Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

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The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story

Perth, Australia

#506389 Jan 15, 2014
I say to you gift of holy spirit is conciseness and understanding!
How you can be liar to holy spirit?

How much you trust sick person?
Is your wife or husband sick?

Do you recognize not-visible attackers.
Many demonic influence can very easy split what someone want.
-its exist very low organization
-its exist very high organization
to ruin every person or family..

How you will act toward not-visible demonic influence?
How you will find out where are come-from?
Did you ever investigated impact over any person or family as well why?
How you call that within church or Government or in free association.
Did you know reason of that impact?

Did you know what church teach you?
Did you know what law in your state country or people say?

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#506392 Jan 15, 2014

Perth, Australia

#506393 Jan 15, 2014
Your Creator created humans as well others have hands and mind recreated many things too.

Under your feet and feet every man which ever lived on this planet Earth are capable control as well have mind and conciseness to control.

Please tell me why you attacking church?!
Church is institution as many institution exist!

Alive church is believers with faith.

Before civilization exist with strongest mind that we as today human can't imagine that is as it is.
We been sustain many times here on Earth from High Power.

Many deference exist but nobody going destroy church, many war before exist trough history and generation up to generation tribe against tribe people against people nation against nation.

Look few bunch tree how they grow near each huge large and very healthy other small and not strong.
look soil where seed go in look how holy scripture speak with parable
describe what stay between us.

Look many healthy mind people there are wise, other stronger, third crafty, forth this or that.

Many people is not some with gift but many exist with many gifted and craft hand and mind.
If they are deference please tell me why you think church is deference.

Your Creator left law trough time and space.

You not believe many things not exist or have to not exist if you don't liked see.

no no no no
It exist as well come in future liked or not.
Tango Bravo

Wichita, KS

#506394 Jan 15, 2014
Oxbow wrote:
<quoted text>
Canon 14. We prohibit also that the laity should be permitted to have the books of the Old or New Testament; unless anyone from motive of devotion should wish to have the Psalter or the Breviary for divine offices or the hours of the blessed Virgin; but we most strictly forbid their having any translation of these books.
Source: Heresy and Authority in Medieval Europe, Edited with an introduction by Edward Peters, Scolar Press, London, copyright 1980 by Edward Peters, ISBN 0-85967-621-8, pp. 194-195, citing S. R. Maitland, Facts and Documents [illustrative of the history, doctrine and rites, of the ancient Albigenses & Waldenses], London, Rivington, 1832, pp. 192-194.
Additional Sources:
Ecclesiastical History of Ancient Churches of the Albigenses, Pierre Allix, published in Oxford at the Clarendon Press in 1821, reprinted in USA in 1989 by Church History Research & Archives, P.O. Box 38, Dayton Ohio, 45449, p. 213 [Canon 14].
You're quoting an obscure author who had to turn to self-publishing in order to his "work" published. He's quoting a still more obscure author. If you want to quote Catholic Church Canon Law why not quote directly from Catholic Church Canon Law?

When you read the quote from the obscure author who's quoting a more obscure author and pay attention to what the "quote" actually says it appears that Canon Law said don't let the laity have a copy of the Word of God except from the "...motive of devotion...", and don't let them have a "translation" instead of the book itself. What's so bad about that? Would you like to use your copy of the Bible for unholy purposes or just a specially edited version to support your heresy? I'm guessing maybe both, or at least heresy.
Tango Bravo

Wichita, KS

#506395 Jan 15, 2014
Oxbow wrote:
<quoted text>
The Council of Tarragona of 1234, in its second canon, ruled that:
"No one may possess the books of the Old and New Testaments in the Romance language, and if anyone possesses them he must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days after promulgation of this decree, so that they may be burned lest, be he a cleric or a layman, he be suspected until he is cleared of all suspicion."
-D. Lortsch, Historie de la Bible en France, 1910, p.14.
See also: The 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia article on the Scripture.
No such thing as the Council of Tarragona of 1234. You're making this stuff up as I've long suspected. Claims for quotes from obscure authors aren't good enough for you so you just fake it.
Anthony MN

Andover, MN

#506396 Jan 15, 2014
"Bible alone" St. Irenaeus believed in regenerative baptism as the means of becoming born again. Is he your co-religionist CIB?

" 'And dipped himself,' says [the Scripture],'seven times in Jordan.' It was not for nothing that Naaman of old, when suffering from leprosy, was purified upon his being baptized, but it served as an indication to us. For as we are lepers in sin, we are made clean, by means of the sacred water and the invocation of the Lord, from our old transgressions; being spiritually regenerated as new-born babes, even as the Lord has declared:'Except a man be born again through water and the Spirit, he shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.'" Irenaeus, Fragment, 34 (A.D. 190).
Anthony MN

Andover, MN

#506397 Jan 15, 2014
"Bible alone " Tertullian on baptism;

"When, however, the prescript is laid down that 'without baptism, salvation is attainable by none" (chiefly on the ground of that declaration of the Lord, who says, "Unless one be born of water, he hath not life.'" Tertullian, On Baptism, 12:1 (A.D. 203).

Is he wrong on what the bible days about baptism.CIB? Is he your co-religionist?

Chicago, IL

#506398 Jan 15, 2014
Seraphima wrote:
<quoted text> You have a hard time believing because you refuse to believe that your church is could have done these things.
Its one of those accusations that I wouldn't waste researching. Right up there with the CC Murdering 50 million people. Some guy last week said when Catholic Church sunk the Titanic. Yawn, those things bore me. Now I hear we let groups of people into the church and allowed them to keep worshiping their other gods. Yeah, I refuse on believe my Church could have done those things.

“ Ah see's lanlubbers Cap'n BT!”

Since: Oct 10

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#506399 Jan 15, 2014
June VanDerMark wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree that at times I am pathetic, but I don't agree that you were swift to learn knowledge, while others are pathetic for not agreeing with you.
As do all other believers, you simply have theories, and theories don't equate to anything more THAN theories.
You just cant resist enacting your defense of your own inferiority complex even if it requires you to fabricate outright lies over and over to justify it.
I'll let the record(posts) here speak for itself, while you continue to fabricate fantasy situations to justify your delusions.
Tango Bravo

Wichita, KS

#506400 Jan 15, 2014
RoSesz wrote:
<quoted text>
Of course not ...however study as a,part of religious,education..going chapter ..or book was NOT a,part of our curriculum....
And though our family was Catholic on both sides,...sadly we did not study the bible Mr a home .
Things,changed after Vatican two..You must know,that
And great for you that your family was into family bible study
Any Protestant ancestors,...I'm curious,
We had missals,..catechism,..socialit y manuals,and devotionals,. No bible,
At one time,I knew most of the Mass in Latin ..
It's,really until recent decades,more of a,' in Catholic thing kid leArned in grade school .
I read a good part of the bible using hers,...
Of course since I became born again....I have several.And I'm no scholar but retain a,lot for my age .
My Christmas gift from my daughter was a grandmother's bible ..Beautiful ..
And I know,NOW,..the Readings,at MASS are from the bible ..No clue when I was,younger ...
I remember the Latin Mass (Latin on one side of the Missal page and English on the other) and Vatican II. High School required two years of Latin with four available.

No Protestants that I'm aware of going back to all of my Grandparents.

In grade school we celebrated Mass every morning before school; so we read multiple sections from the Bible every day. It somehow happens that non-Catholics are surprised when Catholics quote from the Bible ("Pope says you can't read the Bible!"), but we read it every day when we were in school plus Religion class plus Sunday Mass. How is that not "Bible Study"?

Perth, Australia

#506401 Jan 15, 2014
Why you think God is Englishman or American Or Canadian Or France and speak only your language?

People when pray they not obey law of others, people pray for things which they think its good for them in private life.

God can always hear prayers!
Are you very jealous of that?

Perth, Australia

#506402 Jan 15, 2014
Tango Bravo

Wichita, KS

#506403 Jan 15, 2014
RoSesz wrote:
<quoted text>
Any one can reject Jesus,and basically spit in the face of the,HOLY SPIRIT
Calling them to live with the Son.
He PAID the price for our SIN....offers,Grace to have FAITH in Him as Saviour .
Our choice to accept if or not .
Not sure I'd call that earning ...HE DID IT ..IT IS FINISHED I accept His,death and acknowledge the Resurrection
Is it spitting in the face of the Holy Spirit to produce acts in an effort to reserve Redemption, or is it spitting in the face of the Holy Spirit to relax and rely on faith alone?
concerned in Brasil


#506404 Jan 15, 2014
Anthony MN wrote:
<quoted text>
Why then did they all profess the Catholic faith and claim membership in the Catholic Church and believe so differently than you if they were "bible alone"?
Of course all of these fathers professed to accept scripture AND tradition.
If a "bible alone" Christian comes to a completely different conclusion than you, sola scriptura is false.
So disingenuous on your part now there are two elephants in the Room you choose to ignore.

Their doctrine is way way closer to mine and in the essentials we are the same.

I profess to be a catholic christian Anthony just as they did I share their faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior I follow his teachings and the Apostles as they did.

WE are simply not Roman Catholics like youself.

Many early church fathers did not believe in the real presence as I do, many did but for them as it is for me it was not an issue of salvation as the Apostles and Jesus did not say you had to believe in that doctrine one way or the other to be saved.

However your man made sect that came some 1000 years later makes it a matter of salvation and those who do not believe in the real presence are Anathema and thus not saved and condemned to Hell. All to control people so they would stay under Rome and give their tithes and indulgences to Rome who used them fraudulently.

What you fail to acknowledge is there catholic faith is not YOUR roman catholic faith your sect has brought a whole new novel meaning to it.

Chicago, IL

#506406 Jan 15, 2014
Hermeneutics Smutics wrote:
<quoted text> I can only tell you what I have researched and read from multiple sources. You must read the church histor re the barbarian invasions, the Visigoths, Ostrogoths, the Franks, the Arians to be apprised of how the Arians were incorporated into the Western Church.Again you must read some of the Eastern Rite literature to understand their confusion re how they are Catholic and at the same time how they keep some of their Eastern Practices.
The arians weren't allowed to keep worshiping Agni, the god of fire while receiving the Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church. The Church didn't allow them to keep any of their other gods and still be Christian... Whatever book you read on that was a lie.

And its my understanding that the eastern rite Catholics have many different practices then the Roman Catholic west. Their Mass probably closely resembles yours. Some use the same Liturgical rite as the Orthodox. That's not an issue with Rome.

Perth, Australia

#506407 Jan 15, 2014
Anthony MN

Andover, MN

#506408 Jan 15, 2014
"Bible alone" St. Hippolytus prayers to the saints for intercession;

"[Appealing to the three companions of Daniel] Think of me, I beseech you, so that I may achieve with you the same fate of martyrdom." Hippolytus of Rome, On Daniel, 11:30 (A.D. 204).

On baptism;

"But give me now your best attention, I pray you, for I wish to go back to the fountain of life, and to view the fountain that gushes with healing. The Father of immortality sent the immortal Son and Word into the world, who came to man in order to wash him with water and the Spirit; and He, begetting us again to incorruption of soul and body, breathed into us the breath (spirit) of life, and endued us with an incorruptible panoply. If, therefore, man has become immortal, he will also be God. And if he is made God by water and the Holy Spirit after the regeneration of the layer he is found to be also joint-heir with Christ after the resurrection from the dead. Wherefore I preach to this effect: Come, all ye kindreds of the nations, to the immortality of the baptism." Hippolytus of Rome, Discourse on the Holy Theophany, 8 (A.D. 217).

Is he your co-religionist?
Anthony MN

Andover, MN

#506409 Jan 15, 2014
St. Hippolytus on infant baptism;

"And they shall baptise the little children first. And if they can answer for themselves, let them answer. But if they cannot, let their parents answer or someone from their family." Hippolytus of Rome, Apostolic Tradition, 21 (c. A.D. 215).

Do you baptize little children in your sect CIB?

Perth, Australia

#506410 Jan 15, 2014
Yes God love you if you Catholic too..holy scripture is some.

My hand my lags my body my crown=straight on that cross..oh poor meeeee but i been there i give myself there on that Cross.

Its so nice be there on Cross oh what a great Power.
On Cross is everything complete.

Alive God +
Almighty God +
Powerful God +

Chicago, IL

#506411 Jan 15, 2014
Hermeneutics Smutics wrote:
<quoted text> I can only tell you what I have researched and read from multiple sources. You must read the church histor re the barbarian invasions, the Visigoths, Ostrogoths, the Franks, the Arians to be apprised of how the Arians were incorporated into the Western Church.Again you must read some of the Eastern Rite literature to understand their confusion re how they are Catholic and at the same time how they keep some of their Eastern Practices.
I learn something new everyday about my faith. Eastern rite Catholic Priests can be married.. Priestly celibacy is a Church discipline. The eastern Catholic Churches have their own sets of discipline regarding marriage. Is this the type of thing you meant when you said the CC allows for them to practice certain stuff as long as they don't talk about it?

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