Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

Full story: CBC News 560,588
The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story
Just Sayin

Antioch, TN

#453103 Jun 17, 2013
jethro8 wrote:
<quoted text>"so"
give the catholic church the right amount of money and the pope will be kissing your feet.
It wasn't the pope that initially granted the annulment. And you know it.

Since: Sep 09

Vanderhoof, Canada

#453104 Jun 17, 2013
truth wrote:
Why you against me?
My guess is, your religion is against your own conscience.

If that is true (which might, or might not be the case)... you are at war within your own psyche.

Rockford, IL

#453105 Jun 17, 2013
OldJG wrote:
<quoted text>
You said, quote, "The sin they committed was sexual in nature. They were told not to touch the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That tree was Satan. Want proof? Read the 31st chapter of Ezekiel. Spiritual beings were called trees sometimes and in Ezekiel 31 it states that the "trees" in Eden envied him because of his beauty etc, etc. Now a tree does not have the ability to envy but an angelic being does. Satan sexed Eve up and she conceived Cain by him. Much of what is written in Genesis concerning those events are METAPHORICAL but you misled Christians have made them literal which is why you guys are completely confused as to what really happened in Eden." End quote.
It has been a long time since I have heard anyone speak of the old Serpent seed doctrine? LOL LOL LOL That doctrine is as old as the hills and is a lie from hell. You must be a disciple of William Branham. The serpent spawned Branham and you are his follower. One of your favorite verses to twist is Genesis 3:13. Genesis 3:13, "Then the LORD God said to the woman, "What is this that you have done?" The woman said, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate." You interpret the word "deceived" in a sexual context as do all the Branhamites.
According to your theology, the serpent fathered Cain and Adam fathered Abel. That being said, when Cain killed Abel all future generations must be "children of the serpent" because Cain survived and reproduced and Abel, the son of Adam, was dead. What does that make you Tony17? Think about it.
By the way, who are "you misled Christians" you speak of?
You said, quote, "However way back when we also thought as you guys do about what happened in Eden but within the last fifty years or so God has unsealed many things and KNOWLEDGE HAS BEEN INCREASED. Glory be to God." End quote.
BOLOGNA. You have been deceived.
Tony17 wrote:
<quoted text>Tell you what. Ask your dumb pastor to look up the word SEED in Hebrew and read the definition to your dumb carcase.
Try learn how to spell before you begin name calling. Actually, I know exactly what the Hebrew word for seed is. Do you?

Your information regarding the Serpent Seed Doctrine is at best infantile. Do more research and pray the Lord will open your blind eyes to His truth.

Omaha, NE

#453106 Jun 17, 2013
June VanDerMark wrote:
<quoted text>
You can keep lying if it so pleases you ... but if there is a god that serves only Jews ... you are in over your head with lies upon lies.
I suggest you keep THAT in mind.
You can manipulate other people, but you can't manipulate a god ... if that god just HAPPENS to exist.
Please point out the "lie" I've told respective to Luther.

Just Sayin

Antioch, TN

#453107 Jun 17, 2013
jethro8 wrote:
<quoted text>christ is the leader of his church,there fore he would be found in his church most of the time,but have yoy ever seen jesus sitting in the papal chair of his church? and it would be a perfect church,not the b.s. we have out there now,doing nothing but coming up with ways to make money,all the killings over the centuries proves they care only about one thing,putting fear into people to join their church,in order to make money.
Um, you do realize that the Church is made up of sinners, right?
I mean that's the whole point of all this. That's why God came to earth, took on our humanity, and suffered and died for us. How can you seriously think that any group of people in the world is going to be "perfect"?

Minneapolis, MN

#453108 Jun 17, 2013
June VanDerMark wrote:
From the book, Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven … Uta Ranke-Heinemann
The same disapproval of pleasure affected the priestly way of life, which had to be remote from the moral slums of everyday existence. Hostility to marriage logically leads to the celibate life of the priesthood. And so it is no wonder that the great Mariologist and despiser of marriage, Pope Siricus, stood in the orefront of the battle against the marriage of priests. He had a decisive influence on the development of celibacy when in his letter to the Spanish bishop Himerius of Tarragona (385) he labeled it a crimen for priests to continue having relationships with their wives after their ordination. He called that an abscoena cupiditas.(At the beginning of the evolution of celibacy most priests were still married; only after 1139 were priests no longer allowed to marry.)
Uta Ranke Heinemann is one persons "opinion" just like thousands of others! My brother-in-law has been a priest for 18 years as a rector in the seminary for new vocations to the priesthood. The seminary has grown from 36 when he was appointed to over 200 today. These young men are all dedicated to the teachings of the Catholic Church, the bible, the Magisterium and the Vatican with Pope Francis...... Emancipated nuns and priests are in the minority and are a "dying breed" of older liberals that are still desperately hanging on to their "outdated" rebellious (do it my way) myths.....They chose to remain "on the outside" (just like you June) continously looking in at the TRUTH of Jesus Christ and His One True Apostolic Catholic Church.

Since: Sep 09

Vanderhoof, Canada

#453109 Jun 17, 2013
The wars were driven by religion ... and greed was the main element.

Even Buddhism was not at all free from violence and corruption.
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>

World History Timelines


x - Japan

The Buddhist priest Dokyo attempts to seize the throne but fails by 770.

Rockford, IL

#453110 Jun 17, 2013
Tony17 wrote:
Genesis 4:25-26. And Adam again knew his wife Eve and she gave birth to SETH. Now folks the word SETH means APPOINTED and it comes from the word "SHETH" and it is translated .........SUBSTITUTED.
There is no wisdom on this forum.
You are correct and you are at the top of the "lack of wisdom" list.

Strong's H8352 - Sheth Seth = "compensation"

Rockford, IL

#453111 Jun 17, 2013
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
Good comments! As a former Protestant (converting to the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ--in and through His One True Catholic Church), what I have discovered (for over 35 years as a bible only believer) that the entire emphasis of being a bible only Protestant is a total reliance on "attacking the TRUTH of over 1500 years of Catholic Apostolic Church History, particularly condemning and passing their personal opinionated judgement against Jesus Christ and His One True Universal Catholic Church. Protestantism cannot survive on its own without attacking the FULLNESS of the FAITH and the FULLNESS of the TRUTH of the Catholic Church, its TRUTH of doctrine, principles,and teachings that are grounded in Jesus Christ HIMSELF!!
Just Sayin wrote:
<quoted text>
I would love to hear your conversion story.
Yes, please tell us how you moved from LIGHT to DARKNESS. Converting from truth to Roman Catholic mumbo-jumbo is much like trading in your Mercedes Benz for a roller skate. Do you get the drift?
Just Sayin

Antioch, TN

#453112 Jun 17, 2013
OldJG wrote:
<quoted text>
Where might we find the verse Paul tells us "tradition" is profitable? Where might we find the verse Paul tells us anything other than Scripture is profitable?
2 Thessalonians 2:13-14
13 Whereunto also he hath called you by our gospel, unto the purchasing of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
14Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.

Rockford, IL

#453113 Jun 17, 2013
Tony17 wrote:
<quoted text>In other words you are not biblically advanced enough to handle the 31st chapter of Ezekiel huh? If this Branham fella you mentioned understands what really happened in the Garden of Eden then I gladly consider him a fellow servant of God. Question. When God stated to them that He would put enmity between the serpents seed and Eve's seed, just what do you think "SEED" is? nOW LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT DIARRHEA OF THE MOUTH YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM. Look up the word SEED in the Hebrew language. I delare, some of you that think you're so Bible smart are actually in fact stuck on stupid and glued to dumb. Checkmate.
Let's exam the word "emnity". Strong's H342 - eybah which is defined as hatred.

Genesis 3:15, "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel."

"between your offspring and her offspring" speaks of the treatment a believer in Jesus Christ will receive from non-believers.

Perth, Australia

#453114 Jun 17, 2013
your law is not my law..i am as i am..remember that
my son is not as you wish..

a nkh

i see i walk between people i listen with great
you not honor me less love me
it is written
Just Sayin

Antioch, TN

#453115 Jun 17, 2013
Black Thunder 42 wrote:
<quoted text>
Just "who" allowed the snake in the garden in the first place?
A talking snake, deceiving two totally ignorant human beings.
Sounds like you have one hell of a sadistic deity ta me pardner!
Where was the love and protection of a caring parent in that deal?
Your deity should be charged with child endangerment!
Of you think this was cool, you are no better than your deity.
I am curious what you believe "love" is. Apparently you don't understand that it must be freely given for it to be love? That means there must be a *choice* to love or not to love.
Would you rather you not have the choice? You just be a slave, a robot? THAT would be the real sadistic deity, not one who allows for freedom of choice.

The book I am reading is very interesting. The author says that people will act out the traits they believe that God has. Or put another way, how people act has a direct affect on their beliefs on God. It actually changes your brain structure which then reinforces those beliefs.

United States

#453116 Jun 17, 2013
OldJG wrote:
Oxbow wrote:
<quoted text>
Scripture alone (from the Reformation slogan Sola Scriptura) is the teaching that Scripture is the Church's only infallible and sufficient rule for deciding issues of faith and practices that involve doctrines. While the Bible does not contain all knowledge, it does contain that which is necessary for salvation. Indeed, if something is not found in Scripture, it is not binding upon the believer. This view does not deny that the Church has the authority to teach God's Word. Furthermore, while tradition is valuable, it but must be tested by the higher authority of the Scriptures.
<quoted text>
Let's ask this question as well. Did the Bible stand up, open it's mouth and declare which of your popes was correct in their interpretation? Please do not lie and tell us your theology has never changed. We can and have presented the fallacy of that argument over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Comprende'
The Catholic Church wasn't started because a group of people opened up the Bible and said, "duh, it looks like Peter was the leader... we'll call him 'Pope', and duh ik looks like Jesus says the bread is his body...

That's how your religion began.

The Catholic Church came before the NT was written. And it took 400 yrs and the authority of the hierarchy to establish a Bible. That's because Christ nor His Apostles ever instructed a Bible be compiled and you know it.

Say, how come Catholicism looks remarkably similar before Constantine than post Constantine.
You said he corrupted Christianity and Blah Blah Blah.
Bottom line, if you were speaking truth, I would join ya. The fact is, I catch you embracing mind boggling ignorance just to continue with your theology. I do not catch the Catholic Church doing it - because they don't need to. Truth is truth.
You're too filled with arrogance to consider anything else. Its sad, Old Jay Gee... very very sad.

Rockford, IL

#453117 Jun 17, 2013
OldJG wrote:
OldJG wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL....Where does the Bible state Jesus gave up His position as God when He became flesh. Chapter and verse would be great.
<quoted text>
Philippians 2:5-8, 5 "Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, 6 who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, 7 but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. 8 And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross."
Where is it stated He "gave up His position"? You Branhamites are great a twisting Scripture to fit a theology. You must have first been a Roman Catholic, right?
Tony17 wrote:
<quoted text>If you are a King and you became a servant,are you still a king? Don't quote scriptures that are way beyond your comprehension level.
If you are a member of the Jones family and move in with the Anderson family are you still a member of the Jones family?

You said, quote, "Don't quote scriptures that are way beyond your comprehension level." End quote.

Please re-read your statement and take your own advice.

Perth, Australia

#453118 Jun 17, 2013
i been under two bridge today..i used my map i am not suprise i find two spot..yee..its visible open..i can find if i want..i don't thinks so its for me not any more..i am full of sadness

did you saay light.

no..i see light..
its private things that you don't need tell
as well don't judge..because you don't see what is inside..oh light..yee

Why you against light?


don't judge..

as well who told you..good people not going sold soul that you need see..its stay hide..
o well..people who is not

Why you judging..who can and who can't..i told you don't do that please..


#453119 Jun 17, 2013

100% PROOF Pope Francis is ANTICHRIST______

Just Sayin

Antioch, TN

#453120 Jun 17, 2013
Religion A Delusion wrote:
<quoted text>
I see your point.
I'm stuck on one god when in fact, every god invented by mankind is imaginary.... except for mine.
Allow me to explain further.
I know my God is imaginary, just like all the others. But my God is a much nicer and more loving God.
My God threatens no one. There is no Hell. No wars for my God. No one has ever been tortured for my God. No people have been driven from their homes for my God.
My God is the most loving God of them all. All the rest are psycho by comparison.
That's why he was boiled.
The Gospel of FSM does say that He (accidentaly) drowned the world except for Noah and the ark. That's the part that made me laugh the hardest.

Rockford, IL

#453121 Jun 17, 2013
Ezekiel 31

Pharaoh to Be Slain

1 In the eleventh year, in the third month, on the first day of the month, the word of the Lord came to me: 2 “Son of man, say to Pharaoh king of Egypt and to his multitude:“Whom are you like in your greatness?

3 Behold, Assyria was a cedar in Lebanon,
with beautiful branches and forest shade, and of towering height, its top among the clouds.

4 The waters nourished it; the deep made it grow tall, making its rivers flow around the place of its planting, sending forth its streams to all the trees of the field.

5 So it towered high above all the trees of the field; its boughs grew large and its branches long
from abundant water in its shoots.

6 All the birds of the heavens made their nests in its boughs; under its branches all the beasts of the field gave birth to their young, and under its shadow lived all great nations.

7 It was beautiful in its greatness, in the length of its branches; for its roots went down to abundant waters.

8 The cedars in the garden of God could not rival it, nor the fir trees equal its boughs; neither were the plane trees like its branches; no tree in the garden of God was its equal in beauty.

9 I made it beautiful in the mass of its branches,
and all the trees of Eden envied it, that were in the garden of God.

10 “Therefore thus says the Lord God: Because it towered high and set its top among the clouds, and its heart was proud of its height,

11 I will give it into the hand of a mighty one of the nations. He shall surely deal with it as its wickedness deserves. I have cast it out.

12 Foreigners, the most ruthless of nations, have cut it down and left it. On the mountains and in all the valleys its branches have fallen, and its boughs have been broken in all the ravines of the land, and all the peoples of the earth have gone away from its shadow and left it.

13 On its fallen trunk dwell all the birds of the heavens, and on its branches are all the beasts of the field.

14 All this is in order that no trees by the waters may grow to towering height or set their tops among the clouds, and that no trees that drink water may reach up to them in height. For they are all given over to death, to the world below, among the children of man,with those who go down to the pit.

15 “Thus says the Lord God: On the day the cedar went down to Sheol I caused mourning; I closed the deep over it, and restrained its rivers, and many waters were stopped. I clothed Lebanon in gloom for it, and all the trees of the field fainted because of it.

16 I made the nations quake at the sound of its fall, when I cast it down to Sheol with those who go down to the pit. And all the trees of Eden, the choice and best of Lebanon, all that drink water, were comforted in the world below.

17 They also went down to Sheol with it, to those who are slain by the sword; yes, those who were its arm, who lived under its shadow among the nations.

18 “Whom are you thus like in glory and in greatness among the trees of Eden? You shall be brought down with the trees of Eden to the world below. You shall lie among the uncircumcised, with those who are slain by the sword.

“This is Pharaoh and all his multitude, declares the Lord God."

Since: Sep 09

Vanderhoof, Canada

#453122 Jun 17, 2013
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
Uta Ranke Heinemann is one persons "opinion" just like thousands of others! My brother-in-law has been a priest for 18 years as a rector in the seminary for new vocations to the priesthood. The seminary has grown from 36 when he was appointed to over 200 today. These young men are all dedicated to the teachings of the Catholic Church, the bible, the Magisterium and the Vatican with Pope Francis...... Emancipated nuns and priests are in the minority and are a "dying breed" of older liberals that are still desperately hanging on to their "outdated" rebellious (do it my way) myths.....They chose to remain "on the outside" (just like you June) continously looking in at the TRUTH of Jesus Christ and His One True Apostolic Catholic Church.
You can keep on believing that as a Catholic you are special if it so pleases you ... but it's common sense that a god that favored Jews would not betray or confuse the Jews by claiming they must become Catholic.

The god would command that they stop straying FROM Judaism, and practice Judaism as Judaism should be practiced.

Of course religion is all based on hearsay from the get-go, so the idea that it confuses people is a given.

Myths were created by theologians TO confuse (divide and conquer)... and they succeeded.

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