Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 692153 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Saint Paul, MN

#530356 Apr 19, 2014
Michael wrote:
The catholic church needs to come clean on how many practicing catholics there are. Puffing out their chest boasting 1.2 Billion members when I am sure the bishops around the world have a much more accurate much much smaller total from their respective dioceses how many catholics actually attend mandatory sunday mass weekly and those who actually follow the doctrines, and rules regulations of the church.
50 years ago western europe was the darling of the catholic church. Today its in shambles. Read the latest news stories.
If catholics want to save this sinking ship in the western world, the braintrust in the vatican better start pulling more than rabbits out of their BIRETTAS.
The bottom line is: Catholicism and faith in general, give many people much joy. For you to demoralize them by trying to take it away, proves you to be an incredible loser. It proves that you're one screwed up individual, not at all content with their atheism. You've been learning from June quite well. Are you going to kick and scream and cry until your on your last leg like June?

I can't imagine a scenario where I would give two cents about a group of people who worship a God that I don't believe in. I mean, would I go on a Buddhist forum and say "statistics show your numbers are in decline....nan nana boo boo boo". Lol. That's what losers do.
Eh, they get enjoyment and you wanna snatch it from them cuz you're not sure about your own choice to reject the Church. That's what its all about..

Rockford, IL

#530357 Apr 19, 2014
StarC wrote:
Thanks be to God!
"Saturday, April 19, 2014
Welcome new Catholics; in America alone, tonight, approximately 100,000 join the true faith
Thousands of New Catholics Prepare to Receive the Sacraments this Easter
April 10, 2014
Archdiocese of Washington reports record numbers entering the Church
Galveston-Houston welcomes over 2,000 people
Easter Vigil rites will be held in English, Chinese, other languages in some communities
WASHINGTON–A widower honoring his late wife and a Chinese graduate student are among the thousands of new Catholics joining the Catholic Church in the United States at Easter. All have participated in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), a process of conversion and study in the Catholic faith for catechumens and candidates coming into full communion with the Church.
Catechumens, who have never been baptized, will receive baptism, confirmation and first Communion at the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil. Candidates, who have already been baptized in another Christian tradition whose baptism is recognized by the Catholic Church, will enter the Church through a profession of faith and reception of confirmation and Eucharist.
David Cupp, a candidate from the Archdiocese of Detroit who admits he had not “practiced much of anything for years,” came to the Catholic Church after the sudden death of his wife of 40 years, who was a devoted Catholic. He is grateful for his new journey in the Catholic Church despite his circumstances.“What keeps you sane is that you have to believe that there is a true God,” Cupp says. He is one of 520 catechumens and 660 candidates in the archdiocese who will receive the sacraments at the Easter Vigil.
Only a few months ago, an online video of the Ave Maria moved Jian Wang, a civil engineering student at Rutgers University, to become Catholic. He is a native of China who is no stranger to hardship and poverty. At age 2, his mother left the home and while in college, he lost his father. A simple Google search got him in touch with the university’s Catholic Center where his journey to become Catholic began.
Wang is among 114 catechumens and 156 candidates from the Diocese of Metuchen, New Jersey, looking forward to receiving the sacraments. As in many communities around the country, a growth in cultural diversity is reflected in the diocese, where some of the catechumens and candidates come from different countries. Some churches are preparing celebrations and initiations that will include languages such as Chinese, Korean and Spanish.
The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston will welcome about 2,300 catechumens and candidates. The Archdiocese of Washington will welcome 1,306 new Catholics, the largest number of candidates and catechumens in its history. Also welcoming large numbers of converts this year
are the Archdiocese of Atlanta, with 1,913 new Catholics; the Archdiocese of Los Angeles with 1,666; the Archdiocese of New York with 1,350; the Diocese of Raleigh with 1,200; the Archdiocese of Newark with 1,075; the Archdiocese of Seattle with 1,045; the Archdiocese of Chicago with 950; and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati with 946.
(Shortened for space to respond)

100,000 in the door.......200,000 out the the math.

Saint Paul, MN

#530358 Apr 19, 2014
StarC wrote:
I bring the news u don't want to hear. LOL
Where is June, on Spring break in Florida?:D
Or having cat problems?:)
There was at least 400 people in line for confession today. Its the most I ever saw. People were waiting an hour before it started... I wondered if I missed an apocalyptic headline that sent everyone scrambling to the nearest Church. I'm serious.

Saint Paul, MN

#530359 Apr 19, 2014
OldJG wrote:
<quoted text>
(Shortened for space to respond)
100,000 in the door.......200,000 out the the math.
I don't think the Church that Jesus started would be subject to a popularity contest. In fact, I would say it'd be just the opposite, given what happened to our founder.

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#530360 Apr 19, 2014
StarC wrote:
Thanks be to God!
"Saturday, April 19, 2014
Welcome new Catholics; in America alone, tonight, approximately 100,000 join the true faith
Thousands of New Catholics Prepare to Receive the Sacraments this Easter
icipation in the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion, the final phase of the RCIA process celebrated at the beginning of Lent. "
(Mentioning a few)
edited for space...

History shows:
Constantine found that with the Roman Empire being so vast, expansive, and diverse, not everyone would agree to forsake his or her religious beliefs to embrace Christianity. So, Constantine allowed, and even promoted, the “Christianization” of pagan beliefs. Completely pagan and utterly unbiblical beliefs were given new “Christian” identities. Some clear examples of this are as follows:

(1) The Cult of Isis, an Egyptian mother-goddess religion, was absorbed into Christianity by replacing Isis with Mary. Many of the titles that were used for Isis, such as “Queen of Heaven,”“Mother of God,” and theotokos (“God-bearer”) were attached to Mary. Mary was given an exalted role in the Christian faith, far beyond what the Bible ascribes to her, in order to attract Isis worshippers to a faith they would not otherwise embrace. Many temples to Isis were, in fact, converted into temples dedicated to Mary. The first clear hints of Catholic Mariology occur in the writings of Origen, who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, which happened to be the focal point of Isis worship.

The pagan community in Alexandria contains many different sections and subsections, far too many to discuss in any good detail, so we shall focus on the major pagan religion, and conflicts with the Christians, The Cult of Isis. This religion, dating back to the 4th century BCE, was one of the most popular branches of worship in the pre-empire era of Ancient Rome during the rule of Lucius Cornelius Sulla. It achieved its pinnacle in 83 BCE with the institution of a holy trinity and has since been on the decline, but is still popular in Alexandria.. Now lets take a look at specifics.

Isis: The Divine Mother

Isis was, in Egyptian mythology, goddess of fertility and motherhood. She was the daughter of the god Keb (Earth) and his wife/sister the goddess Nut (Sky). She was the sister-wife of Osiris, judge of the dead, and mother of Horus, god of day. She is described in ancient writings as having great magical skill, and she was represented as human in form though she was frequently described as wearing the horns of a cow, or as a winged woman (see the image above). Her symbols are the Ankh (like a modified cross) which represented life and the Star Sept which showed the coming of a new year as well as the flooding of the Nile for fertility.(5)

Anthony MN

Minneapolis, MN

#530362 Apr 19, 2014
Michael wrote:
From France once the catholic capital of western europe. What is happening now and why?
Only 4.5% of roman catholics in France practice their faith. Why? What is happening?
...France, today which is home to an estimated six million Muslims, has the largest Muslim population in the European Union. There are now, in fact, more practicing Muslims in France than there are practicing Roman Catholics.
Although 64% of the French population (or 41.6 million of France's 65 million inhabitants) identify themselves as Roman Catholic, only 4.5%(or 1.9 million) of these actually are practicing Catholics, according to a separate survey on Catholicism in France published by Ifop in July 2009.
The vatican better have a new game plan for the church in the west as practicing catholics are disappearing quickly.
I know catholics like blaming me for this factual information, but thats OK. Someone has to do it, and I am obliged.
Is it too late to turn things around? What can be done to stem the exodus from the church?
What are you hiding Mike? Why are you so frightened?

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#530363 Apr 19, 2014
Liam wrote:
<quoted text>
There was at least 400 people in line for confession today. Its the most I ever saw. People were waiting an hour before it started... I wondered if I missed an apocalyptic headline that sent everyone scrambling to the nearest Church. I'm serious.
You would not see these lines if these people followed the Word of God...

He says there is one mediator between man and Himself...His Son Jesus Christ..

Cathlics say....Wrong!!!!! There are three!!!! Da priest, Mary, and Jesus...

And...da priest don't need Mary or Jesus as mediators....he can forgive sins...on the spot!!!!!

catholicism - Does the priest have the power to forgive sins ...
Stack Exchange Network
Jan 25, 2013 - The Catholic Church teaches that man's sins may be absolved by the Church...

Quote: The words used by the priest in absolving sins make the source of his authority quite clear: "May our Lord Jesus Christ absolve you, and I by His authority absolve you from every bond of excommunication and interdict to the extent of my power and your need. Finally, I absolve you from your sins, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost." – Andreas Blass Mar 8 at 16:59

Rockford, IL

#530364 Apr 19, 2014
OldJG wrote:
<quoted text>
(Shortened for space to respond)
100,000 in the door.......200,000 out the the math.
Liam wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't think the Church that Jesus started would be subject to a popularity contest. In fact, I would say it'd be just the opposite, given what happened to our founder.
You are right. You still have a major problem. Jesus did not start your Roman church and your founder is the ruler of this world. Comprende little grasshopper. Now hop hop away. Hop hop!

Rockford, IL

#530365 Apr 19, 2014
In the Roman Catholic mass, the Eucharist or “host” Sun rays emanating from the center of a monstrance, a Catholic vessel used to (the round wafer) is a symbol of the sun. It is normally placed during ceremonial masses on a monstrance with a crescent moon, symbolizing the plunging of the sun into the womb of the goddess. Some monstrances bear the letters “SFS,” which represents 666, as S was the sixth letter in the ancient Greek alphabet and F is the sixth letter in our alphabet.

The round disc in the crescent moon was a symbol of ancient Babylon, and is found in all the ancient religions. In Catholic cathedrals, these symbols are very prominent, often depicting a round form of mother and child within the crescent moon.

The rebirth of the sun god was celebrated by the eating of round bread in Babylonian times, and was common in Mithraism and Osiris worship. Historian Alexander Hislop says this:

And here, in a so-called Christian Church, a brilliant plate of silver,“in the form of the SUN,” is so placed on the altar, that everyone who adores at the altar must bow in lowly reverence before that image of the “SUN.” Whence, I ask, could that have come, than from the ancient SUN-worship, or the worship of Baal? And when the wafer is placed so that the silver “SUN” is fronting the “round” wafer, whose "roundness" is so important an element in the Romish Mystery, is only another symbol of Baal, or the sun, what can be the meaning of it, but to show to those who have eyes to see that the “Wafer” itself is only another symbol of Baal.

Pope John Paul wrote in 1998 that mass also includes an element of Mary veneration, which, as we have seen, is also a pagan practice:
Significantly, the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that "the Sunday celebration of the Lord's Day and his Eucharist is at the heart of the Church's life"…As they listen to the word proclaimed in the Sunday assembly, the faithful look to the Virgin Mary, learning from her to keep it and ponder it in their hearts (cf. Lk 2:19). With Mary, they learn to stand at the foot of the Cross, offering to the Father the sacrifice of Christ and joining to it the offering of their own lives. With Mary, they experience the joy of the Resurrection, making their own the words of the Magnificat which extol the inexhaustible gift of divine mercy in the inexorable flow of time: "His mercy is from age to age upon those who fear him" (Lk 1:50). From Sunday to Sunday, the pilgrim people follow in the footsteps of Mary, and her maternal intercession gives special power and fervour to the prayer which rises from the Church to the Most Holy Trinity.

Rockford, IL

#530366 Apr 19, 2014
The Roman Empire officially fell in 476 after a century of instability. Emperor Theodosius merged church and state a century before, but did not necessarily mean to make the church dominant. During the Hunnish invasions, the church appeared to many the only institution capable of saving the west. By the fall, the church assumed several governmental functions by necessity and provided the only bond for Western Europeans for centuries.

Pope Leo I dramatically increased papal authority after his encounter with Attila the Hun. Leo did not do anything especially creative in fending off the Hun. He followed precedent and paid Attila to leave. However, Attila died soon after and people credited Leo with this miracle. In the end, Leo’s miracle increased papal prestige.

As Rome fell, the papacy continued to increase its power. The Papal Estates began feeding Rome’s population. The remnants of the western government could no longer produce, transport, or distribute grain. Eventually, the government ceased to exist in the west and the eastern empire lacked the ability to help. Without help from the east, the Vatican negotiated treaties with barbarians and even hired armies to defend Rome. Instead of the legions, the Pope stood between the people and starvation and barbarian hordes.

After the fall, the church continued its missionary work. Missionaries traveled to far off lands and converted the pagans in Ireland, France, and Britain. The most famous of these missionaries, St. Patrick, merged pagan and Christian beliefs to make conversion palatable for the locals. As the church spread, it's power increased. When the Frankish warlord Clovis converted, Rome secured its greatest early medieval ally. Once the powerful converted, they became subservient to the church.

While missionaries converted the powerful and weak alike, monasteries formed and continued western civilization through record keeping. Monks were highly educated elites. The monasteries kept records, copied Bibles, and eventually turned into schools for the people. These schools became the first universities.

The church saved civilization. After the Roman Empire fell, the church stepped in and fulfilled basic governmental functions by default. As time passed, the institution’s power grew and expanded throughout Europe. Eventually, the old Roman world became the Christian world with the emperors being replaced by the papacy.

Kewdale, Australia

#530367 Apr 19, 2014

who created egg
which belong first that you know
egg from bird or snake

Kewdale, Australia

#530368 Apr 19, 2014
Whats keep us in this humans form.
Did prehistoric ancestors look deference?
How much deference?
If you go up up up further into heavenly map how you or your future generation will look?

How much period you need notice challenge in deference?
years decade millennium..

think about that..

on the end is ''golden light''.

Are you for sure they are not between us?Who?
from future of your ancestors=if you know civilization before exist
much more smarter and powerful then today..

Did you know how many times you lived life as well where if you know ancient high priest exist?

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#530369 Apr 19, 2014
Paganism foundation of the RCC....per history

Beliefs and Rituals
Isis was believed to be powerful in the ways of magic, having the ability to create and destroy life with mere words. She not only knew the words which needed to be spoken to cause certain things to occur, but was also able to use exact pronunciation and emphasis in order for the desired effect to occur. It is believed that if the best effect was to be produced by words of power they must be uttered in a certain tone of voice, and at a certain rate, and at a certain time of the day or night, with appropriate gestures or ceremonies. Only when these conditions have been met can true magic occur. The magic of Isis has appeared in many forms throughout Egyptian mythology. From her ability to bring her dead and disembodied husband Osiris back to life and create with him a son, to the learning of the sacred name of Ra, Isis has shown magical talent beyond the other gods. Perhaps the best way to explain Isis can be found in The Invocation of Isis, which is the primary prayer said to Isis during worship.

Kewdale, Australia

#530370 Apr 19, 2014

each dots represent your city or place
as Swiss o'clock correction

see twisted story 3x continents
its secrets over map

mostly inhabitant on water
life without water in this form is not impossible
see each cell within your blade stream
where are you
'i am within you'

Kewdale, Australia

#530371 Apr 19, 2014
usual chicks go out from eggs 20 day 4 weeks

How Jesus rose on 3th days?

Did Jesus is been very tall man or small man?

ciste se
ozivljuju na molitvu
cvrk in head=concessness
then i see graveyard its moving
i see one first weaking up then many many many

po precistim rukama tvojim kad si ga primila u krilo

po savjesti=razum=when you see=conciseness
don't be liar
nobody been there
are you scare see that
now when you know
its as very bad dream

its happen and past already

Kewdale, Australia

#530372 Apr 19, 2014
in that case only two intelligent things exist in human
- mind as conciseness
- heart

light is fast transmiter from one continent to another


Kewdale, Australia

#530374 Apr 19, 2014
center of eye is not as you think
its capable much more
over map
its deference correction as well corection zillion/zillion from one pole to another..
eyebrew and eylash is include

i drove over map

no not anymore i don't do that

if you have faith=as tiny seed as mustard

did you have in your eye dots
must be
i mean natural
can be your light or your star
its correction zillion/zillion

hello kuma mare
sta si danas kuhala
quial eggs with potato on horizontal and c.e;vap

paza vaza =uvijek pazi i moli
vapim ti boze moj
dan i noc
i molim se kako domu svome doc
ajde dodji
nemoj rec
jer cesh porech

dart ce bog i shachi gache
siromasi ce se nasititi
'a slijepi progledati'

vidish li tu slusalicu hello

korish me korish
znam da me volish
dzabe ti korit
sta cesh rechi
ti podmisao govorish

podmisao=subconcessness=what is reserve there in mind
''hello''=see that light

how dots look in eye
nemoj kazat

in that direction
one dot in one eye another dot in another eye

-never say to anyone stupid baba mare=find yourself
poljubi me sa obe bande=obadva obraza=two eyes

Kewdale, Australia

#530375 Apr 19, 2014
zemlja ce se tresti
djecu cete svoju jesti
they wrote like that=gospin plac=tears

neslushate moje glase
od krista koj' vas spase

i ti si me neko drago srce
kad korish

e sad je drago moje oko
hello moje malo selo
nit je selo
da bi u njem bilo silo
vec je selo
da bi zaposjelo

Kewdale, Australia

#530376 Apr 19, 2014

Waconia, MN

#530377 Apr 19, 2014
Michael wrote:
Star C. Hojo, Liam....
Today in western europe practicing catholics are disappearing faster than MONARCH BUTTERFLYS.
IRISH catholics continue to flee. BUT WHY??
More ISLAM being practiced in FRANCE than catholicism. BUT WHY?
25 years ago 80% of France were practicing roman catholics. Today the numbers are more than reversed.
The way things are going in western europe with catholicism, catholics worldwide need to pay attention as to what is happening, but more importantly WHY its happening?
I bring the news that catholics didn't know, the news they don't want to know, the news that they blame me for.
The world is changing very quickly and most are not aware of the implications for organized religion.
Your liberal "trash statistics" come from the same "remote and out-of-date sources" that do not represent ANYTHING credible regarding the year-to-year (constant growth) of the Catholic Church throughout the world.....You post "nothing" but meaningless statistical percentages that have " absolutely no basis" of any truth----(let alone facts)..... We ALL know that your liberal Catholic polling sources are (weighted and solicited) with those few "non-practicing liberal Catholics" that are telephoned and pre-screened to "fit the desired pollsters results" that fallen away Catholics like you will "feast on these distorted, twisted and misrepresented editorialized (hack ) articles.........Not "one" Catholic on this forum believes ANY of these "perverted and twisted" statistics that you so"desperately" attempt to "dupe" people into believing !!.... You really need to find a new hobby Michael, such as "Alligator wrestling" and !see how far you get trying to "fool a gator" similar to your (ongoing) failed attempts fool others on this forum!!!

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