Alorica In Need Of Filling Jobs

Alorica In Need Of Filling Jobs

There are 112 comments on the News on 6 Tulsa story from Feb 22, 2008, titled Alorica In Need Of Filling Jobs. In it, News on 6 Tulsa reports that:

Tulsa's Alorica needs to fill some jobs. The company offers in-bound tech support to companies around the world.

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ex clovis alorica employe

United States

#106 Aug 27, 2012
Harassed wrote:
Alorica management has no clue of policies or LAWS! I was being forced to sign a Final written for attendance(mind you had had never been written up)for NCNS on my scheduled days days off!!!Which they were aware of!! Oh and for 2 days of disability from the doctor....for my ear drum about to burst. Now explain whats wrong here????!!!! I walked out and quit
same situation here! My bitch Supervisor signed me up for OT on my days off, I was sick all week and had a note from my dr and she knew i was sick and was signed off work and I was reported as a NCNS and got a call getting chewed out asking where i am. I told them she knew i was sick, my dr signed me off and I will be back Monday. I also told them I have the text messages and the calls on my cell. Monday I go to work, they call me stupid and a lair when I SHOWED THEM MY PHONE! and I was already on a final and they said they will have to talk to HR to see what they can do which you know that is BS. I quit that day and now they are refusing to give me my final check! I am in the process of suing them.

Kennesaw, GA

#107 Jan 16, 2013
Alorica is the worst company I have ever worked at. Theis systems are all jacked up and they try to blame the associates for it. Their pay sucks the start at $9 when i worked there from what i hear it is now 8.50 and they expect you to work two different departments at the same time. I have worked 3 departments since i worked there and receive the same pay. You do not get a raise regardless of how long you been there. They fill your head with lies of promotion but the only way you get that is if you are sleeping with someone in a higher position then you.
Seasonally employed

United States

#108 Mar 28, 2013
As a person who is an entrepreneur and owns my own business, I am pleased to say I have worked for Alorica Seasonally for 3 years! Yes, some management can be uncouth, unprofessional and down right incompetent for the job; but, seriously, what job doesn't have those type of employees. Alorica has never been a career objective, so I use the connections, skills, & pay to fuel my smaller owned business.
Many blessings.

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#109 Mar 28, 2013
DO NOT WORK HERE! It is an AWFUL place to work! PM me for any questions.
Current Aloria Mobile Al

Mobile, AL

#110 Aug 22, 2013
I started quite a long time ago and the training buzz wore off quickly. They present you with "unlimited overtime" because the pay is $9/hr and know there will be no future raises EVER unless you are promoted to compensate for lack of a decent paycheck and then take "unlimited overtime" away - 2nd of all MANAGEMENT SUCKS - dont know anything about taking phone calls or leading people to a decent direction - Then when you hit metrics AND IMPROVE 10 POINTS EACH MONTH, its still not good enough. I have been the top agent for 3 months running. Steadily getting better. I build a rapport with my customer which improves my scores, and then management wants to say DONT STAY ON THE PHONE FOR MORE THAN 15 MIN - well our promise states that we have to ANTICIPATE NEEDs - and when a complicated cx issue arrises, they want us to take care of that in addition to anticipating needs and doing account reveiws. Im sorry but that takes a bit of time. no matter what you do, nothing is good enough. They want to nit-pick you over the most trivial of things. Breaks are 10 minutes. They clock you out without authorization. When you need to use the rest room you have to clock out. And when you are clocked out for over a certain amount they write you up at the end of the month for adherence. I don't lolly-gag and smoke cigarettes outside all day. I'm sorry but I have IBS, I have to take water pills or my legs swoll up which causes me to have to pee frequently. I'm PREGNANT. I have serious health issues and have numerous doctors excuses but its not acceptable. Even with a doctor presenting documentation stating I have health issues that cause me to need the restroom frequently, I still get in trouble. Bonuses are a joke and take 4 months to receive. Floor support is a joke. When help is needed it takes sometimes 15-20 minutes to get even ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from a roamer or TM. I literally had a quality manager sit with me for 3 days y-jacking - poking me in the shoulder saying I wasnt saying things correctly and stated that I should be able to hold two conversations at once (even though our policy states I should give the cx our FULL UNDIVIDED ATTENTION) and then belittle me because I cant list to the customer's issues and coaching at the same time. They say do "what ever it takes to make the customer happy" but then write you up for giving too many credits. Training is a joke in which they hype you up making you think the job will be your ticket to a successful career, and then let you hit production for 2 weeks and let you go for not even getting the opportunity to hit the metric that we dont have control over (WTR - WILLINGNESS TO RECOMMEND) Asking cx's issues and stating "how has your overall experience been since you started service in -insert year here-" and the customer mentionaing a rep screw up that occurred 7 years ago, and because of this your WTR score is going to go down. The management is scrambling because our site is the lowest in AT&T, and because of this they put the pressure on you. Doesnt it speak for yourself when only a handful of people are hitting the metrics (I am hitting ABOVE metric and dont have pressure on me, but this speaks for itself)if only a handful of people are hitting metric, then it must be a problem with management right? Something is going terribly wrong and everyone is scrambling. The whole site is CLUB ALORICA - no professionalism. I shoulda stayed at Wal-Mart
Rusty Shackleford

Colorado Springs, CO

#111 Nov 16, 2013
I worked at alorica for a little over a year. The site I was at worked with Verizon. Which is hard in itself convincing people to continue paying an arm and a leg for service they could elsewhere for a lot less, but it wasn't all that bad. What was terrible was the management at alorica. The genius site director had started enforcing mandatory overtime of 4 hours a week back in January, which continued up to November when I left. If any agent did not get their full 40 hours plus 4 hours of overtime, they were written up. And working overtime wasn't as easy as just staying after or coming in early, you had to "sign" up for the time or it wasn't counted. And most of the time, the available slots for overtime were an hour after my shift ended. So I was expected to sit around for an hour before I got the privilege of working mandatory overtime?? There was no way I was going to go home and come back because I lived half an hour away. Something else absolutely ridiculous, as an "incentive" to do overtime, they would give people cheap toys (hacky sack, slinky, etc) that, in my opinion, came from one of those quarter machines at grocery store... oooo I really want to do the overtime now. I've heard of other companies that reward their top employees with useful things, like Xbox's, tablets, and vehicle. Not alorica, oh no, they decided to be groundbreaking with their dollar store toys.
There was a large portion of managers that was all in a tight group and they all kissed ass to the associate director. I had been trained to become a supervisor but would never become one as I refused to brown-nose to this guy. He would always physically intimidate the employees. Anytime he would come by my desk he would tower over me and make himself seem bigger. It really bothered me and the hair on the back of my neck would stand up whenever he got near. The last team lead I had was ok. He encouraged fun and was goofy, but as soon as a customer demanded a supervisor or you had a question, he was never there. The team I was on perfected the art of de-escalating calls because we didn't have our supervisor and there was no way another supervisor would take the call. That's another thing, 99% of all the team leads, floor support and higher management would act offended for bothering them with a question. I knew a former associate director who openly admitted that management doesn't give a rats ass about their employees. With the very high turnover, what do they care about an employee's well being when they can just as easily be replaced.
When the company was called Ryla, there was an electrical fire in the main part of the building. Everyone could see and smell the smoke coming into the building, several people passed out from smoke inhalation. It wasn't until the fire department came in and forced management to get everyone out of the building. But did we all get to go home?? No. They made us sit outside in the cold for four hours while the fire department did their thing. And here's the best part, they refused to pay is for that time. Something similar happened last year with a forest fire nearby, the police had to come in and force management to let us leave because the area was being evacuated.
All I can say, is that I'm glad to be gone.

O Fallon, MO

#112 Dec 19, 2013
I find that generally speaking the majority of people who bash their employer are horrible employs. Most companies ask you for a few simple things, come to work (most donít then bitch about being broke), do your job as your asked (most donít then bitch when they get termed), and be in dress code (most donít and bitch when they canít dress like trash or look like they just rolled out of bed). Any job has its highs and lows, if it was all happy puppies and rainbows they wouldnít have to pay you now would they? I find that generally speaking the majority of people who bash their employer are horrible employs. Most companies ask you for a few simple things, come to work (most donít then bitch about being broke), do your job as your asked (most donít then bitch when they get termed), and be in dress code (most donít and bitch when they canít dress like trash or look like they just rolled out of bed). Any job has its highs and lows, if it was all happy puppies and rainbows they wouldnít have to pay you now would they?

Athens, OH

#113 Mar 6, 2014
Its a terrible place to work. One is expected to accept any amount of abuse and discrimination hurled upon them from the uneducated,unprofessional, untrained undermanagement. People pour in from Chigago so they can get government housing. Most of the young women there are pregnant and sometimes fights over "baby daddies" arrise right on the floor. They discriminate against people, and don't even think about taking a few hours on Sunday to go to church if you are Chrisitian. CSRs are written up for issues that were caused by the management. When customers ask for a supervisor, the CSRs are told by the supervisors that they must babysit the customer on hold for 35 to 40 minutes. Some Supervisors do not do follow ups. and are guilty of harassment of most workers over 50. Older workers do not get opportunity for advancement and are treated like the dirt (and there is a lot of it) on their filthy floor. Employees from Chicago tear fixtures from the bathroom walls.. Toilets are always overflowing. The break room is never clean. Employees are forced to work mandatory overtime. Management picks certain employees to ridicule, mostly females older than 50. Management lies and think it is okay. CSR's must allow verbal abuse from customers. Managers verbally abuse CSR's and the training is a joke. The parking lot is dangerous and the steps are not shoveled. Cigarette butts line the steps. Not a fit place to work. Bonuses are paid to some and not others for the same quality of work. The pay is $8.50 per hour. No benefits of any kind. 401K is not matched, It they actually paid the bonuses they offer, the pay would be a lot higher. Hours are fudged by personnel. Half hour lunches are made mandatory and sometimes employees will be forced to take a lunch break at 9:00am. Breaks are one ten minute in the morning and one ten minute in the afternoon. If you get lunch at 9:00am hunger and having to pee become a problem as you are written up for any time over ten minutes even if you had to stand in line to pee in the filthy restroom. The time clock is your phone log in. If the phone is not working you get a written warning. One older white female said she was given final written warning (no previous that I know of) for remaining silent after a hysterical customer, who had been transferred to her told her to shut up. She was also not given consideration for promotion even though her work was of the same caliber of the black and male workers who were promoted. After she complained about it the unbelievably cruel harassment began by the management. If you go to work there, pee before you go. The place is a sty. Customers and CSR's are mistreated by management..
Jane doe Tulsa

United States

#114 Jul 23, 2014
Oh my goodness gracious, this is an eye-opener! I have been employed by Alorica for about two months, and never felt like I had job security! I am well educated, and wanted to walk out when they told me that the pay would be $9.50/hr after training, but my circumstances forced me to accept. I have been "coached" four times for things that make absolutely NO sense, and my manager is almost a teenager! All of my QA scores have been 100% or 5 stars, and yet, they continue to write me up for bogus accusations! My hours have recently been changed to 4-10 hour shifts, and I had to go 5 hours without a break. HOW IS THIS LEGAL?!

Las Vegas, NV

#115 Jan 29, 2015
Matt wrote:
The WORST place I've ever worked... what a joke.
I worked there for 2 months in 2009; I hated everything about it and feel sorry for those who are too dumb to get out of there

Tulsa, OK

#116 Mar 3, 2016
shovelhead72 wrote:
<quoted text>Bunch of whiney cry-babies who don't know the meaning of the term 'work ethic'. They should just be glad they HAVE a job, and quit bitching about what they have to do to put food on the table. Customer service beats the shit out of peeling potatoes for 25 bucks a day...
Shut up you stupid right wing c*nt!! YOU do that bullsh*t job day in and day out. That sh*thole called tulsa, has nothing but those jobs, for people that want to work, and not live off their husbands income

United States

#117 Apr 22, 2016
Lizzyintheskywithdiamonds wrote:
<quoted text>
Recruiting can be awful!!! We get people who dont speak english at all, the people who dont shower, people who say I can only tues weds thurs and sat now make it happen. Get real. I want to slap people some days. They come in here on their phones talking loudly and tell me to wait for them to quit having their conversations and then TRY to get a job from ME. shut the heck up and go back to unemployment
Well I'm in the process of getting our of the Marine Corps, I'm trying to find a decent job to support my wife and I. I have all these skills and I want to put them into good use but it's just hard to find employers that understand that I'm 23 and have more real life experience and skills than an average 30 year old. I'm young but at the same time I'm with more than most, I made over $50k yearly and they look at me like I'm crazy to ask for higher positions and decent pay.

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