Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

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The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story

Perth, Australia

#477640 Sep 22, 2013
shut up
Nonbelievers in Jesus Christ
What a shame?

Jesus have two recommendation.
-he recommend his spirit to Father

Don't be liar
-snake hide lags
-wicket metla brkljaca

25=holy news who will be born on 25

did you cook my lunch
you liked servant
see master is not better then slave or servant

my mind is not yours
my lunch is not your receipt
my lunch nobody cooking less your servant

Perth, Australia

#477641 Sep 22, 2013
you believe in Paul

not Jesus Christ..

What a shame from you?
Did Jesus recommend Paul?



your law is not my law

-its exist very low org
-its exist very high org.

they want ruin every person and family

Perth, Australia

#477642 Sep 22, 2013
Who is born on that day?
Are you for sure i am liar?

Perth, Australia

#477643 Sep 22, 2013
-don't be liar with your false documentation
-don't be liar with your false friends as witness

-don't lift up your spirit in vain

-every spirit is not holy

Perth, Australia

#477644 Sep 22, 2013
its not x
its not yirji


imate kobne duge prste
u danu sudjenu
-don't used my name in vain

who try shut up heaven=nevaeh

paralel universum many many

corrupt evil satanic forces its your corrupt law
confess yourself

i see all of you how are you holy

in vain under sky in vain

Rockford, IL

#477645 Sep 22, 2013
Anthony MN wrote:
<quoted text>
Mary's perpetual viriginity has been believed by Christians since the beginning. Heck, even your reformers believed it.
Heck,Anthony,even that was a topic of debate for centuries.
Reformers mentioned were all priests at one time. Surely they may have led a serious movement to challenge Catholicism,but they also were men who had to study the Word on their own.Perhaps it would seem that the Reformers were not aware of what was Scriptural as they led their own brand of rebellion against the Roman Church.

One issue at a time,not the whole Bible,or even the Word,but traditions and practices that were part a parcel of their Church caused deep concern within these men, OR they would not have caused such a raucous.

These early Reformers were mostly religious members of Holy Orders were they not? None of them just decided one day to defy Holy Writ,they had many reasons to bring them to that place of decision.

Along with the things they openly viewed about the corruption and practices of the Roman Church that finally offended these men,strongly caused them to search the Scriptures. But until they spent much time studying the Word for themselves,and for the basis they needed to confront the Church,all of what they believed had already been ingrained in them.That would include the Sacraments and doctrines of Mary and the Papacy.

The years each Reformer spent in the process of their own rebellion as it were or dissension was like an onion being peeled layer by layer.

What these Reformers,along with many of their followers as well,concluded had to be unraveled slowly,with much anguish and pain,especially when they used the Word of God to refute their Church.It could not have been easy,or a shallow undertaking.

And what might have been quoted by these individuals at one junction,could very well been the opposite years later,so we have much contention they experienced,which led to what you see today as major doctrinal differences between Catholicism-Protestantism and Orthodoxy.

Rockford, IL

#477646 Sep 22, 2013
RoSesz wrote:
SHE was a good Jewish maiden..chosen by God .
There is only O N E Immaculate Conception,the Lord Jesus Christ. He is in the Scriptures as being without Sin,and no human being before Christ,or after Christ was born without sin,or was sinless. John the Baptist knew his own shortcomings that is why he although sent by God to prepare the Way of Christ,he spent almost all of his years preaching repentance,and baptizing the House of Israel. Yet he was full of the Spirit in the womb,as Elizabeth was given that revelation about her son. His innocence as a baby in the womb proved the Holy Spirit would be leading John right to his death by Herod's evil command.

Was John the Baptist born sinless? No,Zachariah and Elizabeth both were Jews born of the seed of Adam,and they together biologically contributed to the life of John,although blessed in the womb,and a mystery child born of elderly parents. The KEY is always that we are born of the seed of Adam,the whole human race.NONE of us are Divine,and incarnated into human flesh,only the Lord Jesus Himself.

Mary's parents were both members of the sinful human race born of the seed of Adam,neither were they born of a Virgin,nor having a Divine Parent.Mary's sinless state of Grace was awarded to her by the Angel Gabriel at her annunciation,simple as that!

Rockford, IL

#477647 Sep 22, 2013
Human Being wrote:
<quoted text>
I am not diverting from the subject, which is faith and belief.
Actually, beliefs are part of a learned process. Faith is not.
One can broaden the meaning of faith, such as "I belong to the one true faith.", but that still does not define faith, or using it as a misnomer, and say, "I belong to the Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, etc, etc, faith."
There is a tendency to use a collection of beliefs and call it faith, but this is not true faith.
To describe faith is like trying to describe, confidence, trust, hope, and concrete, solidity. I suspect that each person is in some degree aware of these descriptions within themselves. It is not biological....
Great post here Robert We use faith as a noun often describing a religious system or a collection of beliefs,which derive from some sort of religious group or ism.

But faith is believing in ("the substance of things h o p e d for.....") Basically unseen and not surrounded by physical evidence to prove its definite existence.Can we see God? But yet through faith we are convinced that He not only exists,but"that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him."

Rockford, IL

#477648 Sep 22, 2013
Seraphima wrote:
<quoted text>Niko,thanks for always having my back in life and I will always have yours. Gee, isnt that what husband and wives do for each other? Any wayssss...reminds me of a Sonny and Cher song,... they say were young and we don't know ( hmmm that fits ) wont find out until we've grown..( or joined up) I dunno if all that's true but babe you got me and babe I got you....Babe I got you babe....LOL
You both have added so much to this forum,bringing the reality of what life is,marriage,and pain,all the trimmings,and a good dose of humor as well! May He keep you both energized in Him,who is the Author of everything we are in this life that is g o o d and wholesome,and funny!

Rockford, IL

#477649 Sep 22, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
if you love Jesus, you should listen to this.;_ylt...
"Ten Thousand Angels" I sang that song in a Nazarene Church a year after I met the Lord,the first time I ever sang publicly. Men of God never come cheap,they are always people who lived out their lives affecting many. He played a major role in your life,and you will miss him!One of the most wonderful things about God<He brings Jewels into our lives in the way of people like Pastor Don!

Rockford, IL

#477650 Sep 22, 2013
Disciple wrote:
Doesn't the pope and Obummer sound like they have a lot in common?
Did you read the whole article? It pays to do that.the pope is not in any way trying to condone anything,but he is determined to see the people who are affected by those issues,and how they need to be seen as human beings first,and that the Church offers them hope,and later comes the dialog of dealing with the problems that beset those affected.

He stated that when you are talking with a person with heart trouble,you don't right away start zeroing in on cholesterol and the things that affect heart disease,but you try to heal the person who is suffering,and reach them personally.After that person feels comfortable with you and you respect each other basically,than later you talk about symptoms when the opportunity arises,MY words, exaggerating a bit.but the point is,he wants to reach people,not a label or stereotype.So he tends to veer away from the hot topic,and focuses on the individual.

The trouble with it all? The world has more of a fascination and obsession toward the hot issues of our day:Abortion, homosexuality and Lesbianism.The Church no matter what affiliation is confronted with the radical elements of those issues,and is forced to respond.The Pope says his church is obsessed with the issues,but really,they are more on the DEFENSE mode of having to appease the world view at the expense of what they firmly feel is the Moral stance they must take.

Rockford, IL

#477651 Sep 22, 2013
Anthony MN wrote:
<quoted text>
Nice deflecting once again confrinting.
No, she would be given a hearing. Mother Theresa, Edith Stein, Maria Goretti come to mind.
Yes I know, most evangelical fundamentalist communities would throw them out on their ear, and you'd probably do the same to St. Elizabeth.
She was filled with the Holy Spirit and proclaimed Jesus as her Lord. You think it was just her opinion. Typical paper pope fundamentalist.
What evangelical circles have you been in lately? I have heard some of the best preaching from women.Women are very much involved in the mainstream of evangelical churches,missions,charities and so on.You and confrint are sounding a bit elderly here!

Rockford, IL

#477652 Sep 22, 2013
Anthony MN wrote:
<quoted text>
So "All have sinned...." except those who are without sin. Got it.65
There is only O N E Immaculate Conception, the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary was given the gift of grace at the Annunciation,she was made pure by the LORD at that point,on her agreeing to be the Mother of this Holy Child.Her virginity is the pure vessel of who and what she was for the Savior's sake.But she was born in sin as we all were,no human being was ever born sinless,save the ONE and ONLY Savior Jesus(YESHUA)Christ(ha Moshiach). The Bible focuses on His uniqueness,as the only Man without sin,no guile in Him.

And no Anthony,we do not need to admit to anything,we need to believe the Word,and to have faith in Christ.We know the specialness and beauty of Mary,but what is even more special is that she is the first human being to be saved in regards to her Son who died for the sins of all humanity.At the Annunciation,Mary received her salvation,as the Baby would be conceived in her.And it is more than likely that Mary felt very strongly about her son's crucifixion and what it meant for her as well as the rest of the human race.

What was the point of the Virgin Birth if Mary was conceived without sin,the BIBLE does not teach that at all,and someday you will have to admit that,but you won't because you are bound by RC Dogma.You claim you know the Orthodox so well,why don't they not believe in the Immaculate Conception?

Saint Paul, MN

#477653 Sep 22, 2013
OldJG wrote:
<quoted text>
I have searched the Bible from cover to cover and no place, NO PLACE is it written Mary remained a virgin her entire life. NO PLACE. If her perpetual virginity was important and true we would find it in the Bible. Why is it NOT IN THE BIBLE?
- You have not searched the Bible from cover to cover. You eliminated Tobit, Sirach, Maccabbees 1 & 2, Judith, Wisdom and Baruch. You may say this is diverting from the subject of Mary's virginity, but its not. The fact that you removed those Books is evidence of your lack of scriptural understanding to begin with. That is, what exactly is scripture. The Evangelical definition is so far out there, that one has to completely dumb down to accept your brand of the faith.
You have your kjv bible. Its got a nice cover on it i assume and yellow highlighted markings throughout, so you can easily go from verse to verse. You believe the Bible is one book and not a collection, correct? Well, the truth is, the Bible itself is a result of sacred tradition and the Universal Church. Many evangelicals refuse to entertain these facts. They badly need to believe it fell out of the sky and the will of Christ is for everyone to search it to figure out the truth.

So given the fact your definition of sacred scriptures is flawed from the get go, its pointless for you to demand a verse that says, "her name was Mary and she never had any other children".

The scriptures were not given to us with every "I" and "T" dotted and crossed; every little detail was not clarified. That's why Christ left us with His Church and a hierarchal teaching magisterium, who He guaranteed to protect from error. He didn't leave us with a canon of a Bible to figure it all out.

"If I am delayed, you'll know how people ought to conduct themselves in God's household, which is the Church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth"

Find out which Church was there to bring this verse to the world and you'll arrive at the correct pillar and bulwark of truth.

Perth, Australia

#477654 Sep 22, 2013
serve your evil

don't liked me any more

Real Creator don't created anyone for suffering.
possessors and evil satanic deceivers is something deference

not to wish sit with rich evil possessors as well never give up spirit in evil satanic hands..

it is written
all angels and demons will be fall


there is a no law
there is a no love
there is a no Mercy

evil satanic lips and possessors with deceivers can't promise nothing at all


Saint Paul, MN

#477655 Sep 22, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>you still havent gotten it figured out yet, have you clay?
it isn't me that you are calling a liar it is God.
lol. Can i tell you an honest true story? Last week i was asked to be in my childhood friends wedding. I asked them where they were getting married, they said probably a nice park. I asked them who was going to marry them and she said her little brother. Apparently he is going to pay $29.99 to get a certificate that says he's a minister. This is what the Protestants have created. Its a mockery of Christianity.
So Preston, declaring yourself a Minister means absolutely nothing to me. Studying Greek and memorizing every line of the NT means nothing to me either. Your stories of conversing orally with God of your Grand daddy conversing the Apostle Paul is all nonsense. The office of the sacramental Priesthood established by Jesus Christ is the only one that matters. That's not denying that we are ALL called to spread the good news, but its got to be in communion with the Church. You can't just take their scriptures and run off on your own!

Since: Feb 12

Location hidden

#477657 Sep 22, 2013
Pad wrote:
<quoted text>You both have added so much to this forum,bringing the reality of what life is,marriage,and pain,all the trimmings,and a good dose of humor as well! May He keep you both energized in Him,who is the Author of everything we are in this life that is g o o d and wholesome,and funny!
Thank you so my for those kind words.They touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.It is what it is! there are many turns and bumps in that roas of life and sometimes you hit a pot hole! Whats matters is nest time will you try to avoid that same pot hole next time or hit it again....God Bless..(I think right now nickie and I are on a dirt road!! LOL)
Human Being

Sunset, LA

#477658 Sep 22, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>supposing that you are correct (but you are not), please explain to all of us using your vast knowledge of Koine Greek, that Matthew also speaks of Jesus having half SISTERS and one is even
only a person who is brainwashed would believe the lies told to them by the catholic church.
first we have the word ahthelphos for brothers(instead of adelphi, singular) and then Matthew uses the word "adhelfi" for sisters.
I love it that you think some monk born centuries later knows more about that family than the gospel writer.





I will not go further, as it would be a waste of time to correct your understanding, since you can't even correctly spell the Greek.

Teach what you want to see, and believe it to be true, is the false prophets doom.

Since: Jan 08

Location hidden

#477659 Sep 22, 2013
marge wrote:
<quoted text>
You two big dummies know that some of your talk is not for the young or to be tolerated among true Christians, who may both view this message board, right?
that is correct. the fact that mary and joseph had a marital relationship is not the point as far as they are concerned.

it is the gutter talk that comes from their posts that many object to, but they, being carnal, care nothing that others reading these posts might and do find their words objectionable

Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

#477660 Sep 22, 2013
Pad wrote:
<quoted text>NASL,that leaves all of us in a precarious position,if we have to consider all the possible answers to prayer,before we pray! When little ones pray the angels who attend them present their requests before the Lord. The Apostle Paul wanted to go be with the Lord,but he prayed that although he would be better off in heaven,he was needed here to continue serving Christ.
The whole point of prayer for believers is communication and seeking the presence of the Creator in their lives.The Lord Jesus Himself prayed daily and in the evenings,He is our example!
The sad things that happen,and the fact that it would seem that God is not hearing us when we pray,all the more should keep us praying.Because the Word tells us,that unbelief frustrates our communication with God, and "without faith it is impossible to Please God."
The crux of the matter is this NASL: Believers in Christ do not reason the same way the world reasons,we are called to take on the Mind of Christ The Bible is a blueprint of the Mindset of the Creator,and within the content of that Book are many pointers,and guides to s h a p e the believers who are on that path of faith,which ultimately pleases God.So the Word,plus,a person's faith,and the continued prayer life work together to mold the finished product as it were of a believer's life.
The fact that many human beings die prematurely,and the story you shared about the little one(girl) who froze to death on Christmas Day,brings great sorrow to the living,but to the Creator He views death in a different way than we do,as we are hidden from the complete knowledge of life and death.
The news is packed with every week occurrences of people dying due to a sniper's bullet,or terrorism,accidents,weather disasters, and you name it. Look at the recent shooting in WashDC at the Naval complex,by that one disturbed former Navy man,12 people who woke up that morning thinking they would get through another working day,and perhaps had plans for the evening with loved ones,instead were snuffed away by bullets from a man,who's security clearance was never deactivated since 2008.
No doubt one or two or maybe all of the 12 prayed that morning for a safe and peaceful day,even asking God for protection with Angels attending.We are going to see more of this ,as it does continue to happen,in spite of the "Best laid plans of Mice and Men." Why pray? Because "Without faith it is impossible to please God."That brings out a relationship that God wants to have with all of humanity,as He is OMNIPRESENT.Death although to us is terrible,and grievous,it is viewed by God as an opening to His eternal life.
We want that gift of eternal life,and JESUS is the key to that!
Amen Amen

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