Should Brother + Sister marriages be ...

Should Brother + Sister marriages be legalized ?

Created by Love my Brother on Dec 8, 2007

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YES, it's about time !!

NO, it's against my religion !

Only if they are half-siblings


Sydney, Australia

#855 Jun 20, 2013
My sister is the person I have loved the most, trusted the most, and lived with FOR THE LAST 25 YEARS (since I was born). We have always protected each other, stand by each other, and we have never ever betrayed each other. We are by definition the PERFECT COUPLE already. And YES (and please don't freak out), we have had sex already, OUT OF LOVE.

What if we want to marry each other? What harm we do to the rest of the world? We wont have any children, that's for sure; so, whats wrong with us being together?

Mumbai, India

#856 Jun 20, 2013
brother & sister marriage should legalised

Mumbai, India

#857 Jun 20, 2013
i'm now 25 & my sister is 20 , we usually have sex when our parents are not @ home , we love it ,& some nights we are sleeping together because we believe that practise make perfect

Since: Apr 13

San Francisco, CA

#858 Jun 20, 2013
Is trhis another sham to make LGBT marriages look silly? thin about it, marriage is control and social expectation. Marriage cuts down on public responsibility and leans on spousal responsibility. State marriage is not religious nor does it require a religion to take in a person who does not follow there teachings of marriage. Borther and sister rarely want to marry each other anyway and there is a biology issue with deformed children belong born. isn't it better for gays to marry each other than a str8 to marry one and get ignored and dumped on.

Jonesborough, TN

#859 Sep 23, 2013
This is not about my faith but about common sense. If there are siblings that want to be married,so be it. The responsible thing to do would be for them to practice extreme birth control. Do not think that children would not be born with defects weather visible or not. I know for a fact that there will be genetic defects and these will be passed down to the off spring of the brother and sisters child, I have seen it. Where Cain found his wife was in the land of Nod I believe,not here to debate religion. Most people have never seen the result of incest or in in a small populace and then you will be a believer..oh and by the way..what if those two grow up and want to get married? Why not Mom and Dad did and we are brother and sister then they have just opens up a can of worms..I am all about be who you are and love who you love, there are just some things that are better left as they are. A family unit is just that a unit ..until you go messing with the program. Food for thought, as I know people will do what they will do and think what they will think...Ain't America Great?

Jonesborough, TN

#860 Sep 23, 2013
With respect to you all,I hope you realize there was a reason behind banning familiar marriages.In the days past they inter married to keep blue blood in the family and not mix with peasent blood,the name blue blood came from the skin being so pale and thin that you could see the blue blood of their veins,Poe did his thing as his brain was chemically altered.It does say in the bible not to lye with ant family members..If you love each other you are going to have to be willing to do the responsible thing and have a donor if your wanting kids and you will if you love each other,if you dont want kids get a depo shot or a vasectomy,if your young you may change in time or out grow each other..only time will tell,how could you bring an innocent life into this world
with three strikes against it before it draws its first breath?

Wingdale, NY

#861 Oct 2, 2013
dont know how i find this but wow someone who knows wtf they are talking about 3post i find like this i argee n i done the work myself just becuse u share same dna does not many u have a high chance of a bithdefect kids but the is a chance if u have a defect in the famly if not then no people need to stop going on wt other people think
PDX Dave

Portland, OR

#862 Oct 3, 2013
I think no – marriage usually insinuates the start of a family, and that would be going down the road to inbreeding. And there's enough of that in America already – LoL! But seriously, bro/sys living together and having recreational sex is already legal-it's called being roommates (consenting adults whether people like it or not) and so I really see no reason to make it a marriage. Same way I feel about polygamy, and for the same reasons. Back in the 60s and 70s they were called communes! So that's all we need to do, bring back the commune system and quit arguing about what other people do with their lives and their bodies.

Wingdale, NY

#863 Oct 4, 2013
looks like half u dumb ass people on here do not read what he write n thing brothers n sister babys will come out all f up plz learn what your talk about before post that n stop read things on google half the people up there dont now what the hell they are talking about i seen a lot people who are not by blood who have babys that come out all f up plz go read a book about it n stop talking about it like u know am a man who knows what the f hes talking about read this guys thing its not about u wanting to have sex with your sister whould i want to sleep with my sister no i vote yes becuse they having the right do what ever they want with there bodys n there its a small n i mean small chance of brothers n sister having a defect baby about the same as u dumb people out there if they having the balls to tell the family then they have the right if they have the balls to go on the news like the guy people do they have the right i say whatever keeps humans alive it makes me mad when dumb people like u guys talk about something u know noing about n dont even say then want about mom n dad n son or kids and a grown man becuse its not the same 1 when your young u dont know much about the world yet am 21 if i 14teen year old or even i 11 old said they love n want to be with me i whould say come look me up when you 18teen as for something like a mom or son thing his way no they could have rise him or her to think that way so he are she whould not think there is noing wrong with it
Family Love

Portland, OR

#864 Oct 4, 2013
Like all other sex, providing STDs and pregnancy is guarded against there is absolutely no reason for brothers and sisters to restrain themselves from having son and sexual release together. It's really the most natural and beautiful thing, and promotes and enhances close family bonding between siblings as well as parents. As a parent I can say it's really a very special and beautiful thing, to be there laying on the bed next to your son and daughter as they enjoy one another in this way!

Wingdale, NY

#865 Oct 7, 2013
did any of u people read my post thats the facts on brothers n sister having babys its 100% true why do u think they let brothers n sister having kids in some places if they do a dna test when u know what your taking about n u see dumb people useing the word birthdeffect just to say no brothers sister should not be with 1 another unless u know what your taking about dont use the word just say u dont want brothers n sister having sex becuse your small mind n read what a 6grade write on google plz read my post before useing the word birthdefect so your know what the hell u are taking about n i think we should take a vote in the usa for it n if it pass then good a win for love plz read all my post becuse everyone just say nooo birthdect when thats not the case i have study this myself n no i dont me reading what someelse write like u guy do i done the work n read a lot of books on it not google do u wanna know how many people who are not brothers n sister who having fup kids in the usa look it up n if they are will to do a dna test then they have a right to have kids god with judgy they stay out of it it has noing to do with u its not your kids are family n i know what am talking about so dont be dumb n look it up on google to see if am right go get a book on it its like u guys dont even read the post on brothers n sister u just say right away nooooooo birthdefect when u dont know what your talking about

Montréal, Canada

#866 Oct 7, 2013
Sibling marriages wrote:
What's more natural than marriage between Brother and sister ??
They legalized Homosexual marriages, when they should have thought about first legalizing Brother with sister marriages.
What could be more natural? We are brought up together, so there would be no "surprises" along the way to cause a break-up!

Montréal, Canada

#867 Oct 7, 2013
What is wrong with a brother and sister getting married? And don't give me that crap about deformed children... It doesn't matter who you marry, there is a chance for deformed children no matter who you end up having children with!

Montréal, Canada

#868 Oct 7, 2013
Also, aren't we all descendants of Adam and Eve? Hmmm..... Brother and sister if my memory serves me correctly..... Children of God... The creator....

Wingdale, NY

#870 Oct 8, 2013
i love reading about things like this its funny how manny people dont know what they are taking about n yes there is a chance of anyone having a deformed babys of same blood are not most people are just too small minded its now like everyone in the world wants to get with someone in there family but me am fine with brother n sister just not mom n dads geting with there kids becuse u dont know if they raise there kids to love them in that way they teach us everything we know but for brother n sister love no one teachs us that it just happens like anyone else u fall in love with but if i was a dad n my kids want to be together i dont know what ill say

Wingdale, NY

#871 Oct 8, 2013
i know of a real brother n sister story about a older brother n younger sister who had sex after seeing a porn movie on tv but unlike most people who know what sex was they had not yet learn about it in school not giving there names out so dont ask but both of them could having ended up falling in love he told me they said in school that u should only have sex when your 18teen n are in love i tell u about about his story it say in his message n this is for u people who just want to fuck your sisters becuse they are hot anyway it reads if me n my sister had not seen that movie things whould have been the same thet never tryed to hide what they were doing but 1 day at night he said there older brother walk in on them yell at them then as his sister what they were doing she said sex n said he made her do it yea i bet your thing he sick it read next he dead inside becuse his sister whould allways come for him 4 sex n whould say she love him n he tought he was in love with her at the time too they had only a mom to teach them anyway his brother told there mom he was just teacher her when his mom ask him he never said anything how could he with after the person who he tought he love saided he told me he was allways i shy boy n did what others told him n he never come too his sister for sex it was later that he want sex with 1 day his sister come in his room becuse she could not sleep n they start having sex again he said they had sex 1 more time when she come to him for it n said she love him after that last time they stop talking o n they stop when he was 15teen they are now just start too talk hes in his early 20s now i find his post that read how can i be friends with my sister again after having sex when we seen a movie 1 night again they did not know what sex was r about porn they just copy what was seen on the tv even it also says he does not want his sister to be his girlfriend just wants to be friends again i give him advice on his everyday life n he does meo know what your thinking he should get a girlfriend he told me when he was 15teen a lot of girls want to date him but he only want to join the army at this point in his life he said the was 1 girl he like who had a crush on him forever but did not want to date him after fiding out he had sex before. post something like he did not easy so i know he was not lieing it had a lot of detail it in this is just a bit of what it said but how could he trust anyone after this he just know talking with his sister again in 2013 even through he said he does not want her in the way he said she whould look at him a lot so if they did end uo fall in love are something could u blem the both of them he even said at the time when his brother was mad at n his mom thinking he was touching his sister he tought it was becuse he had sex before 18teen no one ever told him this was wrong he just know learning the world looks down on this when he seen it on the news so after reading his story i want to see how many are there like his n i had yet to find 1 every time i read 1 it said o walked in on my sister r eveyones fv we were drinking n had sex if it helps he comes from a family of half brothers n sister same mom diffent dads

Wingdale, NY

#872 Oct 8, 2013
o n dont want u thinking hes dumb i talked with him in person he really smart n no hes not a redneck r something he lives in the usa there no class in school that teachs u not to have sex with your sister or even about gay love at a young age like his he said it was months after he learned it was sex his story is a sad 1 n there is none like hispout there as far as i know that is not its a good thing they chage the age kids learn sexed too 7years old so rape r something like what happen to him what happen again o u can try to find his story but u may not find it its lot on the webside i find it on he got sick of people call him sich when he did not know about it he might as well been like adam n eve

Wingdale, NY

#873 Oct 8, 2013
so after hear his story tellme what did u think no my vote yes if they are in love but no if they just want to fuck all day i read a lot of sick things about people just wanting sex from there younger sister r older sister o if u want his real story let me know n ill ask him for the full story

Findlay, OH

#875 Nov 21, 2013
I love my brother wrote:
A). First don't assume that marriage between Full brothers and sisters automatically means having children.
Just like you don't assume marriage between 2 gay men means having children. In both cases they can always adopt.
The issue is having a legaly binding marriage contract for whatever future legal issues.
B). I said this before...
1. Defective children resulting from a union between Brother + Sister is very very slim.
2. Look at all the millions of defective children out there, who's parents were total strangers (not related) to one another, and yet still have "defective children" now.

I am so looking for someone 2 marry me and my sister. Ive been in many relationships but my sister is the best at everything and we just click and love her with all my heart

Eugene, OR

#876 Feb 26, 2014
Government should have no authorit y to ban marriage between related individuals at any level.Who in the hell do these bureaucrats think they are anyway?

The chance of a less than perfect child in the general population is two percent, between brother and sister, the possiblity is.. two percent, so the old wives tale about defective children is false. Only after ten generatins of continual inbreeding would genetic problems arise.

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