2 US warships to dock in Philippines

2 US warships to dock in Philippines

There are 730 comments on the Stars and Stripes story from Dec 29, 2012, titled 2 US warships to dock in Philippines. In it, Stars and Stripes reports that:

Two US warships will dock in Philippine waters on Saturday for a routine port call, the United States Embassy said on Friday.

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Madison, WI

#753 Feb 8, 2013
P.S. to above: Madison Wisc and surrounding areas, may be investiging in drug detecters in schools and other Government and court offices.(CITY STATE AND FEDERAL AND GOVERNEMNT paid jobs)

This way if a teacher, Attorney, Officer, or Judge has drugs on body or on face an hands, the light will detect it and a recipt coems out of drug identification and how much is on the exterior of body for the Immediate arrest and termination of employment and 401K retirement and with arrest your Wlefare and maybe SSI checks. Rendering you a public enemy and only assumeing substadized housinf, shelter life, flop housing, homesteader grant if applicable or church or private donations and charity efforts, WHICH is a good life they have 7 homeless men that make over $25,000 cash a year and up to $60,000 on college graduates garbage annually. RICHER THEN ME I wouldn't give those shit.

Children will be removed and a new orphanage for drug babies and chidlren of arrest to live and assume charity contribution lifestyles as well.

AS FOR US NAVY so any word on a perceptual imagery scan of water facinity or coral locations? IF you sunk it was another unit that needed help, dealing with waters run the scan on sea weed, cociane speeds and LSD COCAINE Speeds of time, THEY ARE THERE and either need help or waiting for ambush. BUT we also have lifeforms every day form galcier melt and hybrid Sperm and ovums of humans and anything are same size and do inseminate each other in the moist humid terrains. SO a life form not on Mainframe yet that was sick form similar of above or digested something could tweak the system and faulter ships data for unknown in territorial scans.

Dad taught me when I was 6 on that years past. He is a great man. Alot to think of though, sad. Wish his headache would never return or tooth girnding but a sat is viewing periodically. F'ers.

The oil recycling purifcations formula that US NAVY patented for him, they purchased it form him as well with interest accoutn, THAT is mine the day of his death in my SSDB, I also have a wish list I have not done my Military surplus, I get 60% off anything my father ordered for me ont he list, MIlitary men get a % off but bring their kids for pick up we all get 60% discount on asking price, it is weaponry and terrain vehicles, BECAUSE our fathers had to be trained and artifical intellegence, we were birthed with it, so when we get the items in hand we are communicated with and told where to manuvuer and target psychically MILITARY ARE GREAT aszes. I got a gentic micro-chip not disimilar to my fathers, we have to deterime if it looks like a freckle or a pimple or boil or cist yet though. Wonder what his trianign was eew I know less then 25% of his 8 year deploy. But it is alot, and with my head injury and the GOD And Military override chamber open went on some wonderful training TV Interactive radio and visual contact and verbal LAGOON is where Laun was birthed a big grey attractive mid aged back in 1970s, he will chamber over ride you and search mind. Beautiful powers. Not for me though, scarey. He throws people with mind as well like molecule man. Interesting species, Middle3ton wisc was built ontop of a military base, our house my father designed was about 28 feet above the roof of their building roofs. My father also took designs of 7 nations houses and buildings, and made the actual welfare buildings in a few nations Us Navy sold his design to house them since nobody in USA would buy them form hium better then our foundations, they are very secure. THAKS Dad for trying. Nobody wants you to be wealthy or popular in USA so USA made all the welfare secters in a few nations richer then your families HURRAY I couldnt stand the headgames of the drug addict drunkin pathetic pukes anyways, I hope those people live long and safe. Put me on the x-mas mail router with $1 each and I can be wealthy too.

Madison, WI

#754 Feb 8, 2013
Mom got stuck on family program from crap as a kid, so the girls had a pack to assist each other from husband that had repute or money. Sad she can be a great inspiring women as well BUT a sorority sister was healous, Diane Reenay and Mom was making to much attention on the ships docks in California singing Kiss me Sailor and a Soriority sister indicated only their frat gets publicity and attentiona nd challenged her.

ANyway, Sandy VOlkey her cousin, asked if her Huisband Micheal BRandt could use Dads blue prints he has ot sold to sell and he would give Dad 60% of peddlesales that he made. He called and said he had a sale, we drove out to LAke Delton and Brandt handed $250 to dad and blue prints returned, he cut off his name on right hand corner and indicated, I HAVE a family, we are not friends I married your wifes cousin and I can't raise my family in AUnt Ethal and Uncle Jr.s all my life and bought a house and furnished it, then he asked us to leave his property so their wouldnt be problems infornt of the kids.

Dad made him wealthy without comprehended the scam, so I talked to Bishop and MAyor of Middleton and they were going to pray for bad health and other insect bites to secure all m oney is in their families Medical epenses to repay a service of GOD to my father.

Now they are all hep and tick infested by prayer. I loved my man friends as a kid.

My sister had death threats, we went to Northside Elementary Angela Drews made over $250,000 by the time she was 9 years old, BUT she never was allowed to enter the science fair, they took 2 boys and a couple girls and they all made $35,000 for 3rd prise and $60,000 for first and rates to keep them funded for sale prices. Angela was pulled form class periodically to assuem work in art and science lab and got paid nothing, the men with guns were from TITLE 1 auditeiing with school district.

I won mini Olympics and $50 at Northside Elementary when I was 8 or 9 years old, I was to be pulled from 4th grade and trasnproted to the highschool to date 10th grade science fair to get them intrested in fathes military and medical tech. I refused they siad that I will pay for the disregard, I was also supposed to be housed on campus for Track frat house that year and I would have Special Olympics traing for my brain injury, I refused, The girl with dirty sex disease,(downs sydrome) Family paid for all promotional funding for the administration, her family pay to set up camps around Olympic perimeters and kill all retards runners. I heard when I was a kid. So I rejected the offer, adn we moved to Alaska shortly after.

I was unlawfully used for psychic seraches and never paid, the men had me investigate Lincoln School by James MAdison PArk, Kidnapped nicely and trasported to University for BODY Part extractions for wealthier family. Killed.

San Francisco, CA

#755 Feb 8, 2013
The mysteries of life...believe it or not...

San Juan, Philippines

#756 Feb 8, 2013
Jaimie wrote:
<quoted text>
Cheaper as well. Paid soley for service when it is rendered on payment plan; after unlawful billing is consoladated out of debt.
Then a bill as $250-$2500 will look more like $25-$250 when it hits your mailbox. If they take it to court, it is consoldated to liability unlawful practice, and you may walk out free of charge.
OR if you work, still check in with MEdicaid to check their rates, you DON'T have to set it up with the welfare office, you can go to the medicaid headqaurters to set up regular or medicaid insurence saves more for free service of virtual total coverage.
Most families regardless 2 incomes coming in get medicaid. Cheaper. Others are embarressed or don't believe they can apply and no network system (friends) that said they could regardless employed or not.
I have 2 children and when I worked I still assumed medicaid. I made in Madison Wisc. Pushing $20,000 a year by myself off 2 full time jobs, and with tips, I recieved probably $26,000 total. CAB fairs took a mean $7000-$10,000 out and baby sitter and their transport assistence took out about equal, I still remained on Substadized housing and didn't give repute much thought at all. Called the police only during violence or witnessing drugs going into a babies poopy diaper.
Oh that reminds me, your children if your not a drug addict but work, or at a bar, or friends have been known to do drugs, its on your CARPET, if the child cunvulsies or shakes, Attention Deficiet, or autistic symptoms, crack, LSD, COcaine on carpet went into the skins fat cells, take to ER for that reason, "MAYBE... Family brought it in on shoes?" They will do scrub down and warming balnkets and potentially run IV if needed or mild tranqs. As if dealing with a nuclear leak victem same treatment to sweat it out the fat cells, then they run a blood draw to see if anything went into blood stream or brian to see where the child is at and what they are seeing and get them on a mild dose of medications for 2 weeks to 2 months only.
If they give the child seizure meds, the child will go brain dead and may die. So never lie.
a soothing chat between 2 professional leeches.

i think brain damage sums it up quite nicely.

Madison, WI

#757 Feb 9, 2013
amc wrote:
<quoted text>
a soothing chat between 2 professional leeches.
i think brain damage sums it up quite nicely.
YES But I don't have Brain Damage, I did and it is healing fine THANKS> My surgery went well FBI has the phone call from MEriter Hospital in 1977 or 1978 via Brain Surgery to Thorstad Chevorlete; to my father.

They loved the crap out of me and thought I was the bravest little girl dude a father could ever want. My chamber for memorizationa dn numerics was at 17% function and they feared in 2 weeks total shut down and gang green in brain(death); since I was the only confirmed Traumatic BRain Injury in state of Wisconsin at that time an dthe youngest I was able to get lazer surgery to reignite the nerve that routes electrical current to the defected brain chamber. Should of heard the phone call, I was going to fight the Dr it took I believe 7 or 12 pulses to get it back to 70 someodd % functioning. We had to do 2 intervals, as a result I almost flipped th emedical tray and went to punch the Dr in the face to see how he would like it. I was only 8.

Other people in TBI clinics were self conditioned head injuries thinking they had TBI and got houses and cars and money to live off of for life. THey werent TBI and so the Drs could nto use lazer surgery and had to cut the whole head apart to find out how they hypnotised themself or kids READ TMI on topic and self conditioned brain to shut down their own functioning. Now they are parapalegic vegetables as a result LIED for attention for the sympathy gifts.

I'm doing fine:TBI, mild retardation, ADD, developmentally Disabled and was supposed to be retired in 1977 for life at 8 years old. I was their recovery story, some books on topic is my stories although they did not disclose their source. I survived the ultimate chamebr prior to death, the LIBRARY, I challenge APOLLO to HIde and SEEK and he could never find me, He shown light through the wall holes and blew the whole library up an dlifted me thru a protal in the sky and dropped me back home. DROPPED me, I was the falling child form the sky and walked home. Although everyone acts like a paralel intent Familiars looked the same so I stayed, probably laying in a coma in their reality though or dead by now. They hate me.

Madison, WI

#758 Feb 9, 2013
Oh you meant the drug babies, and addicts, Yes brain death is the correct term for them.

Power Enrgy drinks, virtual shot drinks, and coffee drinkers, their kids were birthed in alter brain chambers had a couple more then 250 mutated in new braion formation and the DRS are removing the kids of those recreational drinks as a reuslt NOT LEGAL FOR SALE IN USA FDA did not authorize safe for consumption yet.

So the kids do WELL with crack addict recoverers. They "SEE the same reality and body termporments are the same speed, Not addicts the recovered crack addicts. Wonder what the crank kids births look like, Lets see a celebirties kid, COcaine with LSD ask Jack Nicolson, Larry Petty told me, x lover in NBA

Madison, WI

#759 Feb 9, 2013
OH crank, If you don't want to bother JAck, Ask any Veteran from 1960s airforce on US TICONDERGOA and look at their kids. They had something not disimilar injected to equlibrilize their blody and blood levels for the flight at light speeds to a regularity temporment.

US Airfoce asks me all the time what they did to their unit, Dad was a sailor on board vessle in Debriefing, Blue Printing, Psycho-command of other nations religions debriefs, search and rescue recognaennces missions, missle and bomb loader, mechanics technicians units. Love that man.

He was on SanFransiscos front page in 1963 with my mom. Diane Reenay was a rival of my mothers. ISn't Mom the cutest thing. Dad and her could dance so well together. SIng, crafts, speed, Blue prints, for houses, apts, building, landscAping, cooking, many things, good damn team they made, complications waS FroM JEALOUS SOCIETY GOSSIP.
He spent sometime mining shares in under water manmade caves.. Wet suit and all, he wass not the guppy or mino or tadpole unit Nor flounder but close to flounder GOOD MAN he found 250,000$ in gold in 1st 2 months in less then 7 days of the 2 months. He made jewelry with it and a big golden Sodder spool for crafting. all moms wedding ring and other jewelry he did himself. Pretty and real intellent parents I was happy at most times.

Madison, WI

#760 Feb 9, 2013
PPS don't forget to cehck computer mainframe and do cellular interrogations of ships metal heating and water units.

Volcanic debris lifeforms are not registered in language data base and mutate to our air above water pressure, raipd growth to death but damamges brain chambers and speed and creates like still animation hiccup in time factors apply.. NEMO had same complications, the smaller the lifeforms were the deadlier then a giant squid. Appears liek balck tar when the molecuoles take a formation unity, not disimalr to the Moses and pharoah story. Anything you were thinking working on or scares you, it was survival of the fittest for those microbugs. Do research on the micro-spiders NOVA has that segment researched, they buiild the crystal prisms, and unite their civilizations. Drove the dinosaurs to suicde as well as they communiciate inner and outer space, and manipulate star concellations. DOn't research unless you have a daily touch bas ein house Dr worse then hypnosis and self-conditioning, and meditation. Always have the top professional and only 10 minutes and never daily. Sam,e reason they ask not to pray alone at home only with supervision of church and only what they suggest with your lifestyle so be very honest of all so they can from a gradual 2 year income and creativity and growth and developemnt potential; for you.

Everything is research into 2500 years into future with Atlantis vaults exposed, THNKS US NAVY! Even on your mock replica golden CLONE one how is the godly drones? Brianwashed into fictiscious power of mind that is insane, artifial intellence eletrically inserted and medicated and transmitted from a sperm cell INSANE indeed.

I WAS ONE of the souls that they found for my father, IN Atlantis registries. Vatican and Government was WRONG on my 250 life ordience odf soul and spirit quest. US NAVY can proff it. They got pissed and Dad said I amase him. He used to ask me to remember when I once was and I got to see so much of me. I was a diety to a Genie (I used to call him DUngeon and created a spider webb with the sky light molecule and dragged him to a dungeon and did a cellular detoxification with him. I died in that time, fell off a cliff on a rock below.

Richmond, Canada

#761 Feb 15, 2013
lol wrote:
<quoted text>
I really don't need to argue about whose better ...what is important, you're happy with your insurance and you believe in your medical system....
It's still the Doctors who get the final say on my medical treatment, not the insurance.
if the Insurance company refuses to pay for the treatment the Doctor dosent get to do it... even if he wants too...

the doctor may get the final say in what the Insurance company allows him to do...

Madison, WI

#763 Feb 15, 2013
The insurence COmpanies have a 2 year hold on policies for FBI investigations to determine if you were a part of that persons life and if they hold a debt, If not your policy is paid on after you pay the deceased bills off.

Plus if you have no legal right to policies by private or bank,(MAYOR PAUL SOGLIN TOOK ONE OUT ON ME AND BISHJOP FOR A ASSASINATION IN THE 1970s Ballweg, Otto, Brinkman BEckwith Krehl and Frank families and inlaws)These people paid CATSASS and CW EXPRESS to kill and rape me at Yesturdays bar(off Sherman when it was open) so all their policies could pay off

60% of the policy payoff they owe since date of crime, AND 12% interest for each year crime was left unfounded or unidicted.

MILITARY got mandated sperm removed Airforce and Navy or th emen would be put in military person and they would take it. Its because of the injection aka vitamins.

Each sperm has a policy on the father EACH "SPERM CELL" over a million dollars to one. In many nations.( over 1 million sperm cells in a ejaculation session.) All sperm cells hold a policy on their fathers life as well.

So that would make all service men especially serving 1960s US Ticonderoga airforce and Navy tycoon to this day when their lawsuit comes thru.

Becuase they were taught and had to be injected for brain chamebrs temporment of light speeds and speed of sound. US NAVY "AS LIKE" cocaine and seaweed from a particular nation: US AIRFORCE their body Guards during service time, "as like" cocaine mixed with a non-hallucinigen acid. Look like yellow aliens with no privates running naked real fast funny.

Injections and trianing is faultered over time, so they track the Navy and Airforce kids life, for their military surplus wish list pick ups. They can be harmed we hold those chambers and trianing thru birth as a sperm in their body so they flip us on when we are with the equiptment or in a facinity. We have our fathers training missions in life. BUT WE DONT get lawsuit or paid, via satts every day.

They need help. They were hurt, but dont have a cut or dismembered body part it is brian complications, heart and blood speed pemporment, Mideical retirment and no civilan dr can proof so no purple heart for technical term brain death/ chemical imbalance or Post traumatic shock half of them were blasted out a torpedo shoot and need shock blast treatments idiots.

No Doctor in Wisconsin can fix that I was brithed in clear zone and they did unlawful gambling an dbids at surgeon general medical review groups for gambling on charts and test results and xrays, and I dont get paid F YOU ALL

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