Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

Full story: CBC News 578,952
The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Read more

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#431944 Apr 10, 2013

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#431945 Apr 10, 2013
"How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" Psalm 119:103


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"ISA 55:11--"MATT 10:27"

#431947 Apr 10, 2013
Dust Storm wrote:
<quoted text>
There you have it Clay. The confrinter is not worth spending time. You and others have warned these factious people many times, but they have closed their minds. They have no eyes to see and ears to hear. They offer nothing in rebuttal to the solid arguments. Their faith is in their own ideology and interpretations and skewed history. They are perfect in every way just ask them. No wrong however is too great lest it be a Catholic for which forgiveness does not apply. Scott Hahns story comes to life. G.K. Chesterton and every other convert. At first they fight and struggle to overcome and deny reality. Eventually they can no longer deny the truth. Frint denies any truth other than that which he chooses to believe which is not based in fact, but a desperate attempt to hold on to the erroneous beliefs he has held. It is hard for many to admit what they have been taught and believed their whole life is not based in truth. The Apostles and Martyrs died for telling people what they did not want to hear. Hojo is right. Why not repeat the same thing to them. They do not listen they never have. I don't think a single one of them could actually tell you what you believe and why. They mock the fathers, they mock anything Catholic, yet they will blindly post any piece of tabloid trash and when proven to be a lie prance on to the next one or throw out abuse as if it doesn't exist amongst them. These are wretched people. By OSAS standards all Catholics fit the bill, but they dance around that too. Over and over and over again they have shown their multiple discrepancies of what they believe, but close it out of their minds. It's truly sad to see.

The confrinter is not worth spending time. You and others have warned these factious people many times, but they have closed their minds. They have no eyes to see and ears to hear.

Hear WHAT..see WHAT...

1Jn_1:3 That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.


YOU ARE JUST AS JESUS SAID TO Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida!

Mat_11:21 Woe unto thee, Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works, which were done in you, had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.












You water down the truth of God's word and make it of no purpose...

You do not even believe ...that if you obey it that you will be

saved...thus making God out to be a liar.

All of you contriving is a road that leads no where.

“let's do this thang!”

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#431948 Apr 10, 2013
Dear RCC friends -

just renounce the statement and position of the vatican that 'the roman catholic church is the only true church' and most of the antagonism against you and this cult should go away.

we're waiting......

“What are you looking at?”

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#431949 Apr 10, 2013


Our first contestants up are:

HOJO and GiF (aka Confrinting)

Now gents - the rules are:

1. Be respectful
2. No name calling
3. Must post list links and facts to support what you say

Disqualification will occur if you state differently.

Honesty will help immensely.

Good luck!


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#431950 Apr 10, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
Gnostics accept many more of the Apostles and other gospels than Christianity does.
There are three more Apostles than you have been told to only believe.

Dont forget the other testament of Mormon and the Koran. They are your fellow Gnostics.

Hamilton, Canada

#431951 Apr 10, 2013
Yankee Yahoo wrote:
<quoted text>
Simple. Tens of thousands of copiers began copying all of the books from the outset. Thus, the Bible was preserved, and came down to us.
Innocent until proven guilty is not just some legal term, it is an ethical and moral one. For no one may accuse the dead of lying or falseness without proof, or at all since the dead cannot defend themselves.
So what you are saying is that countless years were wasted by people copying the WRONG gospels and books. Or, that they deliberately did something against Jesus, or changed Scripture, or did something dishonest.
Well then, prove it. It's the same for the atheists, who use your exact same arguments to denounce the whole Faith. Except that Arians and Cathars use it to make up their own ideas about what Jesus said or did.
I trust the 12 Apostles. I trust those that appointed in their place, and the line of success, unbroken for all of these ages.
Gnostics have no such claim.
It is all about trust. I trust Jesus, and what he did, and who He put in charge of His Church. Why should I not? It would be a sin for me to accuse any of them without evidence.
The bible was in the hands of the catholic fathers only. They could edit it anyway they wanted it to read.

Outside the bible there is no story of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, miracles or crucifixion. Thats a lot of faith you put into one source collection of books whose meanings were probably re-written and changed dozens of times to get the catholic message the way their agenda wanted it to be.

Basically all the customs/traditions and elements of christianity were common knowledge throughout the medeteranean 1,000 years before the Jesus story.

Very little UNIQUE about christianity. The only reason it is still around is because of family hand me down tradition. Mom and Dad are catholic/ shall be the children.

If everyone today was brought up to study and learn about most main religions and those with no beliefs would make one a much better educated person to make a personal choice when that person becomes an adult.

Being indoctrinated from childhood to become just like mom and dad makes no common sense for a true personal belief.

Being born in the west usually means most follow Jesus. Born to a loving family from the east usually means Allah is who you pray to.

Religion is the great divider of mankind......very sad.


Saint Paul, MN

#431953 Apr 10, 2013
waaasssuuup wrote:
Dear RCC friends -
just renounce the statement and position of the vatican that 'the roman catholic church is the only true church' and most of the antagonism against you and this cult should go away.
we're waiting......

Saint Paul, MN

#431954 Apr 10, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
Why do you think "Paul" was more enlightened than Jesus?
If you were to listen and use what Jesus said, the statement by "Paul" is wrong:
(3) Jesus says:
(1) "If those who lead you say to you:‘Look, the kingdom is in the sky!’
then the birds of the sky will precede you.
(2) If they say to you:‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you.
(3) Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and outside of you."
(4) "When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known,
and you will realize that you are the children of the living Father.
(5) But if you do not come to know yourselves, then you exist in poverty, and you are poverty."
You do still trust Jesus, right?
Could you provide proof that Jesus said those things. Thank you.

Could you also provide proof that the Apostle Thomas said those things that Jesus said.

BTW, are you listening to men? Men said Jesus said. Right? Jesus never wrote anything down in the NT you know....

Perth, Australia

#431955 Apr 10, 2013
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Perth, Australia

#431956 Apr 10, 2013
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i will tell you more

a nkh

Perth, Australia

#431957 Apr 10, 2013
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do you understood

a nkh

Perth, Australia

#431958 Apr 10, 2013
sve ste meni i mojoj djeci i familiji najgore od svega


much more you will seeeeeeeeeeee

Chanhassen, MN

#431960 Apr 10, 2013
jethro8 wrote:
<quoted text>you can not debate me, because you have nothing to debate with,you can not prove anything about your church is true.
Your sources of Church History are biasly "filled with anti-catholic "editorialized rhetoric" that is not worth ANY Catholics time to debate, deliberate or discuss. I have "glanced over" some of the "anti-catholic negativity" from your "fundie sources" that is nothing more than Protestant "personal opinionated propaganda" ---again---"a total waste of time" to discuss. We/as Catholics, know without a doubt, where the TRUTH of TRUE Church History originates, who the credible historian authors and writers are and who possesses "a monopoly on Historical Documented fundamental TRUTH. It begins with the teachings of the Jesus Christs Apostles,to the recorded historical writings of Early Church Fathers,(who gave you Protestants the bible that you mis-interpret to your own (destruction), then from biographical the Lives of the Saints, the writings from the Apostolic Succession of the Popes (for over 2000 years) and finally the Apologistic historian authors and writers (both Catholic and Protestant) WHO--if you took time to read- would "debunk" all of the "spin" and "editorialized heretical garbage" that you come up with. Again-go read the Catholic Catechism and the Encyclicals if you REALLY ARE SERIOUS about finding TRUTH. OTHERWISE--go argue with the rest of your 42,000 contradicting and inconsistent "fundies" NONE OF WHICH agree with you EITHER!!----Still "fishing" jethro8----and still "catching NOTHING"!!!

“Fear is the Mind-Killer”

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#431961 Apr 10, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
"Tens of thousands"
- hmmmmm.....citation please, considering illiteracy was rampant in the first five centuries - thanks to the so-called "Church".
BTW - scribal errors have already been proven to occur, that would and had changed the meaning of a passage.
Bart Ehrman discusses four different examples in his book "Misquoting Jesus".
You'll have to come up with something to better support what you have stated.
<quoted text>
You'll have to first provide proof that those dead people even wrote what you claim is "innocent".
Citation please.
<quoted text>
I didn't say that at all.
What I was pointing out is that, there are no witness accounts that were contemporary with the actual occurances, so how is that you find them true and accurate, if at a minimum these books were written decades later.
If one is to accept all of what Jesus taught, then the picture forms on who he was, and what he taught.
<quoted text>
I have with the link above.
How much evidence do you require from me? I'd like to get this out of the way early, because if I am to keep posting support and evidence, then I want to make sure I achieve it completely.
How much?
<quoted text>
No you don't, but to give you the benefit of a doubt - which of the original 13 Apostles do you trust? Please list them all.
<quoted text>
- The so-called "Church" has not been fully defined, so your argument is lacking substance and may be just trying to mislead others.
If you trust Jesus, then you turst all his teachings. The Baptist do NOT accept non-canonical texts as part of their doctrine. With you saying the opposite, it is clear you are not Baptist.
You don't have to accuse anyone, because you've already lied to yourself about your honesty with believing in Jesus.
Evidence that illiteracy was prevalent please. Did the Romans take a census on literacy?

I don't have a reference, you'll just have to take my word for it. But it takes a long time, and a lot of people, to copy all those books from the Bible. Common sense. No printing press means millions of hours spent copying books. Who has that kind of time? Why would anyone do that unless they were convinced of the truth of what they copied?

Scribal errors have not been substantial enough to change the overall meaning, which remains unchanged.

I have to do no such thing. You cannot prove someone is innocent, only guilty. YOU have to provide evidence, not I. Which means, unless you can prove the early Christians liars, you are just spinning your wheels here.

The Church ha been defined quite well over these last 2000 years. Longest enduring institution on earth, no other has come close. I wonder why?

I require no evidence from you. You have the burden of proof to convince me that mainstream Christianity is wrong, and that 2000 years of believers have been lied to.

Well, I never did state I'd be loyal to all Baptist doctrines. But I do attend a Baptist church, where I was baptized. So what does that make me? Let's just stick with Christian, yes?

You declare yourself a Gnostic, and claim I am trying to mislead others? I think not. I accept the main doctrines of Christ. You do not. Who is misleading who?

Anyway, let this not get ugly, proceed to Part Two

Chanhassen, MN

#431962 Apr 10, 2013
Yankee Yahoo wrote:
<quoted text>
So does that mean you give up? Don't get frustrated, just keep at it. Our Lord had to deal with the Pharisees. And as I've posted previously, why do so few Catholics and Americans know about what the pope's have declared about the social problems of our day, like socialism and other great evils?
You real problem is too many Catholics don't believe in Catholicism, so many non-Catholics will stay away.
No problem Yankee Yahoo! Just continue to "keep the faith"!!
The TRUE faith!!!

“Fear is the Mind-Killer”

Since: Jun 08

Albuquerque, NM

#431963 Apr 10, 2013
New Spiritual Leader:

What do you believe, exactly?

I can tell you what little I have learned of Gnosticism, which does not sound legit. So please correct me, and let's clarify this.

1. That Jesus is the liberator, and Yahweh the evil god keeping us captive on this planet.

2. That this world, and all fleshly things are evil, or inherently evil.

3. That the purpose of life is for our souls to escape this evil bodies, and this evil material world.

That about sums it up.

Tell us what doctrines you hold to.

“Fear is the Mind-Killer”

Since: Jun 08

Albuquerque, NM

#431964 Apr 10, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
Most Catholics do not know that. Its interesting a Protestant knows more about Church history than Catholics. That's why its so easy for Evangelicals to away Catholics away from the Church.
Most have no idea ROMAN Catholic is a Protestant name given to us that stuck. It stuck so much, the Catholic Church doesn't correct it, and sometimes uses it for administrative purposes, but not in the official capacity of the Church.
Its interesting that later cultist and some Evangelicals point to Book of Revelation, and say its the ROMAN Catholic Church (not Pagan Rome) that John was writing about. They have no clue that the name was given by England and carried over to the USA. Oh well, it ain't going away now.
Never too late to correct it. It's a perfect opening for converting Protestants. "Wait, if you thought our name was Roman Catholic, then what other foolishness do you believe?"

It sort of undermines a lot of other nonsense getting that cleared up right off the bat.

“Fear is the Mind-Killer”

Since: Jun 08

Albuquerque, NM

#431965 Apr 10, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
With you keep voicing it without providing any support, is a typical so-called "Christian" problem. Repeating it does not make it true.
Please name all the witnesses you think testified accurately.
<quoted text>
I've already hsown you that the writings have been changed and now flawed. What more evidence do you need to believe in the evidence?
Or more accurately - you are afraid the Bible is incorrect, which causes a big dent in your theology, so you continue to deny the truths by being dishonest with others and yourself?
<quoted text>
Citation please.
Oh I get it. Your belief is correct and all others are wrong.
Your arrogance is starting to show.
<quoted text>
Please cite the passage or text that has "God" stating these heresies.
Or are you going to just pass this point of interest on by and go on living a lie told to you by men?
Seriously, where has "God" stated that a specific belief is heresy.
I think you are continuing to lie for your religion and belief.
Where's the honesty?
<quoted text>
You struggle because you let other men dictate for what you are to believe.
Choose Self. Jesus did. Don't you want to be like Jesus?
I'm not really hear on an academic basis. If you keep demanding supporting evidence for things I know to be true, and things which are my opinions, then I'm going to start asking you for the same ... and this whole affair will get VERY bulky and time-consuming.

Can't you pretend this is a conversation? Trust me, I don't lie. And I will not assume you lie.

Arrogance? No. Pure logic. Christianity is a false religion if any of the doctrines are false. Jesus sais He is the only way, then that means all other religions are false. Jesus said He is God, then either He is, or he is a liar and all of Christianity is false. Witnesses said he was Resurrected. Either this is true, or it is all entirely a lie.

The vast majority of Christians actual think Jesus was just a mortal, and a great moral teacher, and that nothing supernatural happened. Well, that cannot be logical. If Jesus is not God, then He is the lunatic, and one of the most evil men in history.

I don't promote anything that has not already been promoted for centuries. Now quit with the accusations, and let us have an open and honest dialogue.

“Fear is the Mind-Killer”

Since: Jun 08

Albuquerque, NM

#431966 Apr 10, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
Unfortunately none of this applies to the 21st C.
You probably also applaud slavery, rape and incest, because all of these are in the Bible that you trust is "true".
You are deluded.
Sigh ...

The same response I get from socialists, atheists, Marxists, Democrats, and Liberals anytime I bring into question their knowledge of historical facts.

Are you really going to go down this path, or are you willing to learn?

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