Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 687412 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Leesburg, GA

#442486 May 18, 2013
OXBOW SAYS!!!You don't see that as me saying exactly that...He, while on earth, was, in every way, equal to God in nature, character, and Deity!!!

no not really in Deity.

Perth, Australia

#442487 May 18, 2013
proverb hojo pojo=result corect

if my lovley teacher come nex day in clasroom then asked me
please could you tell me
what you drove yesturday
I will say;
'I don't remember'.
why hojo pojo
mind=whats happen with my mind hojoooooooooooooooo

please tell me who is that man which don't have hair..o yes 1000 zic going toward him..master mind who want from me and my mind feed as well my soul moju dusu..
did you know that man who stolen my identity which not belong to that crime=yes it is..then justice hojo pojo..justice not exist
its crime toward many include me and my family which they want destroy as masters mind..
how you call that evil lust perception deceiver this or that..

do you know hojo pojo which face i see

Perth, Australia

#442488 May 18, 2013
what that criminals done to me and my family you can't think it is as it is..

Since: Jun 10

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#442489 May 18, 2013
marge wrote:
<quoted text>
from John 1:1
The Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
Gosh Oxbow can't you see how Jesus is equal to God Almighty?
And of course still that means in three distinct 'persons'.
From the NABre pope approved Bible...regards John 1:1

In the beginning:
also the first words of the Old Testament (Gn 1:1). Was: this verb is used three times with different meanings in this verse: existence, relationship, and predication.

The Word (Greek logos):
this term combines God’s dynamic, creative word (Genesis), personified preexistent Wisdom as the instrument of God’s creative activity (Proverbs), and the ultimate intelligibility of reality (Hellenistic philosophy).

With God:
the Greek preposition here connotes communication with another.

Was God: lack of a definite article with “God” in Greek signifies predication rather than identification.

Leesburg, GA

#442490 May 18, 2013
truth wrote:
good day my lovely friend hojo
please tell me
about what
be careful
just drove
what you see about number 6 as geometric shape
what you see about 9
finale about 3=c
'two lovely heart one remind'
how you can drove that in most possible short art..
if my teacher enter in classroom and asked me
'please could you do that'
connected that 'love' in pro-cent
How much could be result?
but i remind you don't fall..why?..two symbol left that secret..that you did not know about love as secret..i don't think so that you know..that you choose to me =suffer for somebody destiny is not to be here.
now my teacher ..who is so ever someone with my teacher in this life..horible hojo is not as you well real..
Your Creator who created all of us..who is at always be.

Perth, Australia

#442491 May 18, 2013
what you will do as judge hojo pojo to that criminals

-love them
-forgive them
-destroy them totally

i remind you hojo pojo
one symbol is just love

but two left destroy all..

What you will do hojo pojo?

Leesburg, GA

#442492 May 18, 2013
truth wrote:
what that criminals done to me and my family you can't think it is as it is..
not nice:(

Perth, Australia

#442493 May 19, 2013
then you don't know who is jesus

nice or not
nobody care
read timoty say..all roots of evil is money

i liked that you think proply
does meter they are nice or not

Perth, Australia

#442494 May 19, 2013
hojo pojo piramida
pra pre pri pro pru
urp orp irp erp arp pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp p
giza piza see
now ben=o'clock chine eniht ihlibe ako me volis
see who invest in chine
now pure=gure=see who is real izrael

techer going in clasroom
o did you remember two daysago i give you resolve problem..
3x i remember teacher say
what you remember
sweece riceeeeee
now ia alp=as giza
pleaseremember next day i will forgot
alp will go in water who is first will be last

o hojo pojo
do you love me
no hojo pojo
you not love me
you try use me
who told you about love
did i tell you hojo pojo
2 heart one remind
one love
2 fall
giza=why alp go in water
here alp party sink

do you love me
your Creator is as it is
you reject meeeeeeeee
you not honor me not love me
its lips

please do your homework
my teacher is not happy
i can't wrote
i can't read
i can't swiim
i can't dance

Perth, Australia

#442495 May 19, 2013
they reject me
they sink
think hojo
alp going in water
they reject God
a nkh

if this planet flip flop

your Creator is as it is
i am as i am as i always been
i am still alive

Perth, Australia

#442496 May 19, 2013
i mean
see hojo rea hojo
do you love me
you wil say
who fuc off
is that nie
my sin my sin my bigest si
vaga=symbol for messarment as you see kg=piz piza giza
see hojo pojo hand
do with your hand=one finger go up=scotland island or iris
see shape as symbol

other hojo pojo
when you see tabla and dnner or lunch there
someone spread hand and took the best
mother will ay nooooo live that
i name father and so an holy spirit
you can't have that
hojo i am here
lupezi hojo

Perth, Australia

#442497 May 19, 2013
two things
this planet going off
evil hojooooooooooo
corupt devil evil posessor

now i am not care
who say that

'if i need i will remove entire system un system much more
who say that

not me
someone who come

o hojo shame of you
you not do your homework

no hojo
not meeeeeeeeeeeee

Since: Nov 08


#442499 May 19, 2013
LTM wrote:
<quoted text>
Since the Bible, and the New Testament especially, presents God as a Trinity (three Persons but only one God), Genesis 1:26 and 3:22 can only represent a conversation within the Trinity. God the Father is having a "conversation" with God the Son and/or God the Holy Spirit. The Old Testament hints at the plurality of God, and the New Testament clarifies this plurality with the doctrine of the Trinity. Obviously, there is no way we can fully understand how this works – but God has given us enough information to know that He does exist in three Persons,- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
he is in heaven looking at two versions of himself and having conversations with himself?? LT!?, you nipping on the moonshine? you do realize if someone standing in front of you and said that,i'd be calling the rubber truck for that person.but then again you could right,anything is possible with a diety.

Since: Nov 08


#442500 May 19, 2013
Sambrotherofnephi wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm curious, how would you interpret this scripture:
2 Thess 2: 3-4
"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."
Who do you think that man is, who is exalting himself and sitting as God showing himself that he is God?
i have not read the entire bible of course, but going by what i do know, the man of perdition be revealed, "satan", sitting in the chair of the church/city of the seven hills. One cannot go anywhere in the world without being confronted with some semblance of the idolatry.No system in the world's history has enslaved more people than this awful religion. It should not take us by surprise that this prostitute woman, the religious system, is referred to as a city. When used symbolically, a woman is always intended throughout the Scripture to signify a spiritual or religious movement. If a good woman, it is "Jehovah's wife" or "the bride of Christ". If an evil woman, such as "a prostitute," it represents the evil religious system of idolatry.

Perth, Australia

#442502 May 19, 2013
paja napaja=japana=see=napoj=energy
najidni se e$indija
where is your money indija
did poor with trilions need cherity
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo

loncici and trilonciciiiiiiiiii
where is my drahma in chine mascine
daj brze bolje makinje sivanje kukuriranje konkuriranje
posto tvoje sito
nije sitno
posto tvoje raseto de otesare otarasi se
a koga
oh za milog boga pa znas koga
jesi gladan
giza iza
e dije moja drahmaaaaaaaa ah maaaaaaaaaaa ahm aaaaaaaaa
otisla je u cineeeeeeee jeji
a sta cetamo oma tecu amo staaaaaaaaaaaa
sto ce ti teca
eka tece svoim tokom t oko m=see

Since: Nov 08


#442503 May 19, 2013
Sambrotherofnephi wrote:
<quoted text>
Sam is the brother of Nephi who is an ancient prophet in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the record of an ancient people who lived in the Americas. God loves all his children, so He gave them His gospel as He did those in the middle east. In the Book of Mormon, prophets, who were like Isaiah or Jeremiah, prophesied of the coming of Christ. Near the end of the record of the Book of Mormon, Christ comes and establishes His gospel in the Americas, a gospel which thrived for about 200 years and then was lost.
so your a Mormon? you left out Joe smith the new york farmer,who found two gold tablets and created the religion from these tablets,then poof the tablets disappeared,think he melted them down an sold them to get his church started? ever notice how anything that would prove gods existence disappears without a trace? anyway i don't for one minute buy into the Mormon religion,almost came to blows with a few of your Mormon brothers who were looking for my nephew who joined the church because of a girl,he didn't know he was expected to pay money to the church 10% i think is what they wanted when they showed up at my door looking for him,when i told them to take a hike,they got persistent about getting hold of my nephew to collect their money,so my buddy (a pitbull) persuaded them to leave in a hurry.nicest dog you'd ever meet,except if you touched me,then you'll be meeting god in pieces.

Since: Nov 08


#442504 May 19, 2013
jethro8 wrote:
<quoted text>he's not there,that is What is stopping God from beaming us up right now into His holy habitation.
sambrotherofneph i:So, where is He?....JETHRO:I don't remember what this was about,and i don't have time to look it up,going to a very large flea-market today to fill my house with other peoples junk.

Since: Nov 08


#442505 May 19, 2013
Sambrotherofnephi wrote:
<quoted text>
I'd agree with you. Rev 7:9 indicates a great "multitude" will be saved and in heaven. I don't think it will just be 144,000 or just one religious denomination.
we'll all be in two places,in the ground or in a shoe box (cremated) in a relatives closet collecting more dust.

Perth, Australia

#442506 May 19, 2013
god is not dog

i never say that
Are you joking?

Since: Nov 08


#442507 May 19, 2013
Black Thunder 42 wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't doubt it's all relative. They all put some of their personal theory in the picture. There seems to a nearly perfect line of the oldest civilizations of magnitude worldwide, and they were obviously connected...and all celestially oriented. More than likely a worldwide "earlier" civilization. Then those higher civilizations suddenly vanished...and we were back to throwing spears at animals to eat?
Nope. More to it than that.
their personal theory in the picture. jethro: are we not doing the same thing except in writing?

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