Sydney, Australia

#23 Apr 2, 2008
I've wandered naked from my hotel room down to the drinks machine on my floor (to buy a bottle of soft drink) late one night. A lady in her 30s walked past me. She just grinned and kept walking!

While I was waiting for the lift one morning, I saw a woman open her hotel room door totally nude, bend down and pick the newspaper up, smile at me and go back in!

The stories must be endless of what hotel staff must have seen.

Email me at mikeinchch@hotmail.com if you have any stories to share.

Brooklyn, NY

#24 Apr 9, 2008
Where can u find these VIDEOS!!?!?!

Brooklyn, NY

#26 Apr 11, 2008
Nice.....good call...funny. any others?


#27 Apr 16, 2008
It seems this forum is all about closet exhibitionism. However, most of you are pretty harmless guys just looking for a bit of fun while feeling lonely, traveling without your family. You certainly are quite different from the flashers in overcoats infesting our deserted parks, parking lots and subways. Another major difference is that you don’t do it when minors are around.
My story started out in a very similar fashion but has progressed to a much more satisfactory stage. I am currently in Dubai for a project that should take around 6 months and our company thought it is more economical to have me stay at a guest house than in a hotel.
The first thing I did after checking in was to check out the housekeeping staff. It’s a team of 2 girls from India and 1 from Philipines. Their supervisor is a young Lebanese who is doing her diploma in Hotel Management from Dubai University. The next thing was to find out about their duty-hours. Well, it suits my sleeping habits perfectly because they do their cleaning around 6 every morning and I have always an early riser.
You can imagine my excitement the first morning when I lay in bed completely naked waiting for the knock on the door. Sure enough, punctually at 6, there was a soft knock which I didn’t answer. I faced away from the door, so that when the maid came in she would be able to see my butt from the side, and held my breath. I could hear the door knob turn and the maid’s footstep inside the room. It might have been the semi-darkness in the room to which she had to adjust or it might have been the time to recover from the shock that delayed her barely audible gasp of ‘Oooee maa!’
This was the defining moment, I knew. How would she react? I pretended to be asleep while praying fervently for her to take it sportingly. Well, my worries vanished quickly when I heard her chuckling softly to herself. Was it the Filipina who had come or was it one of the Indians? There was no way to tell as I had my face buried in the pillow. I was dying to see the expression on her face, whoever it was, but I told myself that I had to be patient.


#28 Apr 16, 2008
The maid, meanwhile, had switched on the light after closing the door. I could feel her eyes on my naked butt and was beginning to get an erection. Then I heard her going about her cleaning routine mutterring something to herself in what sounded like Malayali.‘So it is one of those Indian girls’, I told myself.
When I heard her going into the toilet, I took the opportunity to turn onto my back. My erection sprung to full freedom but I kept my eyes closed.‘You are about to see the most wonderful sight of your young life, my sweet lady’, I said to myself as I waited for her to come out.
The squeal of surprise, which ended my agonizing wait, was loud enough to allow me to open my eyes (as if startled awake). There she was, standing four feet away from my feet, staring directly at my full glory with her hands clasped over her mouth. I pretended to be embarrassed and made a futile attempt to hide my erection with one hand while sitting up with my knees drawn in.‘Hello, didn’t hear you come in!’
‘Good morning, Sir. I disturb you?’ said Sunita (she is from the South Indian state of Kerala, in case you are interested), barely concealing her smile.
‘No, no, it’s okay, as long as you don’t mind me being without my clothes.’
‘Oh! I don’t mind at all, Sir’, she said and I could see that she wasn’t lying.
‘Well, that’s a relief!’ I said, lying down again and closing my eyes. I put my hands below my head and let Sunita ogle to her heart’s content.
She continued cleaning the room, taking - what seemed to me - her own sweet time. I don’t have the words to describe my feelings as I lay there fully aware that the young, brown girl within touching distance was having almost as good a time as I was. The situation was beginning to take an embarrassing (Yes, I have my modesty, too!) turn when I felt my precum dribbling out from the glans, when she finished cleaning.
Switching off the light, she opened the door, said ‘Bye Sir, have a good day’ and left the room, shutting it softly behind her. I let the pleasurable feeling soak through me for few more minutes, then got up and went to the toilet. What followed was one of briefest sessions of jerking off in my life, because I was close to orgasm anyway.
That was the story started.


#29 Apr 16, 2008
The second day.
6 a.m.: Me, face down on the bed, as usual. The door opened, and it was me who was in for a surprise this time as I heard two ... no wait a second ... three voices. Have they all come this time?
Sunita was clearly the leader (though, at 18, she is the youngest. Marbe, the Filipina is 24 and Meena is 22 and the only one of the 3 who is married, as I have subsequently come to know) and was in her elements as she presented her prize guest to the other two. And she WAS making quite an impression as was evident from all the gasps and giggling that was going on.‘Wait till you see his ... It’s really BIG!’ and more giggling ensued.
I had them eating from my hands and decided not to oblige them: I was not going to turn this time. It was they who had to make the next move.
They finished cleaning the room and the toilet (it didn’t take long as they were 3 today) but were still not leaving. I could tell they were getting impatient. Needless to say that my penis had blown to its maximum by this time and its was actually getting quite painful, crushed below my body. The fact that I starting to feel the need to piss made matters more delicate
‘Why don’t we turn him over?’ Marbe said in a loud whisper.
Two more minutes of mutual expectation followed. Then I felt a warm hand on my buttock. She was pushing me!‘I just have to see who this is’. I rolled over, dutifully and opened my eyes. It was Meena and from the look in her face it was plain that she was feeling it had been worth the wait. Marbe looked the same and Sunita was clearly proud of her treaure.
‘Good morning, ladies. What time is it?’


#30 Apr 16, 2008
That flustered them up a bit.
‘Good morning, Sir’, said Meena who had taken jumped back,‘It is ... 6 ... no ...’
‘Good morning, Sir’ This was Marbe.‘... 7 o clock ... no watch, Sir’
‘Good morning, Sir. It is 6:35’, Sunita said, looking at my watch on the bedside table. I didn’t really blame the other two; they couldn’t take their eyes off me, blessed souls.
‘Gee, that’s late! I have to reach office early today’, I said bounding up from the bed.‘Have you finished cleaning the toilet’
‘Yes, Sir’, said Marbe.
‘Good. Excuse me, ladies’, I said, running into the toilet.
The toilet door remained open as I stood over the WC and started to release my aching bladder. Marbe could see me fully from where she was standing and I turned towards her a little to provide her an even better view.
‘Sir ...’, Sunita thrust her head around the door. I should have known that she was not going to miss out on this.
‘Yes?’ I had to egg her on as she paused, her eyes transfixed on the golden shower.
‘... Sir, I can switch on light please? We not finished cleaning this room, Sir.’
‘Go ahead.’
I finished peeing, moved closer to where Marbe still stood smiling, and proceeded to lather my face in front of the shaving mirror, which was near the toilet door,. My penis was sticking out at a right angle and the balls had shrunk tightly. I managed to give myself a reasonably smooth shave without cutting myself, despite my hands trembling with excitement.
Sunita and Meena also appeared in front of the door, after what they judged was a decent period of time. Sunita pulled Marbe by her arm,‘Come, Marbe, don’t stand wasting time.’ But she was in no hurry to leave either and all three of them stood there, drinking me in with their eyes. It was almost a minute before Meena said,‘Bye Sir, have a good day’ and moved away.
‘‘Bye Sir, have a good day’ echoed the other two as they withdrew reluctantly.
I felt drained with excitement and had to take a cold shower to cool myself down.


#32 Apr 16, 2008
Well, three more weeks have passed after that and we are nearing the end of the month. That means Akmalia, the Lebanese girl supervising Sunita, Meena and Marbe is expected to visit the guest house any morning now along with them. She does that every month to check whether her staff is doing their job properly.
The past three weeks have each been more satisfying than the previous one, with the girls getting bolder gradually. Marbe has overcome her initial shyness and has helped me take a bath once by soaping my penis and buttock. That was at the end of the second week. Meena, who like any other newly-wed, still thinks her husband is the most adorable creature on earth, admitted grudgingly that I do have a bigger ‘danda’. That was at the end of the third week. Sunita, ever the explorer of uncharted seas, gave me a real clean shave at the end of the fourth week. She thinks I look ‘VERY cute’ now with my pubic hair shaved off, but when I asked her if she wanted me to help her look ‘VERY cute’ also, she just laughed and said,‘Naughty Sir’.
Infact all the three maids are perfectly happy to go on ogling me while I walk around my room, and twice to the dining room at the end of the corridor, naked. Meena has returned the compliment by stripping naked for me yesterday and going about her work in the buff. But that is about all.
Hopefully, things will become more exciting when Akmalia turns up on her surprise visit.

Brooklyn, NY

#33 Apr 16, 2008
Videos of this stuff people?!

London, UK

#34 Apr 21, 2008
This is a slight variation - but I was once in a hotel spa (in France actually) and the guy I was with got out of the sauna, wrapped a towel around himself and opened the spa door to ask the receptionist to bring in a cup of water - which she happpily did. He then left and went to his room. I was alone and thought I might have some fun - so I peeked my head around the door and asked for some cold water - but 30 secs later when she walked into the spa I was standing there butt naked. She didn't bat an eyelid and we chatted for a couple of minutes before she had to go back to the desk but I asked her to bring me another cup of cold water in ten minutes since I was heading into the sauna. Of course back in the sauna I jacked off knowing a hot girl was on her way back - ten mins later I heard a knock on the door and she entered with the water, she asked if I was OK in the sauna and jumping at the chance I hopped out immediately sporting a massive hard on. She looked a little shocked but that didn't stop us talking for a couple of minutes. My cock was still nice and hard so as she turned to leave I started stroking again - and just as she got to the door she turned for one more look - she told me I was a naughty boy, smiled and left. After I got dressed and left she gave me a lovely smile as I waited for the lift back to my room.

Glendale, CA

#35 Apr 22, 2008


#36 Apr 22, 2008
Congratulations, Whoa!
That's a stupendous piece of analytical thinking by you!
:o] How do you do it, man?

United States

#37 Apr 23, 2008
Since my last post, I have made it a habit to leave my drapes parted and a light on so that the maids could see inside before they enter the room. I sleep totally nude on top of the bed, usually on my back or my side facing the window. Usually the maids take a long look, and often giggle and get their friends or fellow workers to look in as well! It is a tremendous turn-on, but sometimes it isn't just the maids that walk by... a few female guests have seen me as well, and last summer while I was at a motel in Reno for the volleyball festival, a few female volleyball players (college players I later learned) got a good look through the window at me naked. They got the rest of the team to walk by and look, and there were about 12 of them! As they left they laughed and shouted "Thank you for the show!" I almost came on the sheets!

United States

#38 Apr 23, 2008
Oops, I guess I may have confused people because of the date of my first post in October of 2007...my first encounter with being seen in the nude by housekeepers was around the first week of April in 2007. I meant to say in the previous post that it was since then that I started leaving the drapes parted while staying in motels last summer and fall. I didn't make that first post until I discovered this topic. Sorry for any possible confusion!


#40 Apr 23, 2008
Josh, Bill and others who seem to be interested in videos:
Watching a video of any of the incidents described in this forum would be like watching a porn film, i.e. it will be like having just a ringside view while the actual participants are having most of, if not all, the fun. You have to be actually inside my skin, or John's or Dave's or any of the others who have shared their experiences here, to understand what it feels like: going about your everyday activities completely naked while being watched by completely clothed strangers of the opposite sex! Nothing short of heaven!
And its compltely different from being at a nude beach. There you are expected to be naked and so the atmosphere isn't charged with sexuality as it is in these furtive CFNM situations. The fact that you are aware that you are doing something that may be deemed indecent by most people just adds to the kick.
But yes, John: you better be careful mate :o)!
Don't wan't to get youself arrested, do you?

Sparks, NV

#41 Apr 25, 2008
Thanks Bill and Norman...you have a good point and no I don't ever want to get arrested! It's probably a lot safer to just enjoy having a maid walk in on me!

Rego Park, NY

#42 May 4, 2008
Hello guys. I want to hear some more stories or at least let me see one of your videos. I really want to see them!!!

Mount Pleasant, MI

#45 May 21, 2008
I find this a very hot idea.

I've had something like this happen to me twice.

The first time was at university, and it was a complete accident. One time when I was getting out of the shower in my dorm, I pulled back the shower curtain at the very moment that the cleaning lady entered the bathroom. The shower directly faced the door, so she got a good full-frontal naked view of me. I was embarassed, and grabbed my towel as quickly as I could, but not before she had a good look. She was impassive, and didn't say anything or even react, but she certainly didn't turn away. I noticed her eyes go down to look at my cock. I like to think that she enjoyed it, but she gave no reaction one way of the other. Looking back, I wish I hadn't been so embarrased, and that I'd had more time to enjoy the situation instead of reaching for my towel. I often fantasize about how things might have continued if I'd just stood there, and asked 'do you like what you see?'

The second time was deliberate. I was in a dorm at another university. I heard the cleaners at work, going into the rooms, and lay there naked on my bed, waiting for them to come in. One of them knocked on my door - I ignored it, pretending to b asleep. She entered the room and must have seen me lying there with an erect cock. She must have been shocked, as she left the room quickly and I heard her talking to her colleague in Spanish (I think?). Don't not what she said, but she sounded more shocked than excited. Again, I wish I'd been bolder, and hadn't had my eyes clamped shut pretending to sleep, so that I could have seen her reaction.

Barrie, Canada

#46 May 21, 2008
I find it very erotic when the maid walks in on me when i am naked. I try to stage the act as if they take me by surprise. I haven't yet masturbated at the same time as when they walk in, but it sure sounds arousing to me.

Mount Pleasant, MI

#47 May 21, 2008
Manny wrote:
I haven't yet masturbated at the same time as when they walk in, but it sure sounds arousing to me.
Has anyone had the nerve to try that? I'd love to, but can't quite summon up the courage, or think of a way of making it look accidental.

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