Unfortunately my girlfriend enjoys the train wreck that this show is.
I had the opportunity to view the show and was appalled at the brides behavior i.e Bridezilla. It shows that love is truly blind as I would have kicked all of these trashy young ladies to the curb to really ruin their day. And from what I understand these horrible young things receive a Honeymoon to Jamaica for filming their ,what they turn into, the worst day/week/month of their lives.
I would just like to thank the producers of this show for rewarding people for their disgusting over acting. Please keep encouraging people that if you act like an asshole and treating people like crap that their dreams will be answered. Pay no attention to the good people who are relatively normal because obviously there are no ratings in that.
And as far as getting dropped from dish network, good riddance it will keep people from getting sucked in to the crappy lives of people that shouldn't have gotten air time in the first place.
I can only hope that this rant doesn't go unnoticed, which I'm sure it will, and that this show was all a big setup.