Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 703585 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Mount Lawley, Australia

#522410 Mar 18, 2014
clean out of unclean=skolj;keeeeeeeeee
''prstace''=sea food with white vino coo;king

sisa=grapes as juice so sweet and oh early then other start by one mounths early

waterly juice vino as white overfast fire cooking as prstace=as sea food

they opening as old shoes in watergate

see prst;a;c;e
e pa sta cesh dokazivat pismenoj gospodi
jao sto je to holoooooooo
da te dragi Bog sacuva od njih

my mind is not yours

why I need think like you

as well respect your evil photocopy diploma with priviladge


Mount Lawley, Australia

#522411 Mar 18, 2014
trouble mind will say
sisa ko te shisha=fast talk as someone who remember give back as well never give forgivness


you can eat letters with eyes and be very sick
Is that nice?
but exist
-not be angry

super computer can eat lots of letters

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522412 Mar 18, 2014
its written
who will be rejected

cross INRI

now you bealieve in what so ever you want

you bealive in your gods and your corupt masters

thats all

Don't express yourself in name of Jesus Christ.

its written

''i am not going where they going''

Saint Paul, MN

#522413 Mar 19, 2014
marge wrote:
We had a friend who was catholic, we told him how wrong he was all the time but we could never get him to read the Bible for himself.
I'm guessing your friend figured out that you and your hubby are fanatics.

"We kept trying to get him to read the Bible for himself"

Baloney, what if he did "read" the Bible himself, and determined that Jesus Christ and his apostles started a Church not a BIble? What if he used his brain and comprehended that the Bible came after the Church and the Church is the pillar and foundation of truth, per the Bible?
What you and your hubby were doing, is asking your friend to embrace a series of lies about his faith....Then you were trying to get him away from the Eucharist. He probably recognized you two were agents of the devil, albeit y'all are too oblivious to your surroundings to ever see it.

Saint Paul, MN

#522414 Mar 19, 2014
marge wrote:
That is why I told Ltm not to even have lunch with a devote catholic as they will eventually go all evil on you, you don't want that in your house.
Most likely the devout Catholic knows their faith well enough. Your not going to sway them with your paranoid ignorant brand of the faith. Believe me Marge, I've come across people like you and LTM before. In fact, I credit them for bringing me back into the Catholic faith. I would love to do lunch with you. But religion wouldn't be the choice topic. What am I supposed to say when you explain to me how the earth is 5,000 yrs old and the Bible fell from the sky? I would probably be like that Catholic friend of yours and smile politely...

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522415 Mar 19, 2014
law of accusers is not my law


mosess say
numbers 25;5

o you corupt judges and diploma

what jesus say
Why you better for what?

acusers abusers assuletres false liars and so on

my words not going past everything past

corupt lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

law not exist

where is that

my lags my hands my body

I resist crown pain!

seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee


liars upon liars
liars upon liars

see INRI
still resist all evil words toward accusers and abusers false set up evil doing


vi zivite u vremenu krivokletnika

i njihovih sotonski spirita

every spirit is not holy

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522416 Mar 19, 2014
no you don't need respect corupt accusers and diplome of them

they are nobody and nothing from nowhere
000000000000000000000000000000 000000000


Jesus Christ come fullfill

did you kill
yes you areeeeeeeeeee

don't kill

What Jesus Christ say?

They will come in my name!
many many many
who is that demonic and others spiritsssssssss

serve themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


you done toward me wicket satanic corupt criminalsssssssssss


-don't used my name in vain

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522417 Mar 19, 2014
never forget that
its against satanic corupt evil spiiritsssssssssss
develish corupt accusersssssssssssssssssssssss

don't be scare tell them who they are

they coming as thiefs and accuse

why corupt diploma need accuse Jesus Christ as well many innocent victims?

very very very sad
evil evil evil organization


Jesus Christ is not accuser.

why need corupt evil diploma accuse and judge

they know they are twisted nobody nothing from nowhere 0000000000

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522418 Mar 19, 2014
they used passage trough bible

-don't set up as accuser
-don't be false witness
numbers 25;5
then Moses say to judges of Israel
each one of you kill
his man who have an attachment with the Baal of Peor

what so ever trough past to be set up
up to further in future
your mind is so small find out

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522419 Mar 19, 2014
old cherubim will tell you millions years
why they keep humanity under humiliation
as well before exist stronger but wicket civilization
all fall
please tell me
why fall

Did Jesus Christ stay under humiliation?

Did you know explain transfiguration INRI?

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522420 Mar 19, 2014
be good
all religion speak as law
atheist too
form law as system and organization

be good

holy Joseph suffering as many others in vain

holy Paul say

they took from you as alive church

its you who is pure within who believe

who is bless

its going took from us

see coincidence
are you for sure paul not say

church took from you who is alive

they took from ussssssssssssssss

I give myself on that cross INRI
I been there..

with my body lags hands head

I resist Crown pain!!!

I am alive as I am!

I don't liked my accusers.

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522421 Mar 19, 2014
o pro;djevo
its hard understood

-don't be affraid

I love you!!!

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522422 Mar 19, 2014
see blagovjest=be bless

-don't be afraid
God say to woman.

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522423 Mar 19, 2014
Holy Joseph

22 2 to 4 maj
rightingzer proclaim
years of light

its took from one
''pure soul''=25 3

its took from me

I give myself


don't be afraid

How its look
very nice experience INRI

o yee
its hard to be for me
many years they do that
they still doing


be good

apostolic Paul say

its took from you
who is pure

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522424 Mar 19, 2014
don't be afraid 25/3
God say to woman.

many times its hard for me took that cross

is that shame

Apostolic Paul say

cross INRI is not shame

cakula se u srcu
jesi vidio kako ih ja vacam u rijeci
stopaje ih onaj koji se ogleda u mom srcu

-daj mi snage da mogu trpiti

- a vama da mozete razumiti

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522425 Mar 19, 2014
now you need pray for me
holy joseph

as well
o don't forget that bag
they sold you
did they are

o don't forget
they give poor Moses in tiny pleter = as crafty bag
to nice princess as adopt son

o don't forget
my father be adopt as for you
from baba Ana to reserve place to grandpa peter
and further tree

as starac old Simun and starica old Ana
ko dva presahla oka

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522426 Mar 19, 2014
Mary we are in constant challenge
soul upon soul
life for life
love for love.
Please understood.

25/3 be bless
majko krvavih suza
tvoje je srce patilo za nas

Mount Lawley, Australia

#522427 Mar 19, 2014
trough yew law
mother is hereditary

mother must pray
woman what you waiting


Mount Lawley, Australia

#522428 Mar 19, 2014
mother is hereditary

under Jewish law

mother must pray

woman what you waiting


Mount Lawley, Australia

#522429 Mar 19, 2014
remember Mary
you need know revelation

fast blast
smooth silky skin
they liked died but can't
they look as ghostly after
wounds is open
they liked died but can't
they going look after that as ghostly Mary

I wrote that you know what I see.

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