Israeli government knows that Obama's and Hillary's empty promises to the great friendship to Israel of the Obama regime are bunch of lies to the Jewish people that Obama was able to fool time and again while collaborating with the Jihadist Iranian regime and his terrorists and with the Mozlem Brother regimes that seek the destruction of Israel. Hillary has nothing to offer the Israelis that Obama threw under the bus and any solidarity to the isolated Israel by American pro-Iranian regime are not appreciated. The America hating Egyptians threw shoes and tomatoes at Hillary and called her Monica Lewinsky to show their frustration of the hypocrite lying Regime of Obama that turned Egypt into anarchy and chaos. In Israel PM Netanyahu granted subsidy to the legal settlement to show Hillary that her betrayal of Israel and stabbing Israel in the back in her loyal support of the Iranian regime and protecting his nuke plants from potential Israeli attack. Obama made sure that no US ally will ever trust America hypocrite and deceitful regime again including Israel and Egypt that used to be American best allies in the Middle East. Israel proved the legality of Jerusalem and the Jewish cities of the Holyland that never belonged to the Syrian originated PLO terrorists that were never a people in their short history of 110 years.