I'm a 15 year old puerto rican American boy who may be Christian but I think Islam should influence the world.

#1 NICER PEOPLE AND NO ASSHOLES- the majority of my friends are Muslim and they treat me much better than any non Muslim. Infact whenever I try to make friends with a white or black person they begin to hate as soon as they see me but with Muslims they don't judge me based on what I look like.
#2 MUCH LESS CRIME- if you look at the USA, Mexico, south america and parts of non Muslim Africa you could tell that there is a he'll lot of crime, rape,(homosexual) pedophilia in those countries. But In Muslim countries there's almost no crime at that I could live there.
#3 SMARTER PEOPLE- muslims are one of the smartest people on earth and they make learning very simple that Arabic is a peace of cake. And also what pisses me off are atheists saying that just because they don't believe in god that they're smarter than religous people.
#4 LESS CORRUPTION- if you look at westernized countries such as the USA, japan, Europe and south America you can see that in their media it's not very conservative since they support and encourages homosexuality and converting people into atheists and drinking and smoking and abortion and I just think that's sick. I've never heard of a Muslim country promote these things.
#4 BETTER FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT- here in the united states (and in westernized liberal countries) has the most unhealthiest foods ever and it's making people fat. But with Arabic foods such as kebabs are very good tasting and are healthy for you. infact if you go to a Muslim country you would hardly see any fat people except a few.
5# BETTER WOMEN- look at how the women are in America, japan, Europe, south America etc. These women in those countries are major hookers, gold diggers, greedy, cheaters, and unobeying bitches. These women will go out and give a random man a blow job on the street for crying out loud and they can't bother to put a sandwich on a plate once in a while. One of my Muslims friends mother does all the cooking, cleaning, and everything else the husbund tells her to do. My friend says that the wife doesnt have to be obedient to the husbund but he says that alot of muslimized women do. If Islamic teachings influences catholic girls it will make them much more nicer women.

If you have an opinion about this please reply.