End racism by stop talking about it?

End racism by stop talking about it?

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Duck Jack

United States

#1 Feb 7, 2008
I always hear people saying if we stop talking about race and racism itwill go away but as for myself i won't ever not see color. I think it'smore appropriate and realistic to deal with the world in a present andpast mindset while keeping my eye on the future. It's important for meto be aware of racism and be able to identify it when I see it becauseit's not going to go away anytime soon. As long as there is difference,there's going to be discrimination and color is the second biggestdifference there is "second to gender". I don't feel you can fightracism by being delusional and ignoring that it exists in our society.Sweeping it under the rug gets us no where. That, to me, is choosing towalk with a blind eye. Choosing not to see the world as it is. It'smore important for us to address the underlying issue of racism andface the issue than ignore that it's there. Silence gets us nowhere.

Any thoughts?
Duck Jack

United States

#2 Feb 7, 2008
I think that it could be the actual racists themselves who keep tellingpeople to stop talking about racism or ignore racism and it will justgo away. Either that or people that wish to escape the reality of theworld around us. Or those who wish to not talk about racism in theworld because of guilt. During the civil rights movement did all themartins, malcolms, hueys or whoever else fight racism by saying stoptalking about it or ignoring the racism and it'll go away?

No. I'm also always hearing people saying racism comes from ignorancewhich is true in some cases but somethings its not even ignorance.Sometimes its just people fighting to make sure their people rule overothers on the basis of superiority. Basically people feeling theirsubscribed race is better then the rest for whatever reason and has theright to rule over them. Most of the time that doesn't even havenothing to do with them being ignort.

Because alot those people know that, "the idealogy of racism andsuperiority" is wrong and its beliefs are all lies. Yet they chose tostick with that lie or act ignort and pretend to be aware of whatsreally going on. I believe they do this because if it isn't effectingtheir lives, communties or subscribed race so why should they care.Alot of people even benefit from this as well because i know we've allheard of, "white privilege".

This so-called "white privilege" isn't even exclusive to europeansanymore either since the term "white" is becoming more broader yearafter year. Do to assimilation, intergration and mixing of non-whiteswith whites the term "white" will eventually come to mean just lightskinn. As is shown in latin america, south america, arabia, india,north africa and even asia.

These kind of caste systems have been in existence for thousands ofyears and now spread to the americas via europeans. Martin L. kingsaid, "To ignore evil is to become accomplice to it". So since i don'twant to become accomplice to racism i will not ignore it and willcontinue to combat it the end of my days. Because as long as there is aphilosophy which discredits, abandons and holds one race superior andanother inferior their will always be conflict, war and oppression.

United States

#3 Feb 7, 2008
Racism: The desire to live, work, marry and mingle with one's own kind: A nearly-universal desire and virtual law of nature, often expressed as 'Birds of a feather flock together', and denied only by liberals who live and work in areas much too expensive to have any more than a token number of minorities. Racism is so ingrained and universal that it is reflected not once but twice in our language: The word kind (type) and kind (nice) have the same origin, as does the word like (similar) and like (appreciate), from which we infer that we like those whom we are like, and we are kind to those of our own kind.


United States

#4 Feb 7, 2008
Affirmative action: Legalized racial discrimination against whites.

Africa: The proof that, by being enslaved by whites, blacks never had it so good.

African-Americans:(1) A people who were once enslaved, but who now enjoy special privileges as a result of constantly whining that they are oppressed; (2) A people who keep changing their Civil rights: Uncivil wrongs for whites.

Compassion: The taking of other people's money in order to pay off the various minority constituencies -- Jews, blacks, homosexuals, hispanics, feminists, immigrants, welfarites, gun controllers, etc -- for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining political power.

Conservative: A liberal who's been mugged.(Unknown)

Discrimination:(1) Preferring the desirable to the undesirable; (2) A policy insufficient to prevent the success of immigrants such as Jews, Asians and Irish, just as affirmative action is a policy insufficient to prevent the failure of blacks.

Equality: The theory that black equals white, dumb equals smart, incompetence equals competence, lies equal truth, and bad equals good. name -- nigguahs, darkies, colored people, negroes, blacks, Afro-Americans, African-Americans -- because they keep trying to run away from all the unpleasant associations which their behavior keeps attaching to them.

Liberal: Someone who believes it is his moral duty to let minorities take their pleasure in everybody else's backside besides his own.

Bias: The inclinations generated by the sum total of life experience, especially including the advice from family, friends and other trusted sources.

Bigot: One who disagrees with a liberal.

Hate: The love a white man has for his own people, his own nation and his own culture.

NAACP: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Who Would Be Offended If You Called Them That.

Nigguah: A term of denigration used in referring to negroes, and frequently used by negroes to refer to one another, thereby showing that negroes know what they are talking about.


Eagle, ID

#5 Feb 7, 2008
What your real solutions to end all rascism?

Since: Jan 08

Greenwood, MS

#6 Feb 7, 2008
Everyone go Blind, And that would take care of the problem.
-IDIOT ONES wrote:
What your real solutions to end all rascism?

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