Durham, NC

#521 Aug 31, 2009
Hotel Maid,
What would your advise be for me to get caught while staying only one night??


#522 Sep 1, 2009
I have just started working in a hotel in Birmingham, id rather not say which one. This is my second week and walked in on my first naked guy.

I had knocked and called out "Hello" so I guess he must have heard me.

Bit of a disapointment really as he was a bit on the large size and his manhood was hidden by all the rolls of fat.

Not so sure I want to see anymore.

United States

#523 Sep 1, 2009
sorry to hear that Claire, that would probably turn most anyone off to the idea of walking in on someone naked. Hopefully if there is a next time it will be a little more exciting. I am sorry it wasn't me, i think you would have been a lot more turned on, as i would have too.

London, UK

#524 Sep 1, 2009
Claire, I posted message 459. You didn't say if you think you may enjoy it if it happend again. How would you feel if it happed like my time?
Is it best to do it this way or would you prefer seeing someone with a h***on?
I don't think I'd do it that way as it seems a bit pervy lol

Toronto, Canada

#525 Sep 1, 2009
I had a weird experience that fits into this category. I was visiting Las Vegas and stayed out way too late and the next morning was sleeping it off in my room. The night before I had come back to my room alone but really wishing I had some female companionship. The next morning I thought my dreams were coming true, I woke up to a female voice saying I should wake up so I wouldn't waste my day in Vegas. I was groggy and started talking a little about staying out late and so forth then I realized I was uncovered and had a bad case of morning wood. As I woke up more, I noticed that I was uncovered and a maid was in my room looking at me and smiling. I freaked out and pulled up my covers. She turned and left suddenly. Later I wondered if she had been in there to rob me or if she was wanting me to get up so she could finish her shift. After reading this forum, I probably should have just played it cool and started stroking.. LOL.... oh well live and learn right?

Oklahoma City, OK

#526 Sep 1, 2009
I am a housekeeper in a large dallas hotel. When I clean the suite i do it in the nude so I can get the pool and spa area. The mgr does not care, however, about two years ago the tenant walked in (the room was marked checked out in error). The guy was great about it and invited me to stay over if I wanted. I did that night and we are still together, as long as his wife does not find out.

Durham, NC

#527 Sep 1, 2009
I don't get many opportunities to stay in motels. I will be able to stay this monday night, but for only one night. I could run up and down the parking lot naked but that might look obvious. lol. Are there any ideas other than "accidentally" leaving the curtains open a little?? Staying only one night has me stumped.

North Melbourne, Australia

#528 Sep 2, 2009
I've had this problem with staying one night at a hotel. Here's what I did.

Luckily, I was travelling a lot for work and stayed at this particular hotel regularly so got familiar with the hotel staff and their routines. Quite often on the evening shift there would be two female staff on the front desk (a couple of them quite cute too). There were several of them, all working different shifts. After midnight they'd normally have male staff on for the night shift, so I had to try things before that.

What I did was check into my room, and then pretend that the TV guide for the TV was missing (or some other thing which you normally need), or that the hot water wasn't working, etc. I'd call the front desk and they'd say they'd come up in a 10-15 minutes to bring me a TV guide or look at the water, etc.

If I'd asked for a TV guide, I'd dive through the shower quickly and wrap a towel around myself before they arrived. When they came to the door with the TV guide, I pretended I'd just got out of the shower, and when they handed me the TV guide I'd let the towel 'slip' so that I was standing there nude. I tried it a few times with different staff - one time the girl just giggled; one stared a lot and smiled; and one just looked me in the eye and pretended it didn't happen!

When I told them the hot water wasn't working, I'd just need to strip off and wrap a towel around myself. I'd let it drop to the floor at an appropriate moment while they were investigating. They'd just smile and turn their backs while I put the towel back around myself, although I did have one female staff member try to take another glance.

I had to be careful which of the female staff I did this in front of, so that they didn't cotton on to what I was up to. Seemed to work quite well.
AC Maid

United States

#529 Sep 2, 2009
Staying only one night it will be hard to get "caught" We know who is leaving each day and watch for that to occur. To be honest I do not enjoy walking in on someone. I am way too busy to be played with like that and it really can be stressful afterward as yo are trying to run though the scenario to be sure it was not my fault. The times that I have were in my opinion staged for me to see. I am very careful to announce my visit and listen for the shower. Sorry to throw cold water on you guys but if I see the guy later I make sure everyone else knows what he did and that it was on purpose - they are red faced all the way out of the building. Then I get a thrill that way.

Durham, NC

#530 Sep 2, 2009
Mike, Thank you. Those are good ideas.

AC Maid, Thank you. I will look forward to the other maids knowing the story. It will be interesting to see if they make up a reason to talk to me.
AC Maid

United States

#531 Sep 3, 2009
Hoohaa333 wrote:
Mike, Thank you. Those are good ideas.
AC Maid, Thank you. I will look forward to the other maids knowing the story. It will be interesting to see if they make up a reason to talk to me.
My point was that we have radios and can communicate. No one will say anything to you - just laugh to themselves about you. However everyone including front desk people will be aware of it.

I think this fantasy is in the mind of the man that they somehow control their humiliation - but they don't once someone is aware of them. Most of us think they are weird and have a problem. No housekeeping staff would encourage it and all of us know when it has happened. The funny thing is while I think the man gets off on this we just laugh at him - not at what he looks like but the fact that he needs to have us see him.

Definitely not sexy!


#532 Sep 3, 2009
AC Maid, what *would* be sexy for you? Had any experience that excited you or thought was sexy?
For example, hearing a couple in the hotel have sex, was sexy for you?

Durham, NC

#533 Sep 4, 2009
AC Maid,
It sounds to me like everyone wins. What is the problem you are trying to explain??

Waco, TX

#534 Sep 5, 2009
This happened a long time ago. It was my birthday and my wife asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted a night of sex. I booked a room at a local hotel that was known for having XXX movies in the room. We checked in got undressed and put a movie on the tube. She was a not yet in the mood so I called the bar and asked if they did room service. The young lady said they did but it was cash only and a minimum order of twenty dollars. I said fine and ordered a couple of double scotches. Not long after there was a knock at the door and I opened it sporting a stiff dick. I asked her to come in but she refused so leaving the door open I went back into the room and got a twenty plus a ten for the tip. She was pretty stiff until she saw the thirty and then I got a smile and a quick check of my equipment.
After the drinks and another movie things were picking up and I decided to order a snack from room service. I told the wife it was her turn to answer the door but she jumped back into bed but only pulled the sheet up the her waist this time. The last time it went up to her chin. In a while there was another knock and I opened it nude and sporting a hard-on. This time it was a guy and when I opened the door he came right in without being asked. He set up the food on the table, all the while checking out my wife's magnificent boobs. She seemed ok with that and in fact she seemed to enjoy the attention. All the while the door was open with a few guests walking by peeping in as they went. When he left there was a large bulge in his pants and a smile on his face.
We made love several times after eating and watching a couple more movies. I decided to order another round of drinks. This time the bar maid came right in and set the glasses down on the table. She was friendly now and asked me if my erection ever went down. From behind me I heard the wife say "not until I say it can go down". I was surprised because she had gone to the bathroom when I called the bar and I expected her to stay under cover while the bar maid was in the room. There she was naked as I was carrying on a conversation with the girl. When the barmaid went to go I realized the door had been open the entire time and we had a small gathering outside. Two couples had been watching but left as soon as the maid did. By then we were both pretty hot and proceeded to go back to having sex. A fine birthday it was.
caught naked

Youngstown, OH

#535 Sep 6, 2009
i was recently in a downtown san francisco hotel and slept in. I sleep nude, planned to cut my hair (using clippers) and then shower and head out for another exciting day. I got up about 10 or so and went to the restroom to cut my hair. So while i'm cutting my hair i thought i heard a knock at the door but dismissed it bcuz i figured someone would have had to be banging on the door for me to hear a knock over those clippers buzzing in my ear (oh, and the tv's on too). So with a small mirror in one hand to see reflection, clippers in other hand, and my back to the bathroom mirror which means i'm standing directly in front of the opening to the bathroom and i'm only 3' from the opening (and this is a really small room)... anyway, before i realize it there's a woman standing directly in front of me. And as much as i like to get caught naked, that was one of the scariest moments I ever had. I almost cut my ear off with my clippers and my heart almost burst out of my chest... and while i didnt have a hard on, it was still early and wasnt flacid; but u could rest assured I was after she left i had become flaccid and then excited again after realizing i'd truly been caught naked off guard... i'm just lucky i didn't attmept to cover myself after being caught bcuz i had clippers in one hand and a small mirror (one with the edges unprotected) in the other... that could have made for a really bad experience...

but i was in such shock i dont even remember if she said anything, i just remember her walking out and me wishing that had been a little less of a scary experience...
caught naked

United States

#536 Sep 6, 2009
on the morning that i was checking out of a hotel, i grabbed a shower before leaving, but whiel i was in the shower a maid knock on my door and i actually left the shower to answer the door sans towel and all lathered up, when the maid saw i was naked she said she'd come back later, she was prolly in her late 40s... about an hour later as i was checking out, one of the other, younger, staff members actually said to me, while smiling, that she wish she had walked in on me... and i left the hotel thinking, i wish you had as well...
caught naked

United States

#537 Sep 6, 2009
another story: i was in a hostel recently and when i checked in i was the only occupant of the room... i went to shower and as i was walking back to the room, wearing only a towel, there was a female walking ahead of me and heading in the same direction as my room... i remember thinking, "wouldn't it be weird if she was going to my room"... then lo and behold, she stopped in front of my room, our room, opened the door and went inside... so i figured i'd play it cool... i went inside and quickly got over the wierd feeling, introduced myself, then sat on my bed and began to moisturize... and yes, i opened the towel so that i was in full view of her while we continued conversing all the while she was going thru her things before eventually climbing into the bunk above me to go to sleep...

oddly enough i didn't get fully hard but engorged enough for her to realize i was excited... that was a really cool experience, but she only stayed one night before going couchsurfing...


#538 Sep 7, 2009
I was taking a long, hot bath while my daughters and friends were downstairs. The bathroom door was locked, so i felt safe and secure. The radio was playing outside on the landing. I was suddenly awoken by the door opening and two of the visiting teens entering where I was. They had rolled their t-shirts up to expose lower areas of their boobs, and also had the zips on their jeans undone - revealing their panties. I was stunned and beforee I could ask what was going on, theyShut the door, looked at each other and grinned before removing their t-shirts (neither had a bra on). I was getting hard - thankfully under the soapy bubbles. however one of the girls then pulled her jeans and panties down - this was too much for me and I lifted my hips out of the soap and let them see my (now hard) cock. Everything felt so surreal, dangerous, naughty but also exciting. I'd h placed my hands under my bum, and the next thing was the naked girl brushed her fingers up my thighs and slightly touched my cock. I was unable to think straight. I just told her it felt gorgeous, and not to stop. I said that someone might come (I did a few minutes later though!), they said all the others were in the back garden. The other girl was touching herself through her panties and holding her tiny tit with the other hand. this girl now put her entire hand round my cock and slowly wanked it. I was unable to last long and told her I ws cumming. She just kept wanking me and stared at the cum as it came out onto my chest and stomach. Washing her hands, the two of them just grinned at me and then left the bathroom.
caught naked

Youngstown, OH

#539 Sep 7, 2009
Wow! Thats the hottest post i've read on this forum and i've read every single one... idk how many other guys came after reading this but i absolutely couldn't hold back... i was imagining myself as that guy... that was so HOT! Damn!
Jennifer wrote:
While I was working last week, I had an interesting event come up that I figured you would all enjoy. I was on the third floor cleaning and we were working solo since it was a Tuesday and we weren't as busy.........
I finished the bed as quick as I could, got some soap from my cart, and went into the bathroom, telling him I had his soap for him. He didn't stick his arm out of the shower, he just said "can you hand it to me please?". I was unsure of how to go about it, but I decided this guy obviously wasn't too shy, so I pulled back the curtain a few feet and handed the soap towards him. He was rinsing his hair under the shower and had his eyes closed, but he must have heard the curtain open. He didn't move, and I stood there staring at his erection for a few seconds before he opened his eyes and took the soap. He said thank you, and I told him it was no problem, and I set about cleaning the bathroom. A few minutes later I heard him shut off the shower, and I didn't move, continuing to clean and curious if he'd step out of the shower with me there. He opened the curtain and he was not only still hard, but now he was stroking himself and looking at me in the mirror.
I turned around and looked down at him stroking himself and I laughed and said "you really aren't very modest, are you?" He half heartedly apologized, and asked if I minded. I said no, go ahead, and finish if you want. It seemed to only take 30 seconds or so before he was shooting cum all over his hand.
I have to admit, I was turned on at this point, but my heart was pounding. This was completely not cool and if I got caught I'd be in big trouble. I knew I should leave. He asked if I'd hand him a tissue to clean himself up with, and I said "sure" and then instead of handing him the tissue, I leaned forward and took his penis in my hand, wiping it quickly around with the tissue, and cleaning off his fingers. He just stared at me, and I grinned at him. I said "thanks for the show" and started to leave. He asked if I wanted to stay, and I told him I couldn't, and then he asked for my number. I told him thank you, but no, and then I left.
It was one of the hottest things I've ever come across while cleaning rooms at work!

San Leandro, CA

#540 Sep 8, 2009
Anybody with experience recommend a Las Vegas Strip-location hotel with cute & happy maids

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