Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 637240 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Perth, Australia

#553271 Aug 7, 2014
posto tvoja hinga=kucha na spratiche i kroviche
its formal as symbolic today
as future as architecture


please set free my city

Perth, Australia

#553272 Aug 7, 2014
a you want kundja with mundja
kucha sa munjom=cristal ball

see on map

nowhere my love
see again
its written
Did you know what is hide from your eyes?
If you know whats will be come in future what you will do!
Are you going call people blessast mental because someone know.

then dictators and accusers are have great diploma and great power

which anyone can call very easy abuse power
if you have some power its not mean you are real and only creator of heaven and earth..
don't pretend who going be bigger and who going be blesast under accusers and abusers of law..

where you teach accusers is creators of heaven and earth

United States

#553273 Aug 7, 2014
Oxbow wrote:
The Lord warned old Israel against worshipping “man-made gods of wood and stone [statues, images, idols], which cannot see or hear or eat or smell”(Deut. 4:28). And when the devil offered Jesus “all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor...if you will bow down and worship me,” Jesus replied,“Away from me, Satan! For it is written,‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only’”(Matthew 4:10).
“Bow down and worship me”? Isn’t this what our Catholic friends do when they stoop in the presence of a statue of Mary—or some other idol? Are they not aware that God requires them to worship and serve Him only? And I announce from the roof tops: Away with all religious statues, images, and idols that are bowed down to and worshipped! Ground them to powder and cast them upon the waters! Let it then become “unholy water!”
When Moses came down from the Mountain of God and saw his people had made an idol in the form of a golden calf and were bowing down and worshipping it, he “took the calf they had made and burned it in the fire; then he ground it to powder, scattered it upon the water and made the Israelites drink it”(Exodus 32:19-20). Take heed, you who have built images, statues, and idols and bow down to them—whether Catholics or Protestants. The Lord will some day demand an answer for your idolatrous behavior..
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
Go" waive" your distorted, perverted and twisted interetation of (bible verses) at the rest of your ( other) 42,000+ contradicting and inconsistent bible only " merry- go-round"
"spinners" of a Gods Word in which NONE OF THEM agree with you EITHER.......YOU---Ox--- are a "waiste of time" which is NOTHING new!....
hojo - your "make-it-up" as "you-go-along" 'church'... has absolutely NOTHING on the "never changing, always the same" - Word of God - The Bible.
The RCC was THE FIRST to "distort, twist and pervert" the Holy Word of God ... as they kept it from the very people it was meant for ... ALL OF HUMANITY!
As the innocents, throughout the centuries tried to learn the Word of God, The Catholic Church DEPRIVED THEM OF IT and TORTURED AND MURDERED them for it.
The *POPE* had decided the 'common people' were not capable of understanding the Word of they (the Popes) tortured and murdered those who tried.
What Would Jesus Do in such a case? HE would say READ what I have said, and learn from me.
Go Figure.
Much different from what the RCC says to do.
How totally sociopathic and sick is the RCC?

Perth, Australia

#553275 Aug 7, 2014
my God
teach me about your law
Is your law
don't see everything
don't hear everything..

Why wise have ear to seek find knowledge?

see what scripture say
jew want symbol
greek liked be wise
christians catholic believe in power of cross

what is stay as cross over
who try find and knock knock its will be find
i describe what i find
Is your law
-don't see and don't say

I told you your law is not my law!
Who say that?
masters lords gods

Perth, Australia

#553276 Aug 7, 2014
why you say tonge in cheek
who say
lo lolololjoljoljoljolelelelilili lolololululu=pronaucment how looks
how looks njanjanjanjanjenjenjenjinjinjo njonjonjunju

you say
don't listen don't say
ja te cula
you can't hear=no cula no ear=no wise

wise have ear to find knowledge=greek
jew looking symbol
catholic cross

who is in coporation with whoooooooooovijetnameze chinesegrece this and that who is troubleeeeeeeeee as terorere

what masters say
what lords say
whats gods say
njo njo njo no no no no
who is biger of them if someone want terror

what you want njodle as manistronipashtashuta soup
very sad

Perth, Australia

#553277 Aug 7, 2014
who have nos=not snif chair
who have ear=not hear not see is that your law=dined
3x did you see
are you with him who jesus christ

you liked know
don't tell
don't see
who liked knowledge
diplari i mjeshinari
sto imate u mjeshini=sira za mishe
why you think mouse=mish is spirit bigger then god

Perth, Australia

#553278 Aug 7, 2014
as you can see what gust want
power of tongue
how much tongue put fire under Forrest
from one er;nest its gone entire forrest

see meaning
no dream any more
i am not going give $2 dollars for bus

death and life stay in tongue=proverb ror r=18 o=15
15=wise have ear and seek knoweladge
proverb 18;21
21 is biggest
see death and life stay in power of tounge=pronaucment
O as jaw going as direction up and down in mouth
up=8 down=2

prowerb 8;8 all saying of my mouth are in righteousness among them nothing twisted or crock

on top of heights by the way, at the crossing of the roadways its has stationed itself=i describe where police volice nevolice riside cross over train at side of moth of the town=city
its keep cry loudly=yep i talk as angel trough desert nobody want listen

i open lips is about oprighteosness

don't tell=you trust wicket who try destabilese

serve your wicket not meeeeeeeeeeeee

i am freee tell you
if not freeeeee tell you I am not wroteeeeeee this

snif your chair dogs look your eyes cats and so onnnnnnnnnnnnn

I am fine and good!


Since: Aug 08

He Gave His SON,JESUS Christ

#553279 Aug 7, 2014
Anthony MN wrote:
<quoted text>
Oops, here's the link:
Excellent article , as I said before. Thanks for reposting as I couldn't refind it ..was looking up breakfast not lunch , lol.
Evidently as few folks had that meal with him.

I would love to see an article written by Pope Francis about that same meeting ..

Since: Feb 14

Location hidden

#553281 Aug 7, 2014
June VanDerMark wrote:
All it takes to write a theology is a vivid imagination.
You seem to have one. why not write a book June? you're obviously good at shoveling shyt, why not put it on paper?

Perth, Australia

#553282 Aug 7, 2014
my grandmother have in pocket fig
she give to us for breakfast few every day
good fig is good fig its growing on good place where God promise to give prosperity and peace and know God by heart..

Perth, Australia

#553283 Aug 7, 2014
your language is not my language
its rights to say who can't understood

others say
your law is not my law
who say that gods lords masters privilege class organizations clubs and so on they abuse power in all aspect
people with pride and arrogance

not me

dear God
please set me free from my accusers
Are you for sure police volice not stay on gates of entering in city opposite cross over train..yep there is restorante donge wonge with noddles?!

Dear God I am not liar!
psalm 35


Since: Aug 08

He Gave His SON,JESUS Christ

#553284 Aug 7, 2014
Free Agent of Jesus wrote:
You know, without the filthy Prots, who did not bow to either the Church of England or the Roman Catholic Church, there would be no America as we know it today. Without their "interference" in printing the Bible in English, there would be far, far fewer Christians in the world. And there would be even less missionaries going into corners of the Earth and in far greater numbers then the Catholics. Thank you Lord God for your providence!
First off, I don't even like the word Protestant..LUTHER WAS,PRORESTING from within the RCC.
we are not . But it's,easier to lump non Catholic Christians this,way ..anyway

I believe God , through the Holy Spirit calls those who belong to Jesus,by the Fathers WILL, to His Son.(John words,it better )
He can find us,in a cafeteria, a library, from a tv set , the internet , in ANY CHURCH .
Once called one hopes they worship as they ate led by the same Spirit .
I have,said many times,the,Reformation was allowed by God for the reasons,you cited ,
Allowing the spread of God's word by more vehicles than just CATHOLIC missionaries.

After it declared supremacy over the,other Churches,
The RCC was the main source of Christianity for centuries..did it veer off the path , I think so going by history...did God give up on us,because of Inquistions...bad popes, NO ..he allowed for change, because HIS,WORD and its,spread is the great work we must do until He returns,as,Christ glorified ..

The settlers,used bibles,to teach children to read...spreading the,word over the continent .

They also were not perfect in their histories,especially towards natives,to our shame , but somehow with God's,guidance, we became a nation who until this,age embraced our Creator publicly , WRITTEN INTO LAW, was our freedom to worship in any Church or no Church....when opportunity arose we spread His word throughout the world ...AND became instrumental in Israel s,fight to be a nation as,prophesied.

I know,God used everything that happened to accomplish His,purpose , and many of us acknowledge history with respective churches, many don't .

Being CATHOLIC may be the best for some people raised within the RCC or joining..some feel the Evangelical Christian movement is,closer to what Jesus,intended
Yet there,are bad,Apple's within all denominations..

I don't agree with a,lot of what some of the Catholics here say . But I believe they love JESUS .....that has,nothing to do with my love for Jesus, MY RELATIONSHIP with HIM ..

it's,up to JESUS to judge ....He knows each heart ,Agent .

What matters, IMO , is today..we should not close our eyes,to history , but only because it explains so much of why we follow,different paths...the,RCC TODAY , is NOT the same as the MIDDLE ages , nor even the same as,decades ago . I know personally this is true..despite what folks on the forum say.

The Reformation not only changed Christianity and its,methods,of spreading Gods words , sorely needed , it also changed the RCC. it is not the secular power it was then, imo Catholics today should thank God for that ....

I'm with Pad on this ...we cannot creject the light of Christ no matter where it manifests .
Christ said HE WOULD BE WITH US,whenever we gather, in HIS,NAME .even the old man watching services,at home, is worshipping
, the lady hiding her piece of smuggled scripture in a country of persecution ,
People on the internet, even here are a community which SHOULD be spreading Gods a community gathering in His name IF WE HAVE FAITH IN THE SACRIFICE HE MADE to wash us,in His blood, God sees us through HIM , not just as,ourselves.
In the end it is,only His,blood that matters least this,is,my belief

and let's not forget , many non Catholic Christians do not follow,a path you would choose either...but JESUS ALONE,knows who worships Him as,Saviour and who is just mouthing meaningless prayers, right ??

Peace to you Agent

Dagsboro, DE

#553285 Aug 7, 2014
guest wrote:
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
hojo - your "make-it-up" as "you-go-along" 'church'... has absolutely NOTHING on the "never changing, always the same" - Word of God - The Bible.
The RCC was THE FIRST to "distort, twist and pervert" the Holy Word of God ... as they kept it from the very people it was meant for ... ALL OF HUMANITY!
As the innocents, throughout the centuries tried to learn the Word of God, The Catholic Church DEPRIVED THEM OF IT and TORTURED AND MURDERED them for it.
The *POPE* had decided the 'common people' were not capable of understanding the Word of they (the Popes) tortured and murdered those who tried.
What Would Jesus Do in such a case? HE would say READ what I have said, and learn from me.
Go Figure.
Much different from what the RCC says to do.
How totally sociopathic and sick is the RCC?
Typical bible only anti-Catholic response from just ANOTHER ONE of the more than 42,000+ contradicting, inconsistent and confused Protestant "man made" denominations, that have " absolutely" no biblical or historical proof to back up ANY of their "hodge podge" of self interpreting "make-it-up- as-they -interpret" the bible "conflicting" beliefs!!!!!.....Your "bible only" confused and chaotic beliefs were NEVER believed by ANYONE unti the 18th century which "only confirms" their definition of MAN-MADE religious denominations that are "all over the place" when it comes to the TRUTH of the TRUE interpretation of the bible in 382, 393, and 397 AD by the Early Church Fathers, who.--1. wrote it ..2. INTErETED it...3. and we're ALL Catholic!!........

Perth, Australia

#553286 Aug 7, 2014
what you say God see us trough him..

Did you see wings with lots of eyes and head as Lio?
Are you for sure bible not describe like that?

Did you know who dream?
What bible describe= on way by emaus discipline dream as holy spirit stay upon them as fire?

Perth, Australia

#553287 Aug 7, 2014
When discipline going by way to Emause its look to them as they dreaming, upon them stay holy spirits as fire..

its ok if you not believe what catholic say..

Are you for sure that time discipline of Jesus been as catholic?
Are you for sure holy spirit as fire is not been upon them as discipline after describe in holy scripture?
Are you for sure discipline not recognize that time who stay upon them?

no believe me Jesus don't need your cars
who observe will find..
thief's robbers and destroyers are smart as well wise..Why you forget what Jesus say who will betray him..are you for sure its not privilege to be very powerful or rich?..yep
remember on way of righteousness stay wicket..


Since: Aug 08

He Gave His SON,JESUS Christ

#553288 Aug 7, 2014
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
Bible only "fundies" have this " false, distorted and twisted interpretation ( or better yet misinterpretation of the Bible" --regarding OSAS in which they can just "burger flip a bunch of Bible verses" (one time) will assure their Salvation...( which is known as bible only Protestant " cheap Grace" in which heaven is assured to every bible "waiver ".....We as Catholic s( in following the TRUE interpretation of the bible and the TRUE teachings of Jesus believe that we can fall away from our commitment to Jesus Christ and His saving Grace of salvation---by our own choice. Paul speaks of Salvation as in "running a race". And that not everyone finishes the race---some quit, give up and lose the prize that awaits those who persevere.....Thos is exactly why. growing, growing and continuing to grow in the faith and salvation of Christ is a lifelong process ...and that is exactly why the One and Only True Apostolic Catholic Church is the ONLY Church that offers the fullness of the faith and the fullness of the TRUTH to grow and grow and continue to grow in the TRUTH of the TRUE Christian faith In Jesus Christ!!!
One thing I want to add to our last conversation, despite what you may be told here , had you gravitated to the Catholic Church of the fifties and sixties, you would have studied catechism and yes,scripture contained in the missal reading from.mass, which was in Latin. Had,you been a bible believing adult at that time, you most likely would not have joined may hate bible only , but from your history, you most certainly loved your bible study, I assume ???

We were NOT taught ACTUAL bible study . I didn't even know,how it was actually laid out and I went to Catholic school for ten years. though we did learn stories FROM the bible .
Emphasis was,on memorizing the Baltimore Catechism

And constant testing ON THE CATECHISM....

The fact that Catholics,now,actually study the bible as a great progression , IMO .

Perth, Australia

#553289 Aug 7, 2014
not just ourself
holy scripture perfectly describe
where where where here here here there there there whereeeeee
I am within you!
What stay within you as heart.
What scripture say..not lift up your soul in vain?
Why is liked that?

I am sure Jesus not need your cars!

Try think hard who betray Jesus as well why!
Are you for sure its not privilege to be powerful or rich?

Why you think all catholic is rich?


Since: Aug 08

He Gave His SON,JESUS Christ

#553290 Aug 7, 2014
Seraphima wrote:
<quoted text> I think that it is beautiful that you have the respect of the orthodox church. The true church that Christ founded. So no, it would not annoy me. And it is not what a few catholic say it is what all catholics say here including you. So on one hand you guys include the orthodox church when you want to make a point against the protestants but in the next breath tell me the Orthodox church does not have the fullness of faith....double talk ...If you have heard far worst from orthodox apologist what does that have to do with me asking you about the what I am asking you about the catholics here on their belief that the Orthodox church does not have the fullness of faith but mention the orthodox church when debating with the protestants that our two churches share the same faith???? I am just trying to understand where you guys are at....
Left lung???

I think that's,what they call your Church ..

Perth, Australia

#553291 Aug 7, 2014
no all catholic is not very powerful or rich..
no all catholic not betray or stop believe in Jesus..

yep I study cathetisam not in my school..for me in my country its not be aloud by atheist leaders..only after school few hours if if if your parents aloud and to be resposible for that ..
I been abuse and asult from my teacher first 3 years every day in morning my hands been blue and swollen..because I believe in Jesus Christ.
I start with 6 years age going to school!

When I say to them mother Mary is Jesus Christ mother I stay every day in morning under abuse and assault from my teacher ..never tell to my father and my mother because they will be provoke into deep trouble.
Did I give up not to believe or have religion lesson?
no I suffer and I know that I suffering from trouble accusers as well today some.

I never stop believe Jesus Christ is Lord!

Miami Beach, FL

#553292 Aug 7, 2014
Liam wrote:
<quoted text>
Jews don't use Yahweh because that's not really God's name. And "Jehovah" definitely is not His name. Look, if you don't believe me, ask a Jewish Rabbi. They have no idea how God's name was pronounced. And the meaning behind YHWH doesnt reflect a name, but lack of a name. When Jews pray today, they say "Adonai" (Lord). Catholics combined the two and came up with the Latin abbreviation "Jehovah". Its a stupid blunder on the part of the JW'S and proof that they are mere men not guided by God as they are searching the Scriptures with a magnifying glass, using their own language and culture.
Why ask a Talmud following Rabbi who is just as misled as Catholic priests who follow lies and deceptions of their forefathers. I could quote Scripture, but you don't want to hear it. Nor do they because it conflicts with "Sacred Traditions". Ditto Muslims and Protestants. They prefer Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, etc like good Catholics.

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