Housekeeping at hotel walking in on m...

United States

#293 Apr 1, 2009
Chris sent me a file of his video ... excellent stuff for hotel exhibitionists! I've never seen a compilation like this.

Hopkins, MN

#294 Apr 2, 2009
Where can we see it? i love to see the maid's face when she comes in and i am naked.

Stockton-on-tees, UK

#295 Apr 2, 2009
I recently went to France and set up my webcam to try and get the maid as she walked in on me. I sat at the desk, got busy and after a while I heard the tap on the door and in walked a maid. She took one look and started backing out, apologising while keeping her wide eyes fixed on my erection. What I didn't check was the quality of the cam. When I (eagerly) watched back the footage, it was so dark you couldn't see her reaction... damn shame.


#296 Apr 2, 2009
I'm finding housekeeing in UK hotels more and more careful, knocking several times before entering however the housekeeping supervisors who check all to rooms around lunctime don't bother knocking at all. Last week I was nude in the room and in marched the supervisor. She looked a little surprised but I acted normally and mentioned there was no waste bin in the room. She didn't speak english so didn't understand. I then had to explain, standind in front of her completely naked what I meant and eventually she got the message. She left the room and I didn't expect her to come back or send a male but after a few minutes she returned with a bin. Rather than just handing it to me she was very keen to come inside to room. Unfortunately she left straight away. I saw her in the lift later in the day and she just smiled.

Chicopee, MA

#297 Apr 3, 2009
Seth wrote:
Chris sent me a file of his video ... excellent stuff for hotel exhibitionists! I've never seen a compilation like this.
Pls send it to me too, [email protected]

New Orleans, LA

#298 Apr 4, 2009
If you could Chris, please send it to me as well at [email protected] Thanks!

Norfolk, VA

#299 Apr 4, 2009
I wanna hear more good stories about being nude in front of housekeeping. Whatever happened to the good old stories that were real. Now pratically almost every story is fake or questionable.

United States

#300 Apr 5, 2009
It's a DVD so I can't email it. Sorry guys.

South Africa

#301 Apr 6, 2009
I use to travel frequently...on one occasion when i was in my 20's, stayed at a 4* hotel once for a week. I knew that their room service ladies were usually pretty ladies in their 20's. During this visit i decided to to have room service for breakfast. I decided to try answering the door totally naked and erect. Looking back I don't know what I was thinking. I set the alarm for about 10min before my requested breakfast time. I gave myself a hard one. Sure clockwise,I heard a knock at the room door - i waited a few seconds, then shouted "coming". I looked through the key hole and saw the very attractive 20 something lady standing with a tray. I then opened the door fully naked.looking dazed as one awoken by her knock. Her reaction was one of total shock! She stood frozen for 1-2 seconds looking at my body. Then said a very professionaly and cheerful "good morning sir" and proceeded pass me into my room. We proceeded into room where she put down the tray. She asked to sign the slip acknowledging receipt of the breakfast. Whilst scnanning my body up & down. I signed & gave her the slip. She said "enjoy your breakfast, sir" and left the room...not looking back. I was very anxious afterwards - they could call the police. I should nothing happened & did the same thing the next morning but now wearing the hotel's bathrobe without tying the belt. It was a different lady this time. she did notice i was naked (under the bathrobe)until she handed me the slip...she then noticed my bathrobe untide and my penis erect. I took a couple of seconds to study the bill...she was staring at my erect penis, i asked her some bogus question about the bill it took her 2 seconds to respond & then I had to repeat the question. her eyes immediately went back to my now rocking hard penis. I signed the thing. she left looking back one more to say good bye. I think she reported me as the rest of the week room service sent males to the room - off course i answered the room clothed or covered in the bathrobe. i did a couple of flashers to cleaning maids - they also reported me as the manageress came to my room when i called housekeeping for extra towels. I off course i made sure i was fully clothed when i saw it was her. i've had many experiences like this one. however looking back i reliased i went too far at times and could have been writing this account from a jail cell somwhere. it is feels exciting when you do it but things can turn ugly.

Vodice, Croatia

#302 Apr 12, 2009
I tried lying naked pretending to be asleep when I would hear the maids...most of the time they would just leave, one or two emptied the trash nearthe door and then left

does anyone know if there is a website with videos or clips of these it posible to start some kind of mail exchange. seth?

Brooklyn, NY

#303 Apr 14, 2009
Vance wrote:
I bring a camera with me to record the maids reaction after walking in on me supposedly sleeping naked. In one video the maid must have stared for 2 minutes before leaving. From one video I got a nice trio of pictures of the maid imediately before, during, and imediately after spotting me. I would post the pictures but I can't figure out how.
22 times so far!
heycan u email it to [email protected]?i'd really appretiate this whole concept

United States

#304 Apr 14, 2009
I saw this forum a few weeks ago and since I was traveling I figured I would try and see what happened.

Basically I knew the maid was cleaning the rooms near mine and watched out the peep hole to see when she was coming to my room. When she was finished the room next door She pulled the cart up to my room. II had the water in the shower running just a little and when I saw her by the cart I got into the shower and made myself totally wet. Since the water was running so little I could hear the knock and announce herself. I turned off the water just before she opened the door to the room. A she walked by the bathroom door I opened the curtain totally wet like I was reaching for the towel. She heard the curtain open and turned to to look at the shower and I saw her look at my head then her eyes dropped to my middle and then she looked back up to see me looking horrified and she froze for about 3 seconds. Looked the other way and apologized then turned to leave.

This is a realistic scenario and I am sure has happened so it appeared real. I did not have a hard on and was not looking to traumatized her or get into trouble - but the reaction was great.
Slick ED

Patchogue, NY

#305 Apr 14, 2009
when i was 18 i was in ocean city and there were no towels left so i called room service to send me some... when i heard the knock on the door i was already undressed so i answered the door and i left it a drop open but enough for her to see my erection...after she gave me a towel she looked amused and asked me if i wanted another one i took it and said thankyou and took my shower

Longmont, CO

#306 Apr 14, 2009
So I was caught just recently. I was in the hotel anticipating the arrival of the maid. Fully erect, I wandered aimlessly around the room. Peeking through the peephole from time to time, I never saw her coming. The next thing I knew, I hear rustling at the door and I looked out the peephole to see the maid at the door, preparing to knock. I immediately went back to the bathroom so I could act as though I wouldn't hear the knock. The knock came but the door didn't open. I wandered back out into the room and then saw the door opening. At that moment I kind of froze and that is when she peeked into the room and saw me there, totally nude, with my hand partially covering my full erection. She was looking down at my erection when she said sorry and then closed the door. As she was just outside the window I sat in the chair and finished up. It was truly exhilerating that she saw me and somewhat even moreso to finish up when she was just outside the window. I wanted to open the door to apologize to her, just to continue some form of interaction but I couldn't bring myself to it. The funny thing was that when she did catch me, I was truly surprised, like I hadn't planned anything at all. I don't think she reported anything. The following day I wanted to be caught again, but I didn't have time to wait for the maid and I was already outside of my checkout time.

Indianapolis, IN

#308 Apr 16, 2009
I had a very interesting experience while at a hotel in Chicago. I was checking and they had really messed up my reservation. Then they put me ina dirty room. I complained and they apologized and then they put me into another dirty room. I complained again. Then they put me in the presidential suite to placate me. The place was huge! It had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, bed room sauna the whole works. Anyway I had just gotten in there and was checking it out when all of the sudden I heard female voices in the front room. I peeked around and could tell there were three hotel employees, all women with uniforms on, who had come into the room to take a break I guess and were sitting at this big long table. Just chatting away. I snuk back to the bed room, thinking that this room is probably not used much and they did not know it had been rented out for the night. I stripped down and planned what I would do. I then heard one go into the a powder room and I figured that if I walked out nude, they would not leave her alone. Well here is what happened. I very carefreely walked right into the room totally nude with a half a boner. Both of them looked shocked. One kind of looked away. The other one was looking at my cock somewhat in an accusatory way wondering what I was doing in there. I pointed to my key and then they were both really embarrassed and walked out. Before they got out, the one who had looked away, looked right at my cock. The left the other one in the bathroom. as they got out they were laughing their butts off and talking about Cheryl who I remember was one of the people who had helped me during the confusion when I checked in. I stayed in he main room so that Cheryl would not be able to walk out. After about 15 minutes, I could hear her whispering on her cell phone frantically. Final with now a full hard on, I was going to simply walk into that powder room after all it was my room! I was kind of talking to myself bitching about one more problem and muttering that I was going to call the front desk for service to open the door. With that she yelled out my name Mr._____. Seemingly startled, I yelled in who is in there and why. She came out and looked at me and apologized and then left. I saw her and one of the others later. I got off so big time......

San Jose, CA

#309 Apr 17, 2009
Men shouldn't even try to 'act natural'...a woman can tell if you're really surprised or not from a mile away. I did housekeeping for two summers and came across several naked men, and it was always obvious who was genuinely surprised to see me, and who was intentionally naked.

Indianapolis, IN

#310 Apr 17, 2009
mxin80 Did you see anything you liked. tell us about it. was it a common experience in other words, did it happen frequently?

Trenton, Canada

#311 Apr 17, 2009
I had an experience, not at a hotel but at a salon, where I usually go for waxing and tanning and grooming. Two woman run it and two others work there. I have been seen totally nude by all four of them over the years. but this one time when I went for a tan, they have upright tanning and like to apply lotion for there customers, the oldest one about 40 years old was applying lotion on me and when she was doing my legs I was standing nude and she was squatting and she slipped forward and her mouth came in contact with my penis. We both looked at each other and smiled as if nothing happened. I was in heaven that day.
Another day the young one was finished waxing me and gave me a rubdown with lotion and left the booth for a moment. Leaving me totally nude, so I got up to stretch in my booth and noticed the side curtain had a gap in it and a woman was finished her treatment and she was nude to. How the gap in the curtains was situated and how we were both positioned we had a complete view of each other and just at that moment we saw each other and for some reason it was completely natural ,neither one of us were startled or disturbed. We saw each other in the parking lot when we left and had a conversation like nothing happened, and no mention of the incident ever came up.

Dorchester, UK

#312 Apr 21, 2009
I've wanted to do it for a long time, was going to do it but got cold feet a the last second and coverd up. Gonna try again on holiday ths summer.

On holiday I have let a lady in the appartment opposit see me when there was only about 30 feet between them. I noticed see was lookng into the room when I had only a towel on,so let it drop and walked around the room then went to draw the curtins and she was stil watching. She did the same thing two days later but this time she went toppless.

Chicago, IL

#313 Apr 21, 2009
I have been trying to get caught for months. I would wait for the last possible moment before I had to leave. Usually in the bed naked looking at a magazine stroking myself in the hopes that the maid will walk in. But so far it has not happened. I continue to try as I travel every week. Hopefully I will have a good post when it finally does happen!

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