Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 589957 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Perth, Australia

#498109 Dec 7, 2013
uzalud vam trud sviraci
dobro si reko
pazi u sto se upustas
no no jel ja
vidila sam kako je ruka je ruka poletila i gdje

neda Bog sakriti
you can't hide nothing

i can see movment

god prepeare
time for everything
for rest too

never used holy scripture in vain

sjeti se
bakine price
i didova panja
kad hrast posices
iz njega
nova mladica udara..

Since: Jan 08

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#498110 Dec 7, 2013
Cisco Kid wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't be so foolish and ignorant of facts.
Any Bible scholar will tell you Babylon was the code name for Rome; as in Rev 14:8; 17:5; 18:2.
if you accept that roma is another name for Babylon, then you agree that Jesus is going to destroy [MYSTERY BABYLON], LOL.

which we have said all along.

but Peter was writing from Babylon as the Bible states. whicha grees with the fact that peter was the Apostle to the Jews, who lived in Babylon(still a few left there today, not many, but a few), while Paul was the Apostle to the Gentile(the roman church(not the rcc) as well as others.

you cant have it both ways, if you insist that he was in Babylon(roma), then you acknowledge that some day He will destroy that religious system that sets on seven hills as Roma has been well known for many centuries.


Perth, Australia

#498111 Dec 7, 2013
psalm 89;29
job 14;7

Since: Jan 08

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#498112 Dec 7, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
this is for you clay, bookmark it for the future to help you tell the TRUTH
lincoln wrote:
<quoted text> Paul was the last one to see Christ, 1 Corinthians 15:8.
You might have a powerful imagination but your Christian Faith must be from the Word of God.
You need to understand the difference between an apostle and a disciple.
trust me on this one. my imagination was not in doubt. when you see what I saw, you have no doubt. and He was exactly as recorded in the Bible. the most telling of his appearance was his eyes, how sad they looked. and as I have said many times, some time later i was in a bad way. I woke up to hear someone say that I would not live to make it to the hospital,as you can see, I did. sorry, but even the devil cant make me doubt what happened that day, now what had happened before and since. if you dont believe, doesnt bother me none, I know what I know and satan cant change my mind. God has blessed me to much for that to happen. many shall be called but few are chosen. her is what happened in march 1955. My grandfather died, Not unusual but what happened minutes later was. He came back to life and called me over. my grandmother and an aunt tried to stop me from coming to him. He raised up and said to them:my life with you is over on this earth, I have been sent back to talk to the boy(this is blessing me now as I type, I can feel His Spirit< praise the Lord). I went to his bed and he told me to get closer to him. he told me he had been sent back by the greats in Heaven, and he named several including Peter and Paul, to tell me that I had a job to do for the Lord. and I do. I preached my first sermon on easter sunday night in 1984, and that is the time He told me that I was his apostle. I didnt ask for it, he chose me. I lie not and God is my witness and as the Holy Spirit was a few minutes ago.

Mar 12, 2008

Perth, Australia

#498113 Dec 7, 2013
'govorili su o tebi majko
pogledaj kako joj
ptice pivaju
o zori koja nece dozoriti..

pogledaj kako posrce
pod lozu zilavku
koja nikada roditi neche

govorili su
o suzi i patnji djeteta
koje bosonogo hodi
pred odvaznim i jakim cijelog svijeta..

postavljali su
svoje teze zakone i zablude
a na pravog Boga
i mucenike su zaboravljali..

govorila je ona tiho
neka koche
da nam rade hoche
ja cu cekat
za mene vrime nije vazno
unuce ce moje znati da mi srce nije lazno..

Where is Jesus Christ vrime or time is not as we lived here
100 years as humans is one Jesus Christ day

one day
one day
one day
sweet Jesus one day

Since: Jan 08

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#498114 Dec 7, 2013
Cisco Kid wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't be so foolish and ignorant of facts.
Any Bible scholar will tell you Babylon was the code name for Rome; as in Rev 14:8; 17:5; 18:2.
And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Revelation 14:8.

the writer CAN NOT be Speaking of Babylon in this verse since Babylon is NOT a great city today. It is just a small village with only a few people now living there.

on the other hand, Roma is a great city, a city that sets on Seven Hills, while Babylon is just a few small huts in the desert, and no Seven Hills does it set on.

by your own words you have proven that your irreligious system is the ONE that Jesus spoke of when he said He would come back and destroy it.


Perth, Australia

#498115 Dec 7, 2013
1000 years as humans its only one Jesus Christ day
one day
one day
one day
one day
one day
one day
one day
one day

Postavljali su
svoje teze zakone i zablude
a na pravoga Boga i mucenike zaboravljali.

dirty water=symbol for law of them systems and law what they want
not what real God want

promatrali su
bosonogo dijete
koje pred odvaznim i jakim
cijelog svijeta
u suzi i patmji hodi

postavljali su
svoje teze zakone i zablude
a na pravoga Boga i mucenike zaboravljali..

govorili su
pogledaj kako posrce
pod teretom patnje
pogledaj kako mole

Ja cu cekat
za me vrime nije vazno no
unuce ce moje znati
da mi srce nije lazno..


Since: Jan 08

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#498116 Dec 7, 2013
here john from Nj is calling clay a bigot.

Saint Paul, MN
|Report Abuse |Judge it!|#292465 Jul 31, 2011
John from NJ wrote:
<quoted text>
my but you are starting to sound like a bigot.
The author of that was Ivor Roberts, president of Trinity College, Oxford, and is a former British ambassador to Yugoslavia, Ireland and Italy amongst other things.
Do you have a problem with what he wrote or are you risking sounding like the rest of the bigots here.
I read it to see what your objections were. I found what he wrote to be both fair and balanced. Here is the link again, and maybe you should read it before talking about it. ...
Im not sure where you concluded that i may be a bigot, from my post. My post was intended for someone who implied that the Irish are distancing themselves from the Catholic faith as a whole. This is false. My mother is from Limerick and my father is from Galway. I have many relatives in between there. The Catholic Church is entwined with the Irish, and it is considered of the utmost importance for Every Irish child to grow up within the Sacraments of the Church. This is the belief and culture of my people and we would not be who we were today without the steadfast resolve of our Catholic faith as we stared evil in the face - in the form of tyrants.

Perth, Australia

#498117 Dec 7, 2013
don't be naive
my priest
is been the best in teology
he is not be my teacher no
i have another teachers too

'everything have time
time for rest too
you don't need be during night as flying wicket sosceras'

law of them is not my law
they have law and system which holy scripture describe as dirty water=law of economy finance and politics

gledashe majku u patnji
gledashe bosonogu djecu
izivljavase se
i pisashe
svoje zakone i proklete zablude..

na Boga i mucenike zaboravishe..

neklanjajte se
raznim Bogovima
nesjedajte u prvu klupu
nejedite sa njima
njihove optuzbe i lazni jezici
paraju ljudsko srce
i hule na Boga..

one day
one day Jesus Christ=1000 human years

don't trust people with fraud documents
god can know why is like that
trap and set up
is not my law
as they want achive

Perth, Australia

#498118 Dec 7, 2013
every spirit is not holy

njihove optuzbe
i lazni jezici
paraju ljudsko srce
i hule na Boga..

Perth, Australia

#498119 Dec 7, 2013
kad se ruke
pretvaraju u proklestvo

odgovorila je jedna nursa
zar ti neznas
tvoj muz i tvoje sestere
donijeli su odluku
za unistenje

kad je zabola ruku i prste
naglo sam je udarila po ruci
prokleta zeno
nenisti zivot
ni mene ni mog dijeteta
za nikakva blaga
od ovog svijeta

stajala sam
pred sudom
jedne mocne zene
lazi i sotonske navale
koja sam trpila i trpim
za svoju djecu
i svoju obitelj
za svoj rod
i porod
i svoj narod

jos uvijek trpim
a za sve je znala

kad se proklete ruke pretvore
u proklestvo
i kad se lazni sudci
i lazni proroci
oblace i tiskaju u ljudsko tijelo
onda njihovi
lazni sudovi nepravde
neprestaju da niste..

Budite svijesni
vashe nistetnosti
a tako Bozije prisutnosti
jer u proklestvu blagoslova nema.

Zbog mnogih mnocnika i lidera cijelog svijeta
teku suze pravednika.

Perth, Australia

#498121 Dec 7, 2013
evil spirit
is not holy

njihovi lazni jezici
paraju ljudsko srce
i hule na Boga

Perth, Australia

#498122 Dec 8, 2013
za svaku majku
blagoslove svoje slala
da se neutrne
plam ljubavi
dok dijete pati i moli

za svako dijete
sto ide u skoli
molila je u svojoj suzi
i trpila u svojoj boli..

zakone zablude i teze
koje postadoshe veche i od boga
put je u more
vjecnog izgubljenja

Perth, Australia

#498123 Dec 8, 2013
stajala sam pred sudom
jedne zene
koja je znala za sotonske setirane napade
koja je sudila na proklet nacin
meni i mojoj djeci

gledala sam smrt u oci
gledala sam svoje dijete
u narucku
pod napadima sotone
i onda kada su govorili da mi pomazu

krvi svjedoci
proklete oci i ruke
vashi podmetniti sotonski documenti

your law is not my law
dirty water
of system where your law stay
on wide way

Perth, Australia

#498124 Dec 8, 2013
sa jednim udarcem
mislila je
palo je 5 muha mislila je na 5 osoba
ma nemoj
imala je proklete ruke
i prljavu savjest
mislila je da moze manipulirati sa svakim i svacim

no omakla se njena prljava savjest
od moju cija je bila jaca
i u patnji i u suzi
nadvladala sam
njene proklete namjere..

Whats deference between cursing from blessing?

ruke sebi
or else

Why Abraham need blessing?

if i need remove everything i will

who say that
not me
i just wrote that you know

Perth, Australia

#498126 Dec 8, 2013
Did you need fraud documents?

Since: Jul 10

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#498127 Dec 8, 2013
I urge all people that have put their faith in the Catholic religion to stop and go to the nearest Church of Christ and study with them and then get baptized and live your life with God. The Catholic church is a man made church that has done nothing but start a history of lies and deceit through their man made doctrine from the very beginning when they left the Church of Christ. It started when a few members enjoyed the attention they were getting from the Roman dignitaries and over time their relationship grew and finally the Romans got what they wanted and that was a church that pleased them in what they wanted to hear from these members. Sadly men who desire to please others instead of God end up broken and displeased with self, or at least those who still have a consequence do, and those members who haven't a consequence, will show us all what happens to a boastful person, which is pride goeth before the fall. The Church of Christ is the true church of the bible, which was built by Jesus as he said he would in Matthew 16;18 and in 33 AD the church opened the doors and 3,000souls were added to the church that day by God on the day of Pentecost. In ordewr for a church to be the church that is spoken of in the bible it must be the church that worships according to the bible. The Catholic church is far from worshipping the way God has commanded and that's why they are a man made church with nothing to offer but false doctrine. The church of the bible doesn't baptize infants, because it's not authorized, but the Catholic church does. The church of the bible doesn't believe in purgatory or praying to dead saints, as the bible doesn't authorize it. The church of the bible doesn't use a pope because it's not authorized. Peter was never in Rome and Peter was a Christian who believed in God. God has no need for a pope. This is why the Catholic church is nothing but a false doctrine and one of the biggest deceiver of man. The true church of the bible is the Church of Christ, no other church can meet the needs of the people, the Church of Christ is the only church that worships in spirit and in truth, this my friends is the church that Jesus built.

Perth, Australia

#498128 Dec 8, 2013
Why wicket people used Matthew?
Why they play to be biger then real Creator?
They are nobody and nothing!

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#498129 Dec 8, 2013
Seraphima wrote:
<quoted text>Hardly ever will you see this ever happen...I don't recall it ever happening here....
On one thread I was on the Catholics were fighting among their selves over what the god ordained was moral or immoral.

And of course that is exactly what occurred between Martin Luther and pope Leo X, when Martin decided "for god" that it was (after all) moral for men to marry.


Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#498131 Dec 8, 2013
RoSesz wrote:
<quoted text>
If was,wrong I lose,nothing in the,afterlife ... if you are,and there is,a,loving God wanting to love you've lost everything ..
If the god is love, the god CAN'T prevent itself FROM loving, as its love would be unconditional.

The theology is completely WACKY.

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