Mom of teen accused in beating of Lak...

Mom of teen accused in beating of Lakeland cheerleader speaks o...

There are 1272 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Apr 8, 2008, titled Mom of teen accused in beating of Lakeland cheerleader speaks o.... In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

The mother of one of the eight teens accused of beating a Polk County high school cheerleader admitted this morning on national television that her daughter should have called deputies about the violent attack.

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Aurora, CO

#783 Apr 9, 2008
Thissss is what comes of the State interfering with the parental duty to supervise & to punish their children. Today, we have children who have no respect for authority, for each other, or for the law. They are uncivilized, overly indulged, pampered, lazy brats who expect (nooo: expect is the wrong word) they DEMAND that we pay for their education as if they are entitled to it without working. These kids need to be punished & punished severely. Their parents also need to be addressed: where were they? Why don't they know what their kids are like? The schools need to be addressed: what, who, when, where, knew, that this was going on? School bullies are not a novelty of the 21st Century -- we are only just beginning to discourage such brutality amongst our children. Finally, every single child that hit that child needs to be treated like the animals they are: in the same uncivilized, barbaric manner - send them to a Juvenile Boot Camp, or to the Military, so they get a taste of their own medicine. Then the state laws need to be revisited & DCF needs to STOP INTERFERING with parent rights to use corporal punishment (when appropriate) to discourage uncivilized behavior. Yesss a good spanking would resolve many early tweens ailments & some chores! Lets get back to working for your lunch extra's! And lets stop the give away college program on my back and yours...why not work ur way thru college like we did? It didn't hurt us...and by won't hurt them either! Instead we have spoiled our kids so they have become pampered savages! We need to recover our children: NOW!
HECK YES! This has been the best comment posted yet! Glad someone agrees that what our kids have become is definately not anything to write home about, none the less brag or speak of. Couldn't have summed it up in a nuttshell better. Did I say nuttshell? I meant nuttjob, just as the parents of ALL OF THESE children. Now the discipline is in the hands of the authorities, instead of taking care of the responsibility they had, but brushed it to the side...Fabulous! The parents must be proud!!
Monster Mash

United States

#784 Apr 9, 2008
Hello wrote:
Do the defendants have a right to due process or should they be tried by the media?
1. They need to be tried by the media - it is the constitutional right of the media to free speech and to pronounce them GUILTY
2. They need to be tried in criminal court and be put in jail because they are GUILTY
3. They need to be tried in civil court and pay millions becuse they are GUILTY.
4. Idiot.

Aurora, CO

#785 Apr 9, 2008
Food4Thought wrote:
<quoted text>
AMEN!! Wise, and couldn't be closer to the truth!!
Monster Mash

United States

#786 Apr 9, 2008
Lauren wrote:
the grandmother of one of the beaters said they have suffered too. Well heaven forbid your daughter and you and your family have to go through something unpleasant. I'm sure the cops will strive to put an immediate end to your suffering! Give me a break. Blech!!
Hey grandma, stay home and take care of your animal graqndaughter. Better yet, send her back to her trialer trash mom to take care of her. Don't forget, the crime was committed in grandma's home - was she possibly aware? Poor grandma and her family are suffering. Poor trailer trash low lives, this is what happens when grandma raises and idiot fro a daughter who in turn raises and idiot for a daughter. Kids having kids, trash of america, cowards and fiends, cage this animal family and put them in the zoo, where they belong, and where granda can savagely beet monh, and mom can savagely beat daughter and they all can recline in their own feces. What a disdgusting pig-like family they are....

Hopkins, MN

#787 Apr 9, 2008
Unbelievable. Those girls and boys knew better. Rather you blame the parents or not they are old enough to know right from wrong. they should all be treated like adults and tried like adults and give the same sentancing that you would give someone who is over 18. what they did no punishment will be harsh enough. throw them in a cell and throw away the key. they shouldn't be allowed to walk the same streets we do. If they did it once they will do it again
Henry Edmunds

Columbia, MO

#788 Apr 9, 2008
i am very sorry for the victim and her family. it gave teenagers and the activities that we participate in on the web a bad name. this random act of violence is not new to a nation where you were you were beaten, spit upon for being a black. where you will not be able to be consider a cool kid if your not up to date on the lastest fashion. these teens should be punished to the most highest degree. this is not the act of teens this is the act of monsters.

United States

#789 Apr 9, 2008
Well, I guess it's time again for school uniforms, nobody under the age of 18 on the internet, and a 7:00 curfew for anyone under the age of 18.

They really need to inflict martial law on some of these kids. Yikes!

Everett, WA

#790 Apr 9, 2008
Like the spelling of my name? Tee hee.
Anyway, being a 16 year old, these girls don't know what good morals are in life. I agree with 'OUTRAGEOUS's post, Children have become lazier and lazier by the years, I'm lucky for my strict parents. I don't have any friends like this because these girls aren't even fun to hangout with, all they wanna talk about is boys and cell phones. I'm more into doing fun things and not gossiping.
Anyway, STRICT PUNISHMENT PLEASE! These girls make me sick. MySpace should only be a privelege for those who wont abuse the power of it.
x0x0 Lucy

Houston, TX

#791 Apr 9, 2008
How stupid are you for real you are really stupid

Mount Olive, NC

#792 Apr 9, 2008
this is sick! I am 20 years old & graduated from highschool last year. In Highschool, im not going to say that I had some conflicts (as every girl does im sure) but, never would I have handled myself in a manner like this. This is absolutley disgusting. These girls who beat the 16 year old up..should be trialed as ADULTS..they want to beat someone up...they can take the consequences. They CLEARLY knew exactley what they were doing. And as for the girl who vieotaped it...she has a sick mind also to sit there & let this go on, and video tape it & not do anything about it. This is disturbing!!!!!!!1

Dallas, TX

#793 Apr 9, 2008
As a mother of 2 girls, 12 and 13 years old, I am outraged that any human being would attempt to rationalize this horrible act. Bottom line...we reap what we sow. I can't even verbalize the disgust I feel for the parents of these monsters. Pathetic, ignorant, cowardly...none deserving of any mercy in any way.

Fairborn, OH

#794 Apr 9, 2008

she changed the last link. I know that for a fact because I was looking at it this morning. It was the one with the I hate Victoria Lindsay thing up on it. It was probably due to the advice of some snake trying to get her off down there.
one victim too many

Hendersonville, TN

#795 Apr 9, 2008
John wrote:
Let's sum up the delinquents future:
** Will most likely not be able to return to their current high school to complete their education.
** Most likely not be accepted into a average or above average college.
** Most likely not be able to hold a job that requires licensing - i.e. nurse, doctor, paramedic, CPA, teacher, lawyer
**They will probably bankrupt their families thru the legation process and civil suits.
**They have brought humiliation and shame to their school, their community and most importantly to their FAMILY.
**They along with families will be shunned by their community.
**They will (if they are truly human and have conscience) live with the psychology effects of this event for the rest of their live. From this they will suffer with mental and health issues. I would not be surprised if suicide or drug use overcomes most of these delinquents.
**Could spend a minimum 6 months up to 25 year in prison.
**Could have a felony conviction on their record for the rest of their lives.
All of this for a little bit of Youtube fame.
Well said John. We can blame the internet, the government, the media, society, and the parents. In all honesty, each has a certain amount of responsibility. But in the end it has to do with personal choice. These "girls" and the two "male" lookouts, made a choice to disregard the laws, planned and executed this crime which they felt was something worthy of boasting about by taping it and planning to post on the internet. The lack of remorse following their arrest demonstrates behaviors that indicate they pose a threat to all society, not just the victim of this crime. Do you think their thoughts today are about their actions or whose fault it is? Are they sad or mad?

Since: Apr 08

Silverdale, WA

#796 Apr 9, 2008

Oh My! You all are being much too harsh on these poor little dears. They should all have to write a letter of apology to Tori and spend 20 hours of community service!(Oops, I forgot. This is Florida and they probably haven't learned to write,...yet!)

Aargh! Lock them up until they are beyond childbearing age!

Schaumburg, IL

#797 Apr 9, 2008
aggravated battery/
assault with a weapon ??? most likely...
conspiracy and intention to injure and damages

sue the crap out of all the parents!!!!!!!all who are liable!!!
those ugly fat chicks were jealous of pretty lindsay !!!!!!!!!!
now lindsay will win a criminal and civil big suit and be able to move ...away from these
stupid you tube chicks, stupid you tube chicks

Schaumburg, IL

#798 Apr 9, 2008

Brockton, MA

#799 Apr 9, 2008
Anonymous wrote:
<quoted text>
I say let f****d up American beat up even more f****d up Americans. More good for the rest of us living in this world.

Let's see...
You are from Turkey, the home of murderers, rapists, and pedophiles, ruled by a mongrel religion. The blood of millions of innocent people is on your hands.

Hey!! I bet these attackers are of Turkish descent!
Dave MI

Flint, MI

#800 Apr 9, 2008
In my experience the apple never falls to far from the tree. All you have to do is look at the parents. The word white trash comes to mind. Children donít act like this on there own. They are a product of the environment they are raised in. There should be a law that punishes parents when they can prove the home environment had a direct effect on these kidsí actions. I can almost guaranty these kids have terrible parents. The exception to this rule is rare.
GetYourFactsStra ight

Bellevue, WA

#801 Apr 9, 2008
I say these kids should be tried the same way they tried those kids in Jena, Louisiana. They fought that boy and he was out of the hospital a few hours later and on his way to a party. They felt it was sufficient to hold those kids in jail and try them as adults. I say let's serve up big sentences all around. Don't punk out now because they are young white kids.

Chennai, India

#802 Apr 9, 2008
people are going away from Jesus Christ. so that such kind of incidents are happening. throw out the faith about useless evolution theory and put your trust on Christ. only then country will flourish

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