Why Did Sharona Bitty Schram Leave Mo...

Why Did Sharona Bitty Schram Leave Monk the USA Network TV Series

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Why Did Sharona Leave Monk the U.S.A Network TV Series? Sharona started this Hit TV series with Monk and will always be loved by it's viewers. via Associated Content

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Tampa, FL

#22 Jan 11, 2009
I liked Bitty but I like Traylor WAY better. I think her character and Monk's have good chemistry. They both lost a spouse and can really relate to each other.

Sanford, ME

#23 Jan 12, 2009
I think Sharona was more of a friend to Monk than an assistant because she said it like it was and didn't pull any punches with Monk when he was drioving sharona and the whole world NUTS!!! she put him in his place where he needed to be. Sharona wouldn't put up with his BS. now Natalie on the other hand, has a terrible habit of patonizing and babying and being more the sickeningly Mother and family type cause she is a pushover.Sharona was funny and Natalie tries to be but isn't.
Frank Shaft

Swindon, UK

#24 Jan 21, 2009
Noted the comment concerning Traylor Howard providing "an infusion of energy" to the show.
What??!! The only contribution Traylor Howard has made is to "drain energy" from the show. The actress seems to have a cold, hard personality and this renders the comedy scenes and emotional moments flat and lifeless. BTW, my fav. Bitty Schram/Monk show is "The Blackout" one. The Schram/Shaloub interaction is BRILLIANT!!!!
Chase Nevada

Swindon, UK

#25 Jan 22, 2009
I love the scene in "...Gets Fired" when Shaloub does a jig and Schram reacts in disbelief. The entire scene is played (emotionally and comedically) expertly by Shaloub and Schram and it's classic Monk. Just excellent. By total contrast, Traylor Howard in "...Gets Cabin Fever" is arrogant and patronising thru' the entire episode. In the summation scene, Howard just appears demented.

Swindon, UK

#26 Jan 24, 2009
I would guess the reason for the dislike of Traylor Howard is that the acting is way too INTENSE. This has the effect of making the performance too domineering. It's sort of bizarre. I know actors are insecure but if someone had advised Howard to "lighten up" the initial reaction might not have been so hostile.

United States

#27 Jan 25, 2009
natalie is too vanilla. she also seems like a bit of a moper, or a complainer.
sharona seemed like monk's motivation, and i think her demanding ways made the whole thing even more entertaining.:)

Tujunga, CA

#28 Jan 28, 2009
I have seen Monk since it first began and when Sharona(Bitty Scharm) left the show I was surprised and saddened, to say the least. Sharona had great chemistry with Monk so I'm not sure why the producers would make the mistake of letting her go. She brought warmth & spice to the show. Sure, she was at times tough on Monk... yet it was those moments in which the audience could see that she was tough on him b/c she loved & cared for him deeply. Not only that, but it was evident that Monk also loved her deeply.

Personally, I think that Natalie(Traylor Howard) is a good actress but just like others have mentioned... she lacks a certain chemistry with Monk. At first I thought that it was due to her being new, both in the production and in the show's plot, yet as time has gone by I still sense some distance & arrogance within her character.

I understand that each character is meant to be different... yet I can't help but miss Sharona and the certain 'warmth' she would bring to the show. Natalise is doing a good job, but I feel as though she could never replace or come close to the closeness that both Sharona & Monk shared. I hope that even if it's for one episode, that they bring Sharona back.

Rachel ^_^

Redding, CA

#29 Jan 28, 2009
Natalie rocks woohooo, She totally makes the show work. Karma chips lmao yeah ...

United States

#30 Feb 1, 2009
you lost me at Natalie. There is no chemistry, no spark, my mind wanders during the episodes. The quixotic charm of the Monk ensemble is completely gone. I look forward to Psych now--that show has the spark that Monk lost and I used to ADORE Monk--I can't stand watching Natalie on this show. Bland doesn't begin to cover it. I hope the rumor proves true and Bitty Schram as Sharona is back for the last season--Traylor Howard never should have been hired for this particular role. She was in "Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza" or something like that. That was fine--bland, nothing too interesting, but not Monk.
Dan Briggs

Swindon, UK

#31 Feb 3, 2009
One of the actors said something like they were going on "a meaningful journey" with Traylor Howard. It isn't. It's an endurance test. The actress seems to believe the audience is more enamoured with Natalie than they really are. What is more important: that the actress believes this illusion or that the majority of viewers are still discontented with Natalie but are being ignored??????????

Swindon, UK

#32 Feb 9, 2009
It seems as if Traylor Howard watched a "Star Trek" episode where Kirk locates a scientist who is manufacturing androids. One of the androids was played by Sherry Jackson, who Howard must have thought gave a "meaningful" performance and decided to copy the style of acting exactly. It's the only way I can describe the "weird" way Traylor Howard acts.

Washington, DC

#33 Feb 27, 2009
I think Sharona did a better job as being an assistant, she had a nursing background, she was very supportive of Monk's disorder, personality, and situation and as a nurse she was always there to aide him whenever he needed, she was also incredibly caring to Monk and looked out for his best interest. Natalie, However pushes Monk in attempt to push Monk to overcome his OCD but usually lasts either temporarily or makes him worse, plus she isn't that nice to him and usually makes fun of him as she is sort of trying to help him. She is always complaining about money issues with Monk. I miss Sharona she really needs to make a cameo at the very least in season 8, being the last of Monk.

Washington, DC

#34 Feb 27, 2009
P.S. Monk and Sharona were family. She always compromised in Monks situation, Natalie was a bar tender, she has a respectable job as Monks assistant and is getting the bills paid yet she complains 24/7!!!!!!:S

Moscow, Russia

#35 Mar 10, 2009
I stopped watching the show when Sharona left. Sharona is the exact kind of woman that insecure types like Monk (and those male viewers who somewhat associate themselves with him ;) ) need. Sharona (and an actress who played her) was a bit non-conventional, non-standard, but that was the idea. The new Monk's sidekick is simply uninspiring.

Wheeling, IL

#36 Mar 12, 2009
I think it comes down to this: Natalie is simply
more likeable and more accommodating to
Monk's needs as you would expect a caretaker or
assistant to be. Sharona's persona is a lot more intimidating. A woman like that would be
psychological poison to someone in Monk's brittle
mental condition. Sharona just seemed a little too full of herself. Over the long haul, Natalie would be my choice. But this is just my opinion.
Jake Axminster

Swindon, UK

#37 Mar 16, 2009
I would have said a more effective replacement for Bitty Schram might have been Jill Hennessy, who was in "Crossing Jordan", the forensic examiner/detective show. The actress in that show seems to have quite a vibrant, quirky personality and quite possibly a better fit for the "Monk" format than the "android" personality of Traylor Howard. Curious to know what any other contributors consider as to who would have been more effective?!
Jake Axminster

Swindon, UK

#38 Mar 25, 2009
There was an announcement today that Bitty Schram is returning to Monk for one episode. This is great news and it is going to be interesting to see how they are going to deal with the re-introduction. Don't know if I would obtain the Year 8 videodiscs to see Schram in one episode but will wait to see the critical reaction.
monk fan

Fultondale, AL

#39 May 3, 2009
i also like natatalie better....i am a new fan...sharona is a bit coarse and in my view is trying to compete with him on his detective skills...rather natalie enhances his abilities...seem to me almost 3 seasons with sharona and 5 with natalie...and it has taken off...seems natalie has made it popular
Doc wrote:
I like Traylors (Natalie) portrayal of Monk's caretaker much more than Bittys. Sharona's coarseness would have made Monk even crazier. I believe if Monk sat down to interview both women, theres no doubt who'd he choose.
Now that Monk is filming their 100th episode Traylors glad she did land the job, and if Bitty was the one that wanted out.....shes sorry now.
Anyone know the real story on why she left? Shes the onlt principal actor thats left.(RIP Stanley Kamel).
monk fan

Fultondale, AL

#40 May 3, 2009
i am not sure if you can compare aprx 36 episodes with sharona with apr 74 episodes with natalie.you would think if sharona "made" the show the show would have cancelled years ago and we would not be having 8 seasons...
Jayne wrote:
I really love the TV show Monk, but not as much as I use to when Bitty Schram was his assistant. I think that her character added so much, then this new girl. She just does not have what it takes as the character to play Monk's assistant. I think that the writers let a good actress slip through their fingers. You know that old saying "If it aint broke don't fix it"!!!!! I watch the old reruns with Bitty they are the best. She really brings a lot of personality to the show. Thank you.
monk fan

Fultondale, AL

#41 May 3, 2009
naw...you have got to be kidding....
if i had her as a nurse i would shoot her...very self centered...however...since monk was the star the detective...sharona kept trying to get some of the lime light for her....natalie tries to understand monk's "problems"
sharona is the good time girl from jersey
Frank Shaft wrote:
Noted the comment concerning Traylor Howard providing "an infusion of energy" to the show.
What??!! The only contribution Traylor Howard has made is to "drain energy" from the show. The actress seems to have a cold, hard personality and this renders the comedy scenes and emotional moments flat and lifeless. BTW, my fav. Bitty Schram/Monk show is "The Blackout" one. The Schram/Shaloub interaction is BRILLIANT!!!!

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