Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 654425 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Since: Aug 08

He Gave His SON,JESUS Christ

#489866 Nov 8, 2013
confrinting with the word wrote:
who="RoSesz" <quoted text>
Thank you Nick
And,Luke most definitely since he was,no one of the apostles ..would have interviewed people,..including. Mary to get the whole story ..
But possibly ..the,women talked also...among themselves,..thus,Matthew had the story ..
We,CAN ONKY conjecture ...But for a,priest to cast doubts,really bad IMO ..which seems,to scare the Catholics,from commenting .
Of course they seem not to believe Genesis,.so why not Luke ...after all it was not written by a,"""Early """CATHOLIC """"FATHER """"
Which I find strange in light of all the MARIOLOGY PROCLAMATIONS ..But
LUKE,didn't say HER conception was Immaculate he might not be as trustworthy as,the,POPE who did ..
And yes,I'm.being sarcastic ...sorry . But it's,just unbelievable..
Luke said that he searched out witnesses to all of the events, and got his information from those who were there. A good journalist.
Yes,he,was,...any good biographer would do the same .

And,I'm.sure Mary was one he,interviewed .

The idea that all the gospel writer would talk about things, she most likely kept in her heart ..And,since THRY didn't it couldn't be true is,foolish .

By if a priest doubts,Luke,..Well..You know ..can't all against that

Perth, Australia

#489867 Nov 8, 2013
solomonite l
see bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
geometri simetric
see nuke see bio

please find
every securety is not safe

every dot to dot

what i say to you


gold and silver every element everything materialisticly looking
what i say to you

read nicly
now you are who
jelouse over israel

shut up
please see ones more

no nuke no bio
better be good
any reason to not understood
to be understand as you can understood

don't be silly mr cilliry
are you for sure
rilic are tiny mountains


bummmmmmmmmmmm zummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

why you say

zummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm

what deference between zum and razum=concessness
understand to be understood
saint franjo

ti si razumio=you understood

my uncle franjo and his wife janja
janja sing
oj kolaru
napravi mi nogu
da dragana
poljubiti mogu
its folklor song
see words
fol klor=color
see fall fell fil foll full
see full color on
see fil color

please tel me
dark green color and gry

please tell me

mare please tell me
green color and gry

i liked you need be safe

now about holy gurgur ninski

Perth, Australia

#489868 Nov 8, 2013
i am not care what you think
i care what i have to say
love your god
please tell me
where wrote go on knee or kiss

is suffering love

love me
love is not zum
love is notdum
love is not bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i liked speak with you
is that argument
is that varka or krava or brava or zdrava
a tako
$dr ava
pleaee jednu kavu sa kockom=swuare sugar
who asked Mare coffe with square sugar

mare did you drink to be sick as square ?sugar $ugar..

mare anyone died or past away as square drink
o well if you not drink coofe
$kirk kork=plutno=mare p lut o

what pluto do

pluton bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
how much 21 41

see why
who died as 41

“ Ah see's lanlubbers Cap'n BT!”

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#489869 Nov 8, 2013
Working for the Lord wrote:
<quoted text> Christians do not associate with witchcraft. Confessionals are part of the false doctrine of the Catholic church.
You use medicines made from natural herbs, You use medical techniques developed from experiment, you determine what will possibly happen in the future from the calculations of past experience and trials, you seek (hedge) protection from unwanted iniquity which surrounds you, you believe you can influence all of the above through (prayer/ritual) asking for and receiving.
OH YES. You practice the art of witchcraft every day, and don't even realize it.

“ Ah see's lanlubbers Cap'n BT!”

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#489870 Nov 8, 2013
RoSesz wrote:
<quoted text>
Possibly ..I just don't think the CHurch that Jesus,founded was ever meant to be rich materially ...have kings,bow,to its,leader ....etc
I also would not join a Christian mega Church
I believe I understand why.

Perth, Australia

#489871 Nov 8, 2013
Are you jealous?
man do that
man usual looking many many many girls..


words of faith and betray

all of us have in life some sort of that
alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll
noone save

bat bet bit bot but
tab teb tib tob

to be or not to be

a tobo ti bi bio sjobo $jo boooooooooooooooooo

you can't love

boj or girl
if girl not boj
then bira=pivo
seed jecam as zob see horse food=used for strong
component as in sport or something else

see act

talk nicly as ordinary language
father and mother talk nicly always
understood to understand
saint franjo is been real saints
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee
bitter bitter

see who took tabl;e as book its bitter in stomach=angel about what

why ants have colonny
see seeds
good seed and very bad seeds

see good seed and very bad person seeds
trough very bad person seed come every betray as well not faithfullnes
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo
generaly looking who

3x shape of face and character

Perth, Australia

#489872 Nov 8, 2013
ojli biru ili liru

ojli crnu ili bilu

zajtung zajtung

aiiiiiiiii not auuuuuuu
wili sili bili
wili liked black
bili is sili

nikel fikel
a fil kil
bushi rushi
as love as maning
s=$ kip
oh sveti kip
as holy promise
about what
its not look as square no
its deference
how your call what you keep in hand
as music instrument
as well kad drzis u ruci uteg
its just have symbol as uteg=getto
music as you have many stone in as vrag puting in all vrag put as tiny stone in
prag and grab

prag=place where you knee
its sleep off

Jesus Christ words
-don't sleep in guarden of getsemani=ina mesteg namistili tako
neko namistio
satanic ulje

uje=zloban z lob an

really you are free satanic evil man

you can be la la.budala
la la buda
fat buda

is that someone
who have head as pracka as snala as
kopca with long hair
must be someone on that time from some womans have something as symbol of betray in hair from back
or punga or punch ball

Perth, Australia

#489873 Nov 8, 2013
buda fat buda as bag
dot kom lob odi.ida.ja

o you are aida oida
ko da da
sta das da das samo da das
juba truba from tajikistan of britash takatujin
a tako takujin
vi ste tajkuni taj.kuni k.uni
really which uni
no no no i am not going in uni

please tell me
any uni of symbol

must be master degree
must be feco as fat
uuuuuuu who liked faeco as fat
face=who and fat
gang bang dang
a koljete i ubijate gangashi i bengashi
a tako
vi imate bangladeshe
cekakj ma gde no beshe mamu mu jebem
ko to kaze
ko tio laze
onaj koji tako govori
ko ti je to reko
mamu mu ga nabijem
ma koga ce te vi da bijete
a tako
vi pijete as pijate

no no to vi pijete coffe sa tasne
tas tes tis tos tus
nako tus generalno
a vi
jelto neki square sugar secer

no no no
be good
erakuse=swuare erakese rekom sam=macedonce
a kome se rekom
pa to da sve pliva rekom
a tako
vi ubacivate u reku
pa covece rekom plivaju ribe

a mislis na one koje smetaju
one eliminovne
a to one sa mine iz mjesecine on nekom mesecu
da daeso ko meso
a to cete vi salameeamala se
e daj malo se sa strane
a tako
sa strane puta
kojeg puta
pa one ceste csterresterester

vi bi blanju
da niste mozda sin od blanjara da da to su neki bili janjicari
a tako
vi ste janjcich
jeste bogme
a kako ste piobegli zar ste jos zivi zi vi
nego kkao..okake o k keee
who say that keeee
oko kocehga se vi vrtite mamu mu njegovu
ako nema oko cega
daj negubi vreme
nema nema srevnem sve

who say that sravnati.


listen my conversion with myself..listen my talk
see just listen that you can descover
are you are macendonce
must be your way is been without asfalt as rosewealth



please read me
your road are without asfalt as rosewealth


my words


Since: Aug 08

He Gave His SON,JESUS Christ

#489874 Nov 8, 2013
Black Thunder 42 wrote:
<quoted text>
I believe I understand why.
Just so you know,we won t be visiting any on my account on the trip ..

Perth, Australia

#489875 Nov 8, 2013
you are makedonec=ceda no leeeee
nema ce de no a cedo no no no cedi
a vi to nesto cedite
da niste trudni
did pragnent woman can have wish something for eat..
asked mosees
-don't wish
jeli moZe ili nemoze
u mamu mu jebem kako to sad moze kad nemoze
according mosees
pragnent woman can't eat as she wish

a tako
vi ste protif svih zena cijelog svijeta
ajde ludaaaa manenoj
koje lud
oces safta arafataaizpalestine=hell
a tako
vi ste afafatich,,jao
da vas nije sredio onaj debeli asfalta is macedame
aa tako
opa taj helich
jeste helic jelich kelich kilich
a tako
vi ste ned kell;y
onaj sa kantom na glavi
u mamu jebem kud sad ovi
bbegaj tamo
necu toga
tag teg tig tog tug
tag=as sport fighter
a macedonce
jelto vi imate nesto u docu..da da doce doce pa kako da ne i te kako pjeske po macadamu
pa kome da pa kome nbnedal..

citaj samantiju i pronadji sim.opatiju

Perth, Australia

#489876 Nov 8, 2013
a tako vi ste sa neke cetine
koljete ubijate
oli bacate u cetinu
e pa i u catrnju
a tako
sto ces tu u catrnja
jada jada
a tako jadrankovichi
ma nemoj
neki majminichi
i mamachi
icha mama jeli pismo stiglo
o pa to neka icha oli ichan
icha nije vidila nista nikad
ichan o to onaj preko grede
je je gre gere gre
ma gde greju jadan nebio
pa preko grede dole mislim kad jarcevina naidje dum dum dum bum bum bum
a tako
vi cuvate koze
no no no
vi cuvate bikove
da nemate mozda brkove
brkove i gace zavezane skupa a i pundge
mora da je to neko
dobro brkat
broj kata molim lijepo
gdje tu ti zivujes
odmah zapisujemo

zapisaj se za zid
a tako
vi glumite zidova as jew
but you are not jew not zid
you are huge big dog

they are not jew
they act and accuse and judge and kill in name of yew
for money

they are not rose-wealth
shut up

Perth, Australia

#489877 Nov 8, 2013
che da budem yew
odkud che da budesh

oj oj
sto ces od sala jadan nebio
da sale all lot
ma nemoj
je si gladan
najidni se
a tako vi ste gladni
i idite se id ti se
a ti si sa tis a
o tis i mis
ti si mish mouse

o miskinovco
to vi mi ski novci
trebate takatujin za novce
a ne ne ne
to neki dzepi naopako
ye ye ye
sve ispada iz naopaki dzepa
confess yourself
iz naopaki dzepa ispada sve
onda ok
carape okrni carape i arape=lgledaj mapu arab..ara para..maca dara
nema dara no
iz naopakih dzepa sve ispada
39 house down sa stog kucha=earling
see 39 udaraca isus je primio zausnice uho

Perth, Australia

#489878 Nov 8, 2013
lot 8


dividing someone
who can and who can't
who can have and who can't
according law of mosess
-don't wish what is your brother or sister belong
wife kids and so on
God say;'You are all son and daughters.'
lot 14

lot 14;8
The Inquisition

Cameron, MO

#489879 Nov 8, 2013
The Jesuit witch

Bill tells how Hillary thinks shes speaks with Eleanor Roosevelt

Psychic in the White House

The life and times of Jeane Dixon, America's "national psychic", who advised presidents from FDR to Reagan and predicted the assassination of JFK

She was home-schooled by her parents and a European governess, received voice and polo lessons, learned riding from American Indians, and astrology from a Jesuit priest.

Perth, Australia

#489880 Nov 8, 2013
why you say hedze
mongol basin
see prehistoric animal on that basin
small .... and poor love bakail
lika ba lika=medicine from your natural animals
wash your teeth in urine
pain will gone
bakail lake

please don't be very angry with me..


did someone selling childreens womans

is that law

please be good if i can't express myself on proper way
i still have deference meaning within me
deference result

Perth, Australia

#489881 Nov 8, 2013
goche neka koce

neka koce
ali hoce
da nam rade
i wrote
poem i will see why
as well what i wrote in
its secret

neka koche
da nam rade hoche
ja cu cekat
jer vrime nije vazno
unuce ce moje znati
da mi srce nije lazno..

zzvali siu je
zalupana stara
posred doma
i niko razumno je gleda
i niko razumno joj reka..

to understand to understood
a nkh

govorila je ona
neka koche
da nam rade hoche
ali ja cu cekat
jer vrime nije vazno
unuche ce moje znati
da mi srce nije lazno..

zvali su je
potlacena stara
posred svoga doma
svoje zemlje i svoga doma
tuzno govorila je ona
i niko razumno je gleda
i niko razumno joj reka
my tears go now
to understand to be understood

govorili su o tebi majko
eno je kako neposrce uz lozu zilavku
uz svoj rod i svoj ponos
kako joj
ptice pivaju
o nekakvoj buducnosti
koja nikad dozoriti neche..

bila je potlacena
pored svoje zemlje
i svoga doma
govorila je tiho ona
i niko razumno je gleda
i niko razumno joj reka..
to understand to understood
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo
a nkh

i am going futher

da nam rade hoche
neka koche
ja cu cekat
jer vrime nije vazno
unuce ce moje znati
da mi srce nije lazno..

zvali su je zalupana stara
potlacena posred svoje zemlje i svoga doma
a nkh
is that love

mosess say
-respect your oldest

Perth, Australia

#489882 Nov 8, 2013
its mean to be rich over others future

Perth, Australia

#489883 Nov 8, 2013
stolen future
stolen childreens

Perth, Australia

#489884 Nov 8, 2013
do you liked babice=nurse as baby doctors
see finger spiting over innocent


are you are dotohiraoto

a towe towe i love as money as fun funny
trvi trvi krvi krvi tower tovari tovari samo tovari

to vi nekom tovarite gargashe
jesto mr gasho as grasho as garasevich political story
jelto oni sto nemoze da ljubi
lama lama why you left me
i ma koja je to mamu joj jebem kako to moglo da bude
ma gdje jeee
eno je na mapiiiiiiiiiiii
map kod goganovaca i gogi novac sela

a tako vi ste gogina seka
jelto ona sto slika
lika se lika a jebo lezbejke
nechi ja njih

ma nemoj
pa sta ti se cine lesbe
bol;je su od vas
e pa neche zensko rekoh
kako to sad da bude
mani maney
kud ce to sad preplanulo
a i regice pgledaj lice
a onog stoga

nasmijeshi se
a uzmi ono sto valja

%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fus.123rf .com%252F400wm%252F400%252F400 %252Fkiankhoon%252Fkiankhoon11 04%252Fkiankhoon110400008%252F 9382726-stone-worship-pagoda-i n-inner-mongolia-china.jpg%3Bh m%252Fphoto_9382726_stone-wors hip-pagoda-in-inner-mongolia-c hina.html%3B1200%3B801

ma jeli zarce
donesi mi za mezeme malo na razance
e tak..
we kako da bude mamu jebem
treba da se svako voli
love your neigbours
sram te bilo=shame on you

jao ovog stoga slama lamna=signals


a jeli zarce
sto ne bi bi sa onim shnalom
shnala ko shnala stipce stipce
a taklo
sram te bilo
to vi cure stipate
e vidiga sram ga bilo
ona tanka shnala ko valovi na topu
e pa to nije ni 20 cents
ma rekoh ti shnalce
ce da zakrpimo
ma gdje cghes da zakrpash
tu negde spy

ma vidije ta kosata da ti tako stoji
ima da te reshim
nechu da tako gledam ta budala
e neka bude..
manje masla i manje taslash
da znas chu chu da te ubacim u more 2 secret zero zero zero zero zero mirror..
jel to meni neko pare krade
e necheshhhhhhhhhh

ai ovo nesto sve strujno
nego kako rujno vino i neko silo
gladom sam safta i jaja a tako hocesh satarasha

stafta stafta staf ta
mishaj mishaj
u puu uhuuuu chu chu chu puuuuu
ladi ladi brze
lada boat
a iiiiiiiii izgoreche
sve bi nbilo dobro da nije onog lonca=canole a canola ulje
nechu to rekoh
daj na rezance sa safta staf ta

Perth, Australia

#489885 Nov 8, 2013

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