Good luck to the parents fighting the closure of Mary Immaculate Catholic High school. Glasgow people have been fighting the same kind of problem and formed the Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign (SOS) in response to the council's proposal to close 25 primaries and nurseries. Over the last number of years quite a few other schools have already been closed in Glasgow and now in addition to the 22 out of 25 schools they have voted to close it has emerged that another 34 schools are being earmarked for closure. But parents are fighting on nonetheless. So far they have had numerous demonstrations and rallies, have occupied school buildings and even a school roof (See ) They are prepared to physically obstruct the closures if necessary. Glasgow has always been a solid Labour voting city but now the parents are disgusted with the contempt that the council obviously has for them and are warning Labour not to be complacent at the next election as they will be actively campaigning against them if the Labour council pushes ahead with its plans to close the schools.