Orlando, FL

#439 Jun 13, 2009
Part 2:

On the second morning, I heard people going past and saw that it was 2 attractive college-age blondes. I was ready, naked with my cock-strap on and was as hard as a rock again, so quickly opened the door to grab the paper. I was hoping one of the girls would turn around and get a flash, but they didn't...but - they had a guy with them who was following behind! This good-looking black dude stared at me as he went past. I quickly closed the door and heard him bust up laughing - then he told the girls what he had seen! My room was close to the elevators so I could listen to them talking while they waited - he said something like "this dude had a big hard on, getting his paper right there!" And the girls were asking him stuff like "Really? He was naked?" Gave them a good laugh!

Then it was time to try room service again, so I ordered a pot of coffee. Guess who comes this time? The asian girl who had seen me nude getting the paper the day before. I again had just boxers on when I answered the door, and she clearly recognized me. She came in but pulled the door stop thingy over so the door wouldn't completely shut and latch. We chatted a bit and she definitely seemed a bit more nervous than the black girl from the day before, but she wasn't rushing off either. She asked how I liked the hotel, and the room. I told her it was beautiful and I asked her if she would take a few pictures of me with my camera. She said no, they weren't supposed to do anything like that. I tried to hand her the camera and told her I'd give her $20...she hesitated a bit while looking at my straining hard on and said no again and left. In retrospect I wish I had pushed a little more and handed her the $20, I think she would have done it for the money. Then after a few pics I would have offered her more to take pics of me nude...maybe next time...I am going back there in a couple of weeks!

Orlando, FL

#440 Jun 13, 2009
Part 1:(for some reason my posts are messed up and Part 2 showed up first...this is the first part of my experience!)

I just had some great experiences while staying at an upscale hotel in Mid-Town Atlanta last week. I was there on business for 2 nights, and did some flashing in the hallway and had some fun with room service.

One thing I almost always do in the morning in a hotel is put on my cock ring (it is a red leather strap with snaps on it) and stroke myself until I'm rock hard and ready to explode, and then open the door to get the paper. If there is no one there, I'll pick up the paper and stand with the door open looking at it for a bit hoping for someone to come by. I always try to see if there is any movement under the doors of the rooms across from me too - someday I hope someone will look through their peephole to get a show (and hopefully not report me).

On the first morning in Atlanta I heard someone in the hall and checked the peephole (I never just pop out; don't want to flash kids). A cute young asian girl was pushing a room service tray past. She went to the next room down, and when I heard her coming out of that room I opened my door and grabbed the paper as she walked past. We looked straight at each other and she smiled as she went past. As she was pushing the cart pretty fast I don't think she had time to really react; she had just sensed someone was in that doorway and was already smiling when she saw me. I'm sure I was quite a site as it was very bright lighting, cock hard, head shiny, and red leather cock strap on.

Well that was hot and I wanted more, so I called room service and ordered a pot of coffee, hoping to get the same girl. I didn't answer the door naked of course, but only had a thin, tight pair of boxers on that prominently showed off my hard-on. It wasn't the same girl though, instead it was a cute, somewhat plump young black girl. She came in past me and set the tray on the desk. I noticed that she let the door shut and latch behind her. I chatted with her for a bit, told her she smelled good (very sexy perfume). She seemed at ease with me even though my hard-on was prominently pointing at her and bobbing and throbbing through my shorts. After she left I realized I had forgot to tip her (really). I called room service and asked them to send her back. She didn't come in but I gave her $5 standing in the doorway, still showing off my hard-on under my shorts.

Needless to say I came very quickly after she left.


#441 Jun 13, 2009
erie, do you think that was sexy to the maid (at all)?

Melbourne, FL

#442 Jun 13, 2009
Hi Herb,
I don't think it was sexy to the Asian girl, but I think it may have been to the Black girl. I don't think either one was upset by the incidents at all though.

New Canaan, CT

#443 Jun 15, 2009
Eerie, dude I think your open-the-door-for-newspaper trick is not bad and sort of gives a legit sounding excuse BUT that cock ring or whatever is a dead giveaway IMO. Take that off.

Also, personally, I think you scared the **** out of those two girls who came into your room. Have fun!

Houston, TX

#444 Jun 19, 2009
you all are pervs....most of you do it on purpose. well, I guess that's the most action you can get LOL

Matawan, NJ

#445 Jun 21, 2009
I too love being caught. One tip -- when you get caught and they are leaving -- ask them 'im sorry - excuse me -- do you have any soap - i ran out'-- they come back -- and get to see again -- usually i then throw on a robe open but they see it again. Its great fun and a great way to start the day...

Dont forget that most good hotels have turn down service!

I too would *love* to see the videos

Satellite Provider

#446 Jun 21, 2009
my wife is 24, opened the door for a room service waiter naked in cape town. she liked it
horn dog

Staten Island, NY

#447 Jun 22, 2009
This is huge fantasy of mine too. Something about a woman doing domestic work that really turns me on. Good thing I can't afford a maind because I know I would get into trouble :)

United States

#448 Jun 22, 2009
Rented a room in orlando Fl from this lady. one time a week she had two house cleaner come in and clean. The day they came I stayed home from work I waited for them to get there In my room I got nude when I heard them I walked out naked they got in eye full. They talked to me while I stood there nude they both was from mexico. As they started to clean I got a hard on they kept talking to me and looking at my hard on. I almost had to run to my room to and take care of my shelf. What a turn-on. they were there for two hours.

Converse, TX

#449 Jun 22, 2009
You can see real videos like this on

xtube . com

just search for "hotel maid"

There are dozens on there.

Ipswich, UK

#450 Jun 22, 2009
I once had a maid who cleaned my house, she was reasonable attractive and I used to love getting caught by her. I would get naked, get a hard on and wait for her to arrive. The first time she saw me she got quite a shock and didnít know what to do with herself, I apologised and she was ok. This happened a couple more times until she started finding it quite funny and became more relaxed about it. She then used to chat to me as I walked around her as she did the cleaning with my knob fully up and throbbing. Eventually I took it to a whole new level and asked if she minded if I came in front of her. Admittedly I had to increase her hourly rate but once a week she would let me sit in front of her as she did the ironing and I would slowly stoke myself and cum whilst she watched me squeeze every last drop out!. It was the ultimate but unfortunately I have never found another maid like her.

New Canaan, CT

#451 Jun 22, 2009
Jimbxxx, see I think that scenario falls outside what this thread is about. Most here are trying to make it appear accidental but you just standing there with a rock hard dick every damn time your maid comes in for a scheduled visit makes it something totally different.

Atlanta, GA

#452 Jun 22, 2009
Hey Ben thanks for the tip - some good vids on xtube indeed!

Orange Springs, FL

#453 Jun 24, 2009
Didn't sound like too bad of a story to me.
Fred wrote:
Jimbxxx, see I think that scenario falls outside what this thread is about. Most here are trying to make it appear accidental but you just standing there with a rock hard dick every damn time your maid comes in for a scheduled visit makes it something totally different.

United States

#454 Jun 29, 2009
I was traveling once in Florida and had a similar experience to what you all are talking about. I thought it was a unique experience at the time, but from the length of this thread, I see it wasnít. I like to wake up in the morning by going for a run, especially when traveling. I had just finished a 5 mile run, and got back up to my hotel room. I was doing some push-ups and sit-ups to cool down from the run when housekeeping knocked at the door. I was still sweating a lot as it was the middle of the summer in Florida, so I had my shirt off and just my running shorts on. I told housekeeping just a minute and went and opened the door. The housekeeper was a Hispanic woman, who looked like she was in her 30ís. She looked at my sweaty chest and shorts and smiled asking if my room needed cleaning. I told her yes and held the door open for her to come in. I asked if it was alright if I continue my work-out while she cleaned and she said that was ok. So as I do a few more sets of sit-ups and push-ups I see her glancing over at me and smiling. She was pretty attractive and as she was bending over the bed I could see down her blouse as the top few buttons were not buttoned. I started to get an erection thinking about her over the bed like that. After I completed my last set I got up to get some water and my erection was really pushing my shorts out in front. I looked over at the maid to see if she was looking and see that she was staring right at it. I smiled back at her and asked if she needed some help with the room as she had stopped working. She shakes her head and says no, but I go over and helped her with the bed anyway, my cock leading the way. I asked her some idle questions as I helped her finish making the bed, all the time staring down her shirt at her great breasts. She saw me looking and smiled even bigger than before. After helping her with the bed I asked if she would mind if I take a shower. She smiled and said she had to clean the bathroom. I told her that was ok, I will be quick. So I take off my running shorts in the bathroom, my dick is still pretty hard and I got in the shower. The shower had clear glass doors. After I had the shower on for a minute or so, the maid came in to the bathroom ready to clean, she walks in the door and stands there staring at me with the water streaming down me. She smiled and said, can I clean in here. I couldnít believe she came into the bathroom, but it was great and my dick instantly shot to full attention. She noticed this too. It was painfully erect and I had to squeeze it to let off some the tension. She watched my hand go over to my cock, and she walked further into the bathroom to start cleaning. She watched me in the mirror above the sink as she started cleaning the sink. Watching her, watching me was a huge turn on and I started cleaning myself. She finished cleaning the sink and turned around. Then I noticed she had unbuttoned her shirt. Her bra and breasts looked great. As she bent over to start cleaning the toilet, I noticed just how great her breasts really were. I somehow managed to finish showering without cumming. She looked at me as I opened the door, my dick red from the hot water, stimulation, and rubbing. I asked her if she could hand me a towel and as she handed it over she rested it down on my dick, squeezing it gently. Thatís when things went bad, as her walkie-talkie went off, the person on the other end of the line asked her where she was, she said she was still cleaning a room, and they told her she needed to finish now, and go to another room as there was an emergency. As she buttoned up her shirt, she apologized. She looked down at my naked body before leaving one more time and then I was left along with a severely swollen penis. It was the best of times and the worst of times. After that success, I had to try it again.

Loughborough, UK

#455 Jun 30, 2009
These experiences are great but does anyone have any videos they could share? I'd love to see some maid reactions

Las Vegas, NV

#456 Jul 1, 2009
I had and awesome experience that I have repeated a couple of times. My wife and I have a wonderful relation and we love to be nude all the time. No shame.
While vacationing in Mexico staying at a nice hotel, I was in the middle of doin the thing with the wife when there was a knock at the door. I looked at her and she looked at me like who is going to the door. I was thinking this would be a great opportunity to show myself if it was a good looking chick. I just pulled out of the wife and rushed to the door with my rock hard boner. I opened the door and peeked around the door. It was the house keeping chick. She asked if we needed anything. I said yes, we could take some towels. As she handed me the towels I opened the door and stepped in the door way and excepted the towels. I stood there with her staring at my rock hard boner. She was definalty surprised and started to smile. I stood there as to pause and think of something else we need so she could continue to star. I told her to wait and I would get her the dirty towels. I left the door open and collected a couple of the dirty towels and returned to the opened door. I was even more excited as she star and stumble for words to respond. This was awesome. I shut the door and went back and told my wife what I had just experienced and it made my wife very excited. I was back in my wife going at it for another 5min when there was another knock at the door. I was kind of worried that it was maybe the boss. I peeked through the door spy hole and say 5 maids standing outside the door. I opened the and peeked around the opening, again with a rock hard boner. The same maid ask me if there was anything else that I may need. I was didn't know what to say, but I had to think of something so I could have a excuse to show my boner to all these maids. Obviously, this was a set up so the other maids could see what I had done the first time. I finally said I need some wash clothes. Being they did not understand me, I opened the door and exposed my self while I tried to explain to her using my hands. My boner was loving this. Getting the attention of 5 maids staring right at my boner. I finally had to go get a wash cloth to show her what I was needing. When I returned, I saw they were speaking quietly in spanish and makeing me stand there before they found some wash clothes on the cart and handed them to me.
After this was all done, I returned to taking care of my wife and told what had just happened. She said she watched the whole thing from around the corner.
Since then, we have traveled to Mexico many times and played this same game. I also decided to tip them very well to make sure they continued to please us during our stay.

Norwich, UK

#457 Jul 7, 2009
I was in a burgling a hotel room and had to hide dehind the curtains when the maid cam in, she quickly dusted and emptied the bin, then laid on the bed flicking through the magazines that were left on the bedside cupboard, as she read she started to play with herself, I was amazed and as i watched i started to masturbate too, i managed to climax just as she did... great fun.. messy curtains... (if you were the maid in room 317 at the grand in brighton uk... thanks)
At hotel now

Houston, TX

#458 Jul 10, 2009
Hey I am at a hotel right now and would love to get caught. Recommendations???

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