'General Hospital' actress Kepler dies

'General Hospital' actress Kepler dies

There are 29 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Feb 4, 2008, titled 'General Hospital' actress Kepler dies. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Actress Shell Kepler, who for years played the gossipy nurse Amy Vining on the TV soap opera "General Hospital," has died.

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United States

#25 Feb 8, 2008
Looks like a request to me! Here you go buddy:

Part Three.
Diencephalitis wrote:
Oregon Misery..........since you imply disliking oregon so much why don't you get the hell out of here. ZUT! TU EST BETE.
Keith- Gales Creek OR wrote:
Dude...you take the cake. I have been reading on these forums all morning, and everytime I see your name posted it is followed by ignorant rhetoric. If you are truly so miserable, there is, as my grandfather was keen to say, a 2 cent solution for your problems.
Mark wrote:
Dear Organ, Hello to your world, truly you exclude yourself from any kind of intelligent debate when you draw such rediculous conclusions from reasonable statements.
Joe Shmoozie wrote:
OregonMisery, you make me sick.
Dontliste totheBS wrote:
That was probably the most fascist aryian sickest post i have seen on here. Please do not travel out of portland. You grossley misrepresent the city of portland and the entire state. Fearmonger.
Native Oregonian wrote:
OregonMisery, please move somewhere else. If you think Oregon is so bad (unless, of course, you are in the penitentary, which would explain all your anger) why do you stay?
luvinOregon wrote:
You are a fool Misery. Oregon is a beautiful and wonderful place. If you hate it so much the get the hell out of my state. I don't need some fool like you bad mouthing THE greatest state on god's green earth. It sounds to me like you are just unhappy with yourself but use this great state for an excuse.
Nancy Botwin wrote:
My goodness Misery, you don't get out very much do you? If you don't like Oregon, why are you here? As far as Oregonians not being nice....I'd say you get back what you put out.... Perhaps if you would change your attitude you could appreciate the truely beautiful place you live!
Nancy Botwin wrote:
~YOU REALLY ARE MISERABLE, AREN'T YOU? Why do you live in Oregon if you hate it so much? No need to answer. You're a real downer. Like I said....you get back what you put out. No wonder you're so miserable.
besdeal wrote:
mentally ill is a disease, get a professional help!
fillmore68 wrote:
You should all appreciate what you have. Trade me places
Oregonmisery you miserable bastard.
lovemcountry wrote:
I really feel sorry for Oregon and Oregonians for having you as a resident! It's not my fault if you are not happy mr. misery. You better look for a Pro to help you than keeping yourself bitter and angry.
aholemisery wrote:
Ridge wrote:
Dear Eeyore, My guess is you wouldn't be happy anywhere.
What is with the name calling and low blows? Are you 12 and does your mom know your on the Computer?

Don't bother responding as I am done with your sophomoric rhetoric.

United States

#26 Feb 8, 2008
Part Two.
OCC wrote:
Seems like you've made an excellent case for leaving. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Neal wrote:
-- what's wrong Miserable - is the airport closed, are I-5 and I-84 being tolled, are the bridges out, are the passes impassable, is the tide out..? You're as unwelcome as you are appreciative of your surroundings; and since you apparently don't need to do any further homework as to where "it's better" -- tell me, tell everyone - just one more time - WHAT'S STOPPING YOU? And please, forget to write ~
Big-Dawg wrote:
too Oregonqueery oh excuse me that is Misery ...it seems that you are the one whom is angry about living in Oregon, so do everyone else a favor and get the hell out will you.
Black In Oregon wrote:
To OregonMisery:
I will say that you may want to consider just up and leaving.
Big-Dawg wrote:
Oregonmisery you are queery, get out of Oregon if you don not like it here, quit slamming those of us who are just fine with what is happening in our state
ggg wrote:
blah, blah, blah. bye, bye now.
dilligas wrote:
...oregonmisery wants no immigration into any of the 48 Continental States, especially in Oregon, He calls names and slanders this Great State from which I live and I can call it my State as I have lived here 6 decades, he is the one whom is unhappy then why does he not leave, I am just giving him a hint of what others would like to say to him...
Nick wrote:
OregonMisery, if you hate this state so much and have nothing but disdain for the people who live here, why have you not moved on to greener pastures? I know that if I personally hated everything about the place I was living, as you profess to do, I would surely move away and find a nicer place to live. In fact, that's what I did a long time ago ... But if I were a betting man, I would suspect that your problems with Oregon have more to do with you and your abrasive personality than anything else. Your psych profile would probably look alot like a typical sociopath...loner, disdain for society in general, irrational fears, no friends, no spouse or mate, jealousy of other people's success and happiness, yet no ambition to create your own success or happiness...in the end, your unhappiness with this great state is your own fault. It's time for you to MOVE ON.
Neal wrote:
Face it - you're just a bad apple; don't blame it on us, or our state. And damn -- you should have your bags packed by now! Get off that machine and just plain Get!-- and spare us the, "look how mean Oregonians are" nonsense… But do feel free to inform us of your Eden... as you've apparently not found it here.... Though be prepared, with your attitude - you'll likely never find it~
heck wrote:
You are moaning from forum to forum begging for some pity. You impress no one
ggg wrote:
nicely put neil. you shouldn't give misery the time of day. he enjoy's talking out his backside, which is obvious. he's probably sitting in his mommy's basement, next to his bed, reading and responding to this forum....wishing he had a date.....of any kind.
Keith- Gales Creek OR wrote:
That Misery guy is a blemish on these pages. I look forward to ever seeing him post a thought out comment, rather than merely obstructing intelligent debates. Probably have to wait a long time for that one.

United States

#27 Feb 8, 2008
Part One.
trike wrote:
if you don't like our state move to Georgia or kill yourselves but get out of our hair.
TTRR wrote:
Oregonmisery why are you here?
jvillepete wrote:
you guys are jealous of neal. his views are correct. you are the people are the ones that are mean and unfriendly.. move move move. misery..
TTRR wrote:
Why do you live in oregon?
CourtJester wrote:
OM...come on, man. If you walk into a bar you've never been to and everyone is pissed off at you, it's probably not THEM that's the problem. There IS a name for people who just sit and bitch about their situation to get attention...I think it's called "Malaise." The only thing stopping you from leaving is you.
TTRR wrote:
oregonmisery for the last time, why do you live in OREGON?
Rockytopzz wrote:
I am not being rude to you or anything but why are you still in Oregon?
Neal wrote:
Miserable - you're still here?! What-the-hell are you hanging around for? I'd bet if you took up a collection, we'd have you home (wherever that is?) in no time!
Carlos wrote:
Why dont you answer this question that I have asked you 10 times already? why are you still in Oregon? I know why, because you know you will be miserable no matter where you go. ok mr misery I understand your miserable and you hate Oregon.
Sue wrote:
MOVE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos wrote:
why are you still in Oregon?
because you want to be in Oregon. you will be miserable no matter where you go becuase thats who you are. A depressed lonely individual that does nothing but bash Oregon The most beautiful state in the nation.You feel bad about yourself so you come here just try to bully people on the damn internet.
trike wrote:
well go away then.
lovemcountry wrote:
Do you own a home OM?... I think i know your problem, you are not happy with anything and there is no place for you to call Home.
Nancy Botwin wrote:
Even with all your education you pick on somemone you percieve as weaker. What a bully...and you think you're intelligent! HA! Most of your posts have decended into blather. Now go find some sun...
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#28 Feb 10, 2008
Fired OHSU Manager Files Whistle-Blower Lawsuit

By Patrick O'Neill, The Oregonian, Portland, Ore.

Feb. 4--The former manager of retirement programs at Oregon Health & Science University says in a lawsuit that he was fired for blowing the whistle on improper pension procedures that cost employees "substantial lost interest earnings."

The suit, filed on behalf of Gordon Allen, says human resources officials at OHSU failed to make "timely or accurate contributions" to employee accounts in the Oregon Public Employees' Retirement System and the University Pension Plan.

Allen's suit alleges he was fired Tuesday after bringing his concerns to the attention of Anna Sestrich, OHSU human resources director; Rick Bentzinger, vice-president of human resources; and "to the highest levels of management at OHSU."

Contacted at home Friday, Allen declined to comment. His attorney, Richard C. Busse, did not return phone calls.

Lora Cuykendall, spokeswoman for OHSU, said most of the university's 11,500 employees are covered either through PERS or the university's pension plan.

She said that although OHSU "takes our responsibility and commitment to our employees and their pension programs very seriously .... It would not be appropriate to comment specifically on a confidential personnel matter or this pending lawsuit."

She said OHSU's annual payroll is $511 million, with contributions of $25 million to PERS and $16 million to the University Pension Plan.

The complaint, which claimed wrongful discharge and a violation of Oregon's whistle-blower law, was filed Friday afternoon.

The section of the whistle-blower law cited in the complaint protects state employees from retaliation when responding to an official legislative request for information about state business.

The complaint asks for $2 million in noneconomic damage for distress and injury to Allen's reputation,$500,000 in economic damages and $1 million in punitive damages each from Sestrich and Bentzinger.
Neal Oregon

United States

#29 Feb 11, 2008
Logic wrote:
Shut up, troll.
Jrdn wrote:
Oregon is Disgusting posts provocative posts to get a reaction, nothing more nothing less. We'd all be better off not bothering to respond to this poster. I, myself, have responded and have found that there's truly no point in going around in the circles getting nowhere. Let Oregon is Disgusting twist in the wind alone.
Logic wrote:
Heh Heh, you make me laugh, i'm too amused at your idiocy to be angry. You're obviously a jaded, bitter shell of a human.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#30 Feb 11, 2008

This week’s actions came 17 months after a series of stories in the Portland Tribune first brought to light problems in the way the board oversees the state’s 65,000 nurses and nursing assistants.

Among the most serious allegations in the stories were that the board routinely hid the actions of nurses who had committed crimes from criminal justice authorities.

Also, the stories highlighted abuses in the board’s monitoring program, which allows nurses with drug and alcohol addictions to continue working while they receive treatment.

In some cases, nurses in the monitoring program were allowed to continue in their jobs even after multiple instances of stealing medications from patients.

The state report issued Wednesday supported the Tribune’s stories and found even more problems. According to the report, even cases of alleged sex abuse and attempted rape that came before the nursing board were not referred to criminal authorities.

And, the report found, the nurse monitoring program “does not protect the public as effectively as it protects a participant’s license to practice.”

Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#31 Feb 11, 2008
From all the hiding OHSU was trying to do in restricting liability for its own negligence, it was clear how awful Oregon health care can be. This abuse by nurses is unbelievable.

The protection of these nurses by those who are supposed to manage them on behalf of the paying (and sick) public is horrific. I didn't know Oregon was this bad.

Apopka, FL

#32 Feb 11, 2008
Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore.— Actress Shell Kepler, who for years played the gossipy nurse Amy Vining on the TV soap opera General Hospital, has died. She was 49. Kepler died Friday at Oregon Health & Science University hospital. The medical examiner's office said she died of renal failure.

that's what's in the Dallas morning news

Palm Bay, FL

#33 Feb 15, 2008
Who died and why. U started watch GH in 2003 I think.

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