Oradea: Romania's picturesque "Little...

Oradea: Romania's picturesque "Little Paris"

There are 129 comments on the BalkanInsight.com story from Jun 15, 2011, titled Oradea: Romania's picturesque "Little Paris". In it, BalkanInsight.com reports that:

Though only a quick journey from Belgrade, the Romanian city of Oradea is still far enough away to make you feel like you're on holiday.

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#23 Nov 8, 2011
Szatmari=Ohio bozgor.

Painesville, OH

#24 Nov 8, 2011
stay out of the discussion olah, you don't have the mental capacity


#25 Nov 8, 2011
Szatmari=hungypsy/bozgor cry me a river.

Painesville, OH

#26 Nov 8, 2011
you prove it every time you type...brainless brown olah

Brasov, Romania

#28 Nov 9, 2011
Szatmari wrote:
Lena, do you have comprehension problems? Who said Italy wasn't known until 1036? Latin was the official language of most European countries during the middle ages including Hungary, in fact Hungary was the first non-Italian country to introduce the Renaisance. There was no Roumania at that time and vlachs had no written language or country, when you finally did develop one in the 1500s it was cyrillic. So any documents such as "Gesta" written in Latin with LATIN letters has no connection with vlachs or roumanians.
BTW...Gesta Hungarorum is filled with inaccuracies, modern scholars dismiss it. Learn some real history, not just roumanian BS/propaganda
You really know ZERO history.Laonic Chalcocondil,Flavio Biondo,Papa Pius...it`s sad.
Sorry i won`t even bother from now on to answer your questions(because you`re not giving me any informations,just what you`d like to think about history).
Dorogaya moya,poka!

Painesville, OH

#29 Nov 9, 2011
You talk about ZERO...aha you don't even make a lick of sense. First learn to speak english, then come back and try talking to me.


#30 Nov 9, 2011
Szatmari,who is the b0zg0r? yes you are the bozor! Ria ria!

Elgin, IL

#31 Nov 19, 2011
Piszta Bacsi da cu cracii si omoara toti gindacii,yoy !!!
Szatmari wrote:
You talk about ZERO...aha you don't even make a lick of sense. First learn to speak english, then come back and try talking to me.

Dallas, TX

#33 Aug 16, 2013
What a perfect example, these exchanges of insults, of the tribalism that allowed the Hapsburgs to rule for so long - th old "divide and conquer" philosophy of governance. Also helps to explain the insanity in Kosovo and the rest of old Yugoslavia not so long ago.
I'm 3/4 Hungarian and 1/4 Transylvanian; my uncle was a banker in Oradea before WWII, and my mother's family lived in Arad. I grew up in the U.S., where we have our own variations of the "us versus them" mind set. I've been to both Hungary and Roumania and was happy to be both places.
My hope is that we can somehow grow or educate ourselves away from exclusively ethnocentric thinking, begin to find our commonalities, and leave my new grandson some kind of decent world where he'll be able to one day research his heritage and appreciate all who contributed to it.

Since: Sep 11

Location hidden

#34 Aug 17, 2013
I'm 3/4 Hungarian and 1/4 Transylvanian ???

Transylvanian isn't a nationality.

Please show respect and use NAGYVARAD


Since: Sep 12

In your mind.

#35 Aug 17, 2013
I dont see any insults from Szatmari on this thread.

He simply pointed out facts and figures, while the Vlachs went rabid with mindless attacks and lies.

Coogee, Australia

#36 Dec 5, 2013
...stai putin ca a mea e mai mare...nu nu mai lata!!!
live and let live buddy.

Reghin, Romania

#37 Dec 5, 2013
Shitmari is a person whom never set foot in Romania, at least not in the last 15-20 years and for that respect, also most probably not in the whole Eastern Europe, Germany included.

I know this for a fact, since he/she did not have a clue what such a common appearance as "Kaufland" was.

Funny or rather sad enough, he/she is a psychopatic character, who lived recently in the USA. I do not think he/she there either now. I was recently yet again to Cleveland, but he/she never showed up.

Most probably, he/she is yet another crackpot from some some small and isolated cottage in the Netherlands or God knows from which country outside Europe. It is shown also by his/her "quickly pseudo-learned Hungarian" and pseudo-knowledge about current Europe issues, entirely based on Topix forum threads and on quickly and bad made Google searches.

But this thread was about Oradea, a beautiful Romanian town.
True European

Craiova, Romania

#38 Dec 6, 2013

0:21 - Szatmari
0:57 - His boyfriend

2. The majority of the Romanian villages and towns in Transilvania/Romania are sitting on Roman, Dacian or Romano-Dacian ancient villages and towns and they are inhabited by the Romanians by then, some of them with insignificant interruptions because of the barbarian invasions that fallowed the fall of the Roman Empire.
The Hungarians and the Germans had ”founded” towns on Roman, Daco-Romanian/ or Proto-Romanians ancient towns and villages and these occupants did not allow the Romanians to live in these ”new” towns for many centuries (due the fact that they would completely disapear in the Romanian Sea, shortly, so...no democracy and justice then, just an evil and barbarian,brutal force, enveloped in fancy clothes and disgusting laws).
However, the Romanians constitued always the majority in Transilvania, more numerous than the invaders, and the Romanians have been always formed the real majority that was surrounded always - until today and today - the Hungarian and the German towns, making them look like some small islands, lost in the middle of the sea.
There is nothing left to prove. All is done.
Almost 100% from our old/ancient villages and towns from Romania(including Transilvania) have a proven continuity from ancient times and they are sitting on their ancestors homes.
The Slavs, the Germans, the Hungarians came in with their influences, good or bad, but they were new comers and all you see around stands up for this affirmations: the language, the toponimy, the hydronimy, the customs, the clothes, the music,all of these Romanian and the impracticality of the Hungarians, of the Germans, of the Slavs - such huge and powerful peoples of invaders/migrators - in their failed attempt of their huge efforts , for centuries, of removing the native people (stronger ; MAI TARI IN PULA SI mai SANATOSI LA CAP)= the DACIAN-ROMAN PEOPLE.
If the Hungarians or the Germans or the Slavs have their ancient tombs somewhere, well, those graves are NOT HERE. OUR BONES , YES.
Do not ever forget that you, all these invaders and migrators, live in Romania/this European South-East , but your Adam and Eve are not here.
My Adam and Eve are here and i walk and sleep on their bones and their bones are my roots.
Sante radacini de oase.
Look for your bones in other places, guys, if you want to know your history and if you want to find your grand-grand...fathers bones.
Until then, take it in consideration, that you ate and eat our soil, your food is feed by our bones and blood and you eat it. So, you become Romanian, if you like it.
If you dont like it , this soil is poison for you and will make you mad, so, better move away from it and feed your body with some other soil.
Your slav and hungarian peoples already grew up too much, fed by our people. You all got more numerous and got strenght, transforming Romanians in slavs and Hungarian and Germans for centuries. Gods will.
Now leave us alone and say ”Thank you, God”...

Since: Sep 11

Location hidden

#39 Dec 6, 2013
No written or architectural evidence bears witness to the presence of "proto-Romanians" the lands north of the Danube during the millennium after Rome's withdrawal from Dacia.
United States Library of Congress
Research Division

This is all that needs to be said...
romanian, just a backward insignificant made up ethnicity of balkanian refugees.
The (two posters) above...100% uneducated fags

Since: May 11

Reghin, Romania

#40 Dec 6, 2013
You can post whatever stupidity, you have never lived in Romania, neither in Hungary, neither in Europe. So, I give a shit on your proctology-related posting.


Since: Sep 11

Location hidden

#41 Dec 6, 2013
Keep speculating you dumb swarthy wallach refugee..you'll never know where I'm at, but I know where you live.
In a way you're right, I've never lived in romania...Szekelyfold isn't romania.

When did I ever say I didn't know what Kaufland was?
how ironic, you balkan savages sold all the Germans now they've come back to feed you dirty people.

Nagyvarad will always be a Magyar city...my postings and history has proven it...facts always win out against you inept propagandists..eat my shi t again olah.
True European

Craiova, Romania

#42 Dec 6, 2013
Stupid man, Kaufland is a supermarket and there you can find at a small scale an european common market, with products from many european countries, including Romania.
Nothing special, just a common market.
You are so stupid and rude, like you come now from a forrest.

Since: May 11

Reghin, Romania

#43 Dec 6, 2013
Shitmari, you know who you are and where you are from. You have nothing to do with this land. You are just a crackpot looking for scandal on Internet, hiding even your own location.

You never come meeting me in Cleveland two years ago, even if you yourself gave me the place, now you refuse coming to Reghin.

If you are such a guy that wipes out everybody, why don't you show up here? Oh, I see because you are maybe on some other continent, somewhere... and you cannot afford getting out of the door and this is your only resort, a stupid forum where you can curse people and propagate all sorts of stupidities.

Once more this thread is about a town in Romania, not about your mental deviation. Pitty the others give you attention and they do not treat you as you would deserve: by ignoring you.
In the end, you are allowed to write whatever cr.ap, it is a free world.

Since: Sep 11

Location hidden

#44 Dec 6, 2013
This thread is about a Hungarian town that was given to you szorostalpu fcks..it has nothing to do with romania or romanians, except your occupation of it.

Hey dickwad...Kaufland is a German hypermarket headquartered in GERMANY!

No ones wiping anyone out..you balkan savages will do it to yourselves, and I'll sit back and watch.
Szeklerland will get territorial autonomy then independence..no hidden agenda, there I said it...and you fear it, you fear the territorial demise of your country.
Your population is shrinking, 250,000 per yr. 20 yrs. you'll be a patchwork of enclaves...hehe fututi pizda mati!

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