Tighter U.S. border security rules ki...

Tighter U.S. border security rules kicking in

There are 14 comments on the National Post story from Jun 1, 2009, titled Tighter U.S. border security rules kicking in. In it, National Post reports that:

The days when Canadians could flash their birth certificates and be waved on into the United States end Monday as new document and identity rules kick in along the world's longest undefended border.

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“we attempt to Clean Up Stories”

Since: Jun 09


#1 Jun 4, 2009
Cross Border Water Issues too

Official Media Release
Site 41-Simcoe County

> There will be a tractor protest today at 11.00 A.M. at Site 41. The community residents and farming community were furious after hearing the Environment Minister on Goldhawk Fight Back 740. a.m. last Friday.
> How can the Minister of the Environment say Site 41 is good science? Its quite obvious that The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario has his doubts about putting a landfill in such a sensitive area and has reported this repeatedly to the MOE asking for a complete review, Maude Barlowe Water Advisor for the United Nations has raised her concerns with the Council of Canadians, Ontario Nature, Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture feel thier concerns have not been addressed and the Ministry of the Environment should never have approved the Permit to Take Water.
> Initially the landfill project was rejected after a 70-day environmental assessment hearing in 1989. However, the government intervened and overturned the decision through an Order in Council.
> We also would like to support the Native community for their efforts to save all of our Water. The First Nations Anishinabe people would have preferred this last month to be tucked in there beds instead out in the weather demostrating at Site 41. They are out demonstrating how important our water resources are and for this we will be always truly grateful. There peaceful protest began on May 7th, 2009.
> Come out and join the protest!


Cornwall, Canada

#2 Jun 4, 2009
It is very interesting to see Americans and Canadians travel with a passport to visit each other, this is a big change in the history.... While Europe countries are opening doors to each other , we seems to close those doors to each other.....I guess we need to have better security, but ....we could easily have different driving licences in Canada...for example, The green ones for Canadian citizens , red ones for permanent residents and yellow ones for the other people like refugees , visitors etc , and everything would be very straight when crossing the border to Usa, American would see who is Canadian or permanent resident just by checking the driving licence ..... Anyway, welcome to passports!

“we attempt to Clean Up Stories”

Since: Jun 09


#3 Jun 7, 2009
MNN Yes, Iroquois Diplomacy at Akwesasne

MNN. June 3, 2009. Canada has always known that we were against
putting guns in the hands of the border guards in the middle of our
community. The US and Canada have abandoned their border checkpoints at
Cornwall Island in the St. Lawrence River. The New York State Police
and Cornwall City Police have closed down the bridges. We can�t easily
get on or off the island or go about our normal lives. In fact we are

Canada created propaganda against us to provoke a confrontation and then
an assault. Then the guns were to be put into the middle of our
community. We think other indigenous communities might be next. Prime
Minister Harper just announced a policy that he was going to generously
fund those Indigenous who cooperate with resource development and
extraction. The rest of us will just have to sink or swim.

We are being isolated on the island. Our trade and commerce with each
other is being deliberately crushed. This is having a dire impact on
our ability to feed our families.

About $100 million worth of construction is planned around Cornwall and
on the island for a humongous international commercial transport depot.
We would never approve this.

Respondents around us think that the customs facility should be moved
off Cornwall Island. Others think a joint Canada-U.S. customs
facility should be built on the south side. People on the US side like
to have guns to control and scare people. Canadians generally don�t the
same necessity for them. Those CBSA guards who are being given guns
have made it clear that they don�t like us. They are dangerous.

Both the US and Canada have set up tribal and band councils in our
communities. In this case these councils have turned out to be loyal to
us. Canada would like to bull doze an agreement with them. They
refuse to sign any agreement because they know how it will hurt us and
our families. This issue has brought everybody together.

We are standing together against our oppressors. Their idea of
cooperation is to co-opt our so-called leaders. When Champlain first
met us, he shot our Royaner and Otiyaner without any questions asked.
In 2009 these bullets never disconnected us from our land.

The Two Row Wampum agreement is being violated. There are two paths
that shall never cross. In any negotiation the colonists would have to
be truthful and honorable with us.

“we attempt to Clean Up Stories”

Since: Jun 09


#4 Jun 7, 2009
Canada�s battleship diplomacy is intimidation with the threat of
military deployment. They have put an embargo on us to starve us out
and make us surrender. This approach will not lead to a lasting
settlement. Canada wrongly thinks they can only use force and threats.
After 500 years we�ve never violated who we are. They don�t want to sit
down with us. They are afraid to see our full valid legal position that
we never surrendered our sovereignty or identity on Great Turtle Island.

Armed force is building up and to make us give in. Slimy Canada is
provoking the stalemate on behalf of their international bankster
bosses. Their hired public relations guns are creating the myth that we
are dangerous. Racial taunts, assaults and interrogation of our youth,
some as young as 18 months old by the guards, have escalated.

We are a communal people and have no leaders. We have to consult each
other and everyone. Secret agreements are forbidden and cannot be
supported by us. When we are threatened, there can be no negotiation.
The British knew this. This was the blueprint for the Royal
Proclamation of 1763 and all treaties on Great Turtle Island.

We never jump into negotiations. We always went for a long lasting
agreement which would stand for hundreds of years. We made sure both
sides understood each others position. Sometimes we said nothing for
weeks or months at a time. Then we talk. Otherwise negotiations are

Every time these invaders came to us, they had guns or something to take
our lives. In Akwesasne, there is nothing to negotiate. To put the
guns to our heads or not to put the guns to our heads, is the question
before the colonists. Threats of force are being hurled to make us give
up freedom and our land in order to stop them from harassing or killing

Our neighbors agree with us. The US and Canada created this
demilitarized zone that we are caught in. They can open it or keep it
closed. The guns issue is a cover. Canada�s institutions and para
military organizations have been infiltrated. Canada wants to cut the
Mohawk Nation down to size because we are standing up against the US

Our question is when will the colonists become human beings? If you
can�t talk fairly with us, you should immediately return everything you
took from us? You should take your guns, leave us alone and stop trying
to be like violent Americans?

top hat

Cornwall, Canada

#5 Feb 18, 2010
do not need it.

Cornwall, Canada

#7 Feb 18, 2010
ice gang

Halifax, Canada

#8 Feb 18, 2010
This is great, this will teach those Americans that we can keep them out if we want to, more passports, more visas, more I.D. more restrictions, this will keep those gun-totin' corn-likker swillin Gringos south of the border makin' fun of us cute Canadaland people. Gee I can hardly wait to get to Minot, North Dakota for my holidays.
curious family

United States

#9 Mar 4, 2010
i'm an american. i've heard that canada is a good place to live. nice people, clean environment, and free health care. is this true? me and my family want to get away from all this drug and violence crap in the usa. can you tell us about canada, anything about it?
curious family

United States

#10 Mar 4, 2010
i'm an american. can anyone tell me if its true that canada is a good place to live? we've heard many good things such as nice people, clean environment, and free health care. we like to get away from all this drug and violence crap in usa. can anyone tell us anything about canada?
curious family

United States

#11 Mar 4, 2010
sorry didn't mean to post twice.

“we attempt to Clean Up Stories”

Since: Jun 09


#12 Mar 15, 2010
NASA featuring Tom Waits "Spacious Thoughts" (video by Flourescent Hill)

Full story: boingboing.net

N.A.S.A. feat. Tom Waits + Kool Keith: "Spacious Thoughts" By Xeni Jardin ... "great god almighty could it get any more awesome?" Check out the very cool music video by Fluorescent Hill (and awesome animator Johanne Ste-Marie!)


Ottawa, Canada

#14 Mar 19, 2014
canuckers are very ungrateful and racist towards natives they got off the boat fresh from the queens crotch then proceeded to exterminate all kinds of wild life then they put natives in concentration camps that are still in use this very day. now when a native tries to hunt, a lot of white people get mad at us . we didnt ask you to come here and put up imaginary lines in the name of a king or queen nor did we want all the free food exterminated out of existence . everything on this planet was created for free and for all equelly. stupid ass europeeings allowed their cowardice from king/queens tax goons over take the free gifts creation provided for all
@ curious family

Calgary, Canada

#15 Mar 19, 2014
Start new

Tampa, FL

#16 Feb 6, 2015
Olive told me that Canada is like the us.so I hopped a freight and stopped in hope for 2 months at this woman's house and we were into each other.next she is screaming and I got deported back to the states.at midnight you can walk across the border past the guards and dogs and wrap up with a blanket and hitch a ride to hope so some chick takes care of you.beautiful town.vancouver had crabs and lice in the bus station bathroom sink i told the cop.down the street druggies were on one block with the cops watching.we were in china town.i was hangin out with olive and a cross dresser and we lost each other.i had strange travels.peace man!

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