'General Hospital' actress Kepler dies

'General Hospital' actress Kepler dies

There are 29 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Feb 4, 2008, titled 'General Hospital' actress Kepler dies. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Actress Shell Kepler, who for years played the gossipy nurse Amy Vining on the TV soap opera "General Hospital," has died.

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former viewer

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#1 Feb 4, 2008
God. I remember her. Every day after school in the dorm lounge at Arizona State all of my room -mates. 1981-82. We all watched "GH" after class. That was a lifetime ago. Sorry to hear of her passing. She was far too young.


#3 Feb 4, 2008
Wow ... she was incredibly gorgeous. She passed way too soon. RIP good lookin.

Hollywood, FL

#4 Feb 5, 2008
She could play silly and gossipy at the same time. I'll never forget her. She was taken far too soon.

Eustis, FL

#7 Feb 5, 2008

Why wont they release cause of death?

Since: Jul 07

Orlando, FL

#9 Feb 5, 2008
Oh, what a shame. Back in the day (80's) I use to watch GH all the time. Remember her well. Wonder if she had cancer or something. So sad.

Merritt Island, FL

#10 Feb 5, 2008
Olando wrote:
Why wont they release cause of death?
She had renal failure. Sad that everyone just assumes it's always drugs.

Stratford, OK

#11 Feb 5, 2008
And how do you know she had renal failure? Were you there? Do you know her personally? All that aside. I remember her too from when I was in HS. Ran home to turn in on....geeshhh seems like forever. But any how, so sorry to hear the loss of a wonderful person.
US Mom

Oviedo, FL

#12 Feb 5, 2008
Godsgirl wrote:
<quoted text>
She had renal failure. Sad that everyone just assumes it's always drugs.
How did you come by this cause? They did not release it here, is there another article somewhere?

Merritt Island, FL

#13 Feb 5, 2008
toto wrote:
And how do you know she had renal failure? Were you there? Do you know her personally? All that aside. I remember her too from when I was in HS. Ran home to turn in on....geeshhh seems like forever. But any how, so sorry to hear the loss of a wonderful person.
Sheesh, I read an article that said what the coroner said. Don't be so negative.

Newington, CT

#14 Feb 5, 2008
The article at Renal failure was on tmz.com or perezhilton.com . I saw it there yesterday.
Do the math

Boise, ID

#15 Feb 5, 2008
If actress Shell Kepler was born in 1961 and died before Oct. 5th then she was only 46 years old. Either her DOB was published wrong on every article I have read so far or nobody knows how to do math.

Boise, ID

#16 Feb 5, 2008
My dad died in Portland. The hospitals are questionable. Maybe she died because of the place she was operated on for her kidneys.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#17 Feb 6, 2008
Suderbooter wrote:
My dad died in Portland. The hospitals are questionable. Maybe she died because of the place she was operated on for her kidneys.
Oregon has some of the worst in the country which is why they were fighting so hard for a widespread liability cap.

Now that is disgusting considering what they did to this poor child.

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Friday that the family of a brain-damaged child can pursue millions of dollars from Oregon Health & Science University despite a state law capping awards at $200,000.

The impact of the ruling is far beyond OHSU, allowing people injured by state and local employees to pursue their full damages.

The court ruled that the liability cap violated the constitutional rights of Jordaan Michael Clarke, whose family sued for more than $17 million after the boy suffered permanent brain damage in 1998 while in intensive care at OHSU Hospital.

"It's possible that we can get some help now," said Sari Clarke, the boy's mother. "We're just thankful that there is justice for my son."

United States

#18 Feb 8, 2008
Oregon is Disgusting wrote:
<quoted text>
Oregon has some of the worst in the country which is why they were fighting so hard for a widespread liability cap.
Now that is disgusting...
Folks, for a little balance here’s what the last 5 pages of what others have to say about the poster above. Keep in mind, he changes names with his loss of credibility. As far as healthcare in Oregon, it’s likely the same as across the nation; the best money can buy!

Part Eight:
Oregon Neal wrote:
Eeyore – you worthless flake – what’s your pretentious problem? You simply incite - why? Because you enjoy the fireworks! You’ve not added ONE THING of value to this forum, or my state. You’re only here to suck it and us dry … and you’re sucking damn hard!

Your ad-nauseam rants add up to Zilch, while your credibility’s the same. You don’t experience life - thus you’ve no right to comment on it. You envy others and attack them for it. You’re not only a shame to humanity but envy the fact you’ll never qualify as an Oregonian!
Abondondolla wrote:
For the love of God! Move to Canada. Then Canada would be dicusting. Better still just stop breathing. PLEASE! You are wasting perfectly good air
Jrdn wrote:
Oregon is Disgusting posts provocative posts to get a reaction, nothing more nothing less. We'd all be better off not bothering to respond to this poster. I, myself, have responded and have found that there's truly no point in going around in the circles getting nowhere. Let Oregon is Disgusting twist in the wind alone.

United States

#19 Feb 8, 2008
Part Seven:
shelly wrote:
if oregon is so disgusting, then move
David wrote:
I would suggest doing a search of his other posts but many of them have been removed. A few of us figured out just recently, that he was but a severely less-endowed man looking to extend that which he did not have by ranting and raving here on the web.(?)
Rebel wrote:
You're a real piece of work - and that is not a compliment. Your parents either were total idiots or they are interested in disowning you due to your stupidity and advocating of breaking laws.
Smith and Wesson wrote:
The village idiot speaks again.
CitizenJane wrote:
On another thread, FreakBoy, said I was unappealing. Should I feel insulted? LMBO
Most of us here are pretty calm in our posts. Oregon comes across as r-e-a-l-l-y angry. Self-loathing, perhaps?
Kolene wrote:
So big deal you don't like Oregon. Why should I care what you think about the state that YOU are living in?… But hey who knew that your goal in life was to be a walking billboard explaining to people how horrible Oregon is, I was just wondering why you would choose to live in a state that you hate? Most people would just get up and MOVE but not you, you are living out your dream. Oh! by the way, good luck with that billboard dream I hope the pay is decent.
Oregon is Disgusting wrote:
I am a souless, ignorant boob. How would you feel if your severe rectal bleeding was caused by a rough queen with no heart. After I paid him all that money for a good time. Only an Oregonian queen would be so souless as to pound me in that rainy alleyway after getting all the money up front. Good lord, my life is so pathetic.
Try Thinking for Yourself wrote:
This is my first visit to this blog, now I'm wondering what I've gotten into. I fail to understand the writer who patently LIVES in Oregon and refers to it as "disgusting." I cannot fathom anyone who hates where they live continuing to do so.
CitizenJane wrote:
Oregon comes here to work through his issues of self-loathing. Imagine, if you will, a psychodrama playing out on Topix for all to see. I like to think that this is just an opportunity for Oregon to move toward serious self-reflection and healing. This is a very angry person who is disconnected from reality.
Hopefully, this individual will find the strength and courage to move on with his life........perhaps to Mexico, Guatemala...
rick wrote:
Please forgive disgusting; he is, well, from a "special place". We citizens of Oregon knew that giving internet access to State Hospital Patients might cause some problems.

It (disgusting) really doesn't speak for anyone other than itself. It just spouts off more of the same old liberal agenda, using half reasoned arguments and selectively choosing information to back its mantra.
Oregon is Disgusting wrote:
HAHA.... thirteen hundredth time you say. Thanks for proving all these people on this forum right. You are simply too stupid to count to five. No wonder you are so pissy. Oh yes, and I did see some words in another post of yours that were spelled wrong. So by the standards you judge others on, you are illiterate AND can't count to five.

Again, thank you for proving us all right.
Oregon Neal wrote:
Take a good look at “Oregon,” it’s the size of 6 or 7 East Coast States! So – there’s something for everyone!…Whoops, not everyone – we’ve still got Eeyore! Funny how he’s still hanging around here… it’s been way over a year since he began badmouthing my state …and he’s still here(!) and doing the same (if baselessly copying & pasting dirt) thing!!

United States

#20 Feb 8, 2008
Part Six:
Real Story is Under-told wrote:
I have provided pertinent information and links. You have provided nothing but adversarial, cruel, and pointless statements. I can only assume that your actions either gives you pleasure in some way, or helps you sleep at night.
ggg wrote:
holy crap. after a year....O is D is still saying the same lame bull*&^^ he did a year ago. poor sap.
i say, that O is D, has mental issues. i think it has to do with his mommy. maybe they shouldn't be lover's anymore, it's really messed him up. too bad! but....guess what....people respond to him and he loves it. narcissistic mommy's boy. hey...maybe he was daddy's boy too. maybe he still is.
Jerry singer wrote:
Oregon Misery is a botched abortion. If there ever was a reason for not existing>>>>> >he is it. Ever notice he never mentions what he does for a living? For sure not in a position to meet the public or be in the public eye. Who could even stand this individual? I am convinced he is the black sheep of the family,has nary a friend and has had much trouble in the past at holding a decent job. I haven't been here in months and what do I see. The same self loathing individual hurling insults at anyone and everyone. This is hate at the highest level. LOOK AT HIS LIFE. Would anyone here want his kind of life? CASE CLOSED.
abner wrote:
Jeesh..I only felt sorry for you at first but now..I'm thinking you should maybe seek professional help.
If not..try shoving a raccoon up your nose..or sewing your face to the carpet.. Your bound to feel better than you obviously do now.
Docc44 wrote:
You think any state is better than another? Just because it's Oregon it's bad? You are posting totally groundless rantings, there are degenerates anywhere you go, case in point, this forum, get therapy. Grow out of your childish tantrums.
Here's our boy!:
Oregon is Disgusting wrote:
you're = you are
Thank you for proving once again that Oregonians are the dumbest, most ignorant, most morally compromised animals on the face of this earth.
Here's his answer:
born in Oregon wrote:
sorry for being in a hurry, here you go YOU ARE A JACKASS and thank you for validating the fact that YOU ARE a jackass...
Oregon in a lovley state green and lush (thanks to the rain) the only shitty people are the 80 thousand that move here each year from others states like Denver the land of alcoholics.-- Oops I capitalized sorry are you going to throw another one of your oh so sharp daggers. I only assume you are the lonely alcoholic from Denver due to you mentioning it so often.
born in Oregon wrote:
We in Oregon feel as if you should crawl back under what ever rock your pathetic parents left you under, Your Carma is going to tell the tale, looser. Can you Read and Comprehend that? Read all of the things people have said about you, learn a lesson already! Your a jerk.
Denise in Cancun Mexico wrote:
Oregon Misery. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Oregon is surrounded by three borders and they all leave the state. It is very apparent that you are a very unhappy and negative person and if you hate Oregon that much you would be doing the entire population a favor by exercising the right to leave.

To return your own words to you:
Why don't you just shut up (figuratively speaking) and just move? What are you prattling on and on and on about?

United States

#21 Feb 8, 2008
Part Five:

*Alert: we've another "name change!" "Misery," I mean "Disgusting" has now morphed into "Pathetic!" --- But Cynthia below pieced it together!:
Cynthia wrote:
Oregon is a great state, if you don't like it maybe you should move out "Oregonmisery"
Ridge wrote:
Hey Eeyore, what's up?
Still at it? I have to check your forum out once in a while to remind myself how wonderful life can be. I want to thank you for giving me perspective when I get a little depreseed. Things could always be worse, I could be like you.
If you don't like your life change it buddy, Oregon isn't your problem.
Mohave Miss wrote:
May i ask a question, if you are so unhappy, and hate where you are at, you dislike everything, why are you still living in oregon ?????
Highlander wrote:
Oh,and BTW, I forgot to mention: Since you feel so badly about the situation, why not just take your own life and leave the rest of us in peace?
Neal wrote:
Miserable is pathetic, and disgusting! Guess what folks -- we just had one of the most beautiful weekends this fall in NW Oregon ... and where's this pathetic creep? Right here!

This boy's sick. Instead of enjoying the reason most of us live in Oregon this loser figures it’s prime-time for some uninterrupted bashing -- as real Oregonian’s are out living a life he neither understands nor deserves.
Highlander wrote:
Oh! I am soooooo nonplussed!
If I make no sense, then why are you even replying?
Mohave Miss wrote:
I have not seen anyone so unhappy with life, like you, in such a long time, why is it you are still living in Oregon ?????
born in Oregon wrote:
I find it sad that whom ever (Oregon is disgusting) is thinks he has so much to say but doesnt have any substance to his words, its just a mish mash of crap. trying to insult an intire state in a few garbled paragraphs, What an idiot, Maybe he should move to his own island where he can make his own rules and laws and not have to worry about the rest of humanity. All of that is shorthand for SHUT UP. lets stick to the issue at hand.
CrazyOregonian wrote:
It's evident that the only racist here is you... You have brought race into every comment that you have made. What's pathetic is that someone like you can't go a single day in their life without assuming that every time someone makes a decision that you don't agree with that they are automatically a racist. That makes YOU a racist.
Real Story is Under-told wrote:
I expect another lame, misquoted, attempt at a rebuttal from "Oregon is Disgusting" shortly; who obviously hopes that their ‘trolling’ will validate their life.
Real Story is Under-told wrote:
If there are questions (i.e. "Oregon is Disgusting") about certain words I have used, please consult a dictionary first. I can show the path, but I will not hold anyone’s hand on the journey into Reality - it is too unpleasant.
I expect a Lame, Contrarian response in 5-4-3..........
Arnthony wrote:
Do you know what your real problem is? Your a attention whore. You can't stand it if the attention is somewhere else. You force people to pay attention to you by comming in and speading the most outlandish lies and filth. Your probably some 16-17 old Oregonian kid who is ignored and bullied at his school, so he compensates by being a douchebag on the internet. Your the type of person who would steal his parents guns and shoot up a school, becuase the attention isn't on him.

United States

#22 Feb 8, 2008
Part Four:
Rockytopzz wrote:
I would not pay any attention to Oregon Misery, he talks bad about Oregon because he does not want people to move there unless they are Mexican.
to oregon misery wrote:
Why is it if you hate it there so much, and if all of the people there are of poor qulaity as you say and the area is over run with statistically high alcolhol and drug use and is so economically depressed do you stay in Oregon?

Have you ever heard this quote...

Be the change you want to see.
maestra1985 wrote:
I've been reading posts for over an hour, and would like someone other than the depressed and depressing OregonMisery to respond.
Keith- Gales Creek OR wrote:
Anybody ever just consider doing a boycott on Misery. It's been interesting to see everyone pull together against his silliness. But it does detract from some of the great debates on this forum. Sad to see his obvious tactics to spread his misery work so well. Maybe set aside one thread to continue the futile (although fun) arguments with this moron.
Ridge wrote:
Dear Eeyore,(AKA Oregon Misery)
For those who were denied the pleasure of Winnie the Poo as Children Eeyore is a character in the book series Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne. He is a pessimistic, gloomy, old, depressed stuffed donkey who is a friend of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Oregon has truly been miserable since Eeyore's arrival and in order to end this sad state of affairs I suggest we all donate towards a one way ticket to send Eeyore back from whence he came.

I suggest sending him to the 1000 acre wood instead of the hundred acre wood as there is a better chance that he would get lost.
lovemcountry wrote:
I forgot to add that OM professes to hate Oregon but refuses to leave Oregon. That kind of cowardess is disgusting but OM is not into reflection.
*yelling resumes*
*We've a name change! "Oregon Misery" has become "Oregon is Disgusting" -- Well isn't that cute! Funny thing -- he's still in OREGON!!...But let's not let that stop us!
Ridge wrote:
Are you not an Oregonian?
The kettle calls the kettle black?
wavy gravy wrote:
Are you sure you're not talking about California? land of nuts and fruits? Maybe you can go there and buy a $300,000 two bedroom house, FOOL!
Butterfly wrote:
I had some complaints...legit...I thought...and still do....but after reading "Oregon is Disgusting"....I have an additional complaint. If this place is so horrible,"Oregon is Disgusting"....why are you still here?

United States

#23 Feb 8, 2008
Sorry folks, but when someone badmouths my State, I take notice!…And if you need Parts 3, 2 and 1, just ask~
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#24 Feb 8, 2008
More on Oregon's lousy medical care. Small wonder OHSU is suddenly out of money and will take it out on the rank and file.


TV personality Ackerman awarded $1.4 million in OHSU injury suit

12:19 PM PDT on Saturday, September 9, 2006

By FRANK MUNGEAM, kgw.com Staff

A jury on Thursday awarded former Portland TV personality Ken Ackerman a total of more than $1.4 million in his injury lawsuit against doctors at Oregon Health Sciences University.

KGW photo

Ken Ackerman talks about the lawsuit.

The jury awarded $412,000 in addition to another $1 million in compensatory damages.

The main doctor in the case was found liable. The internist who assisted was not found liable.

Ackerman, 45, sued the hospital and doctors for $5 million, claiming that a botched surgery forced him to live with a constant pain in his right arm and without most of the fine motor skills in his right hand http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_090...

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