John Lynch, Jamaica Tourist Board

John Lynch, Jamaica Tourist Board

There are 7 comments on the Travel Weekly story from Jun 7, 2010, titled John Lynch, Jamaica Tourist Board. In it, Travel Weekly reports that:

Jamaica's tourism community moved quickly to counter the negative impact on tourism from the recent violence in several slum sections of West Kingston.

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Tom in Lazybrook

United States

#1 Jun 7, 2010
Jamaica's new ad campaign..."Civil War in the South", Gang Violence in the East, and violent homophobia and street crime everywhere else!

Manchester, UK

#2 Jun 23, 2010
People are slowly dismissing you as a bigot, a spreader of slanderous and false comments against Jamaica and its people, and an idiot. How do you feel now, Tom? Nobody is interested in joining your forums of hate anymore. I applaud these people...maybe now it will force you to abandon your ignorant ways and give up slandering Jamaica and their people, and force you to get the help you so desperately need!
Tom in Lazybrook

Salvisa, KY

#3 Jun 23, 2010
Blacktigershark wrote:
People are slowly dismissing you as a bigot, a spreader of slanderous and false comments against Jamaica and its people, and an idiot. How do you feel now, Tom? Nobody is interested in joining your forums of hate anymore. I applaud these people...maybe now it will force you to abandon your ignorant ways and give up slandering Jamaica and their people, and force you to get the help you so desperately need!
Slander is a big word.

Where was the prosecution and arrest of the rioters at Monarch Pharmacy?

Why aren't there any openly Gay members of JFLAG?

Why does the Gay supportive Church (the MCC) feel that they have to worship in private?

Why are there no Gay bars or Gay identified businesses on the island?

What is the status of the law that criminalizes all Gay people? What are the prospects of repeal?

What is the prosecution status of the murderers of STeve Harvey and Nokia Cowan?

How can Gay people go to the police if the JCF are virtually all a bunch of homophobes who would rather verbally abuse Gay people for being criminals under J'can law than actualy do something about the violence.

Please name one Gay supportive statement made in the Jamaican parliament by any elected member.

If you deny the problem or discount it, you are part of the problem down there.

Again, when Gay Jamaicans can go on TV and openly support Gay rights and not be fired from their jobs, be expelled for the homes or not have to worry about security, then we will stand down.

Till then, we will ask the above questions and give J'ca credit for its' love of its sodomy law, its homophobia that is so bad that there isn't ONE SINGLE GAY PERSON ON THE ENTIRE ISLAND that can be publically identified as Gay and speak for his community without being killed or forced into exile (LIKE EVERY SINGLE OTHER GAY JAMAICAN THAT HAS EVER BEEN A PUBLIC ADVOCATE FOR GAY RIGHTS IN JAMAICA. Every. Last. One.).

I encourage you to educate yourself and start encouraging others to speak up LOUDLY about 1) admitting there is a problem 2) and publically advocating resolutions that provide Gay J'cans with equal rights and freedom from violence. Otherwise you'll get to hear from us.

And buddy, while I'm all over topix, and I personally shut down about 10 million dollars worth of corporate sponsorship of dancehall, I'm not the one you need to worry about. The Gay perspective of Jamaica is getting out into the wider community. And while 51% of Americans might vote against Gay marriage, Jamaica's legacy of lynching and its' pride in keeping Gay people in their place using violence or repugnant laws is not something that more than 10% of the US population will support. And in Europe...not even that many.

You might want to ask the hundreds of thousands of Gay Jamaican exiles in the US, the UK, Canada, and the EU what J'ca can do to resolve the problem. Because they ARE TALKING.

Swansea, UK

#4 Jun 23, 2010
Here's another big word for you, Tom...Exaggeration...and another one for you,...Falsified. When you are guilty of doing these things, Tom, you hurt the movement you are seeking to have move forward, Tom, because you are unfairly discriminating against ALL Jamaicans for what A FEW Jamaicans are doing IN SMALL PARTS of Jamaica to Jamaican homosexuals. You obviously have a lot of reading to do, so read my prior posts that you have conveniently ignored while spreading your lies about Jamaica.

I want you to know something, and I have said it from the start...I support the cohabitation of homosexuals in Jamaica. I may not like homosexuality, given that I'm heterosexual, and I may not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, however, I have no problem with homosexuals living in Jamaica (the more men that want to be attracted to men, the more women I will have to pick from, as long as these women don't pick each other and leave me high and dry in the dust!). The problem I have WITH YOU, Tom, is that you are sabotaging an honourable movement by conjuring up and scripting exaggerated facts and lies about Jamaicans and Jamaica as a whole, which not only hurts the heterosexual Jamaicans that you wish to see prosecuted for their hatred against homosexuals, but it also hurts heterosexual Jamaicans that either have no stance, are tolerant of, or support homosexuals in Jamaica (of which is THE MAJORITY of the population of Jamaica), much less hurting the homosexuals in Jamaica, which would mean that the freaky bars that they frequent would be torched in many areas of the country (including the ones that CURRENTLY exist in St. Elizabeth, where they can have sex OPENLY on stage), there would be witchhunts for homosexuals in Jamaica that have businesses, and homosexuals, of whom were previously out and about in Jamaica (most parts of Jamaica) strutting freely about, would have to hide because of fear of an imminent backlash...all because one individual chose to spread lies about ALL Jamaicans and condemn them all! That would be you, Tom...and is that what you want to be prominently known for, when it is all said and done? Do you think you would be able to hold your head up high when things unravel in this fashion, because you decided not only to hold on to your lies, but to indoctrinate others with your slanderous drivel? Do you think that the many gay rights activist groups that are trying to fight for gay rights all over the world would be giving you a high five if they knew of what you did and how it affected all the people in Jamaica, including the homosexual Jamaicans that you claim that you are trying to protect? Give it a rest, Tom, and when you are truly on board for the cause like I am, contribute real solutions for change, not your fraudulent facts of Jamaica...nobody is taking these lies seriously anymore...I figured I'd let you know, considering that it seems like you are clueless...
Tom in Lazybrook

Rushville, IN

#5 Jun 23, 2010

Bruce Golding is speaking for your country. Buju, and Beenie are speaking for your country.

The law is still on the books.

Where is the support for repeal of the law?

Why not contact JFLAG and ask them why not a single member of their organization feels safe going on TV by name and advocating their case.

Once Jamaican Gays can speak for themselves without fear, we will stand down.

Till then, you get to listen to us. And Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc. And they are much closer to my interpretation of J'ca than yours. And the world is listening to them.
Tom in Lazybrook

Rushville, IN

#6 Jun 23, 2010
Please provde the name of one J'can MP that supports Gay rights and is publically on the record as doing so.

Swansea, UK

#7 Jun 24, 2010
You're not providing solutions, are circling back to the the same statements that I have long acknowledged, and have commented on. Rather than seeing that I already acknowledge that the government has put in place laws that are meant to oppress homosexuals, you continue to fight me about your fallacies about Jamaica. You want sympathy from ALL Jamaicans, well start embracing THE TRUTH, not conjured up facts and convoluted lies like you are doing right now, Tom, and slandering them off as fact, bigot!

You are asking where the support for the repeal of these oppressive laws are...well the support is right here, Tom, with a Jamaican dissident like myself, starts with one, and it grows to a few, and more come out, and more have courage, and momentum grows from the facts and positivity love has to offer from carrying out an honest and a justifiable campaign against oppressive laws. When you fabricate facts, and accuse ALL Jamaicans of crimes and acts that they are not guilty of, then you lose that momentum, because many of them will say, "I don't condone or participate in acts of genocide against homosexuals, and there is no documented genocide that is occurring against homosexuals in our country. I can't believe Tom would discriminate against me like that...I just want to ignore Tom and everything that he is about, for as far as I can see, there are no acts of genocide happening in my area, and I'm not a bigot...F^ck Tom and his lies...his campaign can suck it"...Is this what you want to accomplish, Tom, or do you want to start approaching this issue with real facts, and reach out to the millions of Jamaicans that either need to be made aware, or are in support of your cause in the first place, Tom? It is your choice to make Tom...and I suggest you answer THIS question that I have asked you, considering that you have issues with answering any other questions that I have asked you to answer in the past...Do you want to either gain the support of Jamaicans that are apathetic to your cause, and can be brought on board to support your cause to eradicate the hatred against homosexuals in Jamaica, or do you want to continue to falsely and unfairly chastise ALL Jamaicans of unfounded acts of genocide against homosexuals, and not only lose the interest of Jamaicans that should be made aware of your cause, but of the Jamaicans that are already aware and sympathetic to your cause, Tom? It is a question that requires your immediate answer, and if you do not answer THIS question, it will be taken as you wish to alienate and discriminate against ALL Jamaicans, thus losing the interest and support of ALL the Jamaicans that were on board with your campaign to abolish ruthless laws and hate crimes against homosexual Jamaicans. Is that what you want, Tom? We will see, won't we, Tom???!!!

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