Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

Full story: CBC News 560,593
The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story

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#417704 Jan 23, 2013
ReginaM wrote:
was looking over the papal chair and benny's outfit,why would there be two skulls on his outfit? for what purpose? and the chair,decorated with cherub faces and full body cherubs holding up the arms of the chair,i can see why they changed the commandment about carving graven immages"You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below" who gave these men the right to change the commandments? certainly not god or jesus,that should be on your website "things jesus never said,change the commandments to suit your purpose".

Perth, Australia

#417705 Jan 23, 2013
Why you complain?
I see he took me for hand as his child broth me in this city where nothing exist..
why you complain all materialistic possession is mess as dust include body of man and woman animals bird fish tree flower and grass..
Why you complain?

you are not god you are man..

desire is to have or posses anything..
they teach you
your body is very weak
but within dusa= soul is strong..

El Dorado Springs, MO

#417706 Jan 23, 2013
Sherlayne wrote:
What makes you think these words (or any other like them) were God's words? You don't even know the true authors. That's one reason I'm so skeptical.

It's the book of John who was recording the words of Jesus.

Who wrote the NT books and when?

The so-called lost continent of Atlantis is what the gnostics call preflood earth.

Perth, Australia

#417707 Jan 23, 2013
Who is establish you on every river and every sea?

Who stay on every river and every sea..who describe about what?woman in purple stay on many water..

Why you stay near water?

Did your life depend of water?

spirit water light=life

please explain your life depend about what..?

your soul is depend about what..?

Since: Nov 08


#417708 Jan 23, 2013
StarC wrote:
<quoted text>
For a pagan like you, you would believe all this.[LOL]
Maybe you should go back to Catholic School and try to learn the real Truth!!
They might have had other gods but not Divine!!! gods that could nothing for them.
Christ converts pagans!!
Michael there is ONLY ONE TRUE GOD in The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!!! =p-6YdT1DEO8XX
is there only one god? gen.1:26 And God said, Let "us" make man in our image. who is he talking to? if there is only one god,and man was not around yet,was he talking to himself??

Perth, Australia

#417709 Jan 23, 2013
before antatis as well lemuria exist as high intelectual much more fast then today but wicket..its destroy..
we are less then half in entire universe
as intellect
they need us as subject to them
but i remind you
3x heaven

i zametni se bitka na nebu

i remind you
two loving heart one in remind
one up another down third as cross over but down
its as procent 003
how much you need with 3x heaven
144 000
144 000
144 000
how much remind

1000 years as human is one day with Jesus..
3000 years=3 days
i will recreated my church within 3 days

Perth, Australia

#417710 Jan 23, 2013
i remind you
possessors is not Creator..

as well life is been before on this planet which is not old only 3000 years..

we been mislead so many times
liar from beginning

who is real liar air rail chu chu chu=wind
you not tell me about altar with 4 horns=how much old 3000 years

now you not explain
seal as creation over hand
and seal
over head
which one is real from real Creator

Since: Nov 08


#417711 Jan 23, 2013
7th Day Catholics Rock wrote:
<quoted text>The Roman Catholic Church is well known for their CREATIVE WRITTING so it should be no big deal for them to cover up the money launding and get rid of any paper trails etc.
i'd say it's a safe bet that the c.c. does not take credit,debit cards so it does not have to pay the card fee,they want all the money for themselves,a lot of companies especially resturants do not take american express cards because they charge 3% where other cards charge 1.5% to 1.75%.the loss of thousands of followers are hurting the church,they will have to actually start spending their own money pretty soon.crying towels will be tops on their shopping list lol,sorry couldn't help it.

Perth, Australia

#417712 Jan 23, 2013
in beginning is word

i believe in holy word
i believe in holy power

your hand and lag been nail=i fill that
your heart been broken too

you been rejected from everyone
except your mother and few woman's

you remind under your cross meet your mother

your remind say few words to woman's

your head is been in universal pain=i fill that i know how its look i wrote before

where is others
all of them run away

why all man run away

i know what is broken heart what is in that book
pray for every soul
I pray for every brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ that they may be strong on rock regardless what they been tested.
Holy Ghost can cancel every event from happening in the name of Jesus Christ name.

Since: Nov 08


#417713 Jan 23, 2013
Full of Love wrote:
<quoted text>
Jethro,all we were discussing was soup beans and corn bread and sopping it up.
yes i know,it has been pointed out to me allready,i prefer a nice bread,something that holds together more when wet over corn bread with my bean soup,beans are like eggs,you can do so many different things with them,their good for you, and you can have them 7 days a week and use seven different recipes.unfortunately i don't get to enjoy them as much because g/f is not a big fan of beans,except with hotdogs.and she puts ketchup in her beans "yuck".

Since: Nov 08


#417715 Jan 23, 2013
RCC Superior BS - BUSTED wrote:
Did Pope Benedict XVI know? German Catholics to investigate abuse charges in choir run by brother
Read more:
Somehow the Pope's lawyers will find a way to cover-up for this creep using diplomatic immunity.
Every single Catholic here should pray to Saint Benito Mussolini and thank him for everything he did for his lapdog, the church.
benny knows everything,he was in charge of the committee that over saw priest etc. behavior,that is why he is pope,to keep him silent.diplomatic immunity,he should not have it,he is not the leader of a country.

Sudbury, Canada

#417717 Jan 23, 2013
preston wrote:
<quoted text>Look, I ahve tried my best to be nice to you and also friendly. but when all is said and done, the Truth must be spoken.
If you are so naive to thing that Serving God is going to a"so called church" and eating some piece of grain and then going home until next week and doing it again, is cooperating with His Grace.
you are going to be very surprised when you shut your eyes in death,and open them in aplace that you in your wildest imagination, could never vision.
and you aint gonna like it.
there is never an "assumption" to the person that gets saved, and that was what chuck was telling Dan all day earlier.when a person gets Saved, they Know it! and it wont take long for other people to "Know" it too. the Newborn Christian cant keep quiet, and it shows all over their countenance. when i first got saved, I walked into teh local VA service offic e and teh clerk look at me and said there was a glow about me. PEOPLE KNOW. a woman that I worked with had started going to church(I didnt know that in fact). and one Monday morning she walked in and I noticed something right off the bat, so i went over to her and she was Bubbling, she told me that she had got Saved and was Baptised Yesterday.
Amen Preston what you said is very true, I had a hard time trying to figure out why I didn't fit into this world, I never was suppose to. God had other plans for me.
When I was born again, it was like someone turned the world right side up.

Sudbury, Canada

#417718 Jan 23, 2013
jethro8 wrote:
<quoted text>yes i know,it has been pointed out to me allready,i prefer a nice bread,something that holds together more when wet over corn bread with my bean soup,beans are like eggs,you can do so many different things with them,their good for you, and you can have them 7 days a week and use seven different recipes.unfortunately i don't get to enjoy them as much because g/f is not a big fan of beans,except with hotdogs.and she puts ketchup in her beans "yuck".
Yuk, I like my beans in the oven with sausages and melt old cheese on top with a side order of sauerkraut, home made bread rolls.

Perth, Australia

#417719 Jan 23, 2013
its your god..your cloth with that within..don't complain to others when time come
one day is only one day after one day where are you going did you know?
you did not know don't forget who is old billions that hard calculated?
Why all stars look small over us?
They have all name.
Who do that?

Which one you can't see?

Perth, Australia

#417720 Jan 23, 2013
Which one you can't see?
Which God is unknown..did you know?

Perth, Australia

#417721 Jan 23, 2013
Atlantis and Lemuria is been most wicket..but fall
why fall?

wicket can't have holy ticket..
its a aloud..its given now..why? that can go into complete destruction why?.. because remind and left something somewhere?
Whats left and where.. somewhere?
Did you know?

Perth, Australia

#417722 Jan 23, 2013
mum i replay as i could to my mother..she run away save our horse in dark unusual night then usual but very father follow..he replay you stay home..o did i no father return after 15 minutes..your mother is finish..if she come back alive
its will be holy day uopn her soul..he see what stay between her and horse as dark as darkness about what?
its stay cross of road betwwen horse and her on the edge of field and dark forest in tiny street where you can't father see and pool her many times but can't stop..she replay constantly prayers because she love that horse..yes she love that the name father and son and holy spirit she constantly rimind..but not worthy until she replay alive god+
almighty god+
Imortal god+
man in drknes split aparat and go over wall but with destruction wall by wall tree by tree..
my mother run toward horse in field..its her father become scare and run home without her..15 minutes..i see his face..i remember every words..
i replay
i run in direction where my horse have to be in property of my grandfather..
i been lead..lead me holy spirit soul of my soul tears of my tears..i go i see darkness become toward light..i see way where i go i step on that rock
then call with aloud voice as could
mummmmmmmmmmmm follow my voice
you will be save
i constantly call
she appier on others side as i know that she will its stay in circle where start i know that..don't be afraid mum when i see mother say you save me
god is in your voice..word become strong as sharp sword..
crni plast lomio je granje i zidove

Perth, Australia

#417723 Jan 23, 2013
lomio je je zidove granje i sve sto se naslo na putu
nista nije bilo postedeno u tom pravcu..
u tamnoj noci drhtila je jedna majka od smrtnog straha
samo zov jednog malog dijeteta u tamnoj noci
parao je kroz nebo ostri zvuk vjetra koji je nosio glas jedne male sitne duse
male ciste duse koja nije imala nikakva straha, dijete koje ljubilo svoju majku.

I am going where you can't go but
I will send you comforter and protector!
I believe in holy words.
I believe in holy power
which is stronger then any sword..

Perth, Australia

#417724 Jan 23, 2013
Do you love your neighbor?
Did you know who they are?
Did you know what they practicing?
Did you know what your Master prepare?

Did you know on the end is always light?

Madrid, Spain

#417725 Jan 23, 2013
hi Truth,
i hear WA has amazing beaches. might be time for a quiet dip to help you chill the hell out a bit. I can her you ranting from the northern hemisphere. or maybe just a sit down in the shade...

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