Dr Drew to be sued of every dime he h...

Dr Drew to be sued of every dime he has then put in jail?

Mark Again

Lincoln Park, MI

#1 Nov 7, 2011
Dr Drew to be sued of every dime he has? I think so and he should be.

There are many problems with that man that reminds me a whole lot about another has been Conrad Murray but in a different way.
They both share extreme arrogance and think they are right in given areas imo

For Drew, he makes a whole lot of mistakes and a big one is the lie about the 12 step program which has been scientifically proven to fail nearly 100% of the time because the few that do get better do so through spontaneous recovery.

Another problem is there is no scientific evidence addiction is a real disease!

AA, NA etc. all use what is called interventions that do much more harm than good and for certain addictions such as to opiates, AA or NA will state the person must stop using, get chips to celebrate a timeframe but that is not possible with long-term addiction to opiates! Science proves a person addicted to opiates must take an opiate type drug the rest of his or her life or they will binge, end in ER and eventually die from an overdose while trying the failed 12 step approach. To see what really works, look at Portugal plan for all drug addictions and the reason why legalizing drugs is proven to be the only way to go.

Drew has a serious problem using opinion and belief and then stating it as fact such as calling addiction a disease. Sounds good and many believe that but it is false.

A huge problem Drew has is lack of understanding not only of medicine but freedom of speech and lack thereof in the States! This is what is going to likely bring about lawsuits in my opinion.
He was already in trouble with one celebrity he never examined and went by rumor, rag sheets and her patterns of taking certain things but NOW, HE STATES Michael Jackson was a drug addict!!! He also states Michael Jacksonís family is like many others in denial.

Did Drew ever meet Michael Jackson? If so, was he his doctor? Did Drew ever even at least examine Michael in some way at least on the phone which is not legal to make diagnosis? He sure as hell did not examine Jackson in person and shuts out each night that MJ was a drug addict which is NOT free speech because he NEVER SAYS IN HIS opinion. He states it as fact which is slander and character assassination! Those are not free speech and are also highly illegal.

When will the Jackson family sue that SOB and when will there be a whole line of people he has accused of things without proof that will join in and sue him to the point of bankruptcy and lose of all medical licenses? I bet it will be VERY SOON and it is long overdue.

Drew is an arrogant idiot narcissistic SOB imo and I hope they file suit soon because they will win hands down. Start with him and work from there until people on TV and Radio stop the lies and BS! Drew belongs in jail with Conrad imo and I hope it is soon. I believe he is a serious danger to society.

Go to jail, public showers and drop the soap Drew!

United States

#2 Nov 8, 2011
Thatís so true. Drew is an idiot and fraud imo but I think he is so into himself that he really does believe all the crap he says. He doesnít have a clue that heís in a young nation that doesnít know how to deal with substance problems while much older nations have vast amounts of knowledge on the topic, better schools and universities and deal with this in the opposite way he does which is the correct way. He only makes things worse and coming out and stating as if it is fact that MJ was a drug addict only sets him up for a lawsuit. A person cannot say things like that about others in free speech because itís not free speech. Itís slander and the Jackson family really could sue him for millions. Someone should sue him to teach him a lesson so he stops doing the crap he does.

His ratings are very low on a low rated station so most people donít see him or even know he exists.

Send him over the Billy boy on fox to get a lecture.

United States

#3 Aug 21, 2012
3 deaths related to this doctors so-called. What is the actual success rate of his program?

United States

#4 Aug 21, 2012

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