Doubt Darwimism and Atheism

For the 60 plus years Darwinism has been taught, the intelligence of the average American has dropped and the more students behaved like monkeys. For years unproven scientific conjecture has been decreed as fact, then when Darwin's worldview cannot hold up on its own due to discoveries and scientific breakthroughs students are then told to ignore its anti-Darwinian implications. Darwinists have tried to trick the mass public by using one definition of Evolution such as Survival of the Fittest and Natural Selection, but then try to sell the idea that all living things arose from the same Common Ancestor which we do not see in the real world. The more Bill Nye Associates with Barack Obama, he himself will lose public credibility as he campaigns with a person he himself has not researched, right along with the incompetent Mainstream Media.

Like many in the science community, they tend to accept the antiquated theories of the past because of the financial and social peer pressures from the wealthy multi-million dollar secular humanist organizations that pay them from endowments and stipends whenever they come up with the illusion of evidence which could be used to push their radical agenda. The real problem for America is that as long as atheistic and socialist-minded groups have a stronghold over the educational system, the pursuit of truth will never become the priority and the developing the next generationís critical thinking and problem solving skills will never be realized when radical left international and domestic groups censor research and scientific advance just because its implications challenge evolutionís molecule-to-man assumptions.

The Irony is that members of the science community and liberal textbook writers are doing more to stupefy the next generation academically because they are incapable of answering the difficult questions for Darwinism, without childish public name-calling and emotive responses such as the Bill Nyeís Idiotic comments of {crazy}. The more the science community continues to religiously promote the racist-originated Darwinism without a real world mechanism nor deal its failures and inconsistencies that are already publicly known from the realm of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Paleontology and Geology, while stifling a studentís curiosity, censoring research, ridiculing opposing views, defending atheist pseudo-science and science-fiction, the more America will be unprepared to compete economically.

Talk Origins Website is Full of Claims - Citation Bluffing - and Lies, but Short on Real Evidence