Love And Death In The Wild

Love And Death In The Wild

There are 8 comments on the CBS News story from Mar 8, 2008, titled Love And Death In The Wild. In it, CBS News reports that:

“I think [he] was gay...he could never tell his family he was gay....He was frantic.”

The cold truth in Alaska - a crime of money, power, greed and sex. Susan Spencer reports a special two-hour edition of 48 Hours Mystery, Saturday, March 8, at 9 p.m. >> More Videos Mechele Linehan is described ... via CBS News

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United States

#1 Mar 8, 2008
I watched the show. Thank goodness for justice for the Leppink family.

Michele’s history potrays a woman with social climbing aspirations. Marrying a doctor was her finale.

She may have changed her behaviors and lifestyle years later in the suburbs. But, she will now pay for the deaths left in her wake.

Saint Ignatius, MT

#2 Mar 8, 2008
RIGHT. She's innocent and the case is soooo ripe for appeal. Uh huh. Sure.

Then explain this: She tells Susan Spencer that she was never engaged to Lippinsk; he was just a bother who became obsessed with her; she posed as his fiance for his parents' benefit as a favor to him (he was probably gay or something, she says. Nice -- smear the dead man); she just wanted him to leave her alone; etc etc. Watch the interview again -- she says all that.


Who the heck does that? Why? All you people who fell for her act -- Scott is right, she's inherently evil, she IS the smiling face of evil, he IS very lucky, and she has you all fooled -- answer that! Who takes out a life insurance policy on someone who is a "bother", who is "obsessed" with you (wink wink hint hint he was a weirdo stalker)? I'll tell you who: someone who plans on murder for profit.

Saint Ignatius, MT

#3 Mar 8, 2008
This is an addendum to my previous comment posted above: I'm responding to some comments posted elsewhere on this site that stated they thought she was wrongly convicted, and that there are SOOOO many grounds for appeal, because she's SOOOO obviously innocent, etc etc. I'm NOT responding to the post directly above by Lorene from Willowbrook. I'm with Lorene: thank goodness there's justice for the Lippinsk family, and I will always feel very sorry for their son.

Also, I do NOT mean to attack gays. But apparently ME-chele is trying to say he WAS gay (no proof offered) but was uncomfortable with it, was hiding it from his parents, and "just wanted a 'normal' life". Like he was some kind of weirdo or something. THAT'S an unjust portrayal of a man who can't defend himself. You have to admit that, even if you're gay yourself!

Mount Vernon, WA

#4 Jul 23, 2008
let me in on some of the FACTS that you know about Mechele's life. you seem to know something that I, as a long time family friend, do not know.


#5 Jul 28, 2008
Nothing makes me more angry than being right when it comes to our so called "justice system". This case makes me sad and resentful. Justice was anything but objective here, it was sexist and the prosecution victimized the men like they are innocent and naive, they are not!
I knew the jury wouldn't see anything past mechele's stripping days, but the judge himself makes a quakery out of a system that already benefits white males and punishes women way too harshly, by victimizing these white males right along with the prosecution. He is sexist and does not belong in his position!
The judge and the prosecution worked together to make the public believe that this Leppink character was so innocent and naive, bs! as an ex-stripper I can tell you there is no such thing as an innocent client in these clubs! These guys are smooth, smiling snakes who know exactly what they are doing when asking for repeated table dances from girls and luring them out of the clubs with talk of money and lavish gifts. There is nothing innocent about their intentions for these girls, and don't think for a minute a stripper doesn't understand this because she does!
This sexist judge made comments about mechele because the Lippink family has money and he doesn't want future legal issues with them, I have no doubt that is a part of Mechele's lengthy sentence, the other part is because he is a sexist azzhole, who probably got cheated by a stripper somewhere in his past too, and this was his chance to get even.
Strippers bread and butter comes from everyone! Preachers, lawyers, Doctors, Judges, the blue collar crowd, you name it, we've seen them all!
Mechele was guilty of conspiring with Carlin to kill "T.T." I don't doubt it one bit, but you name one white male that gets served 99 years for the exact same crime? keep looking, you won't ever find even one! that's our pathetic system for you, and I think it is ironic that the males who wear these robes and are undeservingly put in a power of authority over other people's livlyhood, are the same ones who are considered "regulars" at the very clubs this judge is using to convict Mechele to a longer sentence than she deserves. Carlin pulled the trigger, his sentence was fair and just, Mechele did not pull the trigger and she did not "make Carlin do it." He did it all by himself. This case makes me sick.


#6 Jul 28, 2008
One more thing, all males need to take accountability for their behavior when it comes to strip clubs, and all women and men need to stop portraying one side as the victim over the other, nobody is a victim when it comes to the exploitation business! You both volunteered to be at a certain club at a certain time that offers men visual fantasy's and you both participate in whatever fantasy acts you chose to take outside the club! I have never met a man who didn't understand this basic concept! All of them in my past experience not only understood it, but tried to get me to engage in it so to cry about it and say that is not an understood thing later on down the road belongs to the person who got burned! this is also widely understood in the sex entertainment business.
Getting yourself killed is another issue altogether. The jury was very stupid here. Kent Leppink wrote a note describing who he thought might of killed him. Are you kidding me? That tells me a lot about this guy and none of it is good.
As an ex-stripper I can tell you that there are a lot of shady character's drawn to this business, the owners, strippers and the clients! everyone is suspect here. For this "T.T." guy to grasp what he thought might happen to him tells me he was playing a very dangerous game with two very mentally unstable people and he should have removed himself from the situation, but he chose not too. The fact that he allowed Mechele to con her way into a life insurance policy tells me that she was up to no good all along and it should have accurd to him too, but it didn't, immediately. He had the control to walk away at any time and yet he didn't, that tells me he knew what he was up against and didn't care. I can't imagine asking any man to take out a life insurance policy on himself, but I don't excuse him from any wrong doing because by leading her to believe he would give her the $ if something happened to him, knowing her for only a month at the time, he encouraged her to plot the murder and he knew this, hence the note. What was so innocent and naive about his behavior? or him continuing to play games with her? Nothing! that's what. He played just as many games with her as she did with him, they were both guilty! He didn't even know her that long.
I am not saying he deserved to be killed, he did not, but I am saying I don't buy the prosecution or the judges story about how innocent and naive he was either, they are both ssoooo wrong here. So all you men and women out there at the clubs, take care and take some accountability for your actions, you never know when someone might take advantage of you. There is always that point where you need to stop buying into the fantasy!
carol scully

Kittery, ME

#7 Nov 3, 2009
michele is evil she is the devil look into her eyes shes empty no heart i know someone like her thank goodness 99 years is not enough. she should never get out she cannot love anyone she has no heart
Not surprised

Welland, Canada

#8 Aug 3, 2011
Lorene wrote:
I watched the show. Thank goodness for justice for the Leppink family.
Michele’s history potrays a woman with social climbing aspirations. Marrying a doctor was her finale.
She may have changed her behaviors and lifestyle years later in the suburbs. But, she will now pay for the deaths left in her wake.
Looks like she shoulda married a lawyer instead...

From someone who knew her in Louisiana, I am not surprised at all to be hearing any of this. While I agree that the case is weak, I dont really doubt that she did it. She 's always been a snake, even in her early teens... Feel bad for her hubby and daughter though :(

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