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Haslet, TX

#2185 Sep 15, 2012
Ok here is what happen on Wednesday night, I was sitting there naked in the room, had to keep the curtains closed because a bunch of guys were working on the hotel next door, but the desk clerk was hot and you can see my door from where she was sitting, so I looked through the peep hole to see if she was sitting there and she was, I had a nice good hard on open my door stepped out to let her see me, she looked at me put two thumbs up and nice, I said thank stepped back inside and exploded, I tryed to get her to come to my room but no go.


#2186 Sep 16, 2012
I had asked to bring me breakfast at 9 oclock in this French hotel and i always sleep naked. Th hotel did not had an AC so it was rather hot and i slept without the sheets. Then at 8:30 already a woman nocked on my door..Roomservice your breakfast..
And immediately she opend the door and stept in with a tray. She saw me laying and got an eyefull, she stared shortly right at my balls and dick, i was not erected but had my morning woody. Oh i told her i did not ecpected her yet because i had orderd breakfast at 9 oclock. Yes sir i am sorry but to many guests orderd at 9 oclock so i have to bring some little earlyer, but i understand you did not expected me yet and it is no problem i hope. I stood up and remained fully naked, no it is no problem for me i told her but hope it is not a problem for you to see me naked, sorry for that. She told me it was no problem and she had seen more naked men before.
She then asked me to sign the bill and i did it while i raised my leg to sign the nill on, meanwhile she looked down , perhaps to see if i signed but my dick was an inch from it so she goet a great view of my genitals. Th girl, early 20 blushed a little when she took the bill and pen from me. Enjoy your breakfast monseur and i hope to bring you tomorrow again. Well i can tell did i hehe.

San Leandro, CA

#2187 Sep 16, 2012
I want some ideas for couples I want a made to walk in while my gf is riding me or while she is sucking my cock how can I pull this off without making it seem like a set up? Also I would really want the maid to stay and clean while we are still having sex that would be hot as hell!!!!

San Leandro, CA

#2188 Sep 16, 2012
I know this is way late but I just want tips on how a couple can "accidently" get caught having sex... I want to get caught with my gf riding me or sucking my c***!

United States

#2189 Sep 16, 2012
bbb wrote:
I know this is way late but I just want tips on how a couple can "accidently" get caught having sex... I want to get caught with my gf riding me or sucking my c***!
That's easy..just stay at a motel with exterior corridors and windows that face the outside walkway, and leave your drapes open just enough to let someone see inside! You can pretend to be so involved with what you are doing that you don't notice people that see you inside when they walk by....wish I could see it myself!

Since: Jun 10

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#2190 Sep 16, 2012
bbb wrote:
I know this is way late but I just want tips on how a couple can "accidently" get caught having sex... I want to get caught with my gf riding me or sucking my c***!
Sunlover is right. Another option is something someone mentioned a couple of months ago. Have a fake "dare" email that requires the maid to take a video of you two. Most are going to say no, but I suspect you will get a few that will agree.

Another option is something mentioned in the early parts of this thread. In that you pretend to be passed out and you lady pretends to be mad at you and enlists the aid of the maid to assist in humiliating you with embarasing pictures.

Of course, in all efforts, you have a camera (maybe laptop one) set up to video the maid of people peeking in the window.

Looking forward to hearing what success you two have. Sure hope to see some videos too.

San Leandro, CA

#2191 Sep 18, 2012
sunlover wrote:
<quoted text>
That's easy..just stay at a motel with exterior corridors and windows that face the outside walkway, and leave your drapes open just enough to let someone see inside! You can pretend to be so involved with what you are doing that you don't notice people that see you inside when they walk by....wish I could see it myself!
I was going on a vacation anyway and I was just thinking I should just let a maid knock on my door and pretend not to hear it and tell my gf to suck my hard c*** as she walk in! or ride me! I heard some maids just stay in and clean the room I hope that happens!!!:)

United States

#2192 Sep 19, 2012
Well this isn't a maid story but I absolutely had to share what happened to me yesterday. I was sitting in my apartment kast night in my bathrobe when I heard a knock. I got up to look thru the peephole and saw a girl across the hall selling magazines to my neighbor. She sounded foreign, maybe Russian or something. She was was decent looking for an eastern european girl. I figured she was probably 16 or 17. I knew she was going to knock on my door next. When the kock came I opened the door and let her in. She gave me her sales pitch for the magazines to help pay for her foreign exchange program. When I asked, she said she was from Latvia. I assume that's Russian. In any case, I listened to her pitch and acted very interested. I then propositioned her a deal that I'd buy a 3-year subscription if she'd watch me jack off. She just gave me a puzzled look. I explained to her that I would if she watched me get naked and touch myself. Her face got bright red! I asked her if that was okay and she simply nodded. I sat on the couch and untied my robe. She put her hands to her mouth. I asked her to grab my lotion from the table and hand it to me. She handed it to me at arms length timidly. I asked her to sit down in the chair across from me, which she prompty did. I slowly opened my robe. By this time I was already throbbing hard. Her eyes got so big as she gazed at me. I asked her if she'd ever seen a man naked before. She said that she's seen her little brothers naked but never a grown man. By this time I was was so excited, I felt like I was going to have an orgasm before I even started. I pumped some lotion into my hand and slowly started to stroke my cock. I let out a sigh and she leaned in to watch. I told her I was very excited. She asked if I was going to come. It sounded so funny the way she said it so innocently in her thick accent. I was breathing harder and told her I was very close. I leaned back and thrust my hips toward her to she could be a full view. After a few more strokes I let out a groan and spurted about two feet into the hair. She gasped and quickly sat back in the chair! I spurted about 8 more times, making a huge mess on my belly. She just sat there in amazement as my cock just sat there rhythmically throbbing. I pointed at the box of tissue and she tossed it to me. I cleaned myself up and thanked her. She smiled and said that was exciting. She wasted no time in handing me her order form. I laughed and completed my end of the bargain. Best $60 I ever spent. As I walked her out the door, I told her that I'd extend the offer to any of her friends. She smiled and said she'd let them know. Wow, I hope she does!!

United States

#2193 Sep 19, 2012
I found that apartments are the best places to get "caught." Two months ago I was house-sitting for my friend at his apartment so I could feed his pets while he was on vacation. His apartment was the first one on the ground floor and the kind where it goes down below ground level. Coming back from dinner one night, I realized that walking up to the building door I could see directly down into his front bedroom. Perfect.

I went inside and walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed. I looked out the window and sure enough could see the front walk. I adjusted the blinds to angle them so they created an unobstructed view. I turned on the bedside light and then went back outside to check the view. It was perfect. I could see everything as clear as day.

I went back inside and waited. I stripped down and waited for a witness. It seemed like forever but eventually a lady walked up to the building. I layed naked and hard on the bed slowly stroking myself. She walked by and into the building and never even looked in. Damn! After about ten minutes another lady walked up and lit a cigarette. Her back was to me as she smoked. I just laid in wait. Eventually she turned around and looked right in! She immediately jumped out of view and I saw her peek around and in. So I grabbed some lube and slowly started stroking. She stood there and watched me just out of view. When I blew my load it was epic. I cleaned myself off and shut out the light. She immediately went inside the building. I was so nervous!

The next day when I came back, the same lady was standing outside smoking. I said "hi" and she smiled and asked if I was new here. I said no I was just housesitting for my friend. She pointed at the bedroom window and said, "Oh this one here." And I said yes. I think I blushed because she smiled and said, "I thought so."

I did not have the nerve to try that again for a couple of days. But one day I came back and she was out there smoking again and said hi. She smiled and said she was going to be out there for a bit smoking in case I wanted to know. I just smiled and went inside. I went to the bedroom and twisted open the blinds. She was standing there smoing and looking right in at me. She waved and then made a jerking gesture. I got soooo nervous! She then stood there and shrugged her shoulders like she was waiting on me. So I undid my belt and she gave me a thumbs up. Wow!

United States

#2194 Sep 19, 2012
Okay guys, I have a plan that actually works because I tried it. And if done right, there's no reprocussions. I came back to my hotel and noticed that the maid was still working my floor. I pulled out my phone and pretended to be on a call talking to a buddy. As I got close to her I said in the phone, " this day has sucked so bad that I'm just gonna go to my room, jerk off, and relax." That got her attention and she looked at me. I told my imaginary friend that I had to go and said my goodbyes. I then looked at the maid and said, "Sorry about that." She just smiled. As I entered my room I turned around and asked her politely if she could bring me a bottle of lotion and an extra towel. She said she would and then I threw the door lock so that my room door wouldn't close. I walked over to the bed and started to strip. When she knocked and came in, I was facing the bed. I still had my shirt on but was completely nude from the waist down. I knew she could see the bottom part of my ass. She announced herself and said she had my lotion and towel. I asked her to lay it on the bed. That forced her to come past me. As she laid it down she glanced over at me. My shirt was covering my junk but because I was already hard my shirt was poking outwards obviously showing my excitement. She started to walk away so I asked her how the pay-per-view worked. She stopped and grabbed the remote. I sat on the end of the bed and grabbed the lotion. As she scrolled thru the movies I lifted my shirt and exposed my hard-on. This made her mess up the menu and she apologized and quickly fumbled to get back to it. I squirted some lotion into my hand and began to stroke. I told her the movie on her current selection would be fine and she clicked buy. I thanked her and she welcomed me. I then apologized for not waiting but I had a bad day she said it wasn't a problem and she has days like that too. She asked if that was all she'd let me have my privacy. I said, "Actually I'm almost done. Can you please hand me that towel now?" She said, "Already?" I said I wasn't expecting her to watch and it excited me a bit. She smiled and handed me the towel. I asked if she'd watch until I finished and she said she would. It didn't take long until I blew my load into the towel. She said, "Well you were certainly backed up weren't you?" I thanked her so much and then gave her a twenty for tip. She thanked me.

United States

#2195 Sep 19, 2012
Alright, sorry to leave you hanging. So the lady gave me the thumbs up so I started to undo my pants. I then noticed another lady walking up with a bag of groceries. I immediately pulled my pants back up. The smoking lady turned to talk to the other lady and started pointing at my window. The other lady stepped around to look in and then went inside. The smoking lady held up one finger and she went in too.

It seemed like forever but eventually they both came back out and stood there on the step and watched. I got another thumbs up. I wss so nervous now but I started undoing my pants. I dropped them to the floor and pulled down my boxers exposing myself to both of them. The smiking lady nudged the other lady and pointed at me. And she nodded as they both smiled and watched. They were chatting a lot but I could not hear them. I grabbed the lube and began the show. That's when I noticed the grocery lady had pulled out her phone and was holding it there. I couldn't tell if she was taking pics or video but just seeing that made me explode hard! My heart was beating so fast! I quickly cleaned up and shut off the light.

I don't think I got a minute of sleep that night. All I could think about was that lady recording me and it kept me anxious all night! That next day my friend returned home and I left. I don't know if they ever said anything to him or not. All I know is that I can't stop thinking about it.

Since: Jun 10

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#2196 Sep 19, 2012
why is it my brain is saying different names but same IP address?

United States

#2197 Sep 20, 2012
Coincidence? I'm on mobile. Who else?

United States

#2198 Sep 20, 2012
I can attest to the fact that this happens without one's knowledge as well. After a hard night of partying I passed out in my hotel bed buck ass naked. When I woke up the next day at 1pm hungover I noticed my room had been completely cleaned and my clothes neatly placed on the chair. I came to realize the main had been there while I was passed out and did all her duties. Now that's crazy!

Rosslyn Park, Australia

#2199 Sep 21, 2012
Only once has anything like this happened to me and I've travelled extensively most of my adult life.

Approximately 15 or so years ago I was staying in a 5 star hotel in Melbourne. I had just enjoyed a spa, stepped out and dried off.

I was walking across the room to get a drink from the fridge when there was a knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole and saw a pretty room maid. I opened the door a fraction to see what she wanted.

She said she hadn't quite finished the room and needed to turn the bed clothes down. I explained I didn't have any clothes on at the moment and could she come back. She said she was finishing her shift and had to do it now or not at all.

I opened the door a little wider and put my leg across to make it obvious I was naked and asked if she was sure she wanted to come in.

To my surprise she just walked into the room, finished making up the bed while I was standing there, then as she left she smiled, glanced down for a quick look, thanked me for letting her finish, and wished me a good night.

I was stunned, and when I thought about it afterwards I kicked myself for not making some kind of move, but being naked in front of a strange girl was a whole new experience for me.

Astoria, NY

#2200 Sep 21, 2012
What's the big fuss about Travel Explosion?

Surprise, AZ

#2201 Sep 21, 2012
What is travel explosion???

Easton, MD

#2202 Sep 22, 2012
This might be fun Jim to do, and record the reactions,

&li st=UUr8CpLSEibeAGZEr1V_fREg &index=2&feature=plcp

United States

#2203 Sep 24, 2012
Okay boys, I'm pretty sure I walked into a set up. You be the judge. I've worked as a maid for almost two years. I was skeptical of what happened until I saw this thread. Now I'm pretty sure this was planned.

I did my usual knock and announce twice and there was no answer. I entered and walked in. When I did, I knocked over 3 empty beer bottles. After says some unprofessional language, I picked them up to toss them. As I stood up, I looked to the bed and there was a guest laying passed out on the bed completely nude. I immediately said, "Oh sorry sir." But he didn't even move. Again I said, "sir?" No response. I couldn't help but state at this guys super hard erection. I walked beside the bed and just stared. It was so hard I could literally see his heartbeat in it. Without hesitating I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture. After I snapped a second one, his cock flexed anf flinched twice. I stepped back because I thought he was messing with me, but then all at once he tensed up and shot a load all over his stomach. I immediately scrambled outta there.

So what do you think? Set up? I mean maybe he was passed out and had a wet dream or something? How else would a guy bust a nut without touching himself?

United States

#2204 Sep 24, 2012
Guys, what are your thoughts on spy cams? I was pondering the idea of booking a room at a local hotel here and installing a wifi cam. Then I could just access the cam over their free wifi from the parking lot and see what gets recorded for all the guests that ever use the room. Your thoughts?

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