Canada diplomaticly has been in the pocket in policy with the New World Order once it joined North American Security and Prosperity Agreement and Nafta.

Canada is still the Queens holdings whether they know it or like it or not and will be one of the last to suffer austerity now raping European countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy.

But dumber than a nightstick are they to pile onto Iran in lock step with the rest of the planned breakup of the mideast. Each nation being brought down was planned to be so back in the 1992 era under the "Project for a New American Century' document. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran all in order of bring down. Hostilities against IRan can and will lead to a nuclear exchange should push come to shove. Really STUPID!

Iran has been a civilization for thousands of years. Canada as with the US and Isreal are only recent comers and huge trouble makers.