Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 685651 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Perth, Australia

#516960 Feb 23, 2014
How you look as good horse as you know first look if horse have white;star on head yeeeeeee
thats good horse
in alpe moun;teinst they have hat who people who lived there as tradition as culture they put futher on right side as you see from your hair how za;lisac going on right or left side.. tick near ear as going foward up

see that hat

if you looking good horse that have to have white star on head..yee that you know what is good horseeeeeeee that you can love but not for race no.

Perth, Australia

#516961 Feb 23, 2014
white cocoon is not delusion its real wicket transformers


rosary will tell you why there are as they re

borovers which live upon good souls of good people


Since: Apr 07


#516962 Feb 23, 2014
Black Thunder 42 wrote:
<quoted text>
No son. I'm just try'n ta acquaint ya with actuality. You can live your delusion if you choose....and pat yourself on the back all you's all your choice .

“ Ah see's lanlubbers Cap'n BT!”

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#516963 Feb 23, 2014
Tony17 wrote:
<quoted text>Ditto!
It's really good that ya realize ya can't be one with the creator in this life. That's a starting point at least.

Perth, Australia

#516964 Feb 23, 2014
ok you say di;t;to
di je to=where is that
be good
i forgive so quick
queen zita say my rab/bat my for/rest where on tirol when war been on tirol long time ago somewhere italy austria swicealpe who is know where

Perth, Australia

#516965 Feb 23, 2014
see how looks on map as cuko=as dog as tirol
why queen zita say
my rab;bat my for;rest

see connect my meaning as I describe

Are you for sure I liked hurt you?

I don't liked when others interrupt in my mind or private life..
its not very comfortable for

Perth, Australia

#516966 Feb 23, 2014
Are you sure pro;djevo?

I am not liar!!!

Jesus say anger can be problem too but expression too to find!
Now turn another face?

where looks on map as pak and tac as pakistan kirgistan krasnostan or similar on map whereeeeeeee

talk with yourself

who is on tirol as tiratiiiiiii as brisati rucnik porucnik or podporucnik
sto brisateeeeeeeee bri;site

now you are austro solidiers

maybe you been before
maybe not
maybe someone bor/ro;wing something

Perth, Australia

#516967 Feb 23, 2014
a tako
vi ste neka ra.k.usa.nka prokusanka
is that nice
a tako ti si a koga to vi kot.tirate sa tirola=alo;ritzoooooo
but its words only

moje srce ljubi tebe evo
nije oni boro tamo bio

nego ba tirolo alo;ritzo

Perth, Australia

#516968 Feb 23, 2014
a tako dijeto djete
alo tirole alo ritzooooooo

see njema bore tuuuuuu

tu je kucaaaaaa

tu je kuca as rakusanka
ko koga kusha ko kome sanka sa tirola bez parola and podparoleeeeeeeeee

kot to tira koga a gol;keyce

nema ovdje nikakvog gojka
ili ugojka
to su pudlice
padpedpidpodpud dupdopdepdipdepdap

Perth, Australia

#516971 Feb 23, 2014
all stars will be dark je not only 5

se satan used passige trough methew

balak belak bilak bolak bulak
numbers 24;17

i stay in prayers then i go sleep from right side where cross as INRI stay
its come one lady with scepter then light going toward meeeeeeee
number 45;6


upright cross
upward way

don't worry what they say bla bla bla
nobody care what they sayyyyyyyyyyyyyy


#516972 Feb 23, 2014
Tony17 wrote:
<quoted text>
I think most people are unaware of what this word 'ANTI-CHRIST' means and who he is.
The anti-christ is Satan himself. The word "ANTI' as used in the word ANTI-CHRIST should be studied. The word ANTI means INSTEAD OF so when you use the word ANTI IN ANTI-CHRIST the word means INSTEAD OF CHRIST. Satan will come here masquerading as Christ Himself and through his deception,through his M.O all the world will whore after him because they will be clueless as to who he really is. Why? Because Satan, is not comeing here killing and maiming people and what have you.He's gonna deceive the word because of how he will be acting. He will appear to bring world peace, he will speak with the voice of peace and love (seemingly) and those that serve him will be very profitable. In fact during his short reign, there will be a time of world prosperity such as the world has never seen. Your bills will be paid,your pockets will be full of money etc, etc. Because of all the seemingly great things this "ANTI-CHRIST" will be doing the world will be duped into thinking that this has to be the Christ. Guess what? IT'S NOT.
He will be able to perform miracles just like one would expect the real Christ to be doing. Scripture even tells us that Satan is disguised as an angel of light.
......If you believe God is the creator of everything, and God is all powerful, and all loving, and you believe there is a Satan, why did God create satan?

Perth, Australia

#516973 Feb 23, 2014

god know who is wicket satanic demonic attackers coming in as out

they are very well organize evil non-visible army

see its exist very low corrupt organization
its exist very high organization
-not-visible and visible thirsty evil organization

after prayers i go sleep then just turn light
its comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

one lady with sceptar light going toward meeeeeeeeeeee

evil lips are within many priest

go behind evil satanic spirits

o yeeeeeeeee

evil serve evillllllllllllllllllllllll

cross stay upright
way stay upward

go away sluge sotonskiiiiiiiiiiiii
its written
nejedem nepijem nepjevam sa vamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

psalm 45;6
sceptar from cross INRI as my priest give me on my merrage going toward meeeeeeeeeeeeeee as light

go away sotonske proklete sluge lazljive

umukni lazljivi jeziceeeeeeeeee=who say=jesus christ in name of INRI
there is my hand lags body mind

Perth, Australia

#516974 Feb 23, 2014
navale sotonskeeee i njihovih legionaraaa demona spirita i drugih prokletih crnih misaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa

crne miseeeeeeeeeeeee
jesu li zabranjene crne mise
dali dolaze od Isusa Krista
ili od prokleti satanista i njihovih svecenika

umukni pogani jeziceeeeeeeeeeeeee

speech ear eye=find in bible


Perth, Australia

#516975 Feb 23, 2014
kad se odmaknesh kod drugih svecenika i kad dodjesh na drugo misto

viditi ces kako mole crne proklete mise
jedno da umre ili da se rastave

umukni priokleta jezicino

luke 10

say tounge speech from gujeeeeeeeee snake tange on two way direction

kako se ribe pecaju od sotonskih ljudi
na gujin jezik
nesto je muka na vama da se dokazete
ko je reko

Sveti Luka 10
ostavljamo svoj brod
i hvacamo ljude
gujin jezik za te ribice ribicari


#516976 Feb 23, 2014
RoSesz wrote:
<quoted text>
It's,a,mystery...something of God...maybe we,cannot understand how,it is,possible...
But God is,in our understanding manifest in three persons,who are ONE .
I'll leave it to Him to do what He,does..
We,need only Faith ...given us,through the,FREE gift of grace ...
The,Father calls,us to the Son...through the HOLY Spirit .....who works,however He whatever time or circumstance HE chooses to have us,listen to the call ...He cannot be limited by time or space or Church ...
Maybe someday our minds,will be able to understand in the afterlife ...
.....maybe this, maybe that! I am sure Jews, Muslims, Hindus have the same mindset that you have except what they were taught was different and what they believe is different and they have their preceived facts that makes them believe with all their hearts that they are the chosen ones, and you aren't.


#516977 Feb 23, 2014
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
You are "correct" Ox for only the very 1st time you have been on this forum!!! There is "nothing to debate"!!! The historical and biblical TRUTH has been verified,confirmed and authenticated over and over and over again by "every highly accredited Church Historian and every Apostolic Apologistic author and writer for over 2000 years that Jesus Christ initiated and established " ONE CHURCH and it was Universal----and it was Catholic.---Your bible only (fictitious, contradicting self-opinionated interpretation on the bible is nothing but a bunch of "man-invented doctrines that have no basis of ANY biblical or historical truth to back up ANY of your more than 42,200 Protestant denominational beliefs.. You have been "proven" over and over again" --on this forum" to be a bible only Protestant "self-opinionated" Propagandist who continually "twists and manipulates" the interpretation of the bible-- ALL to your own demise and destruction. Go talk to your other 42,200 contradicting and inconsistent bible editorialistu
who are as confused and mixed up as you are!!!!
.....I don't believe God would be very happy with your continual comments of stating Bible Only, Bible only.....

,....the way you say it is insulting to God.

Perth, Australia

#516979 Feb 23, 2014
gledala sam kako ona crna zmija drhti u njemu
pa u kome
koji govori crne mise
drhti jadan od jada i proklestva

bog me poveo toga dana da vidim cujem i da se sama uvjerim

Perth, Australia

#516981 Feb 23, 2014
I pray 14 station Cross INRI!
Its gone 2.5 meters over guarden black snake out

Jesus Christ pay prise on Cross INRI!

crkniii gujin jeziceeeeeee
umukni krivokletniceeeeeeeee


#516982 Feb 23, 2014
ReginaM wrote:
<quoted text>
Awww, and here you wanted a cyber-hug all along and I didn't notice! Poor little buddy! It's okay, Mike, really, it'll be all right. We're here for ya, guy. Buck up!
....Is that you gramma? I had no idea you had a computer. Say hi to grandpa Anthony.

Perth, Australia

#516983 Feb 23, 2014
nepozeli nista sto nije tvojeeeeeeeeeeeee
ne reci lazno svjedocanstva
gujin jeziceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jesus Christ died on cross INRI!

you who walking in security
god will revile corrupt way..yeeeeee

Are you for sure?
I am liar!

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