Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 690591 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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San Diego, CA

#416149 Jan 15, 2013
preston wrote:
<quoted text>undoubtly, the pope has not talked to Dust Storm who just yesterday told us that the rcc doesnt issue indulgences.
this is pathetic, when you think that they(teh rcc) cant come up with any more stupidity, they DO!
Watch them dismiss it tomorrow or completely ignore it.

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416150 Jan 15, 2013
Why you really think mother is English woman as well Jesus is English man?

Are you for sure I am wrong?

Did you send your mouse again?Why satanic angel transform them self into anything?

Are you for sure i can't see?

Is that your church what you as well others believe?
Is that belong to Jesus Christ?
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo

Athens, OH

#416151 Jan 15, 2013

be back up later.

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416152 Jan 15, 2013
I am good as i am always.
Even if i suffer i have heart to recover as elixir.
People who sold soul can't.

“cdesign proponentsists”

Since: Jul 09

Pittsburgh, PA

#416153 Jan 15, 2013
Truth wrote:
Deuteronomy 8:3
3 He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. teach you that man does NOT live on bread alone .....
but on EVERY WORD that comes from the mouth of the Lord...
Why is it, that when I quote from deuteronomy, christians cry foul, but it Ok for christians to quote It? It sure does make their argument weak.

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416154 Jan 15, 2013
Used zob -jecam=oat..its pure or real must be bear product

don't used shampoo
for your hair jecam=oat bear

oat is good for horse
but oat is belong as wheat for used that in morning with milk and your kids transform into biscuit or similar but must be very natural

its healthy hair roots
don't used shampoo
just one pure beer from oat

in wilderness they feed themself with deference oat roots as well honey

more natural more stronger more holistic more powerfull as elixir..
less powerful with bio-code genetic transformation..less healthy

your milk as well food as product for meat are healthy from natural food then bio-food.

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416155 Jan 15, 2013
for us humans we not say we are God..
you say that not me

you are man not proply what they say to us..
how much you are honest i don't know..

my answear to you is
why you worry look look your god prepeare everything front of you..
we not belong to him any more..
no no no why should be?
please explain about evil deceiver..
Did he sit on real Creator chair?
yes it is..then why you force me wish anything from him or her..i don't need nothing at all.

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416156 Jan 15, 2013
Don't lose yourself because of me!
Whats so ever worthy when on the end you going lose everything..wicket satanic deceivers liked possession to be famous and choose that path not me.
Did you seek that kingdom?

Don't lose yourself because of me!

Honolulu, HI

#416157 Jan 15, 2013
'Atheist Experience' TV Host Shocked By Caller's Statement About Child Rape

Shane {the Christian] begins his response by saying,“First of all, you portray that little girl as someone who’s innocent, she’s just as evil as you.”

Shane is right! Christians believe that everyone is just as evil as the next guy, so the evil girl deserved to be raped. Right?

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416158 Jan 15, 2013
horse is power
Why horse have strong hair as well strong bones?

eat more bread with natural things..

billions worthy modern then you think..

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416159 Jan 15, 2013
good for heart as well bones against every sickness..
natural way..more wild more stronger more healthy
more power within as elixir what your body need

in healthy body healthy soul..
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if they liked destroy you they know too..

Are you for sure i am wrong?

If you asked girls which man you liked with lots of hair or without hair..they will choose hair..yep..strongest and better.
About more hair and more smelly strongest within girl are pure and provider of male boys more sexy and better lover much more enjoyed then with others..less pleasure.
Pleasure..what God say about that..
if you stay in family line of correction..nothing wrong with healthy pleasure its simple pleasure with blessing and fulfillment.

Then you need find about sin or sinful life as jealous as envy too..where many evil spirit try ruin that blessing or pleasure.

Beer with pure oat for hair as well bath is good.

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416160 Jan 15, 2013

see why they choose like that

what a about them
they choose kvascani kruh with bread as fasting with that..
Are you for sure you can be hungry with bread?

never hungry..noooooooo

Lesmurdie, Australia

#416161 Jan 15, 2013
oat bath is good too
as well with vinegar
please do separated

vinegar or wine
cooking wine is good for cold as well woman's as well blade problem specific..its so simple way..not expensive..not under any order of corupt addict money diploma world scribe Pharisee this and that..
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Why you need wash yourself in chlorine water? swim pool=pay unhealthy poison..
o really..
Sea coast line is very healthy..vibration wave vibration is very healthy as well salt water..
''moje more i moja obala=50 cent entering in..parking $5 dollar per day..if you make that sort of parking..must stay under plain pure and clear with lots of nice tree..people will rest too under nice brezzeeeeeeeeeeeee..

Do you liked chlorine chemical that healthy in swimming-pool where everyone mostly used as fast wc..nooooooooooooooooooooo

you not say beach..coastline cost=money..natural way as creator
moje more,moja obala..moja suma moji zecevi..rekla je kraljica Z

Since: Nov 08


#416162 Jan 16, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
You're saying Jesus is handing Peter the keys, so Jesus can build His Church..... in Heaven?
That lacks logic.
he states " And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven" jesus decended to heaven where he is so is his church after all he is the foundation of the church,peter was the head apostle,directed the others to go and preach gods word,as he guarded the gates to heaven....just a theory that does make some sense.

Since: Nov 08


#416163 Jan 16, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
Man, you're one 911 conspiracy Christianity guy, Jethro.
Ok, I get how people could THINK we're worshipping statutes at first glance.
If I just stumbled into America and walked pass the Lincoln Memorial, perhaps i would think those guys were worshiping that large figure. Many folks bow their heads in front of it in prayer.
I just think you're so filled with self hate and bigotry towards the Church, that you cling onto whatever negative things about them that is out there.
If I say the Catholic Church fed 4,000 homeless yesterday in the Twin Cities and opened up their doors for them to sleep in the basement.(which they did) you'd say "I'm sure it was a stupid sandwich and a fruit cup and they probably made em sleep on the floor"
project home
not a conspiracy theorist,it states in the real commandments not to make graven images above and below earth,and the church did,and proits heavily from it,you know a catholic house when you drive by one because you see a statue of mostly mary,but i've seen other saints also,my g/f's parents have one of mary and one of joeseph in their yard,and as stated before i have seen people bowing in front of these idols and saying sometype prayer,and that is wrong,i did not say it is,god did, and the church chooses to ignore it.again one more thing they ignore in the bible they flauntily claim they gave to the world,they plagerized certain books that were stolen from the holy land used ones that would work in combination with paganism,and created catholocism to keep the people of the roman empire happy,the history is there it is corroborated... and yes the church does do good work but they open a place to feed people and let them sleep in a basement,but the food that is served is not coming from the church directly but through donations from people,they don't pay for it themselves,case in point in my old home town there is a catholic church there that has an old rectory that they haven't used for many years,the town asked if they could use it as a food pantry for the poor,and they said yes,next question was "how much do you want to pay for the use of the building?" true story,the church does everything for a profit.

Since: Nov 08


#416164 Jan 16, 2013
Free MInd wrote:
<quoted text>
According to the most important miracle in RCC history...
As a Catholic, here's how can you be saved.
"You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart."
Goddess Mary, 1917
Would the Catholic church lie?
well since they have many times before,why change now.

Since: Nov 08


#416165 Jan 16, 2013
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
"most likely"??? That sounds like the "majority of personal opinionated" answers, which you have become an "expert" at arriving at your distorted (so called) Church History facts and conclusions. You can believe ANYTHING and in ANYWAY you want! Makes "absolutely--no difference to me"!!I'll stick to the TRUTH of TRUE Church History with Jesus Christ and His One True Apostolic Catholic Church from the documented historical writings from those who "know the truth"---(the Apologistic History authors and writers (both Catholic and Protestant), the biographies and manuscripts from the Lives of the Saints (in the Church) and the
writings from the Early Church Fathers of the Catholic Church handed down for 2000 years, verified (overwhelmingly) by Church Historian Experts who spend their entire lives, confirming and researching TRUE Church History.----You can continue to rely on your (quote)----- "most likely"---- assumptions, suppositions and "crap-shoot" ---(anti-catholic) "hack" writers in order to keep your "hostility, vengeance and hate" (heated up) against the PROVEN TRUTH of Jesus Christ and His One True Apostolic Catholic Church!---
instead of saying the same gibberish,why don't you post some historicl fact that you allways talk about,and refute my posts? you don't because you can't,we will never truely know what constantines intention was for burning books,not unless something comes to light in a book dated around the time he started to create catholocism,that can be authenticated.

Since: Nov 08


#416166 Jan 16, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>hey jethro, how about you doing me afavor, step back take a flying leap and kiss. when i wrote that, several of us were using a little levity to have some fun talking about FOOD. nothing else.
you are completely out of line on this one, freak.
levity?? didn't read like that to me,and you do it to often,as you are doing so right now.

Since: Nov 08


#416167 Jan 16, 2013
Pad wrote:
<quoted text>The Keys of the Kingdom,are of such that come out of the very Kingdom of the Father.They are not anything that Man can comprehend without the Will of God.It takes a spiritual birthing in the soul of those who seek to believe and trust in the Creator.
But the Keys of the Kingdom jethor,are without a doubt Divine,and spiritual with the discernment of God's glory and Presence that accompanies anything He wo choses to give to us Human Beings.
In the case of giving to the Apostles the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven,they are the CHOSEN of the Lord Jesus Christ,who is the Son of the Living God.We have to realize here that those Apostles,hand-picked by Jesus Himself,were totally accepted by the Father.
In the Prayer of Jesus in John 17,Jesus asks His Father to KEEP them whom He called,and basically accepted by the Father.It is to them the Keys of Heaven were given.The Apostles, except the one Judas of Iscariot, all were later given the Holy Spirit and followed the Lord Jesus Christ.His spirit was given to them by the Holy Spirit of Promise.And having the Spirit of Christ i n them gave them the right to hold the Keys of the Kingdom.
It is a sacred task learned by the Apostles,and eventually all of them were martyred,save John who was boiled in oil and went through life challenging experiences,survived,and later died of old age.The Apostles were given the Keys of the Kingdom,which taught by them would be given to the C h u r c h(generation to generation). It is those very Keys that are given only to Spiritually born[-again saints of God,as each and every generation has to be awakened and converted to Christ.Yes they are inherited,but by faith,and being adopted sons and daughters of the Most High.
The Apostles had the full extent of the K e y s of the Kingdom,but each and every generation of believers must be taught and transformed into Children of Light in order to have those Keys for their genteration.The Keys are there and to their accessibility,but that which is Divine cannot be given to those driven by lust and power to control the Body of Christ.God gives His Keys to those who are humble,walking in Christ,and committed to HIM who CALLS us.
driven by lust and power to control the Body of Christ....jethro:wouldn't this apply to the C.C., since they tried to wipe islam,and denounce other churches as inferior? they strive to profit more than teach the word of god.

Omaha, NE

#416168 Jan 16, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
Well you, like many of your so-called fellow followers have already with many teachings, what is just one more?
Why don't you believe Jesus?
<quoted text>
I like how you will post something that you don't believe in. Was that just to appease me? Please don't be so foolish.
Sooo....since you believe Self is the focus here, are you going to go forward with no longer being a so-called "Christian"?
I ask, because Christianity, doesn't believe in the "Self", yet you post it in a correct format.
I'm glad you finally came around, you have begun a new journey that will change your life.
Good luck.
Now, you're posting to your.....self.

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