Why was the Mans picture plastered on the front of the paper?
Didnt you think that maybe getting more information before putting the mans face in the paper was a bit more respectful?
I felt that you could have had more respect for the mans family than to just put him on the paper like that the story was one thing but to put a picture was overboard,
You didnt have any other information about what happened and yet you felt it to be ok to print the picture
How many times when a person was killed did you put the picture in the paper?
Really am curious about that and yes I will investigate and see how many times you have been so distasteful.
No matter what you thought was news worthy and keeping the community up on the news why didnt you try a little respect for the family if nothing else.
We found it very unprofessional and low class to do something such as this.
Dont care about any ignorant remarks as it shows the type of clientel you reach out to as to have any off color remarks.
Thank you for the time and space to relay our disbelief in such disrespect.