P but i think it was just a vodka

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#175 Apr 11, 2014
Yes it's real. I had experienced ghost in my life. Peoples don't believe me, all call it fake but yes there are come paranormal activities which you won't believe unless you face it.
anewfoundbelieve r

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#176 Apr 18, 2014
Oh yeah there real .I have hours of footage and literally 8000 pics of ghosts faces perfectly inclined u can see em being made right before your eyes .send me your email if you wanna see ....I'll even meet up I need help figuring the shit .out .there wanting. There story. Heard and need people like me to help. I don't understand it all .and very computer illliturate

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#177 Apr 25, 2014
Ghosts are likely to be dispersed energy from a person who has died (or not). There are no studies that substantiate this and it is rightfully in the field of methphysics, because there is no measurable index to go by, so it is only fair to assume the possibility, because it is substantiated by several principles of nature and our very culture, but it should not be considered as fact by people who do not experience it.

This means that it is entirely possible and even logical phenomenon if we try to understand the impact a person's life has on her environment, how it shapes and influences it, from their smell, the imprints on the floor and the physical residue like dead skin flakes, etc. A person's house may ultimately become that person, to some fair degree, in a biological sense.

A person's ghostly image may be actually a telepathic projection as well. Consider a ghost as a cloud of energy containing data. The same data we use to write our genetic code as we live. Now imagine this electro-magnetic energy can tap into your brain. It may be able to show you who it belonged to and how that person looked.

There are several theories surrounding this, and personally I believe nothing is impossible, and there is a fair degree of speculation one can draw from existing scientifical knowledge to build a somewhat credible outlook on the matter. But without 100% reproducible experiments in this field, you'd have to say that ghosts do not exist. Only the possibilty of them existing.

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