Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Looks ...

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Looks for Another Local Family

There are 122 comments on the WBAY story from Apr 6, 2011, titled Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Looks for Another Local Family. In it, WBAY reports that:

Do you know a family whose home deserves an Extreme Makeover, or a family who simply deserves a home? If so, the producers of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition want to hear from you.

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D Nelson

United States

#1 Apr 11, 2011
I want to nominate The Jesse & Mary Lee Marty family my mother lives on a very large ranch near Prairie City, SD She is takeing care of Jesse, her husband, who has MS and is wheelchair bound, his father Bill, who is in his late 80's on oxygen and his mom, Maxine, when she wants to be on the ranch. They live in a small trailer house. My mom has to take care of all this, plus tend to the ranch. Jesse rolls his 4-wheeler after she gets him on it, moveing cows, she has to go back & find him, and get it upright, and lift him back on it! The house has a wheelchair ramp but mom has to try to take care of so much w/out the proper equipment and a very tight quarters. I worry she is wearing herself out! She had a broken arm for a whole year, never complaining, but it kept swelling and she finally took the time out for herself with my and my gma's persistance to go to the Dr. it had been broken. From a p/u accident 1 yr prior where she had to drag, Jesse & a hired hand that no longer works for them to safety, then walk several miles in the winter for help. I seriously feel that you could ask many neighbors from the church & they would verify that my mom is a strong person but she needs more space & the proper home & equipment to take care of the family! Please consider this for her sake! Thank You!
family hope

Syracuse, NY

#2 Apr 20, 2011
I would like to nominate" Gilkinsons".They bought a home about four years ago.Sarah and Don have three children ages 12,7,4. They have been married for 7 years and they have two jobs each.Their daughter is nonverbal and diagnosed with autism but has also been suffering lead poisioning from eating some non edible things,which they found that there is alot that contains lead in their home.They have fixed everything that health department told them to do,but they are not able to remove it,unless certified lead removal contractor.Please help them.
amanda weeks

Moultrie, GA

#3 Apr 21, 2011
hello my name is amanda im writing to see if you all could make my 2 kids dream come true . all they ever ask for is a nice home thay can live in and love it. right now we live in a 2 bedroom 1978 tralior so that should tell you all what kind of shape it is in and i hate to here my babies ask me why cant we have a nice home they can bring there friends to and a pretty place they can play at and there only 9 and 11 years old so please just let me know how to explain to them why we aint lucky like some people .it breaks my heart to hear them just about everyday ask and tell me they want a nice home.we own 2 acres of land and would love to have a nice home for our kids to grow up in .they dont even want to invite there friends over because of what there home looks like so please again help there dreams come true.there not asking for much at all just want a mold free home and big enough for our family and there little friends.they struggle with astma breathing all the time and we struggle with money problems all the time SO PLEASE HELP OUR FAMILY THANKS
L Harris and DTheunissen

Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

#4 Apr 22, 2011
We live in south africa and started building on our existing house for our parents but the builder we used has to date not finalised any building = 11 months down the line and ceilings in my lounge and main bedroom damaged and collapsed. we would love to put our parents up in their own place upstairs before winter sets in again. we are currently 8 people staying together 4 children ranging from 21, 18, 14 and 7 years and 4 adults. everything we've worked for seems to be for nothing as our home got damages due to neglect from the builder. when winter sets in again we will get water coming into our home again.
The Caregiver

Charlotte, NC

#5 May 14, 2011
I would like to nominate a family whom I believe is deserving. They have four children. Three of these children have a rare disease which causes Strokes The children's ages ate 16,13,11,11 the mother recently lost her job due to health complications but continues to keep going dad is always working just to keep the family going it OS really difficult for this family the children have lots of medical needs the mother is such an inspiration. I have heard her being told the children need to be institutionalized but she refuses and makes do with what they have can you please help this family and give them comfort in knowing they can keep their children at home
joann frazier

Monticello, FL

#6 Jul 19, 2011
My name is don frazier. My wife is such a giving person that when the tornadoes came threw our home town and hit our home and blew others home away nothing to do my wife but to go out and help everyone our house is still standing but has some damage all my wife wants is to help a family by giving to all even strangers she is such a big hearted person she let's go and gives all she can for others to have could you please consider help making her see that she does deserve something too she would give her last to make another have we just need a little help with our 47 year old home thanks so much for letting me at least not be scard to ask to maybe just help us fix the storm damages. Thanks again don
Vicki Hetrick

Johnsonburg, PA

#7 Aug 17, 2011
I am going to try to make this as short as possible. I know of a family in PA who has had a rollercoster ride of their life. It all began a few years ago, Jim had a good job with House of Television, and Nancy was a local DJ on the radio as (NANCY KELLY). Jim got diagnosed with Huningdons Disease but the meds were helping him to stay working. Well he fell for the worst and had to quit his job, Nancy tried to keep afloat with her job and taking care of their four kids. It got to be overwhelming when Jim got even worst so she had to choice to give up the radio and stay home fulltime to take care of Jim. On top of that they go to childrens hospital in pittsburg for two of the kids because of an illness they have. So on top of diseases and illnesses she has made due of home living and keeping everything up to par, til two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, Jim and Nancy with their four kids went to the pharmacy to get an ace bandage (because the youngest broke her arm and the cast fell off) to replace the cast and while they were gone their house caught on fire. They lost everything in the kitchen even the school clothes they just bought that day. They have so much smoke damages that even with remodeling the kids won't be able to live there because of the brochitis they have. This is just some of the things they have gone thru since Jim got sick and I would really like to see their lives change for the good, PLEASE consider the Bodien family for an extreme makeover they really deserve it.

Pompano Beach, FL

#8 Aug 17, 2011
Wow, I feel very blessed with my 2 bdrm condo after reading all these posts. Good luck to all of you!
Nancy - Rick Hetrick

Parnell, IA

#9 Aug 19, 2011
The Bodien Family from Ridgway,Pa,could use something to help them,and give them back their life, with all the sickness in their family and now a fire that took their home and school things they they had just purchased for school. Jim has parkinson so bad that his wife had to quit her job to be home to take care of him -she's had to carry a big burden on her shoulders and yet smiles and tries to encourage others. they have 4 darling little children , two of them have serious health problems and can not go back into this house that has a lot of smoke & water damage, even tho the kitchen retianed the majority of the fire damage. the past few years they have seen only a downhill slide and could really use some help with "new" home. They are a good family with children that show there is a lot of love in their home ,even tho there are a lot of problems. please consider the Bodien family for "Extreme Makeover" thank you and God bless.
Samantha South Africa

South Africa

#10 Dec 29, 2012
This is just to say thank you to everyone in the team at extreme makeover.I know you guyz are not in South Africa and your way of building homes most probibly is totally different from the way we do it,but I really appreciate the effect watching you guys have on our kids we have 3 kids aged 14,11 and 7.When watching your shows my kids know I won't move until its done and at the end of the day we all sit with tears in our eyes because we are just so moved by the families reactions to they new homes,even though we know we don't have our own dream home yet the show gives us hope my poor kids are so sick of moving because we rent a different place every now and then.I just keep possitive and tell them we will have our own huge beautiful dream home one day and from watching the show they seem to be more positive it is just so painful as parents that we can't afford to buy our own home but,I know someday we will so thank you to all of you for keeping our dreams alive.
Debbie Yewsiong

South Africa

#11 Aug 19, 2013
Me and my family love watching your show and always dreamt of one day owning a beautifull home. We live in a beautiful place called Jeffreysbay in South Africa but with one problem we are homelles.We have six beautifull kids age 1 to 18 years old and me and my husband both lost our jobs two years ago since then we struggled so hard to keep our heads above water. We've been evicted from the house we rented due to the fact that we can not pay the rent anymore how do I tell my babies they have no home. If buy any chance you read this I would give anything for someone to help us. This comes from the bottom of my heart.
Aneesa South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

#12 Sep 24, 2013
As I write this letter to you with tears in my eyes and a ache left open in my heart. I have 3 beautiful kids ages 11, 9 and 6. We started building our dream home when one day all t his got shattered when my hubby lost his job. We live with inlaws at the moment its very cramped as my kids have to share a room. And its so sad for me as a mum to watch my kids see other kids who have their own space and they dont. Please do come and help us finish our dream home just so I can see a smile on my kids face again.

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

#13 Oct 6, 2013
The Gani Osman

Johannesburg, South Africa

#14 Oct 13, 2013
We live in south africa and started building on our existing but the builder left the job incomplete we live in a 6 bed room house which is 3 story's .....there are 4 of us living in this big house and my mum sister who is mentally handicapped and this house is not right for her because it not safe for her to walk around and my mum don't have the funds to finish the house because my dad passed away 4 years ago and she just make it with the bills.so please come and help us build our dream home and make it safe for my aunt

Since: Oct 13

Johannesburg, South Africa

#15 Oct 13, 2013
We live in south africa and started building on our existing house but the builder left the job incomplete we live in 6 bedroom house which is a 3 story .....there are 4 of us living in this big house and my mum sister who is mentally handicapped and this house is not right for her because it not safe for her to walk around and my mum don't have the funds to finish the house because my dad passed away 4 years ago and she just make it with the bills.so please come and help us build our dream home and make it safe for my aunt
Natasha Hardick

South Africa

#17 Oct 18, 2013
Just bought a old house that needs renevation, it has never being worked on since the house exists (1920)
really want to feel at home with the daily trials please help need it. I feel everytime I want to save and do something there is a new obstacle that gets thrown my way also paying all the bills makes it difficult with life being so expensive and wanting the best for everybody. My 5year old daughter is the apple of my eye, Sahara has allergies and the main cause is the amount of dust in the house. I would love to go home and be proud of what I have I am trying but I do need help.
annelize jansen

South Africa

#18 Oct 28, 2013
I know of a family that needs a home and really strugels in south africa they are from komatipoort in mpumalanga. They don't own the house they are tenants and they really need help. Can you please help
Linda South Africa

East London, South Africa

#19 Dec 3, 2013
It has been placed on my heart to write to you on behalf of a family I know. They do not know I am writing. The husband came to SA in 1997 and stayed in the informal settlement (squatter camp)in a shack. He wanted to live there and teach the township children about God's love. His wife joined him a few years later. They have dedicated their lives to upliftment work with the people of the township. They have since been given a 99 yr lease on a piece of land with a small house where they want to build a building to house township children who live in terrible circumstances (no water and electricity, most of them live in shacks)and who are exposed to unwanted influences over week-ends in particular. They and their 10 year old daughter give and share all they have with the township children. They do sport, recreation and educational activities with the children and teach them life skills and self respect. They are involved in the daily needs and tragedies of the township people. They depend completely on donations for what they do, but never ask. They believe people will know in their hearts when to give. I know in my heart that I wish I could build the accomodation dormitories for them and the poverty stricken children of the township.
jean pierre

South Africa

#20 Dec 28, 2013
Hallo my grandmother lost her husband about 7 years ago and since then she could not afford to fix up her home her daughters stay by her And there is not enough space for everyone and we have recently founded out that she have skin cancer and no one wants to help her fixing up her home for everyone... please help her!
Sayda - South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

#21 Jan 2, 2014
I have a friend who is basically a single mother of 3, she has a job that doesnt pay much and ultimately cannot afford to fix her home which is falling apart, she works all day and has to go home and cook, clean house and see to the kids, her weekend is spent cleaning the house and preparing for the week ahead which is seeing that the kids school uniform is ready for the week, that her work clothes is ready for the week, she never goes out because she cant afford to, she never has time to herself just to relax and unwind, she cannot sell the house as we told her to do because it is in such a state that she wouldnt get what the house is actually worth, it would be awesome to get someone to fix her home so that she may live in peace that her house is fixed and stop stressing as to the finances to fix the house.

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