Why Did Sharona Bitty Schram Leave Monk the USA Network TV Series

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Why Did Sharona Leave Monk the U.S.A Network TV Series? Sharona started this Hit TV series with Monk and will always be loved by it's viewers. via Associated Content

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Raleigh, NC

#64 Dec 9, 2012
Shirona is gross, looks like crap and annoying, Natalie is ten times better. I did however really like Benji, especially when he saw the murder episode.

Philadelphia, PA

#65 Dec 31, 2012
Ok,so I started watching the show thru reruns which were funny. When I saw I could get all 8 seasons on demand I started watching it from the beginning. Sharona was a nj trashy girl with a good heart who didn't take no crap from Monk! Yes she was a little trashy but her son was adorable& seemed 2 have a great connection with Monk, her ex-husband was HAWT and she had a sassy personality! I was shocked when I got half way thru S3 and suddenly sharona moved away&remarried! Wth? Natalie seems classier but condensending, arrogant, unempathetic, boring& her kid isn't as entertaining. Ppl say sharona was mean 2 Monk??from what I've seen of Natalie so far she is far less kind 2 Monk with all his phobias! Sharona understood his phobias& occassionally told him off but she clearly cared for him! I doubt ill finish all the rest of the seasons bc Natalie annoys me. Guess ill rewatch Psych from the beginning!

Tulsa, OK

#66 Jan 9, 2013
Mara wrote:
<quoted text>
I so totally agree-Natalie is plain and boring.
I completely agree. Liking an actor for their looks instead of their talent is like liking a car that looks nice but won't start.
I also hate the effect the change has on Monk's character. As soon as Natalie comes on the show, Monk goes from brilliant OCD detective to incompetent, stupid sidekick. Monk winds up eliminating evidence and Natalie solves the cases? Completely preposterous and unbelievable!
I loved the first few seasons with Sharona. I tried to continue watching when Natalie got on the show, but after each subsequent episode my passion quickly died.
I prefer to remember the show the way it was meant to be...with Sharona.


#67 Jan 20, 2013
Natalie is arogant? Unempathetic? Wich show were You watching, imani? That was Sharona, not Natalie.
Mr America

Brooklyn, NY

#68 Feb 3, 2013
Monk is my new favorite show. I know its an old show but I just started watching it and addicted now, used to hate it. Theres way too many csi intent fbi drama bs on tv. This show has a unique funny but serious quality no other cop show has. Woh I didnt even know they got rid of the old assistant. Still watching the old episodes in rerun. I dont have usa so are they still making monk? If not when was it canceled. I have alot of catching up to do lol. Never even heard monk has a new assistant. His old assistant was ok but her character was soo dumb and annoying. Her sqeaky voice and wierd tendencies almost eclipse monks character. That was probably part of the writers intent, have two obsessive individuals that are hardto watch at times and can make you uncomfortable. Havent seen the new assistant yet but like the real world that possition is easily replacable.


#69 Feb 3, 2013
It was canceled in 2009. I guess they just concluded it is over. Monk solve Trudy's murder in series finale.
Mr America

Brooklyn, NY

#70 Feb 4, 2013
Ya I remember the big series finale now that you mention it. Back then I was not a fan but now it one of my favorite shows. Does monk finally have sex with natalie in finale?


#71 Feb 10, 2013
Mr America wrote:
Ya I remember the big series finale now that you mention it. Back then I was not a fan but now it one of my favorite shows. Does monk finally have sex with natalie in finale?
No! They never even dated!!
Mr America

Brooklyn, NY

#72 Feb 10, 2013
Ya monk never has any fun. Natalie must have given him headers at some point. Monk probably never had sex with trudy his ex wife. Thats why he so upset when she died. Natalie is soo anoying, that sqeaking cackling voice full of nonsense remarks. I would have to be getting some action to hang with her soo much.


#73 Feb 10, 2013
Mr America wrote:
Ya monk never has any fun. Natalie must have given him headers at some point. Monk probably never had sex with trudy his ex wife. Thats why he so upset when she died. Natalie is soo anoying, that sqeaking cackling voice full of nonsense remarks. I would have to be getting some action to hang with her soo much.
Why do You think he never had sex with Trudy?


#74 Feb 10, 2013
And I think Natalie is hot and fun.
Mr America

Brooklyn, NY

#75 Feb 10, 2013
I dunno about hot but she could get the job done a few times. Monks OCD is stronger than his sex drive. Thats why natalie hangs out with him soo much. No fear of getting molested. Monks wife trudy is jan from the office lol


#76 Feb 11, 2013
marmiller wrote:
When Sharona left, the Show lost color, warmth, and life. The ensemble was stonger with Sharona, the chemistry between the characters a real part of the show. When she left, it became almost a one-man show with a cast of supporting players. I can't imagine why Sharona left the show - but in my opinion, the show became worse for it. I absolutely loved the show while she was part of it. After she left, I caught it when I could, but made no special effort to do so.

Sharona leaving has nothing to do with shows quality. That's writers fault, not Traylor Howards fault. There are many awesome episodes with her.
Mr America

Brooklyn, NY

#77 Feb 11, 2013
Was Sharona(load mouth yenta) the original assistant? I thought you ment natalie (squeaky blonde bimbo) was replaced and there was a third assistant. I just saw the finale and natalie was in it.


#78 Feb 12, 2013
There are two asistants Sharona is first original Natalie is second there is no third.
Danny Wilde

Swindon, UK

#79 Feb 28, 2013
It seems odd that actors want to quit successful TV shows. Barbara Bain got into a contract dispute on "Mission: Impossible" in the late '60's and the subsequent fall-out resulted in Bain's acting career practically ruined. McLean Stevenson did the same on "M.A.S.H" and look what happened to his acting career. It seems actors can't see beyond their own egotism and insecurity to see "the bigger picture". I loved Bitty Schram in "Monk" so why would an actor make the same mistake as the two previously mentioned examples? If you're in a successful tv show,just stay with it!
Brett Sinclair

Swindon, UK

#80 Feb 28, 2013
The character of Monk needs a counter-balance; another character that has faults, idiosyncrasies etc. That's why it worked with Schram but was less effective with the Natalie character. In the year 7 & 8 shows, Traylor Howard and/or the writers have had the Natalie character express moments of, IMHO, fairly nauseating cutsie pooisms and cloying sentiment. For example, in the episode where Monk is regressed to a 7 year old, the final scene where Natalie drones on about the nesting birds really belongs in a Disney film.


#81 Apr 25, 2013
Maniac wrote:
I would like to have a 3 some with Sharona and Natalie Tigger.
Me too but without Sharona.

Charlotte, NC

#82 May 31, 2013
Looking at all the posts...Bitty vs Traylor...I think they are both good and bring different qualities to the show. I liked Bitty in "A League of Their Own".(She was the "no crying in baseball" girl). Monk was a show full of quirky people. Start with Randy Disher and the "Disher Project" band. Stottlemeyer had great patience with Monk, but he didn't in the early shows. All the characters developed and grew in the show and that's what I like about it. The show ended well. It was not cancelled, but the writers decided that it was time to go. Great show, great cast and great writers.
Adrian Monk

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#83 May 31, 2013
Between the 2 of them Natalie fit better with the show. The show takes place in san francisco not the east coast & not new jersey. Sharona seemed like the bitter pushy nurse rather than a caring assistant. Didnt quite flow. If she played a sidekick or partner then maybe it would work but jersey accent in san francisco in california on the west coast...natalie fits better. Had bitty not wanted more money she probably would have done better. What was she thinking. Traylor Howard has been in some movies &the show 2 guys a girl & a pizza place. The actors job is to act not argue with creative decisions made by the writers or producers or directors. She probably would have been a better character. She left mid season which means its about money. She tried to hold the show. A tactic some actors have done but usually ends up in their demise. Natalies character is better.

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