Lifetime's 'Queen Sized' based on Ale...

Lifetime's 'Queen Sized' based on Alexandra Burris

There are 18 comments on the Newsday story from Jan 9, 2008, titled Lifetime's 'Queen Sized' based on Alexandra Burris. In it, Newsday reports that:

In October 2004, Alexandra Burris told a homeroom pal she wanted "to be homecoming princess." Growing up a "flub-a-lub" - as she was chastised in third grade for being overweight - it wasn't an option she saw ...

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Amlin, OH

#1 Jan 12, 2008
Ally Burris was not a nice girl, she was a bully herself, and loose with boys. For the nominating process of homecoming court only her class was able to vote, not the rest of Novi High School students. Therefor, the students in her class were the only people voting for Ally. Im not a skinny girl myself, but I choose to hang out with the right crowd, and to not create my own problems.
Novi Alumni

United States

#2 Jan 13, 2008
I graduated before Allie from Novi and I am not a thin girl either, but Allie created her own problems. She had to go to night school just to graduate.. She did drugs, she hung out with a bad crowd and asked people to vote for her. She took a tiny issue and blew it way out of proportion. There have been far worse things than a fat girl getting nominated to homecoming court for the world to be worried about. She needs to give up the pity party because she brought this upon herself.

East Lansing, MI

#3 Jan 23, 2008
The year this happened was my junior year, and I know the whole school was very angered by this. Not that our students would stoop low enough to pull a prank like that - it's still a bad thing, of course, but we aren't THAT mean - but that it got taken so out of hand. It was bad enough that the entire school knew about it (which was enough for no one to even think of trying something), but when she took it to GMA, and Seventeen magazine the following year, several lines were crossed. The entire school was put to shame for a stupid high school rumour, and now it's happening again. It was three years ago, it's dead...can we refrain from opening the coffin?

United States

#4 Apr 2, 2011
Unanimous pothead

Washington, DC

#5 Apr 7, 2011
I used to smoke weed with her!!!
Allie Burris

Troy, MI

#6 May 6, 2011
I'm not going to try to negate any accusations made about me except one! I hate that people try to say that I looked for this attention. I was contacted by the news paper , by good morning america by 17 magazin and then by a freelance writter who like the story and wanted to writye a screenplay for it. I did not go looking for any attention. It was nice I wont deny , who wouldnt say yes when asked if they want to be on television? But as far as calling me an attention whore thats going to far. Now if I may I would also like to clear up some other miss conceptions that i've read here today. I left novi high school because i was offerd a job that i decided to take and I graduated on time by completeing my schooling in the evenbings when i wasnt working. As far as being a pothead in highschool, I won't deny that fact. People please how could I be bully, seeing as i was the one being bullied??? Another thing once a person is nominated for a position is it not custom to ask for votes isnt that what any election candidate does, I don't think I could be held in the wrong for asking people to vote for me, It's an anonymous election, if people didnt want to vote for me I would never know, so why is this even an issue. Please don't just believe everything you read. People should also get there facts straight before making any more outlandish accusations! Thank you , Alexandra Burris

Lincoln, IL

#7 Jul 1, 2011
People are all people nobody is perfect mabe lifetime didnt put that she was a pothead but thats nobodys business. I would have voted for Ally too. I believe she was bullied. She didnt deserve any of that. I would stick it to the mean girls who thought it d be funny to vote for the fat girl who did nothing to them. Just because youre a pothead doesnt mean your a mean or bad person. i was a pothead in highschool and i was never a mean person, I was still bullied and it was because i smoked pot people acted like i was the worlds biggest druggie. I smoked weed so i automatically was a slut and a drug head.... what a stereo type.. you all should be ashamed of yourselves. It was literally a long time ago so i read and i think you all need to stop with your jealousy and look in the mirror. We can all be mean nobody is perfect but just cuz we have a temper doesnt make us bullies. You go Ally !
Miss sparkly

Dorothy, NJ

#8 Dec 30, 2011
I never met Ally but I just wanted to say I loved the movie and I know what it's like to be an underdog. I am a 12 year old shy girl and Ally if u are reading this I just wanted to tell u how much of an inspiration u r. There is always mean people in this hellhole we call school. I love u Ally!

Lancaster, OH

#9 Jan 26, 2012
Don't you people think that what you are saying (the people from her school) still today, that it is bullying? Saying these unkind things about her is just as bad. As far as the smoking goes, who cares! That is not the point to the whole movie/story. I believe her when she says she was not a bully. However, sometimes people come across as a bully (in some people's minds) because they have to stand up for themselves because of all the negativity and insults. I don't know her, but I know that where I live that happens. If someone is getting picked on or called names and laughed at or insecure, they have to go ahead and stand up for themselves, before they are pushed even more. Today, bully has become much much worse. It is sad, whether it is someone's weight or the way they look or anything. The movie may or may not show everything, but even if it is based on the true story...I think a point to it is that it can give hope to others out there who are getting picked on, insecure, or getting bullied. It is a feel good movie. There are a lot of movies out there that are "based" on true stories, but not all the facts are there and a lot is left out. Who cares?! Movies are not always going to show every single detail. I wish there were more over weight girls or non popular girls who would be elected homecoming queen, just because of who they are inside and to stand up for the ones who are getting bullied.

Stockton, CA

#10 Jan 26, 2012
If Allie felt as sorry for herself as the girl in the movie did she needs to get over herself. She sits there and focuses only on the negative and it is pathetic. The part where she blamed her mother for her being fat pissed me into a dimension of pissed off I have never been in. The character in the movie took zero responsibility for her own actions or how people treated her. She would shovel food down her throat at an alarming rate everytime she was upset and act like the whole world was out to get her. I am sorry but she was pathetic and if that is indication of what Allie is like then she is pathetic too and if that is not how Allie is I would sure be pissed off if I was portrayed that way in a movie.
Class of 2007

Auburn Hills, MI

#11 Feb 20, 2012
I used to know Ally Burris back in high school, I was in her graduating class and remember when she was nominated for Homecoming Queen. This situation was blown completely out of proportion and that is mainly to be blamed on her. She was asking people to nominate her. Furthermore, this movie made her out to be a victim, she was no such thing. She was mean, disgusting (as in she was sleeping with her step-brother and nearly anyone else willing), she was suspended a week before homecoming for punching out her best friend and she was an all around horrible person who naturally drew negative attention. Not because of her size but because she was simply awful. I personally never voted for her and even if this WAS a "joke" I wouldn't have because there were other people I felt more deserving of the title. In addition, this girl went on to radio stations, good morning america, and even got a movie deal based on her lies - so if anything I think this hurt Novi HS more than it hurt her.

Mansfield, TX

#12 Jan 4, 2013
i knew her and she was no the nices person to know we used to be cool then she became a nightmare

Phoenix, AZ

#13 Mar 17, 2013
I dont think that Ally is hurting your school as much as the similar spelling, and inproper punctuation usage mistakes you all are making. Novi school should be ashamed. I see nothing, but horrible grammar mistakes made by the same idiot over, and over. Your IQ needs to be below 40 if you believe these posts were made by a different person. Then again, you all went, and graduated from the same school. Kid(s), you may have been popular, or whatever, but your the typical embodiement of Americas tragedy coming to an end. I really feel bad for the country. Just take a look at the future.

Fairless Hills, PA

#14 Oct 31, 2013
I think all those hate comments are just sockpuppets of a mean person. Respect Allie Burris.
If I ever see a hate comment towards her. Im just going to assume it's a sockpuppet of a popular girl who hates allie, and wolf The popular girl down!

Cincinnati, OH

#15 Dec 9, 2013
It does seem rather odd that most of the negative posts have multiple issues with spelling and punctuation....

Greensboro, NC

#16 Dec 18, 2013
Fat is the latest trend now in America. Just like centuries represented wealth and prosperity. They were the sexy ones.

I get a kick out of the Special K commercials in Hulu during this movie. Special K cereal is just carb which makes you hungry and eat more. Then we think we need more and more cereal. Interesting how they make money on our fat society.

Fat is Fab!


#17 Jan 19, 2014
No one is perfect in this world. I'm sure Allie did things and said things she now wishes she hadn't just as the film portrayed. I also know that movies have a way of exaggerating things. The reality is that society has major issues with fat people and it isn't right. There are many reasons people turn to food and it is just as addictive for some as drugs and alcohol are for others. Allie lost her father to diabetes, she has a pretty good reason to be angry, hurt, and fed up. In the process of her grief she probably made some mistakes; however, there is no denying the fact that she stood up and she did something that took a lot of courage. You should be proud of her at your school and you should have learnt something from her courage. There is no right or wrong way to look, a person isn't about their size or how pretty they are, or what colour it is about who they are on the inside. People need to stop looking at the package and instead take the time to get to know others a little better. Allie regardless of whether you have made mistake in life or not, remember you are worth while. We all mess up it is human nature. Life is a journey we have a long way to travel before we learn who we really are and who we really want to be. Past students of this school, ask yourself have you never made a mistake. Coming on here to slate Allie could be construed as a mistake, whether you are one person or multiple. You only make yourself look bad by coming to moan and gripe about her and it makes you look jealous. Regardless of who is telling the truth and who is lying, there is something important to learn from this, you have to get to know people, personally yourself before you can judge them. Don't just look at them and judge, and don't just believe what others say. Make your own judgements, until I can do that with Allie or any of you, I am not going to call any of you liars or say you are good or bad people. So chillax, enjoy life, and stop worrying about other people or what they think. Life is too short xx love and hugs all xx

Sault Sainte Marie, MI

#18 Jan 20, 2014
Martin wrote:
I dont think that Ally is hurting your school as much as the similar spelling, and inproper punctuation usage mistakes you all are making. Novi school should be ashamed. I see nothing, but horrible grammar mistakes made by the same idiot over, and over. Your IQ needs to be below 40 if you believe these posts were made by a different person. Then again, you all went, and graduated from the same school. Kid(s), you may have been popular, or whatever, but your the typical embodiement of Americas tragedy coming to an end. I really feel bad for the country. Just take a look at the future.
I agree with you, Martin, that these posts are lacking proper spelling, grammar and punctuation usage. However, your point becomes somewhat invalid when you, yourself, do not use the proper punctuation and have a spelling errors. At least I can tell that you graduated from a high school other than Novi and/or you're not a sock puppet just bullying Alexandra Burris.

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