Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

Full story: CBC News 554,868
The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story

Perth, Australia

#436888 May 1, 2013
Are you for sure..oh ha ha ha i find one who declare we call post=fasting oh he cooking beans with smooke pig sunka prsuto shank..
its so nice jami james majes meja mesa=meat..
masa=tezina kg
tezina rijeci=hard talk hard words
we call mejas..just tiny sheep way=its boder line between our tiny place and straznice=straza=guard
where cura=as symbol of obelisk stay upon napoleon road
cura=girl been killed there centuries ago=white obelisk
stay there as direction..under our hill stay in valley tiny rivers =pure water=as vrilo=clean as spring water..

spring water=vrilo underground as tiny rivers=troya
look tiny obelisk call cura =underground stay=troya mum=troya
mum=tiny obelisk monument where they spill blade of innocent girl its way toward my tiny place road as symbol 'y'border between republics and province..
mum=under zvec see mum vertical vector Z and N=25/25
see letter N=one geometry shape 25 degreeup other going down25 degree..mum=troya
mum geometric direction..
where stay two tiny lake periodic now tiny rivers matica trebizat treba bizat=poor province pro=vin ce
underground beds stay as something what can descover
about what?
mum please find tiny monument obelisk=cura=innocent girl been killed there as they say story..
mum rastok jezero
mum ra stock
mum listen mum
ra stock
mum down look 25/25 degree up and down its direction
mum please

mum look island around as ko r cula ko r cula=jesi cula mama

mama jesi cula mama

Perth, Australia

#436889 May 2, 2013
obelisk obey obelisk ..sile bosije k
cura=ja sam lipa cura mama je si cula ko r cula
geometric direction
where stay letter 'y' upon my tiny place where i born
'N'=25/25 see geometric shape mama
heavenly direction

please look tiny things
never look big things symbol
heart he art every heart
tiny symbols
jesus words is always some
where are you looking mum
here here here there there there
trough spinal water going modern then you think
i am not going tell more secrets no
he can't understood no..

Perth, Australia

#436891 May 2, 2013
its not hector
see mum
''N''see mum shape 25/25 vector
obe y
obe 'y' tiny place its border road between province and place road old road 'y' shape like this my father
and my forefathers and my fore-mothers born there..mum
its tiny place not look mum biggest things listen my heart look my tears
others can't understood you will

look 25/25 'N' lokk as letter symbol obelisk as cura we call..lipa cura
ja sam lipa cura=within=heart he art every heart
my tears mum
obey law
i say to you
my law is not your law
look law space and time
mum heavenly position=as projection..look map mum
look mum letter 'N'25/25 look geometric vector
see mum
if i need i will remove all of you
who say that
not me
i wrote that you know
mum=its heavenly position
mum not move to much entire region will go in haos..mum please understood

Perth, Australia

#436893 May 2, 2013
ba=21 r in ova c ba r i n ova c baruni maruni kesteni moji k=jedes li kestenove peceni kestenovi k as stina=tvrda stina as zavit tvrda rijec=vjernost=faith
look'N'=25/25 degree verticals look mum heavenly position
hector=vector /\\/

if i need i remove everything and everyone
who say that
not me
i wrote that you know

Perth, Australia

#436894 May 2, 2013
mama look this heart
heavenly body
mum=obelisk=sile bozije
sile bozije=heavenly position

if i need i will remove all of you
entire continents will split off position
who say that mum
please explain
don't make me very angry
don't make me cry any more
my mind is not of them
i am as i am
a nkh

Perth, Australia

#436895 May 2, 2013
don't make me very angry evil people=is that nice=be honest with you not
but as you can see its some
if i need remove all of you
i will
just implimented finitoooooooooooooooooooooo

who will waith you
or asked youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
nobody so everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
you are not me not at all

byyy jelosijoooooooooooo=oooooojiso leeeeeee
nesoli pamet vise
preslano nije dobro jestiiiiiiiiii pre s=$lano l ano a no n o
Why i am wrong words going zillion/zillion?!
pre pr e s l an o
pra=vrime history pra pre pri pro pru
s=19 l=12

Perth, Australia

#436897 May 2, 2013
your law is not my law
i am only one who is freeeeeeeeeeeeee tell you
you going kill yourself if you kill me

75 ooo years ago

mama i walk i stop where indonesia church with jesus old church toward this city


my words have meaning

75 years ago

no makac
if i need i will remove all of you

please understood

in this city nothing exist
in this city nothing exist mum

mum letter 'y'=tiny rastok boder ra stock
h prolog
you need listen=heavenly body

mum=my tiny placeeeeeeeeeeeeeee=white obelisk=call cura=girl in time be killed there
Neolithic time n oli..tic

mummmm heavenly bodyyyyyyyyyyyyy
i am still alive

Perth, Australia

#436899 May 2, 2013

Perth, Australia

#436900 May 2, 2013
as you say shape 25/25 /\/

nobody can't on my place my nice very nice killers..what you try set up now its entire my life
my nice enimy is some

if i need i will remove everything
who say that
not me
is that anger=yes
explain with heavenly position=sile Bozije=god power=anger

who is on place=why you attacking you me so long as others who try say that i am mentaly sick..because evil nice enimy try set up somebodu else on my place


you can't replace me
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo

i will left what somebody can do
remove all of you
evil friend=some power
anger of heavenly position will bring you back where you really thuink its not exist=elimination

then mental test and set up from others is not crimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yes it is crime which took so long toward me and my family

by evil friend..
sila bozija ce uciniti svoje a vi cinite svoje
ja cu po svome
onako u bozijoj ljutnji koja meni pripada jer niste ostavili mjesto
tako vam treba da bude
oko za oko zub za zub
i am not you
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo

Perth, Australia

#436901 May 2, 2013
evil people can talk nice set up nice unwanted things as do to me and my family on evil way

i don't need them any more

just implimented then finish

by my nice evil friend

Perth, Australia

#436902 May 2, 2013
cooking=projajemasa je mesa
je=mesa i proje
proja iz mog poljaaaaaaaaaa
25/25 /\/
if expression not nice=its evil power which you follow

i follow myself

but i will find out my enimy
they are corupt

now i will go home
impliment something then finish
taman uprosila na putu za kaeru
uprositi proso i mesa ja mesa i projeeeeeeeeeeeee

did you ever eat mesa i proje
pro jeeeeeee
lopovi lopoviiiiiiii
polje=ejlopoveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee=thief

Perth, Australia

#436904 May 2, 2013
its anger
polje=ejlopoveeeeeeeeeeee v eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
vector N=25/25 /\/

from now i am not trust anyone
teach yourself that you on nice evil way try let down one many years
soul on your evil wicket way try destroy

me my family too..then on your way represent as criminal family on your evil way set up many things as criminals as corupt evil people


Corona, CA

#436905 May 2, 2013
truth wrote:
its anger
polje=ejlopoveeeeeeeeeeee v eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
vector N=25/25 /\/
from now i am not trust anyone
teach yourself that you on nice evil way try let down one many years
soul on your evil wicket way try destroy
me my family too..then on your way represent as criminal family on your evil way set up many things as criminals as corupt evil people
are you ok man?
People are being nice to you and asking you questions, why are you so mean?

Saint Paul, MN

#436906 May 2, 2013
Oxbow wrote:
<quoted text>
Horse apples!!!!
The slop you are eating from the vatacan is just that...slop:
ekklesia: a calling out, i.e.(concretely) a popular meeting, especially a religious congregation (Jewish synagogue, or Christian community of members on earth or saints in heaven or both):--assembly
The Greek word for church does not include any denominations of which the RCC is one..
The seven churches Christ referred to in Revelation were not referred to as "Catholic" nor "catholic...because they were not!!!!
History records not the Romans persecuting Catholics...only Christians...because there were none!!!!!!
Your NABre pope approved Bible, which you are saying is wrong as rain, says in part: Jesusí church means the community that he will gather and that, like a building, will have Peter as its solid foundation. That function of Peter consists in his being witness to Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of the living God.
You, Ox just continue to read your Protestant (bible only)"fiction" history as you always have! Your sola scriptura "propaganda" regarding TRUE Church History is about as heretical, mixed up and confused as you are. The Greek translation for "ecclesia" refers to a heirarchical, authoritative, visible Church which (if you read your bible) in acts 2 (exactly confirms this as the Churches in Antioch, Thessalonica, Ephesus, Galatia, Corinth (that Paul refers to in his letters) WERE ALL HEIRACHICAL with Bishops, priests, deacons and elders (again Acts 2). You bible only "buffoons" throw out your Protestant propaganda around this forum, hoping that something "sticks using your own "editorialized opinions" in "making things up" as you go along. There are "no historical church history or biblical facts "awaywhere" where Jesus tells his Apostoles, disciples or followers that He is leaving them "the bible"---HOWEVER--He did say that He was initating, establishing and formulating a CHURCH (on Universal Church, with Bishops, priests, elders and deacons (ACTS 2)and it was Catholic --confirmed over and over again in Apostolic Church History in 060AD beginning with Ignatius, The Apostles were Bishops who preached, ministered and guided the Churches beginning in Antioch. You Ox, keep trying to push your Protestant Reformation
"invented, fictitious and made up" Church History myths from the (first 1500 years of the Church) with absolutely "nothing" to back up "anything" you throw out,(in desperation) attempting to use your own distorted and editorialized "personal opinions". Jesus Christs One True Apostolic Catholic Church (in Matthew 16:13-21) has, is and will CONTINUE to remain the heirarchical, authoritative and visible Church that Jesus established and handed on to His Apsotles (again Acts 2 with Bishops, priests elders and deacons) AND Paul confirms it as fact in I Timothy 3:15 when he calls THE CHURCH (not the bible alone) as the pillar, pinnacle and foundation of the TRUTH. The only people who believe otherwise are you and your other 42,000+ inconsistent, and contradicting Protestants, who are living in a world of denial of the truth, confusion and bible only chaos!!!

Perth, Australia

#436907 May 2, 2013
anger=i been there 25 degree under ground
its took me down deep in coreeeeeeeeeee
angle \/

i see i been there in deeppppppppppp
downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnn
i see=sto je dusa pretrpila

o well satanic evil people they know what set up
is that crime
yes it is
why you scare of me
if i give back

you done your parts

i don't need friends any more because they are not my friends even when they nice speak

Perth, Australia

#436908 May 2, 2013
did you need friend like me
you never call me friend
you use meeeeee




you don't need be scare of me

your nice devils done to me


i can do on my way

its already left somewhere
the end story
don't cry when i died
they can pump poison in somebody else

i don't think so that my graveyards will be visible
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo

Perth, Australia

#436909 May 2, 2013
i try express anger too
how its look
very nice

i died after 92 days when i come in this country

could you trust your doctors teachers family friends and so on

i can't any more..

Saint Paul, MN

#436910 May 2, 2013
Aretha123 wrote:
<quoted text>Dont come at me like I was denying it is Christ's Church. He did not found any Church so that members of the Church could go around saying THE ONE TRUE APOSTOLIC CHURCH over and over. You speak of it as if it is your Church. Your weapon to hold over others. If it is His Church then give it to Him. It is not the Catholic's church that they can use to swagger and boast. It is Christ's Church. Represent Him and His teachings.
Jesus Christ founded and established (one universal Church) and it was heirarchica, authoritative and visible. This is confirmed in Acts 2 with the Churches in Antioch, Ephesus, Corinth, Thessalonica, Galatia--which were all directed and ministered by the Apostoles with Bishops, priests, elder and deacons (Acts 2)
Now where did Jesus ever said He was leaving His Apostles, disciples and followers a bible. Nowhere did Jesus ever say that his church was to be "loosely held together" using the bible alone at arriving at the truth. However, what Paul said in I Timothy 3:15 was that THE CHURCH (not the bible alone) is the pillar, pinnacle and foundation of the TRUTH---and---it has been "just that" for over 2000 years. Your editorialized interpretation of the bible and "fictitious (personal opinions) have never, nor will ever change that TRUTH.

Perth, Australia

#436911 May 2, 2013
i told you evil is so long in matrix
so nice evil

they not care for anyone they destruct anything and anyone who go against them
yes does meter which church religion atheist politician this or that

no deferenceeeeeeeeeee

billions billions people don't have rights for anythings
much more

time will comeeeeeeeee
don't be afraid about heavenly peace
yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssss

heavenly peace

Perth, Australia

#436914 May 2, 2013
thanks you worried for me
oh you must be very nice person
to late for your help

i will died ones more
no i don't have nothing in my power as gun mobile this or that no i am so poor

but its already somewhere something
are you scare of me
fill sorry ..i mean pity-full over me..

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