So I'm an occational philospher, big deal. Aren't we all.

If I get cancer, I'm likely to die.
If I'm without a job, I'll starve myself or the system.
If I'm averagely endowed, mutual pleasure during sex is unlikely.
If I grow old, my mind and muscles will wither.

*avoiding further if's*

Things within education, economy and urban planning can be arranged to meet all forms of ifs. Quite a few people have started movements on the matter. The Venus Project for instance and the Earth Project are two examples- not to menation all the governments out there.
It'd be nice if thoughts could reach in even here, on how to arrange resources and workforce for an optmized society.

So please, be elaborative but don't participate with too much texting. Let's keep it brief and steady so that we may learn something. Headbiting is a waste of time, so I suggest discussions rather than debates.

My experience from meditating societal perfection:
The Venus Project inspires me greatly, but might persue a too farfetched goal- promoting a resource based economy where money and market has been replaced by automated production- fused by statistics instead of market shares. Here we would be free to work and play as we see fit, while machines did all the work at our requests.

Ideas anyone? What's a perfect society and how would we accieve it?