Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 679024 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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#427980 Mar 15, 2013
confrinting with the word wrote:
<quoted text>
I was on a gray hound bus...As we crossed the line out of Washington D.C. into Virginia..
the driver stopped the bus and told a Black man that was setting near the front, that he should move to the back of the bus..
When the man hesitated...the driver call him a N-- opened the door..
.and demanded that he either move to the back or get off the bus.
He got up and slowly moved to the back...
If He had gotten off the bus, I thought about going with Him..
He deserved to set any where he pleased..he had paid the fare just every one else had...
This reminds me of actions the Roman catholic Church..
Jesus has paid the fare...with His life's blood... for all sinners....who will receive his
sacrifice for their sins,
yet the Roman Catholics Church say that
we evangelicals must all set in the back...
Mat_23:13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
Stanley and I woud have gotten off the bus as well and immediatly taken out our ladder and painted the bus BLACK.

By the way...your 'setting'....should be 'sitting'....just sayin'.

Keep up the good work.

Ollie knows that you read the good book.

...and most times Daily tooooooooooo.

Perth, Australia

#427981 Mar 15, 2013
Not in my name.
Don't do nothing in my name.
I see i recognize many things on my way
others try simple use but make as us misery.
I don't fill shame wrote this.

Since: Mar 13

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#427982 Mar 15, 2013
MICHAEL wrote:
<quoted text>
If you didn't like me Stanely, you wouldn't post to me so often.
You have now posted 32 times to me. Such a good friend you are!
Why don't you countUP and tell ALL other posters how many other posters have posted to you!!!!!

Yeah, Stanley and I, being Crusaders for the Holy Roman Catholic Church and Jesus Christ....will chase down ALL and ANY miscreant and misguiding arseHole like you.

Meanwhile, you have posted pertinent to our postings 78 times....

....even behind our like you, you hateful, hypocritical, hAtheistic schidt-for-brains.

Just a reminder...your assigned BLACK Bus is on its way and it can't be stopped. Stanley guarantees it toooo.

Go Figure.

Perth, Australia

#427984 Mar 15, 2013
o don't worry.if i am not worried..i have nice ring too..something will be in sweet but deadly..

I wish you all the best.

Perth, Australia

#427985 Mar 15, 2013
secret is secret
You can't tell should be..
after all Jesus is only for public..why i have to be born for rich as well big way.

El Dorado Springs, MO

#427986 Mar 15, 2013
Michael wrote:
You know Mary was a Jew, and you know Jews do not believe in sons of God, yet Mary (according to scriptures) practiced her jewish faith devoutly.
Can't have it both ways.

What Jews believe today and what they believed 2000 years ago are two different things. They were watching for the Messiah then. Herod even put out a death decree for infants of the age. The prophecy of Daniel 9 is about a coming Messiah telling the exact year he would come. They knew. Many did convert. The first Christians were all Jews!


#427987 Mar 15, 2013

100% PROOF Pope Francis is ANTICHRIST_______


Perth, Australia

#427988 Mar 15, 2013
i am going now one bus..i will be there..on roe street..i will sit on excet spot..where they want build cristal buildind what so ever..john is been small boy..i died for my son..i keep so long..22 years they pratising..dr cheng is been last..

please i find book in hand of my son cristal head

please understood me
who lived with me not going understood..
but good people will

they give john book
i don't think so ewhat john know
i know now why they do that to me and my family as well to my son..

i am going

i been yesturday front of blue buildind walking trough kings street

they do to mee and my family they know they areee

inside code you will find cheng name

but they are spirit as walkers..

they are not some in bodyyyyyyyyyyyy

i am going toward roe street

i am going toward excet spot

secret is secret

i am going see that sppot

they do to me and my family

i am your mother you don't have another..

they cover uppppppppppppppppp

they set up many things to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i don't fill shame wrote this i know you read

they going destroy past present and future tooooooooooooo

tv prop[aganda poor evil peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
all others with them

7th Day Catholic Rocks

Poplar Bluff, MO

#427989 Mar 15, 2013
confrinting with the word wrote:
who="7th Day Catholic Rocks" Genesis 3:15
And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel
Woman has an egg so there was a seed planted in her from somewhere right ?
The MYSTERY of godliness is not ours to figure out. Things revealed belong to us, but those NOT revealed are His...not ours.
Christ is the seed referred to here. In order for it to be her seed it had to be a part of her and come from her egg being fertilized. No mystrey becuase God's word said the Holy Spirit over shadowed her and she concieved.
7th Day Catholic Rocks

Poplar Bluff, MO

#427990 Mar 15, 2013
Question: "What is sola scriptura?"

Answer: The phrase sola scriptura is from the Latin: sola having the idea of “alone,”“ground,”“base,” and the word scriptura meaning “writings”—referring to the Scriptures. Sola scriptura means that Scripture alone is authoritative for the faith and practice of the Christian. The Bible is complete, authoritative, and true.“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”(2 Timothy 3:16).

Sola scriptura was the rallying cry of the Protestant Reformation. For centuries the Roman Catholic Church had made its traditions superior in authority to the Bible. This resulted in many practices that were in fact contradictory to the Bible. Some examples are prayer to saints and/or Mary, the immaculate conception, transubstantiation, infant baptism, indulgences, and papal authority. Martin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran Church and father of the Protestant Reformation, was publicly rebuking the Catholic Church for its unbiblical teachings. The Catholic Church threatened Martin Luther with excommunication (and death) if he did not recant. Martin Luther's reply was,“Unless therefore I am convinced by the testimony of Scripture, or by the clearest reasoning, unless I am persuaded by means of the passages I have quoted, and unless they thus render my conscience bound by the Word of God, I cannot and will not retract, for it is unsafe for a Christian to speak against his conscience. Here I stand, I can do no other; may God help me! Amen!”

The primary Catholic argument against sola scriptura is that the Bible does not explicitly teach sola scriptura. Catholics argue that the Bible nowhere states that it is the only authoritative guide for faith and practice. While this is true, they fail to recognize a crucially important issue. We know that the Bible is the Word of God. The Bible declares itself to be God-breathed, inerrant, and authoritative. We also know that God does not change His mind or contradict Himself. So, while the Bible itself may not explicitly argue for sola scriptura, it most definitely does not allow for traditions that contradict its message. Sola scriptura is not as much of an argument against tradition as it is an argument against unbiblical, extra-biblical and/or anti-biblical doctrines. The only way to know for sure what God expects of us is to stay true to what we know He has revealed—the Bible. We can know, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Scripture is true, authoritative, and reliable. The same cannot be said of tradition.

The Word of God is the only authority for the Christian faith. Traditions are valid only when they are based on Scripture and are in full agreement with Scripture. Traditions that contradict the Bible are not of God and are not a valid aspect of the Christian faith. Sola scriptura is the only way to avoid subjectivity and keep personal opinion from taking priority over the teachings of the Bible. The essence of sola scriptura is basing your spiritual life on the Bible alone and rejecting any tradition or teaching that is not in full agreement with the Bible. Second Timothy 2:15 declares,“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”
7th Day Catholic Rocks

Poplar Bluff, MO

#427991 Mar 15, 2013

Sola scriptura does not nullify the concept of church traditions. Rather, sola scriptura gives us a solid foundation on which to base church traditions. There are many practices, in both Catholic and Protestant churches, that are the result of traditions, not the explicit teaching of Scripture. It is good, and even necessary, for the church to have traditions. Traditions play an important role in clarifying and organizing Christian practice. At the same time, in order for these traditions to be valid, they must not be in disagreement with God’s Word. They must be based on the solid foundation of the teaching of Scripture. The problem with the Roman Catholic Church, and many other churches, is that they base traditions on traditions which are based on traditions which are based on traditions, often with the initial tradition not being in full harmony with the Scriptures. That is why Christians must always go back to sola scriptura, the authoritative Word of God, as the only solid basis for faith and practice.

On a practical matter, a frequent objection to the concept of sola scriptura is the fact that the canon of the Bible was not officially agreed upon for at least 250 years after the church was founded. Further, the Scriptures were not available to the masses for over 1500 years after the church was founded. How, then, were early Christians to use sola scriptura, when they did not even have the full Scriptures? And how were Christians who lived before the invention of the printing press supposed to base their faith and practice on Scripture alone if there was no way for them to have a complete copy of the Scriptures? This issue is further compounded by the very high rates of illiteracy throughout history. How does the concept of sola scriptura handle these issues?

The problem with this argument is that it essentially says that Scripture’s authority is based on its availability. This is not the case. Scripture’s authority is universal; because it is God’s Word, it is His authority. The fact that Scripture was not readily available, or that people could not read it, does not change the fact that Scripture is God’s Word. Further, rather than this being an argument against sola scriptura, it is actually an argument for what the church should have done, instead of what it did. The early church should have made producing copies of the Scriptures a high priority. While it was unrealistic for every Christian to possess a complete copy of the Bible, it was possible that every church could have some, most, or all of the Scriptures available to it. Early church leaders should have made studying the Scriptures their highest priority so they could accurately teach it. Even if the Scriptures could not be made available to the masses, at least church leaders could be well-trained in the Word of God. Instead of building traditions upon traditions and passing them on from generation to generation, the church should have copied the Scriptures and taught the Scriptures (2 Timothy 4:2).

Again, traditions are not the problem. Unbiblical traditions are the problem. The availability of the Scriptures throughout the centuries is not the determining factor. The Scriptures themselves are the determining factor. We now have the Scriptures readily available to us. Through the careful study of God’s Word, it is clear that many church traditions which have developed over the centuries are in fact contradictory to the Word of God. This is where sola scriptura applies. Traditions that are based on, and in agreement with, God’s Word can be maintained. Traditions that are not based on, and/or disagree with, God’s Word must be rejected. Sola scriptura points us back to what God has revealed to us in His Word. Sola scriptura ultimately points us back to the God who always speaks the truth, never contradicts Himself, and always proves Himself to be dependable.

Recommended Resource: Scripture Alone by James White.
7th Day Catholic Rocks

Poplar Bluff, MO

#427992 Mar 15, 2013
Happy Sabbath everyone !!!
7th Day Catholic Rocks

Poplar Bluff, MO

#427993 Mar 15, 2013
Subject: The Contractor

From: "Georgia

Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the White House.

One is from Chicago, another is from Tennessee, and the third is from Minnesota.

All three go with a White House official to examine the fence.

The Minnesota contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring,
then works some figures with a pencil.

"Well," he says, "I figure the job will run about $900:$400 for materials,$400
for my crew and $100 profit for me."

The Tennessee contractor also does some measuring and figuring, and then says, "I can do this job for $700:$300 for materials,$300 for my crew and $100 profit for me."

The Chicago contractor doesn't measure or figure but leans over to the
White House official and whispers, "$2,700."

The official, incredulous, says, "You didn't even measure like the other guys!
How did you come up with such a high figure?"

The Chicago contractor whispers back, "$1000 for me,$1000 for you, and we
hire the guy from Tennessee to fix the fence."

"Done!" replies the government official. And that, my friends, is how the stimulus plan works


Minneapolis, MN

#427994 Mar 15, 2013
guest wrote:
<quoted text>
The truth can't "set you free", hojo, if you don't even know what it is.
You are "confused" as ever guest!! The fact is that the TRUTH, which is in Jesus Christ, is manifested (completely) IN and THROUGH His One TRUE Catholic Church. Biblical and Historical Church History "confirms" this TRUTH (over and over again) and that TRUTH has, is and will ALWAYS be "grounded" in Our Lords One True Catholic Church........ It is the FULLNESS of that TRUTH and the FAITH that has set "all of us Catholics free" from the bondage of divisive bible only Protestantism which has "little to offer"as it continues to "desperately hang on" to its half-truth "Relative editorialize truth" which is, in fact, "bits and pieces" of Jesus Christ One True Catholic Church!
7th Day Catholic Rocks

Poplar Bluff, MO

#427995 Mar 15, 2013
This is alarming!

Beer contains female hormones!

Yes, that's right, FEMALE hormones!

Last month, Montreal University and scientists released the results of a recent
analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer. Men should take a
concerned look at their beer consumption.

The theory is that beer contains female hormones (hops contain Phytoestrogens) and
that by drinking enough beer, men turn into women.

To test the theory, 100 men each drank 8 schooners of beer within a one (1) hour

It was then observed that 100% of the test subjects,

yes, 100% of all these men:

1) Argued over nothing.

2) Refused to apologize when obviously wrong.

3) Gained weight.

4) Talked excessively without making sense.

5) Became overly emotional

6) Couldn't drive.

7) Failed to think rationally, and

8) Had to sit down while urinating.

No further testing was considered necessary!

7th Day Catholic Rocks

Poplar Bluff, MO

#427996 Mar 15, 2013
Alan Simpson, the Senator from Wyoming calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation as he compared "Social Security " to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats.

Here's a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana ... I think those Montana women have a lot of spunk. She is a little ticked off and she also tells it like it is!(A "little" tickedoff???)

"Hey Alan, let's get a few things straight!!!!!

1. As a career politician, you have been on the public dole (tit) for FIFTY YEARS.

2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).

3. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing account for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero losers in return for votes, thus bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.

4. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and "your ilk" pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors nearing retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age, 67. NOW, you and your "shill commission" are proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN.

5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into Medicare from Day One, and now "you morons" propose to change the rules of the game. Why? Because "you idiots" mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal our money from Medicare to pay the bills.

6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why? Because you "incompetent bastards" spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt.

To add insult to injury, you label us "greedy" for calling .attention" to your incompetence. Well, Captain Bumblehead, I have a few questions for YOU:

1. How much money have you earned from the American taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?

2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?

3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?

4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?

It is you, Captain Bumblehead, and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the "greedy" ones. It is you and your fellow nutcase thieves who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers. And for what? Votes and your job and retirement security at our expense, you lunk-headed, leech.

That's right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing your pathetic, political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it. And you can take that to the bank, you miserable .person. NO, I did not stutter.

P.S. And stop calling Social Security benefits "entitlements". WHAT AN INSULT!!!!
I have been paying in to the SS system for 45 years “It's my money”-give it back to me the way the system was designed and stop patting yourself on the back like you are being generous by doling out these monthly checks!

If you like the way things are in America delete this.
If you agree with what a Montana citizen, Patty Myers, says, please PASS IT ON!!!!

Always be yourself because the people that matter don't mind, and the ones who mind, don't matter.
"We Never Want A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste"

Note: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

El Dorado Springs, MO

#427997 Mar 15, 2013
Stan-an-Ollie wrote:
Yeah, Stanley and I, being Crusaders for the Holy Roman Catholic Church and Jesus Christ....will chase down ALL and ANY miscreant and misguiding arseHole like you.

Jesus has no crusaders or jihadist. You are a crusader for your bloody pope's empire which is not Christian. The Christians were victims of Rome's crusades.

This is why the Knights of Columbus and other papal Orders violate US law. They should have all their assets seized.

El Dorado Springs, MO

#427998 Mar 15, 2013

Pope Francis has direct ties with the South American dirty wars.

Priest’s Life Sentence Draws Widespread Praise
BUENOS AIRES, Oct 10 (IPS)- The life sentence handed down to former police chaplain Christian Von Wernich, a symbol of the Argentine Catholic Church’s complicity with the 1976-1983 military dictatorship, was described Wednesday by Argentine President Nestor Kirchner as "a good example for the world."

Juan Peron & ‘Cocaine Politics’
South American Death Squads of the recent past
By Robert Reed

On June 20, 1973, South America teetered between its past and its future. Former Argentine Gen. Juan Peron, one of the region's legendary strongmen, was returning from a 17-year exile.

By 1976, the Argentine military had seen enough. Top generals staged a coup that put Isabela Peron under a comfortable house arrest. Some of Peron's cronies, such as the Corsican Chiappe, suffered a worse fate. To placate Washington, the military regime of Gen. Jorge Videla finally extradited Chiappe to the United States.

But most of the drug-tainted Triple-A operation survived and grew more powerful. Working more openly with the Argentine security forces, rightist goon squads "disappeared" tens of thousands of suspected leftists.

The victims underwent bizarre tortures that combined Middle Age crudity with some Nazi-like innovations. There were Medieval-style genital mutilations, gang rapes, skin peeling, burning with hot coals and acids, and immersion in water befouled with human waste.

But there were also newer twists to break the human will: applying electric shocks, using family mementos to inflict pain, engaging in humiliating torture in front of family members, and involving doctors to make sure that the victim did not die prematurely.

After the torture, many of the captives were shot and buried in mass graves. Others were stripped naked, shackled together and dumped from planes into the ocean.

In the United States, the Carter administration objected to these gross abuses of human rights. But the CIA maintained close ties to Argentine intelligence and other right-wing elements in South America.

Some prominent politicians, such as former California Gov. Ronald Reagan, even expressed public sympathy for the Argentine military. In one radio commentary, Reagan chastised assistant secretary of state Pat Darien for her human-rights protests, saying she should "walk a mile in the moccasins" of the Argentine generals before criticizing them.

The Argentine military also banded together with six other South American military dictatorships in Operation Condor, which hunted down leftists and other dissidents around the world.

Yukon, OK

#427999 Mar 15, 2013
7th Day Catholic Rocks wrote:
Happy Sabbath everyone !!!
And shabbot Shalom to you...However did you know their was A god named hap.

Minneapolis, MN

#428002 Mar 15, 2013
socci wrote:
Pope Francis has direct ties with the South American dirty wars.
And YOU my friend, have direct ties to the same old bible only Protestant, "dirty laundry list" that relies "totally" on "digging up" any kind of "exaggerated trash news" it can find, in your "failed attempt" to undermine the ONE TRUTH Church of Jesus Christ----The Catholic Church!!!!

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